Meghalaya Diary: the Gorkhas, Migrant Nepalis and India

The Nepali-speaking Indians are fighting for their identity in India under the banner of the Gorkha which puts them at odds with Nepali migrants in northeast India Shyam Prasad Pokharel, a migrant Nepali coal mine labourer in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal JUN 05- During the course of my week-long stayContinue reading “Meghalaya Diary: the Gorkhas, Migrant Nepalis and India”

Talking About Revolution #Nepal

On the Maoist, French restaurateur of Kathmandu and Nepali leaders in Delhi By Dinesh Wagle News reports from Meghalaya are disheartening. Nepali migrant workers and Nepali-speaking Indians are being chased away from their homes and workplaces (coal mines) by the Khasis who are in a majority in the North-Eastern Indian state. Some Nepalis have beenContinue reading “Talking About Revolution #Nepal”

Homecoming of a Nepali Migrant Worker from India

Tales of hope, tales of despair By Dinesh Wagle in Achham, western Nepal Wagle Street Journal [This article appeared in today’s Kathmandu Post. Nepali version of the same appeared in today’s Koseli of Kantipur] Photos by Wagle. Photos of Wagle by David Geoffrion When I saw him for the first time walking on the dustyContinue reading “Homecoming of a Nepali Migrant Worker from India”