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Nepali Reporters Take Democracy Fight to Cyberspace

By Terry Friel (Reuters, 24 March 2005)

New Delhi- Journalists in Nepal, one of the world’s poorest and most backward nations, are going hi-tech to sidestep tight censorship imposed after last month’s royal coup.

Outspoken Web logs, or blogs, are springing up and being widely quoted and linked to in the ‘blogosphere’ – the mushrooming cyberworld rapidly establishing a place for itself as an alternative source of news and information.

‘I feel that our very own survival, intellectually and mentally, depends on freedom,’ says Dinesh Wagle, a newspaper journalist who runs United We Blog! (www.blog.com.np).

‘I don’t want to live like a dead soul. So these days I am blogging for a peaceful and democratic Nepal,’ he said in an email interview.

King Gyanendra seized power on February 1, arresting government and political leaders, rights activists and journalists.

He also banned media criticism of his move, which he said was aimed at ending a nine-year Maoist revolt that has killed 11,000 people and shattered the tourism and aid-dependent economy. Continue reading Nepali Reporters Take Democracy Fight to Cyberspace