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Let’s Listen to Nilambar Acharya: Democracy is the Key

By Rama Parajuli

Nepal Politics: The King has to step back for a talk

Nilambar Acharya, a prominent political analyst has answers to any question regarding the present political situation of Nepal. He is for a peaceful movement to restore democracy. He expressed his ideas about the ongoing movement in Martin Chautari on 21 June 2005. The main thrust of his argument was that the constitution has to be made active and the King has to step back. Only then the political forces will sit for a larger inclusive discussion. That will eventually lead to a peaceful reconciliation. This is what he said in brief:

Attack on Democracy

The reinstated democracy of 1990 was under attack from the Royal Palace, right from the beginning. Within 10 days of reinstatement of democracy the then King Birendra announced a constitution reform suggestion committee. The announcement agitated the public immediately. Especially the then street protests forced the Palace to take back the announcement. The then Cabinet later formulated a new committee that was announced to the public by the King. Its work was not to reform the Panchayati constitution but to make the draft of a new one. When the new constitution was ready to be launched the Palace came out with a parallel constitution. It again had to withdraw its draft because of fierce protests from the public as well as from the Cabinet. Until then there was unity among the democratic political forces and that is why the Palace’s moves could not be successful.

How the Palace started to get an upper hand?

Unfortunately the unity did not last long. Nepali Congress and United left front developed many differences shortly and the distance among them increased with time. Dispute also emerged within all the political parties including the Nepali Congress and UML, the two largest parties. This weakened the democratic forces. Instead of realizing the weaknesses and the danger to democracy, each faction of the political parties tried to influence the palace and get its favor to gain an upper hand in intra-party or inter-party rivalries. The Palace was happy to manipulate such occasions and enhance its power whenever it got a chance. Finally a situation was reached when the King took over.

New People’s Movement

Now, peaceful people’s movement is absolutely necessary in order to restore democracy in Nepal. The King’s move is unconstitutional. There is no provision of chairmanship or nomination of cabinet on his behalf constitutionally. Only a popular (namely elected) party leader has the right to form the government. The popularity is measured on the votes a party gets in a nationwide election. We will only get such a government through a new people’s movement that will force the King to take a step back into his constitutionally defined location/position. There is no possibility of talk with the King until the constitution is made active i.e. the parliamentary status of Jeth 2059 (last elected parliament) is restored

Journalists, Lawyers in the movement

The movement has started. It has to gain momentum. Journalists, lawyers and other professional organizations are already in the forefront of the movement. Their street action, thereby violating the rules set by unconstitutional forces, is a natural expression of their desire to re-exercise the democratic rights of all Nepalis.

Foreign Friends for democracy

When foreign friends of Nepal speak for democracy, it should not be considered as an intervention in the internal politics of Nepal. Ambassadors of countries with which Nepal has diplomatic relations have come here with a commitment to respect the Constitution of Nepal. That Constitution guarantees multiparty democracy and states that the people of Nepal are sovereign as demonstrated through the political process witnessed between 1990 and 2002. When ambassadors of foreign countries state their commitment to support the political system as described by Nepal’s 1990 Constitution, they are doing what all friends of Nepal are expected to do or say. That is not intervening in the internal politics of our country. If our foreign friends provide arms to suppress the pro-democratic forces in Nepal, that would be going against the Constitution of Nepal 1990 and hence would qualify to be regarded as ‘intervention in our internal affairs’.

No criticisms against the political parties at the moment

Political parties are the main forces that should lead the fight for Democracy. They had made mistakes in the past for which they were severely criticized. If they do criminal activities they have to be punished. But the punishment has to come from the people. The King has no right to give directions or speak against political parties. It is the rights of the people to criticize and elect political parties of their choosing. The King is expressing views against political parties inside the country as well as in international forums. This is a clear indication of autocracy. People are against any kind of authoritarian rule. They have expressed their desire for democracy for many times. Once again they have to rally with political parties for the reestablishment of democracy in Nepal.

(Nilambar Acharya was involved directly in the peaceful peoples movement of 1990. He was the minister for Law and Justice in the interim government under Prime Minister K P Bhattarai. He is the author of the Prajatantrama Sankraman (2004, Brikuti Academic Publications) He was arrested for a few weeks by King Gyanendra’s regime after 1 February 2005).


1. What democracy??? 2046 a democracy hell with that…….. The handed over system to a country is not a democracy.

Iraq, even though there was an election, you think it is a democracy that the Iraqis can be proud of… India doesn’t hand over democracy……, isn’t it well known that India said that if Nepal gives away its water resources it would stop the democracy thing…

I would say king Birendra was an utterly foolish person to hand over the power to the people then. How many people died in Nepal then huh…200..300 how many? Do you think democracy comes that cheap with the death of 300 people and include the people there who were just the onlookers and died an unfortunate death with them having nothing to do with the so called movement?

