Koirala for Ceremonial Monarchy: People Will Decide

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Sketch by Dewen via the Kathmandu Post (Inside: Ameet Dhakal of the Post: The hometown syndrome) “Some leaders are suggesting us to eat poison and jump from steep hill. We don’t want to see army giving guard of honor to the king by disrespecting martyrs.” Krishna Pahadi, human rightsContinue reading “Koirala for Ceremonial Monarchy: People Will Decide”

Bringing Nepal Army Under People: American Perspective

Mike Bailey, a retired US army colonel addresses a video conference from Washington DC organized by the American Center in Kathmandu. Pic by Sudhir Mahat via US Embassy. By Dinesh Wagle After the historic May 18 Parliamentary Declaration, the process of brining the military under the civilian control has started (though shockingly very slowly). TheContinue reading “Bringing Nepal Army Under People: American Perspective”

Nepal’s India Yatra: Great Expectations

An editorial in the Kathmandu Post titled Koirala’s visit. It has become a tradition. India is the first official destination for every successive prime minister. China is the second one. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has also decided not to break the practice. Postponing his medical visit to Bangkok, Koirala is embarking on a threeContinue reading “Nepal’s India Yatra: Great Expectations”

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???? ????????? ???? UWB Note: In this concluding part of a series of articles written in Nepali language, Maya the blogger, a Nepali girl, describes her experience of growing up (early to late teen life) with expanding Maoist activities around her neighborhood. In previous articles (first, second and third), Maya wrote about how she feltContinue reading “???? ???? ???????-?”

Jana Andolan-2 Victim Warns Leaders

By Narendra Raule Janaandolan-2 (Peoples’ Movement) Victim April revolution’s vocal victim Narendra Raule warns leaders from his hospital bed. Pic via Kantipur On Baishakh 9 (April 22), sea of humanity was marching from Koteshor to Tripureshor. I joined it from Tinkune. The peaceful protest was marching forward despite the barriers placed here and there. TheContinue reading “Jana Andolan-2 Victim Warns Leaders”

Nepal Celebrates Historic Democratic Achievement

Victory rallies organized around the country. People warn of dire consequences if anyone dares to go against the Parliament Declaration Tens of thousands of jubilant Nepali people Friday participated in victory rallies organized around the country to celebrate Thursday’s historic Parliament Proclamation. While celebrating the achievement, they were cautious about possible fight back by theContinue reading “Nepal Celebrates Historic Democratic Achievement”

No Religious Kingdom: Celebrating Secularism in Nepal

Hurray! Nepal Is A Secular Country UWB Photo blog by Shruti Shrestha Yes, amendments must be made in general knowledge books around the world. The world’s only Hindu Kingdom is a history now and people of Nepal, that country, are happy! Hindus are happy, Buddhists are happy, Muslims are happy, Christians are happy, people fromContinue reading “No Religious Kingdom: Celebrating Secularism in Nepal”