Maoists Enforce Kathmandu Blockade

They want to establish ‘civilian supremacy’ in Nepal but they want to do that the cost of people’s right to live peacefully. The Maoists today began second phase of their agitation aimed at bringing down the current government by enforcing blockade in the Kathmandu valley. They have picketed at the entry-exit points in the Kathmandu valley. The pre-announced “blockade” began early morning with flag-waving Maoists gathering at Thankot and Sanga, reports Republica. As a result, vehicles coming to and fro the capital have been stranded at the entry points. There is heavy presence of police at Thankot and Sanga.

According to the Traffic headquarters, no vehicles ply the roads at main entry points including Nagdhunga, Pharping, Sangha and Teenpitle since early morning today, reports eKantipur. The Maoists chanted slogans against President Dr Ram Baran Yadav and the government. The party has termed the president’s move, on May 3, of blocking the Maoist-led government’s action of dismissing the then army chief as “unconstitutional”. In protest, Maoist prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal resigned the following day and the party has resorted to various kinds of protests since then, including the obstruction of the parliament.

Ethnic Federal State Declared: The Unified CPN (Maoist), as the party is known formally, also declared, albeit symbolically, a Kirant federal state comprising of eight eastern mountainous districts, Bhojpur, Khotang, Udaypur, Okhaldhunga, Solukhumbu and Sankhuwasabha, in Diktel, yesterday. Maoists advocate for the formation of federation based on ethnicity. Gopal Kiranti, politburo member of the Maoist party declared the federal state without the names of officials, before a mass gathering organised in Khotang district headquarter Diktel.

CA members, central and regional leaders of UCPN (Maoist) and its sister organisations and locals from various villages in Khotang and Bhojpur were present at the mass gathering, reports Nepalnews. They had rallied around Diktel before the gathering. Addressing the mass gathering, Kiranti said, patriot people of all castes who can internalise religious harmony and fight against foreign intervention can live in Kirant Federal State. The Maoist had withdrawn its programme to declare federal states citing lack of preparation last week.





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  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    Dear Editor,

    The Nepalese Maoists are confused and they are getting fizzle out. Due to their opportunist activities they have lost their credibility. They are going to destroy the identity, prestige of Nepal. Now they are going to change the Nepalese national Flag. They are traitors. Since 2006 anarchy and lawlessness are ruling the roost in Nepal. Without peace and security, we can’t achieve anything. Criminals are roaming freely. These criminals’ gangs fear no one given the backing of the political party leaders. Due to the Maoists notorious activities; many criminals are executing serious crimes even under broad daylight. The Nepalese people are feeling that the country is in the worst situation in Nepal history. The so-called People’s movement II which was guided by RAW, were two vital agendas-Republic & Secular state. History says and everybody knows the monarchy is a symbol of Nepalese unity and nationality. The culprit’s leaders are going to support Federal structure of the nation, which is the suicidal game. “The Delhi 12 points” agreement 2005 has been the major cause to desintrigate Nepal as well as to imply the “Free Tibet” agenda too.

    According to the advice of RAW the Maoist leaders release their speeches. Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal recently said “If there is another revolt at least one million people may lose their precious lives. We need to be very careful at this juncture, to stop the casualties. When the people revolt they obliterate everything. If the mandate of the CA election is further ridiculed we will declare war” What is that? The Maoist wants to come to power but the dirty way. The protests of Maoist and theBlockade are the beginning of anarchism.
    The most unfortunate fact is that majority of our political leaders Congress, UML, Maoists are Indian agents. It is worthless to expect from these leaders to save our nationality and independence. Unless traitors and corrupt leaders dominating in the big parties are chased away, democracy and nationalism will not be secured.
    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Former Member of Parliament, Nepal

  2. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Guys plz read the INTERVIEW by Dr. Surya Dhungel: (Details on
    You can judge yoyrself whether president was RIGHT or WRONG

    Q. Maoists have charged the President with violating the constitution by preventing the removal of the previous army chief ? How do you look at this?

    It is unfortunate that party leaders are distorting the spirit and true meaning of the Constitutional provisions and laws in this regard. They are also conveying a wrong message to the people. The very decision of the previous Government to remove and appoint CoAS was constitutionally faulty, procedurally wrong and in violation of the Interim Constitution. The present Government in its cabinet decision has clearly stated so. Publicly expressed legal opinion of the Nepalese prominent lawyers in this regard substantiates this fact. Moreover, all political parties except UCPN(M) and a couple of others have accepted in written while submitting a petition to the President that removal and appointment of the then CoAS (Mr. Katawal and Mr. Khadka) was against the provisions of the Interim Constitution and made a request for immediate intervention for correction. Some comments made by politicians and several scholars in media are in ignorance of actual facts.

    Do you mean president is right?

    The President has not violated any constitutional provisions, neither has he made any substantive decision at all. He, of course, did ask the then Council of Ministers in his capacity as the Head of State and protector and defender of the Constitution to review its constitutionally erroneous decision and comply with the words of the Constitution. In response to the letter of the then CoAS, the President had simply asked him to stay until the Prime Minister had not responded to President’s written advice. Tell me, how did the President violate Constitution? An act of fulfillment of ‘constitutional obligation’ is not ‘constitutional violation’.

  3. Anil Gurung Avatar
    Anil Gurung

    Power sharing and consensus?
    Recently I see it all through different contextual glasses our global market economy is chinese like it or not.

    Credit crunch in the west is not different.

    Will the chinese respect our identity we are already bought and colonized.
    NC was the last intent to resist. What you see is not what you get, China will immediatly ‘ reward’ the neia Republic.

    Isn’ t it hey?

    prostitution and business as usual under a fake leftist flag for all proletariats. When the Berlin wall fell the communist parties all over Europe fell there was no need or reason for their existence.

    One question to the neo fascist and neo capistalist chinese government not even about human rights Now that the great Leader Mao Ze Dung died and you recuperate all the values you destroyed in the process of EQALITY could you spare other nations or do you care only for Made in China?

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