I remember that time very well…. shortage of oil, salt etc..It was not a good situation then I remember that.

Even today, the literacy rate is around 40% mark including the people who can only read and you talk about democracy, constituent assembly, Maoism, communism and etc blah blah blah in this country where a majority doesn’t know shit about it.

All that these political leaders want is to be in power and gobble up the money, pretty much that is it ….. I heard it in the TV that the budget for agriculture was always allotted only 2 to 2.5% of the whole budget, that in a country where somewhere 80 percent people depend on agriculture, till today. What did democracy do or reform………

Sher bahadur deuba handed the democratic system in the palace didn’t he? The then PM who was not even in the party, how in the hell could be called people elected…… didn’t Girija kick him out then……… not in a party and the PM of a democratic country what was that????

Leaders mofos head to India all the time to make deals and you think these people will take the country in the right direction? Every time they head to Delhi and you think India is there to help with out any returns……

Man, democracy is a failed system in Nepal……… I believe in democracy so I believe in empowering the people and also that Democracy is a proven system but Nepal alas sadly probably is different. kukur lai ghiu pachdaina and that is sad but true in the case of Nepal.

King Gyanendra may not be the best of the leaders or the most capable person to lead the country but when you see people like Girija, ma ku ne, sherbahadur, prachanda and all of these hyenas who has raped the the country and the peoples trust, he seems like the a bakula in the crowd of kags.

Comment by reply to all — 6/24/2005 @ 2:14 pm


You said: “What democracy??? 2046 a democracy hell with that…….. The handed over system to a country is not a democracy.”

******So democracy means killing thousands?? Then the Maoists must be congratulated for fighting for democracy. Let thousands more die. But this war should be final. Yes, democarcy can’t be achieved through “request” to the palace. It should be snatched away. I agree unless we send anti-democratic forces to graves, we will not have democracy.

You said: “Even today, the literacy rate…around 40% mark including the people who can only read and you talk about democracy, constituent assembly, Maoism, communism….”

*********Hey, do u think Britain, the US, India or any other “democratic country” and China, Russia…blah blah..had 100% literacy when they went for democracy or communism? What nonsesen you are talking about?

You said: “Leaders …head to India all the time to make deals and you think these people will take the country in the right direction? Every time they head to Delhi and you think India is there to help with out any returns……”

*********I don’t call you a royal bug. Will you please remember that it was King Gyanendra in Deuba’s time who repeatedly tried to go to New Delhi for Ashirbad? Do you remember it was FM Pandy who went to N. Delhi to fawn upon India masters before Girija or any persons?

You said: “…kukur lai ghiu pachdaina and that is sad but true in the case of Nepal….King Gyanendra may not be the best of the leaders…who has raped the the country…like the a bakula in the crowd of kags.”

********It is the mentality of royalists. How can you campare the people and the country with a KUkur? Are you a Nepali?

Quite the opposite, how can you trust KG? Are you aware of his scandals? At least one that is beyond doubt is his misappropriateion of funds received through rhinos horns gifts to foreign countries. By now, you should be aware that his senior most minister and a number of family members are among the bank defaulters. Can’t KG clarify T. Giri’s case instead of media haunting and looking for those who leaked the news to the press?

KG wants to loot this country by shutting up the media and civil society so that he can hide his ugly face in the public. Corruption was there, but Kg’s strategy is that by highlighting the past 15 years, he wants to cover up the whole corruption in his good old Panchayat days. He is worried that the free media might bring up the issue any time. He also wants to show the public that his notorous son is more MORAL (so that fit to rule!) than political leaders. It’s a long term strategy…

I congratualte KG for the time being. Dictators always look up in the sky; they are rarely aware that the graveyards are dug on the ground not in the sky.

Comment by savenepal ( — 6/24/2005 @ 9:27 pm


Reply to all,

Your quote was indeed analytic and satirical for those people who in the name of democracy wants power.Keep posting.

Comment by kavre — 6/24/2005 @ 11:11 pm


Who is Nilambar Acharya??

Comment by harish — 6/25/2005 @ 10:34 am


savenepal ji

wether you except it or not , democracy in 2046 was handed over. It is not something that Nepalese people got it for themselves…… India, has its hand in the downfall of panchayat and as I stated earlier they didn’t volunteer there, it was a business.. yes, my friend revolutions don’t come that cheap………… many lives could had been taken if the then king was rigid…

education, don’t you think it makes a difference…. Yeah no country has 100

% literacy rate but the perentage is way higher then Nepal over there. Don’t you think in a democracy people need to know what their right is…… and should not be the leaders answerable to the people??????

India, for every other thing you don’t need to go to India if you are a political leader. If the people want change in a country then the people want it and its people who should get it,is not it? why go India for everything. Yeah everytime they go to India they’ll make some deal about something …business deals that is,, again India is not there to volunteer for nothing.

