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Ex-king Gyanendra says End Of Monarchy in the Republic of Nepal is a Hypothetical Question

ex king gyanendra interview
Suman Giri interviews ex-king Gyanendra (l). Pic via hamroblog. Nagarik newspaper has Nepali version of the interview. Also, read Republica’s coverage of the interview.

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Talking to Suman Giri of Avenues TV, a Kathmandu-based private network, for the first time since is ouster three years ago, in Janakpur where he went to worship Janaki, ex-king Gyanendra has strongly hinted that the monarchy could be revived in the federal democratic republic of Nepal. Here’s transcript of the interview:

Welcome. How do you feel about the turning point through which the country and people are passing through?

Whatever the people have aspired for is our desire. That is my desire too. Today the common man is feeling insecure, I feel. That is why I pray for peace in the country. I wish Nepali brothers and sisters and people get what they expect. There should be a space for all as soon as possible. The garland on with our forefathers had bonded this country together should not be torn apart.

In what situation the country is now?

I think it is better for you to ask the public and seek their response than me telling that.

Are you active in reviving monarchy? Continue reading Ex-king Gyanendra says End Of Monarchy in the Republic of Nepal is a Hypothetical Question

Nepali Maoists and Bihari Republic

Bihar’s success story tells us that if Nepali leaders want, Nepal can progress in a couple of years, not decades.

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

Finally, the Indian ambassador in Kathmandu last week did what he was primarily supposed to do: promote his country rather than poking his nose into internal affairs of the hosts. “Some people talk about possible Biharisation of Nepal,” Rakesh Sood reportedly said at a programme organised to mark his country’s Republic Day in the Nepali capital on Jan. 26. “But look at Bihar, the economic growth there has crossed 11 percent.” The ambassador blamed Nepal for its growing trade deficit with India, arguing that market was of no use if there’s no production. He might be correct in his assessment. But I wondered how Prachanda and his company took the statement that came as a response to the Maoist’s ‘we don’t need Bihari-style republic [that rest of the parties and India want to impose] in Nepal’ rhetoric.

Why blame only the Maoists? For many in South Asia, the Indian state of Bihar is synonymous with lawlessness, poverty and underdevelopment. Not only in Nepal but in India too, I have found, the word Bihar(i) is taken as a mark of insult and humiliation. I have met many Biharis who hesitate to identify themselves as Biharis, including those who are highly educated. The problem is with the image of Bihar that was largely shaped by the politicians who ruled the state until 2004. Since, with Nitish Kumar assuming Chief Minister-ship, that rusty image has slowly been changing. Continue reading Nepali Maoists and Bihari Republic

Fall of Monarchy in Nepal: Seven Years of the Royal Massacre

Remembering the massacre: 19 Jestha 2058 BS [1 June 2001] was when the monarchy was abolished in Nepal. 15 Jestha 2065 only formalized that.by Dinesh Wagle

Once upon a time when there was still monarchy in Nepal, some seven years ago to be exact, a horrifying incident happened in Narayanhitti palace in Kathmandu that shocked the world. The day, 1 June 2001, was when entire family of the then king Birendra was murdered by god knows whom. We were told that it was Birendra’s son, crown prince Dipendra, who pulled the trigger and killed his parents, sister and others before killing himself but the people are not wiling to buy that argument. Thousands of people, mourning the death and angered by the massacre, came to the streets chanting pro-monarchy slogans. Thousands of males spontaneously shaved their heads, a Hindu way of mourning the death of one’s near ones. Today, exactly seven years after, it seems almost surreal to even think that I was one of those mourners who shaved their heads.

That very day monarchy had died (or been abolished) in Nepal. The abolition was only formalized on 28th May 2008. Continue reading Fall of Monarchy in Nepal: Seven Years of the Royal Massacre

People on Streets to Welcome the Declaration of Republic

Update: (21:19 hours) The first meeting of the CA has begun.

Soi Dhole Soi, Ganatantra Khoi?

Thousands of jubilant people have hit the streets chanting slogans that hail Nepal as a republic country as the Constituent Assembly is about to declare Nepal a republic. People who have gathered in New Baneswor where the first meeting of the CA will convene in the International Convention Center, are flying colorful balloons, singing songs with almost every line including the word “ganatantra”, painting “Ga” [for ganatantra= republic] signs on their cheeks, “Ganatantra” on their foreheads. Hundreds are now gathering (as of now, 12:48 PM) in Tinkune where they are whistling, chanting slogans and screaming Ganatantra Jindabad [Long Love the Republic], Rajtantra Murdabad [Down With Monarchy], Gyane Chor Desh Chod [Thief Gyanendra, Leave The Country], Soi Dhole Soi, Ganatantra Khoi? [in tune with a traditional Kirat festival song]. Gyanendra, the last king of Nepal, will be given a 15-day deadline by the government to vacate the royal Narayanhitti palace after the CA formalizes the pre-CA election decision of the Interim Parliament to declare Nepal a republic. The meeting of the CA hasn’t started as yet. Political leaders are busy finalizing the technicalities of the declaration, amendments of the Interim constitution that is needed along with the declaration and provision, rights and privileges of the President and the Vice President of the republic of Nepal. Continue reading People on Streets to Welcome the Declaration of Republic

Nepal Awaits To Be the REPUBLIC of Nepal

I am writing these lines on the second hour of the day (that is 28 May 2008) that is expected to be a historic. Nepal, a 240-year-old monarchy, will formally be declared a republic today by the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly. The CA will meet in New Baneshwor’s International Convention Center that has been turned into a fortress by the heavy presence of the police. (A small bomb had gone off just outside the building the day before yesterday while another blasted in another part of Kathmandu. The third was defused by the security personnel.) I am just back from the downtown Kathmandu observing the city. The road surrounding the royal Narayahitti palace where the last king of Nepal is living as of now (01:38 AM) is calm and empty. A few Nepali Army soldiers were seen patrolling on the northern side of the palace. That appeared to be the regular patrol. A few soldiers and Armed Police personnel were seen guarding the western gate of the palace. Continue reading Nepal Awaits To Be the REPUBLIC of Nepal