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  • Ian Martin asks: Is Peace Process in Nepal Failing?

    FIVE Fundamentals of Nepali Peace Process, according to Ian Martin: The first fundamental is the commitment to power-sharing and consensus. The second fundamental is the commitment of the Maoists to the transformation of their movement, to conform to democratic multi-party norms and to respect the rule of law. The third, the commitment to transformation in […]

  • Maoists Enforce Kathmandu Blockade

    They want to establish ‘civilian supremacy’ in Nepal but they want to do that the cost of people’s right to live peacefully. The Maoists today began second phase of their agitation aimed at bringing down the current government by enforcing blockade in the Kathmandu valley. They have picketed at the entry-exit points in the Kathmandu […]

  • The Nepali Constitutional Dilemma

    With the lapse of time, whether the history of ruling monarch will repeat in changed form? This fear hangs over the mind of common people, as the present Constitutional developments are not so encouraging. By Suryabahadur Singh The constitutional evolutionary phases were continuously witnessed throughout the development process in Nepal.   The post second Jan-andolan,2062 (2005) […]

  • Nepali Congress, GO for Democracy

    One of the biggest reasons for the failure of democracy in Nepal in the 90s is the lack of democracy in the then largest democratic party of Nepal: the Nepali Congress. Girija Prasad Koirala, the paramount leader of the party- then and now- is responsible for that. He, along with other leaders like KP Bhattarai […]

  • Another Maoist Agitation: People Will Suffer

    Maoists have hit the streets from today aiming to topple the current government. They should have gone to the Constituent Assembly instead. Sticking to their old demand that the presidential action over the sacking of the then army chief by the then Maoist-led government some four months ago be corrected, the Maoists have started today […]

  • UN Says Nepali Peace Process Has More Challenges Ahead

    The Constituent Assembly has faced repeated delays in drafting the new constitution. The delays have led to growing public speculation and concern that the May 2010 promulgation deadline will not be met. Report of the UN Secretary-General on the request of Nepal for United Nations assistance in support of its peace process I. Introduction 1. […]

  • Happy Republic Day Nepal :)

    The Himalayan Republic Celebrates First Republic Day Anniversary [From a year ago: 1. Nepal is Declared a Republic!!! 2. Minute by Minute Account of the Historic Session of the CA that Declared Nepal a Republic Republic Day rally in Pokhara, Nepal. Pic by Krishna Mani Baral The first anniversary of the declaration of federal democratic […]