Media of Nepal. All I can say is it is yellow journalism even though I don’t really understand journalism as you guys might do but that much I know evey newspaper is tilted towards somebody. Be it gorkhapatra the kings voice or janadesh??? Maoists voice, whatever… like the student union never to help the students and campus be better but rather a political playground.

I am not a hardcore royalist but again compared to these people oh yeah KG is way betttttter .

Comment by reply to all — 6/27/2005 @ 6:15 am


“reply to all” ji:

“wether you except it or not , democracy in 2046 was handed over….………… many lives could had been taken if the then king was rigid…”

*********I do accept partially. But I would rather term it a compromise than a “hand over.” Otherwise, how do you explain the nationwide protests in 1990? How do u explain thousands of protesters moving to the palace?

But you are partially true. That is why the Maoists’ (and now parties’) demand of the contituent assembly make sense. As a teenager participant, I would assume that it was the global trend of democracy that was crucial in 1990. India did play a role, as always. But turning to India, don’t forget that people participated in 1990 and in 1980 plebicite (even if it was fair), the improved Panchayat got a marginal victory over Bahudal.

“education, don’t you think it makes a difference…….should not be the leaders answerable to the people??????

*****Education makes a lot of difference. But it seems to me that you are obsessed with university “degrees.” What do you think about the demand of women rights, language rights, anti-caste movements? Don’t you consider them part of “education” or “awarness”?

“…you don’t need to go to India if you are a political leader…. why go India for everything”

*******Right. I am responding to royalists’ pseudo-nationalism. Why royalist point their fingures to political parties? It’s time to think about KIng Mahendra’s 1965 treaty with India. In the end, Nepal’s palace do every thing if foreigners support its repression of the people of Nepal.

“Media of Nepal….tilted towards…”

****** You must be heard about the open support of parties by the world famous newspapers like NY Times, Washington Post, Sun, the Daily Mirror etc. I am not surprised at all that the journalists are at the front line in the war against autocracy. The ultimate measure of the success of the media is its readers. Nepal’s post-1990 journalism did a great job, I have little doubt about it.

By the way, how did you know all this corruption about democratic leaders; isn’t it through the media? The problem of Nepal’s media is that they knew the importance of freedom when it is already gone. I appreiciate their war against autocracy.

“I am not a hardcore royalist but….KG is way betttttter”

********Still, you look pretty hardcore. Will you please tell us KG is “better” for what? You might relate his past, present and future. Better for what??????????

Comment by Save Nepal ( — 6/27/2005 @ 8:42 am


Is the Rana quoted in the news today related to the Ranas who ran Nepal for most of the period 1900 – 1950?

Comment by jgs — 7/17/2005 @ 1:55 am


United We Blog! on ‘Dangerous Assignment’

‘When Nepal’s King Switched off the news, reporters switched tactics’

After being covered in so many media outlets around the world in a time span of two months we thought our ‘15 minutes of fame’ completed. We were wrong. [We have been covered by Online Journalism Review, Mid-Day (Mumbai), Hindustan Times (New Delhi). Well, I forgot all those names. Oh..ya, how can I forget that Reuters story that was carried out by many other papers and blogs around the world.] I never thought that UWB would get this kind of media attention when this blog site was started a few months ago to express myself and to tell others about my failed dating attempts with girls. Thanks to King Gyanendra, Nepalis lost their precious freedom on Feb 1 and we became famous. The latest publication to mention UWB and myself is Dangerous Assignment, a magazine by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

I recently read a BBC story about “How the new Pope sparked a bidding war“. [Reading this story was part of my job, have to find something interesting to translate for Kala Ra Shailee.] The story quotes a guy who registered popebenedictxvi(at) (I don’t want Pope to be spammed) and now dubbed as cyber Pope commented on the attention he got in world media for registering that papal e-adders as saying [I am more interested] “in the buzz of media attention. Yes, I too am enjoying the buzz! I love journalism because they pay me for doing what I like to do. That’s it. What can I do if they are interested on writing about UWB when we are just blogging, basically to express ourselves and to provide information that mainstream media ignores.

Under the title “Out of the Silence“, [The story will appear, as I am told, in the Spring/Summer issue of the magazine.] Kristin Jones, research associate for CPJ’s Aisa program, writes, ” When Nepal’s King Gyanendra Switched off the news, reporters switched tactics.” I like that line, Kristin!

Our 15 mintutes of Fame:


Wagle CPB Article In Spanish
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UWB in Mid-Day, Mumbai
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UWB & Dinesh in Online Journalism Review
No Politics, Blog on Op-Ed
Look Ma, Who is Reading Us!


What you guys are doing is great. Its great to be able to read unsensored news from Nepal.

Indeed the internet has creating forums that were never there before. This is the begginning to bring change. I wonder though, how long it will take the royalists to find out about this blog?

