Images of Celebrations in Nepal

Butwal: Local Maoist leader Suman puts tika to party cadres before a victory rally started here. Pics by Dipendra Badulwal UWB photo blog People from all walks of life take part in various victory rallies organized throughout the country. The best thing about these victory rallies was the impressive Maoist participation. Prachanda had given themContinue reading “Images of Celebrations in Nepal”

Changing Life Of A Nepali Village: Story from Nar

By Dinesh Wagle in Nar (Manang) Wagle Street Journal (Saturday Blog) [Dinesh Wagle has started posting his Nar Phu Diary in Wagle Street Journal] Encountering the people featured in a 25-year-old book that details the life and time of two of the remotest villages of Nepal All pics by Wagle. More pics will be addedContinue reading “Changing Life Of A Nepali Village: Story from Nar”


Amidst high expectations the Summit Talks is going on in Baluwatar this very moment. Here are the excerpts of an interview with Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Prachanda, taken on the eve of the much-hyped October 8 Summit Talks between his party and the ruling seven-party alliance as posted in Ekantipur: Q.Continue reading “INTERVIEW WITH PRACHANDA”

I Blog, Do You? BTW, Happy Birthday UWB!

Yes, Democracy Rocks! Pic by Shailendra Kharel As Nepal’s pioneering blog site becomes two-year-young today, a blogger writes about the impact of her introduction with the word blog By Darshan Karki (inside Ujjwal Acharya shares his experience) I came across this ‘blog artifact’ a week ago. Dated Oct 23, 2005, its four papers torn fromContinue reading “I Blog, Do You? BTW, Happy Birthday UWB!”

Learning From Nepal: Do Americans Have What It Takes?

Nepal in foreign press: An editorial in Bennington Banner of Vermont (United States) titled “Do Americans have what it takes?” Thursday, September 21: Last weekend, a tape was leaked to the Hungarian press in which Hungary’s Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany admitted that he had lied repeatedly to the public. The tape, coming after months ofContinue reading “Learning From Nepal: Do Americans Have What It Takes?”

Coup in Thailand: Generals, Go Back To Democracy!

The Military Coup is Deplorable and Thais must fight back. We in Nepal condemn the army takeover. The military coup in Thailand yesterday reminded many of us in Nepal King Gyanendra’s Feb 1, 2005 takeover. First, as the global democratic citizens, we strongly condemn the coup and urge the Thai people to fight back theContinue reading “Coup in Thailand: Generals, Go Back To Democracy!”

Nepal Budget : Finance Minister in Catch-22 Situation

Finance Minister needs divine intervention to activate the slackened economy and find requisite resources to finance his ‘rural-centric’ and path-breaking’ budget. By Chattra Bahadur An Analysis. UWB received this article in email. Whereas the rest of the SPA (Seven Party Alliance) are jubilant of the victory over the ‘autocratic’ and ‘repressive’ royal regime, Finance MinisterContinue reading “Nepal Budget : Finance Minister in Catch-22 Situation”