Nepal’s Trade Deficit Continues to Widen

Nepal’s total trade deficit in fiscal year 2014-15 surpassed the total annual budget presented for the same fiscal year, reports Republica.

The trade deficit rose by 10.8 percent to a whopping Rs 689.36 billion in the fiscal year 2014-15 compared to total fiscal budget of Rs 618 billion, according to the central bank’s report titled Current Macroeconomic Situation.

“The trade deficit increased in 2014/15 due to the increase in imports but decrease in exports,” the report states. Export to India and China dropped by 6.3 percent and 21.5 percent, respectively. This decrease is mainly attributed to the decrease in the exports of wheat flour, handicraft goods, agarbatti, pashmina, among others.

Foreign Trade Balance of Nepal FY 2004-05 to 2013-14 (Source: Trade and Export Promotion Centre)

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मान्छे मार्नु र मार्न लगाउनु जस्तो कायर काम अरु हुँदैन। किन पत्याउने त्यस्तो ब्यक्तिलाई?

कनकमणि दीक्षित

तथाकथित ‘जनयुद्ध’का शुत्रधार, राष्ट्रिय संरचना ध्वस्त पार्ने योजनाकार – ‘राष्ट्र पुनर्निर्माण’ को हाकिम बन्ने दौडधूपमा छन आजको दिन, देशी-बिदेशीको सहयोग जुराउँदै। नेपाली जनताको महा-अपहेलना ! झण्डै दुई दशक मुलुकलाई ‘डाईभर्जन’मा जाकेर सामजिक अग्रगमनमा भाँजो हाल्ने, रोजगारको संभावना ध्वस्त पारेर युवा बिदेशिने क्रमलाई बल दिने, संबिधान लेखनमा निरन्तर धावा बोल्ने, लोकतान्त्रिक राजनीती ध्वस्त पार्ने अभियानका नायक, द्वन्दकालको हत्यामा कारवाही हुन नदिने र पिडितको मनोभावनामा कुल्चने – उनै ब्यक्तिलाई ‘पोस्ट-माओबादी’ युगकोContinue reading “मान्छे मार्नु र मार्न लगाउनु जस्तो कायर काम अरु हुँदैन। किन पत्याउने त्यस्तो ब्यक्तिलाई?”

Nepal Earthquake 2015: Damages and losses in the Water and Sanitation sector

Pragya Lamsal

Pragya Lamsal

10481582_10102185393510681_3431946467229818161_nOn Saturday, 25 April 2015 at 11:56 local time, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake as recorded by Nepal’s National Seismological Centre (NSC), struck Barpak, about 76 km northwest of Kathmandu. Government records said that there are over 8,790 casualties and 22,300 injuries. Further, the government has estimated that the lives of eight million people, almost one-third of the population of Nepal, have been impacted by these earthquakes.

National Planning Commission, an advisory body for formulating development plans and policies in Nepal, released Nepal Earthquake 2015: Post Disaster Needs Assessment Executive summary on Friday (June 19, 2015). Among others, the summary has calculated major damages and losses in Water and Sanitation sector.

It is estimated that the total value of disaster effects (damages and losses) in water and sanitation sector caused by the earthquakes is NPR 11,379 million (NPR 10,506 million of losses and NPR 873 million of damages)


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कसरी सामना गर्ने माओवादी आतङ्कको ? – सी के लाल

यो लेखमा [सिके लालले] जति धेरैपटक [माओबादीलाइ] आतङ्कवादी भनेर किटान त खुमबहादुर खड्का,गिरिजा वा रुकमाङ्गदले पनि भनेका थिएनन् होला

tistung deurali

मैले हिजो यी दुई ट्वीटहरू गरेँ

ट्वीटमा राखिएका चित्र पढ्न गाह्रो भएको केही मित्रहरूको गुनासो रह्यो । ट्वीटरमा शायद केही समस्या होला । त्यसकारण मैले लेखलाई जस्ताको तस्तै तल साभार गरेको छु । केवल सो प्रयोजनको निम्ति यो ब्लग तयार पारेको हुँ ।