Well, with their hopeless technological skills (lets face it all of them are from the 18th century) dont think it will be sometime soon……well i applaud ur work and good luck

Comment by suvecha — 5/7/2005 @ 2:12 pm

United We Blog! reminds me of stories in WW-II when prisoners were able to scribble a message on a piece of paper and get it trough Nazi lines.

It should be clear that with the US promising to “restore non lethal military aid and training” that the US has chosen oppression over democracy… What kind of “non-lethal aid” will they provide ??? Bicuits and tea ??? Maybe the training will be cooking-school ??

The road to multiparty democracy has a long way until there is victory…. KEEP UP YOUR WORK DINESH, YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB !!!!

Comment by D.MICHAEL VANDEVEER — 5/7/2005 @ 4:15 pm

Look Ma, You are doing it!

Comment by Bodhi — 5/7/2005 @ 4:23 pm

Dinesh you are doing a good job except you are highly biased and prejudiced. There is much optimism in the country. Peace is prevailing. Security situation has drastically improved. No Nepal-Bandhs. Although sporadic incidents have been taking place, there is now a clear division under the Maoists too. You are not interested in these positive things but only in publicizing negative aspects, true or untrue. This you must correct in the coming days. Otherwise you guys are doing fine.

Comment by Shuvatara — 5/7/2005 @ 7:51 pm

I agree with Shuvatara.

Comment by Santosh — 5/7/2005 @ 11:01 pm

Great job, Dinesh.

Keep up your job until we have democracy. You are not spreading anything Shuvatara seems to indicate. Royalists are here. They are free to defend “untrue” reports. Yes, truth hurts. Royalists will cry as they have just regained their privileges lost in 1990. Ugly faces of dictators should be shown full. No mercy, please. Good luck.

Comment by harvey — 5/8/2005 @ 1:57 am

This blog is a great place to visit indeed! I am getting addicted to this site. I like the way Wagle presents news, especially the background information behind the news items.

Comment by Mangal — 5/8/2005 @ 5:26 am

Everybody is just talking about democracy in Nepal…Has anybody ever though about the ordinary nepali people’s situation during Girija and Madhav Raaj in Nepal? Where was industrial infrastructure? Where was other infrastructure? Where was security? Was there any chintan manan for such a poor country? That never happened. They were involved in loot paat of national properties..We just lost 15 years for the sake of so called “DEMOCRACY” which was never there. Lets analyze those 15 years and decide what we really need for the country. Bideshi bhumima basera nepal ko barema ufrine prabriti chodau sathi haru ho…

Comment by kash — 5/8/2005 @ 6:28 am

Kash, your crass crap has no value. why look 15 years? why not to look before 15 years. why not to look the history of nepal? why? tell me why??????

Comment by pita — 5/8/2005 @ 6:40 am

I think it is important to note here that we are sitting in front of computers, and we are the priveledge ones to be able to use this technology. What right do we have to say that there is peace in Nepal? Outside Kathmandu, as far as I know, there are people who still live in fear. The situation is indeed getting worse. For those who can barely scrap a living forums like this provide a voice. I think we need to come out of our rose-coloured worlds and face the music. The royals are taking crores of money and they have been doing for centuries. The politicians did the same for a decade. How can you say that there is no need for criticism? Indeed we need to fight for a solution that will work for these forgotten people. This is not what the King is providing right now.

Comment by suvecha — 5/8/2005 @ 7:26 am

Constructive criticism is absolutely necessary in every aspect of life- education, lifestyle, relationships etc. Why should politics be different? If political leaders, including KG cannot accept this type of criticism and curb press and individual freedom, then these people should not be leading the country- give the job to those who are willing to make changes based on voice of the people.

Comment by sameer — 5/8/2005 @ 11:33 am

Nepali press blackmails hookers thhreating them to publish their nude picture(remember Shisha Karki) We all know their level. So what do you expect from them.

Comment by Raj — 5/9/2005 @ 1:06 pm

Nepal Democracy Movement: List of Activists in Jail

Civil rights suspended, press freedom squelched, Democracy is on hold in Nepal since Feb 1 royal takeover. King is continuing his talks of Peace and prisons around the country are experiencing a surge in traffic: number of political prisoners is increasing like never before. Orders from supposedly independent Supreme Court are a joke for the current regime, it laughs at them and transfers prisoner from one place to another flaying the court rulings to release them.

Prisons are hell, detainees are seriously ill, treatment is too far away. No one knows how and why these political prisoners could be threat to this country’s peace and security. After all, they are not waging a war with the nation. Their only ‘crime’ is that they want democratic rights restored in the society.

Here is a list of political prisoners in Kathmandu valley provided to United We Blog! by Ramesh Rayamajhi, acting President of a human rights organization Alliance for Peace.

