No News of Buddha Boy, But Life Goes On…

Blogmandu: Government and Maoist negotiators are reportedly stuck into the voting procedures in the CA election including the modalities of ballot paper. A Norwegian election expert says: ??????? ????????? ???????????? ??? ????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ? ???????? ???????? ???? ????? ??? ??????? ??????????? ??? ? ???? ?????? (??????????? ???? ????????) ????? ? ??????? ??? ????????Continue reading “No News of Buddha Boy, But Life Goes On…”

Nepali Ambassador: What is the Attraction?

Even former ministers are fighting to be an ambassador. Why? The government hasn’t appointed chiefs at several constitutional and legal commissions, important educational institutions and diplomatic missions even after 8 months of its formation. Newspapers in Kathmandu are full of stories related to the delay in appointment and possible names for various posts. The mostContinue reading “Nepali Ambassador: What is the Attraction?”

Comparing Notes: Nepal One Year Later

An American writes his experience of having close encounter with the Nepali Maoist comrades in a remote village Maoist graffiti in a village in Myagdi district Left: “Up with Republic of Nepal: CPN Maoist.” Right: “Down with Killer Gyanendra.: CPN Maoist”/ “Whoever deletes this slogan will die.” By Neil Horning in Pokhara (West Nepal) ThereContinue reading “Comparing Notes: Nepal One Year Later”

Sideeffects of Conflict in Nepal

Bloody conflict in Nepal: Images from Palpa clash: 12 securitymen and 18 Maoists died in the incident. By Madhav Aryal Side Effects of the Conflict: She is Sita Dhakal, 10, of Parena VDC-5, Kopche. She lost consciousness after the fighting erupted in her neighborhood with huge sounds of explosions and firing in the border ofContinue reading “Sideeffects of Conflict in Nepal”