सन्दर्भ बाँदरमुढे नरसंहारको हो । बाँदरमुढे नरसंहार भएको १० वर्ष पुग्यो । त्यसभन्दा ४ वर्ष अघि, अर्थात् आजभन्दा १४ वर्ष अघि चितवनकै भण्डारामा बसमा मान्छेहरू जिउँदै जलाइएका थिए । त्यसकै सेरोफेरोमा त्यति बेलाका चर्चित स्तम्भकार सी के लाल (C K Lal) ले फाल्गुण २०५८ को हिमाल खबरपत्रिकामा लेख्नुभएको लेख हो यो ।

लेखमा बारम्बार माओवादीलाई आतङ्ककारी भनिएको…

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#NepalEarthquake: Notes from the field: We shall rebuild

Dr Swarnim Waglé

Dr Swarnim WagleI was in Gorkha and Dhading this week, in a personal capacity, assessing the loss and distributing relief materials sponsored by the Help Nepal Network (400 sacks of rice), FNCCI (assortment of medicines, mats, rice) and Leapfrog (transport). With nine hours of sleep in three days, I visited or passed by 25 VDCs. Many of my priors were upended, and I came away more aware of what is happening on the ground. Some quick observations below:

The problem of the last mile

The unit of operation should be the wards, not VDCs. The more accessible VDCs have benefited much more than those farther away. Some have already stocked up for a few months. To ensure better targeting, a heroic effort combining local knowledge and organizational skills is needed. Most external groups do not have the fortitude or patience. With the credit secured for the easier leg, the problem of the last mile is often left for the local administration to solve, which is already stretched.

This ain’t a picnic

Food in central Nepal means rice. Then lentils and cooking oil. The northern villages also need salt. They do not really need fancy bottles of mineral water, snacks, bhujia, biscuits, noodles, brand new saris, or the Bible. Continue reading “#NepalEarthquake: Notes from the field: We shall rebuild”

Nepal Earthquake: How can private businesses provide help?

Ashutosh Tiwari

How can private businesses — which provide jobs and taxes, and goods and services that people need and pay for — provide help?

(Please use these points ONLY as broad suggestions. Obviously, each business has its own context, limited resources, and limited capabilities to do what it can for its employees, customers, investors and stakeholders.]

1. Check to see/confirm whether ALL the staff members, including factory workers, are accounted for and are indeed physically safe. [If not, ask about access to medical care and see if you can arrange it in some way.]
2. Check to see the extent of harm/damages, if any, to physical structures (office buildings, factory spaces, etc).
3. Visit staff members who have lost their loved ones and/or whose dwellings have been destroyed or demolished or have cracks on walls.
4. Offer the victims (i.e. your staff members) immediate relief in the form of cash and/or non-cash materials (i.e. tents, sleeping bags, water purification tablets, water, etc) to the extent you can. Remember, this is a major once-in-a-century type of an emergency that we are facing — so, think a bit creatively as to how you can allay people’s concerns. Check with the affected staff and their families daily or once every two days.Continue reading “Nepal Earthquake: How can private businesses provide help?”

Nepal Earthquake: Gentle note to the British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph



Dr Swarnim Wagle

Yesterday, it asserted in the first line of an article that one political party had announced all quake-related donations MUST go to ITS fund. Today, it has a different version online. After misleading thousands of readers with a lie for a whole day, I think the polite thing to do (and a good journalism practice) is to append a note of correction.

[The premise of this article in a British newspaper that “funds are being directed to a political party” is completely untrue.…/Nepal-aid-donors-may-halt-fund…]

Read related piece by Dr Swarnim Wagle: What is the PM’s Disaster Relief Fund and What it is Not?

(This article was originally posted as facebook status by Dr Swarnim Wagle. We have reproduced here with his permission.)

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