Bode (Bhaktapur) Detainee Center

S.N. Name Designation
1 Mod Nath Prasrit- Standing Committee Member, UML
2 Rana Dhoj Kangdongwa- Central Committee Member, UML
3 Shanta Manabi – Central Committee Member, UML
4 Bidya Bhandari – Central Committee Member, UML
5 Goma Devkota – Former MP, UML
6 Bhakta Kumari Lama -ANNFSU (student wing of UML)
7 Usha Kiran Timilsina -ANNFSU
8 Jeevan Rai -ANNFSU
9 Kesahav Raj Poudel -Active Member, NC
10 Ganesh Bdr. Bista -Active Member, NC
11 Hari Prasad Koirala -Active Member, NC
12 Bhawani Shankar Poudel -Active Member, NC
13 Ram Chandra Adhikari -Former MP, NC
14 Narendra Bhatta – NSU (student wing of NC), Unit Member, TU
15 Buddha Bir Lama – Active Member, NC
16 Mana Hari Shrestha – NSU, Unit President, Shankar Dev Campus
17 Dev Shankar Poudel – Active Member, UML
18 Shiva Kumar Yadav – Active Member, NC
19 Rudra Mani Sharma – Former MP, NC (D)
20 Siddha Raj Pande -District President, Tarun Dal, NC(D)
21 Guru Baral – Central Committee Member, NSU (D)
22 Bhakti Rai – Active Member, Jana Morcha Nepal
23 Achut Mishra -Active Member, NC
24 Bina Poudel -Kathmandu District Committee Member, NC
25 Mina Pandey -President, Nepal Women Association NC
26 Bina Koirala -Active Member, NC
27 Ritu Raj Bista -Bhaktapur Dist. Member, UML
28 Shankar Dhoj Nemwang- Active Member, NC(D)
29 Kamala Thapa -Gt. Secretary, Nepal Women Association, NC
30 Goma Parajuli -Active Member, NC
31 Bir Bdr. Singh -Central Committee Member, UML
32 Hari Krishna Byenjankar – Lalitpur District Committee Member, UML
33 Umesh Sharma -Active Member, UML
34 Yegya Raj Panta -Active Member, UML
35 Krishna Sundar Gho -Bhaktapur Committee Member, UML
36 Govinda Dulal -District President, Nepal Majdur Kishan Party
37 Dipak Maka -District Member, Nepal Majdur Kishan Party
38 Rameshwor Bohara – Central Member, Nepal Majdur Kishan Sangh
39 Buddhi Kumar Gosai – Central Member, Nepal Majdur Kishan Sangh
40 Krishna Kishor Ghimire- Advisor, NC(D)
41 Tek Raj Bhattarai -Central Member, Nepal Kishan Sangh (NC)
42 Padam Bdr. Thapa -Dang District Committee Member NC
43 Pradip KC – Active Member, Nepal Tarun Dal
44 Krishna Pd. Basyal -Ex. Minister, NC(D)
45 Khem Raj Bhata Mayalu -Ex. Minister, NC(D)
46 Bhupendra Bdr. Thapa -Sindhupalchok District Committee Prez, NC
47 Trikaya Ratna Dhwakhwa- Lalitpur District Committee Memb., NC(D)
48 Tek Bdr. Chokhyal -Ex. Minister, NC(D)
49 Dirgha Raj Bhatta -Kailali District President, NC(D)
50 Tej Bdr. Limbu -Active Member, Jana Morcha Nepal
51 Rajib Poudel -Central Committee Member, Nepal Tarun Dal NC(D)
52 Lok Narayan Subedi- CPN(Marxbadi)
53 Govinda Pd. Kandel -Former MP NC
54 Karna Bdr. Dhanuk -District Member Member NC(D)
55 Chandra Bdr. Bhat -Active Member NC(D)
56 Gokarna Chand -Active Member NC(D)
57 Manju Bhattarai -Nepal Trade Union Congress, CM, NC
58 Surendra Raj Pande -Gt. Secretary, Tarun Dal, NC(D)
59 Akkal Bdr. Bista -Active Member NC(D)
60 Shiva Raj Bhatta -Baitadi, District President, NC(D)
61 Badri Pd. Chaulagain -Sindhupalchok Dist. Secretary, NC(D)
62 Kamal Bdr. Shah -Active Member, NC(D)

