Jaipur Literature Festival 2010

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal “How was it?” asked my friend Deepak when he knew from me that I was back in Delhi from attending two days of Jaipur Literature Festival. Here’s what I replied: It was good. Very few books were to be seen as it wasn’t a book festival but literature. WritersContinue reading “Jaipur Literature Festival 2010”

Subha Dashain!

Chacha hui!!! Girls Playing Ping as Dashain Fever Grips Nepalis Pic by Suraj Kuwar “[Delivery of ] the message that the meaningful [peace talks] have started would be the best gift that Seven Parties and the Maoists could give [to Nepali people].” Pradeep Giri, Political thinker, in a Kantipur Op-Ed (Sept 29). ….. And myContinue reading “Subha Dashain!”

Teej Ko Lahara Aayo Barilai: Politics In Nepali Women’s Festival

Teej songs, detailing dukkhas and sufferings, are being used to create political and social awareness By Kathryn Hohman In her 1988 article, feminist author Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak poses the rhetorical question, “can the subaltern speak?” In Nepal they sing. Each year married, unmarried and widowed women travel to their natal homes to take part inContinue reading “Teej Ko Lahara Aayo Barilai: Politics In Nepali Women’s Festival”