Will My Mobile Ring?

This is an absurd question today for many because almost all post-paid mobile phones are ringing. But for me, a man happy with the pre-paid mobile, it’s an important question. My mobile is dead for more than six months, I had almost thought of buying a post-paid one. But an advertisement in newspapers by Nepal Telecom requesting for re-registration of pre-paid mobile gave me a new zeal to find out the already dusted mobile set, to take out the SIM card to find out what 19-digit number it carries on its back, downloading and printing the form, and attesting it by a high-ranked official. All that finished, ready with the form to be submitted, I turned on the mobile to see how its doing and alas! Nothing happened, it wouldn’t turn on neither will accept the charging. Anyway, today I submitted by form, hoping that one day, I don’t know when, will others’ pre-paid mobile ring and I will rush to mobile mechanic with my old set.

Let me answer you before you ask why you don’t go now to repair it. I won’t because do you know when the service will come alive. If I repaired it now costing around a thousand rupees (I pray it won’t be more than that), do you guarantee it won’t get damaged again before the service resumed. People were saying it’s just a piece of chocolate thrown to quash the protest of the Nepal Telecom employees.

So, at the end, I was hoping My Mobile will be Mero Mobile – the brand name of the mobile to be launched by Spice Cell – a private venture mobile service provider with investment of Raj Bahadur Singh – the son-in-law of King Gyanendra. Everyone believes now that the pre-paid service won’t be resumed before Mero Mobile in launched – scheduled for early September.

However I have other ideas. I think the service will be resumed but there will be no new lines to be distributed. I won’t now go for Mero Mobile since I have already submitted re-registration form and the number is with every friend of mine. Anyway, if you have my number, call me a day after the pre-paid service is resumed (on the first day, I have to do repair work + the incoming calls from the Nepal Telecom mobile and landlines are free!)

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