Kharipati Bhaktapur Detainee Center

S.N. Name Designation
1 Gagan Kumar Thapa -Former General Secretary, NSU, NC
2 Keshav Singh -President, NSU
3 Lok Bdr. Karki -Unit President, NSU, Baneshwor Campus
4 Bharat Bhatta -Dhading Dist. President, NSU
5 Bidur Banjara -Active Member, NC
6 Bimal Shrestha- Active Member, NC
7 Pramod Koirala- Active Member, NC
8 Harsha Jit Lama- Active Member, NC
9 Shiva Pd. Humagain -Kavre Dist. President, NC
10 Keshav Pd. Timilsina- Active Member, NC
11 Prem Krishna Prajapati- Active Member, Nepal Majdoor Kishan Party
12 Tika Ram Maharjan -Active Member, UML
13 Shanta Prakash Shrestha- Active Member, UML
14 K.B. Dhooju -Active Member, UML
15 Aasha Ratna Dangol -Active Member, UML
16 Shankar Dev Balami -Active Member, UML
17 Tanka Rai -Central Committee Member, CPM (ML)
18 Pancha Krishna Shrestha- Active Member, UML
19 Mohamad Abbas -CPN United
20 Hemanta BC -CPN United
21 Sunil Manandhar -CPN United
22 S.R. Tamang -CPN (MLM)
23 Narendra Basnet -CPN (ML)
24 Nanda Kumar Prasain- Nepal Samyabadi Party (MLM)
25 Rishi Kattel -CPN (ML)
26 Ramesh Lama -Jana Morcha Nepal
27 Rohit Himang -Janamorcha Nepal
28 Ramesh Thapa -Nepal Majdoor Kishan Party
29 Hari Ratna Gorkhali -Nepal Majdoor Kishan Party
30 Aasha Bdr. Dulal -NC
31 Prabin Kumar Budha Thoki- NC
32 Bhakta Lal Dulal -Nepal Majdoor Kishan Party
33 Ganga Ram Jyakhwa -Nepal Majdoor Kishan Party
34 K.P. Huyaski -Nepal Majdoor Kishan Party
35 Nara Man Maharjan -Nepal Majdoor Kishan Party
36 Nabina Lama -ANNFSU
37 Gopal Mani Gautam -CPN (ML)
38 Roshan Kumar Poudel- NSU, NC(D)
39 Mahendra Katila -CPN (ML)
40 Hare Ram Chandra Raut- UML
41 Keshav Badal -Standing Committee Member, UML
42 Hom Raj Mainali -ANNFSU
43 Dharma Datta Devkota- Akhil Nepal Kishan Sangh
44 Rajendra Shrestha -Central Committee Member, CPM (UML)
45 Rajan Rai -Central Com. Member, ANNFSU
46 Rupesh Khatiwada- ANNFSU
47 Shambhu Pd. Adhikari- Nepal Tarun Dal, NC
48 Pramod Rimal -Nepal Tarun Dal, NC
49 Mahadev Gurung -Ex. Minister, NC
50 Pushkar Raj Ojha -Ex. Minister, NC
51 Jhhaku Pd. Gharti Magar- NSU
52 Ishwori Neupane -Nepal Womens Association
53 Nain Singh Mahara -Central Committee Member, NSU, NC(D)
54 Bhim Kumari Budha Magar -Central Committee Member, NC(D)
55 Shanta Sharma -Nepal Womens Association
56 Ram Kumar Bohara -Tarun Dal NC(D)
57 Dharma Dangol -Nepal Majdoor Kishan Party

Lalitpur District Police Office

S.N. Name Designation
1 Arjun Narsingha K.C.- Spokesman. NC
2 Chiranjibi Nidhi Tiwari- NC
3 Pradip Poudel -Vice President, NSU
4 Basudev Koirala -Gt. Secretary, NSU
5 Surendra Mohan Sharma- Lalitpur District Member, UML
6 Thakur Gaire -Gt. Secretary, ANNFSU
7 Umesh Sharma -Ex. FSU President, Patan Campus, ANNFSU
8 Purushottam Acharya- FSU Secretary, Patan Campus
9 Jaya Prakash Pd. Gupta- Ex. Minister NC(D)

Armed Police Camp Duwakot, Bhaktapur

S.N. Name Designation
1 Narahari Acharya -Central Committee Member, NC
2 Laxman Pd. Ghimire -Central Committee Member, NC
3 Gopal Pahadi -Central Committee Member, NC
4 Gopal Rai -Ex. Central Committee Member, NC
5 Tirtha Ram Dangol- Kathmadu Dist. President, NC
6 Ram Nath Adhikari- Dhading Dist. President, NC
7 Madhu Acharya – Ex. Kavre President, NC

Police Academy, Maharajgunj

S.N. Name Designation
1 Bam Dev Gautam- Standing Committee Member, UML
2 Rajendra Pandey- Central Committee Member UML
3 Mahendra Pandey- Central Committee Member UML
4 Krishna Gopal Shrestaha- Central Committee Member UML
5 Rup Narayan Shrestha- Ex. President, ANNFSU
6 Rajendra Rai – Ex. Prez , ANNFSU

Ward Police Office, Singha Durbar

S.N. Name Designation
1 Ram Saran Mahat -Central Committee Member, NC
2 Dil Bdr. Gharti -Central Committee Member, NC
3 Chakra Pd. Bastola -Central Committee Member, NC
4 Subash Nemwang -Central Committee Member, UML
5 Chandra Bhandari -Ex. Gt. Secretary, NSU

