Subha Dashain!

Chacha hui!!! Girls Playing Ping as Dashain Fever Grips Nepalis Pic by Suraj Kuwar “[Delivery of ] the message that the meaningful [peace talks] have started would be the best gift that Seven Parties and the Maoists could give [to Nepali people].” Pradeep Giri, Political thinker, in a Kantipur Op-Ed (Sept 29). ….. And myContinue reading “Subha Dashain!”

Chopper Crashed, Dignitaries Died, Nepal Observes National Holiday. Why?

Comment of the Moment [This comment was originally posted by Dukhi in this blog post] Dukhit says: September 26th, 2006 at 9:33 pm The government of Nepal [yesterday] declared Wednesday [today] a day of national mourning following the confirmation of the death of all 24 passengers, many of them renowned personalities in Nepali and KathmanduContinue reading “Chopper Crashed, Dignitaries Died, Nepal Observes National Holiday. Why?”

Businessman Gyanendra Has Shares In 17 Companies

For the record: Gyanendra Shah is not only the biggest landlord of Nepal but also a businessman with shares in as many as 17 companies. Mr. Shah also happens to be the king of Nepal and if everything goes smoothly Nepalis will be voting to decide his royal fate in the next year or so.Continue reading “Businessman Gyanendra Has Shares In 17 Companies”

Interim Constitution Draft For Nepal: King No Head Of State!?

Interim Constitution Draft Committee (ICDC) on Friday handed over the draft constitution to Nepal government and the Maoist party. Laxman Aryal (mid) hands over the draft to Maoist negotiator Krishna Mahara as government negotiator Krishna Sitaula looks on. After 172 Articles, 26 sections and 1 annex, interim constitution still has some major issues that areContinue reading “Interim Constitution Draft For Nepal: King No Head Of State!?”

Petroleum Price Hike Protest and Blame Game Politics

Update (Aug 20): The government has taken back the decidion to hike petroleum price. Lucky to be in Nepal? A Chinese tourist whose English name Clover means lucky poses for camera in Tinkune, Kathmandu as she was walking from Bhaktpur to Kathmandu today after traffic was abruptly halted because of sporadic protests against hike inContinue reading “Petroleum Price Hike Protest and Blame Game Politics”

Nepal Budget: A Few Numbers and Maoist Disagreement

Keshav Pradhan aka COMRADE BISHWASH, a party worker of CPN (Maoist) listens to the live bradcast of the budget speech at Maoists Dialogue Secretariat at Baneshwar on Wednesday. Finance Minister Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat presented Rs. 143.91 billion for the annual budget for the fiscal year 2006/07 in the parliament in four years after theContinue reading “Nepal Budget: A Few Numbers and Maoist Disagreement”

Nepal Economy: We Are Eating Better, Drinking Less

By Prem Khanal Budget Day KATHMANDU- Nepalis are consuming more meat and fish, smoking less, and have become more sober – per capita alcohol intake has dropped. According to the Economic Survey for the fiscal year 2005/06 released on Monday (July 10) by the Ministry of Finance, the total meat consumption went up by 2.95Continue reading “Nepal Economy: We Are Eating Better, Drinking Less”