Maoist Army in Writing: Interview With Comrade Commissar

Q & A with a reble commissar By Neil Horning in Myagdi and Pokhara We know what Prachanda and Barburam are saying. What does their military think? This is an interview with commissar of the Basanta Memorial Brigade, 4th Division of the Peoples Liberation Army. The Maoist military has both a military officer and aContinue reading “Maoist Army in Writing: Interview With Comrade Commissar”

United Nations and India in Nepali Peace Process

Now that the peace process has started (the code of conduct is already out), people are talking about its successful completion. The possible role of the United Nations is being discussed at full length. The Nepal government and the Maoist party have agreed in principle to invite the UN for monitoring the peace process. AlsoContinue reading “United Nations and India in Nepali Peace Process”

Nepal Army: Transition and Swear Allegiance

Inside: Nepal Army: swearing of allegiance …… Yes, after the Parliament Proclamation, the Royal Nepal Army is now Nepal Army and the king is no longer the Supreme Commander of the military. But only in paper. The transition hasn’t started yet. By Shobhakar Budhathoki Nepal’s military has always played a primary role in dismantling theContinue reading “Nepal Army: Transition and Swear Allegiance”

Has The War Started?

Royal Nepal Army goes offensive in the heartland of Maoists at a time when “terrorists” are observing ceasefire. Why? A problem in the Heart of the conflict affected area: Heart patient Sapana Magar receives saline solution in the mobile camp launched by the Army in Rangkot of Rolpa district on Thursday. Rolpa is also consideredContinue reading “Has The War Started?”