Sasastra Police Camp, No-1 Naxal

S.N. Name Designation
1 Krishna Pahadi -Human Right Activist
2 Bimalendra Nidhi -Central Committee Member, NC(D)
3 Dip Kumar Upadhyay- Central Committee Member, NC(D)

Sasastra Police Camp, No-2 Maharajgunj

S.N. Name Designation
1 Amik Serchand -President, Janamorcha Nepal
2 Leela Mani Pokhrel -Vice President, Janamorcha Nepal
3 Bal Krishna Khand -Central Committee Member, NC(D)

Alliance for Peace (AFP) is an NGO that has been working for peace, human rights and leadership development. After February 1, 2005, AFP is fousing it self collecting information about political detainees. Reps of the organization have visited all of Kathmandu valley’s prisons.


this is too much by the government!all the detainees should be released!i feel there is no ground arresting so many pple without any issue!(lets say they have a political issue)but this is really too much!god help the detainees!(help them to survive the torture they are currently facing)

Comment by tarkasur — 5/7/2005 @ 5:19 pm

Good ! very good!

These corrupted leaders should be kept longer in the jails.

Comment by sita — 5/7/2005 @ 5:40 pm

They are not there for OUR rights. They are there for THEIR rights and privileges. They are there to bring back their hay-days in power. They are there to ensure that they are not dumped into dustbins of history by the people. They are there to come back to power and loot this nation once again. They want total restoration of their rights to rape, loot, bamboozle, throw stones, destroy and create may-hem. They have nothing to do with OUR rights. They must be confined inside these barracks so as not to tamper with our rights, freedom and safety. They have to be confined so that they don’t disturb our daily life. No traffic problem.

Comment by Shuvatara — 5/7/2005 @ 7:41 pm

Patients suffering from mental disorders have to be kept away from the general people. This is in the interest of the society. Otherwise, they move around as if all of us are insane and only they are alright. If this bunch of hooligans were thwarting the chances of peace, what’s wrong in keeping them away? Rotten apples have to be thrown away. It is in the interest of the larger interest of the nation.

Comment by Shuvatara — 5/7/2005 @ 7:46 pm

By coincidence, Worldwar 2 ended 60 years ago on the 8th of May 1945. Sometimes it is good to look back into history:
The Gestapo used similair methods but the 1000 year reich ended a bit earlier. All those criticizing the government, those being in the wrong party were arrested amongst others.

The main media at the time was the radio, listening to BBC was a crime which was punished with 1 year, death penalty was also applied. But estimates varied from 1-3 million Germans listening secretly. Goebbels was the famous minister of propaganda, we would call that the ministry for information, only good news were allowed to be broadcasted. He was a master of false infos, but at the end even the hardliners knew that it was all biased.

Comment by anonymous — 5/7/2005 @ 7:47 pm

Only “good news” ? As the hangman puts the rope around the neck of the journalist…………. he is to report, “ALL IS FAIR IN THE KINGDOM” ?

Comment by D.MICHAEL VANDEVEER — 5/7/2005 @ 9:57 pm

This is a gross violation of basic Human Rights – the King may think that as the head of the authroitarian and despotic regime that currently exists in Nepal, he can get away with imprisoning any body who dares say a word against him and his bunch of croonies, but he better come to the realization that these tactics cannot continue for ever—people will not sit idly by.
As for those of you who have written saying that these corrupt leaders ought to be impriosned- I can only hope that you advocate the same views with respect to the many leaders during the 30 years and more of the Panchayat regime who engaged in just as massive corruption- besides, what proof do you have that all these people are corrupt-think of what is really happening, don’t just parrot what the kings of misinformation and propoganda tell you.

Comment by Kripa — 5/7/2005 @ 10:51 pm

call it sita or shuvatara, there are a bunch cyber virus sponsored by palace whose only aim is to attack anybody who doesn’t support their master. for them you are in the enemy camp not because you oppose them but because you don’t support them. anonymous has rightly pointed out towards the master propagandist goebals. these palace dalals are using the same old formula. but history has proved again and again, tanashah haru dherai din tikdainan.

Comment by gajadi — 5/7/2005 @ 11:11 pm

What about prisoners outside Kathmandu?

Let’s not suffer from Kathmandu-is-Nepal syndrome.

Comment by chinta — 5/8/2005 @ 12:09 am

Great sacrifice by those who are suffering in the hands of KG. Yes, truth hurts. Royalists will cry as they have just regained their privileges lost in 1990. Ugly faces of dictators should be shown full. No mercy, please. Let’s contribute to democracy however we can.

