Neutralize Hindu Fundamentalism in Nepal

Strong action should be taken against those who are trying to destabilize Nepali society by exploiting the religious sentiment As Nepal is heading toward democratic transition, religious fundamentalists and royalists are trying to destabilize the country under the cover of defending Hinduism. These are the people who were kicked out of the power by April’sContinue reading “Neutralize Hindu Fundamentalism in Nepal”

Nepal as a Secular State: All Religions Equal

Welcome to the secular Nepal where being Nepali is the true religion. Now extremists should stop politicizing religion. By Deepak Adhikari Nepal became another secular state at a time when fundamentalism is growing in different parts of the planet. But, this oldest nation state of South Asia has a history of harmony that is rarelyContinue reading “Nepal as a Secular State: All Religions Equal”

Meanwhile Maoist Comrades Continue Extortion, Looting and Beating

They aren’t killing people because they have officially declared ceasefire for three months. But Maoist comrades aren’t keeping quite, at least according to the Royal Nepal Army. RNA was fighting with the Maoists until last month’s popular movement forced autocratic king to give up the power to people. Now both sides are observing ceasefire butContinue reading “Meanwhile Maoist Comrades Continue Extortion, Looting and Beating”

Celebrating Holi, the Festival of Color

Holi in Nepal has become a new game of egoism between boys and girls. Yes, sexual appeal is there. Pics by Bikash Karki Words by DW People of Nepal with Hindu religion celebrated Holi or the Fagu Purnima, the festival of color (and these days dirty water as well) with full enthusiasm. People in KathmanduContinue reading “Celebrating Holi, the Festival of Color”

Where is the Buddha Boy?

Sudden disappearance of Nepal’s ‘Little Buddha’ triggers wild speculations. So, the Buddha Boy has left the meditation venue. Was that a voluntary decision or the 16-year-old ‘Little Buddha’ was forced to end his meditation? Just like the contradictory views about Ram Bahadur Bomjam’s ‘eating habit’, conflicting guesses about his ‘sudden’ departure from the jungle ofContinue reading “Where is the Buddha Boy?”

Shadhus of Shivaratri…Farewell

Shadhus of Shivaratri celebrated the festival. But life will not be easy in Pashupati Nath all the time. So they have to leave with thier belongings. A photo blog by Shruti Shrestha They came, they celebrated (and puffed) and they are leaving the Pashupati Nath Temple. Shadhus who came Kathmandu for Shivaratri festival leave theContinue reading “Shadhus of Shivaratri…Farewell”

Narayan Wagle Wins Madan Puraskar

By Dinesh Wagle on August 31st, 2005 in Wagle Street Journal Debut novel Palpasa Cafe has created history in Nepali book industry by selling out 5 thousands copies in a month. As a critic recently noted, Narayan’s Wagle’s novel Palpasa Cafe is filled with many coincidences. The meeting between Drishya and Palpasa (two main characters)Continue reading “Narayan Wagle Wins Madan Puraskar”