Nepali Congress General Convention Message: Unity Essential

By Anil Giri [List of winning candidates] For the record: With the final election results of the Nepali Congress on Monday (27 Sept) giving a verdict for a mixed composition of its 61-member new Central Working Committee (CWC) for a four-year term, maintaining ‘unity’ and working in tandem on national issues will be a seriousContinue reading “Nepali Congress General Convention Message: Unity Essential”

Nepali Congress: New Leadership, Old Challenges

The 12th General Convention of the Nepali Congress on Tuesday (21 Sept) elected Acting President Sushil Koirala the party’s new president. Sushil secured 1,652 votes in contrast to his contenders Sher Bahadur Deuba 1,317 and Bhim Bahadur Tamang 78. Fifteen votes were declared invalid. As per the party’s statute, a winning candidate must secure atContinue reading “Nepali Congress: New Leadership, Old Challenges”

Looking for a Prime Minister: Seventh Failed Attempt

For the record: Even the seventh round of the prime ministerial election in the House today failed to elect a chief executive, thanks to the CPN-UML‘s and Madhes-based parties’ neutral stance. Now, the country will have to wait for nearly three weeks to see another round of the drama of the prime ministerial election. TheContinue reading “Looking for a Prime Minister: Seventh Failed Attempt”

Fourth Round Fails to Elect a Prime Minister

And a lawmaker says  he received threats from the Indian diplomatic mission in Kathmandu. Embassy refutes the claim. For the record: The fourth round of voting today in the parliament failed to elect a prime minister. Fifth round of voting is scheduled for Aug 18. Neither of the prime ministerial contenders—UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa KamalContinue reading “Fourth Round Fails to Elect a Prime Minister”

Don’t Subvert Mandate: Let Maoist Lead the Government

Nepal should, wisely, follow the Turkish path and avoid the Algerian tragedy from being repeated here. Democracy cannot move forward—let alone prosper—by subverting the people’s mandate. It’s foolish to think that constitutional technicalities can be manipulated to get around the popular mandate. By Ameet Dhakal Some people in the Nepali Congress (NC) are still contemplatingContinue reading “Don’t Subvert Mandate: Let Maoist Lead the Government”

For the Record, from the Campaign Trail

Conducts against the election code of conduct: This ‘Constituent Assembly Member Election 2008 Observation Bulletin’ was prepared by the National Election Monitoring Alliance (NEMA) on April 5, 2008. 1. CPN Maoist cadres abducted Mr. Chandra Bahadur Shahi, CPN UML candidate for Mugu from Rowa VDC, Mugu district on April 5, 2008. Candidate Mr. Shahi wasContinue reading “For the Record, from the Campaign Trail”

Maoist Campaigns and Elections Security Situation

Just because eight districts are having problems doesn’t mean rest of the 67 districts is deprived of the much needed democratic process. …if outfits that are terrorizing some parts of Terai don’t respond positively to the repeated calls for talks by the government the option of crushing them militarily should not be ruled out. ByContinue reading “Maoist Campaigns and Elections Security Situation”