Reading Palpasa Café in English

By James Sharrock The English language translation of the best-selling Nepali novel Palpasa Café by Narayan Wagle is out now. Palpasa Café is the story of an artist, Drishya, who falls in love with a Nepali American returnee, Palpasa and also, via a college friend, sees the effects of Nepal’s conflict in the hills. Wagle’sContinue reading “Reading Palpasa Café in English”

Palpasa Cafe and Nepali Book Reading Habit

Images and ‘soundbites’ from the book signing program that we saw rarely in Nepali book world. Star of the moment was Narayan Wagle, awardwinning writer of debut novel Palpasa Cafe. By Dinesh Wagle As he reached the stall of Educational Book House in the Book Fair at Bhrikutimandap immediately after landing at Kathmandu airport fromContinue reading “Palpasa Cafe and Nepali Book Reading Habit”