UWB Featured in AsiaMedia

United We Blog! is attracting people from all over the world – proved again as Asia Media features UWB in its latest article. AsiaMedia is a nonprofit and nonpartisan service established by Tom Plate (UCLA Dept. of Communication Studies) in 1998.
Co-founder Dinesh Wagle has been quoted in the article:

Dinesh Wagle, 26, co-founder of United We Blog! and a reporter with the Kantipur Daily, says the government since the coup has also blocked non-Maoist sites such as Newslookmag.com and Nepalipost.com. Blogs have, as yet, remained untouched by government censorship. Wagle says that it is unlikely blogs will be censored like news organizations: “It is easier for them to simply block the sites so that some three hundred thousand Internet users in Nepal can’t have access to our sites.”
It goes on:

The founders of United We Blog! see the medium as a means of easy communication. Wagle says, “It’s been easier and quick to have our say or post whatever we know about the ongoing political situation.”

Read more here.


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