Comment by harvey — 5/8/2005 @ 3:25 am

This is not great sacrifice as claimed by Harvey
this is not human rights violation as said by Kripa
Not Goebbles propaganda as said by Anonymous
or the hangman by the name of Van deveer
It is simply a punishment for looting, fooling, disturbing and messing Nepal.
I agree with the some of the above comments that they are rotten apples and have to be kept away from the rest of the basket to “save the whole Nepali basket.” In fact, some of the names listed are already out of prison so Goebbles propaganda is being used by this blog site.

Comment by Chetana Bhaya — 5/8/2005 @ 11:05 am

What’s so distressing to know that these looters are in detention for the “time being”. 11 thousand innocents have been killed by the Maoists. Have Kripa, Anonymous and specially Michael Vandeveer condemn those unlawful killings by Maoist terrorists? These people under arrest were helping the Maoists during the misrule of 12 years. They gave support to the Maoists by giving them a free ride. They have to placed under detention. Girija and Madhav Nepal should not have been allowed to come out.

Comment by Ram — 5/8/2005 @ 11:09 am

Hey !!!! Good News!!!!! Rotten apples and enemies of the nation are having food brought from Five Star hotels inside these police stations. I heard that Chakra, Ramsharan and Deep Kumar are all treated like Kings inside the police stations. They got food and red Label Scotch on Friday evening from the IGP of police. They ae all enjoying inside. Some cute lady police officers have also been posted for their service. Afterall they were in helm of power when these officers got promotion or joined service.

Comment by Ram — 5/8/2005 @ 11:13 am

I cannot believe some of you out there actually believe that detaining individuals based on their political beliefs is a good thing. Is there ONE member of current government who is NOT corrupt. Trust me ladies and gentlement, this detention is not about corruption- its only about doing away with individuals who support multiparty democracy and are against autocratic one person rule.

Comment by sameer — 5/8/2005 @ 11:19 am


Ram; Your dear king has sold kalapani to india. these people were good at least. they did not sell the country’s land for weapons to kill the people. where did u read maosit terrorists killed 11,000? most of them were killed by king’s terrorists.

Comment by Dasharath — 5/8/2005 @ 11:44 am

Unless you have access to “special information” that the rest of us are barred from- the 11,000 that you claim were killed by Maoists with the help of those detained is not correct. I am very well aware that the maoists are a bunch of terrorists that need to face justice–and hopefully they soon will. The extra judicial killings and forced dissappearances have been carried out just as much from the Royal Nepal Army than the Moists so the Palace,with the King as the commander in chief is implicated in the deaths of thousands of peaceful, hardworking Nepalese.
Those detained certainly took part in corruption but so did every other politican and person who ever ruled Nepal–why single these detained people out for your venomous attack?
Again, before you go parroting what the providers of Misinformation and Propoganda feed you–think for yourself!

Comment by Kripa — 5/8/2005 @ 10:38 pm

It was not a war started by the RNA. It was started by the Maoists. Therefore, total killed in the Maoist movement is 11,000 and all the blame must be taken by the Maoists. The Maoists killed 11,000 people. I agree with Ram.

Comment by Astha Thapa — 5/9/2005 @ 2:41 pm

Yes, the Maoists killed 11,000 innocent people. The blame of the Maoist cadres killed by the RNA should also go to the Maoists themselves because it was they that started this useless and senseless war.

Comment by Sreeejana — 5/9/2005 @ 3:26 pm

Kathmandu Drama: Gagan Thapa Released, Arrested

Nepal Democracy Movement: Student Leader Arrested Again

Gagan Thapa addressing a corner meeting in Baneshowr a few dats before he was arrested on April 26. Pic by CSK

The ruling of the Supreme Court in Nepal became the subject of public mockery today when Nepali authorities staged the artless drama of releasing Gagan Thapa, a prominent student leader, only to re-arrest him within seconds in the same police compound. Gagan has been shifted to Kharipati, Bhaktpur from Kathmandu District Police Office in Hanuman Dhoka this evening. The Supreme Court, earlier today, had ordered the authorities to release Gagan and other two student activists (Subodh Acharya and Sandesh Adhikari) because they were illegally detained by the police since April 26. Today’s government move is the naked violation of the spirit of the Supreme Court ruling and this act of the royal administration clearly proves that there is no independent judiciary in this country. I got an opportunity to meet and talk to Gagan inside the police office approximately 2 hours before the drama took place. Meanwhile, another top student leader Keshav Sing is seriously ill in detention.

(Read about another Drama in United We Blog in Nepali: Live account of today’s RCCC ‘courtroom’ drama on former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba case is available in our Nepali edition. Deuba said, “I don’t speak to you. When I say I don’t speak to you, I mean to say I don’t speak to you.”)

Keshav Singh, President of Nepal Student Union (NSU) can’t breath properly because there is low oxygen in the room where he is kept in Hanuman Dhoka. “Yesterday evening he was very much serious and couldn’t breath properly,” Gagan said, “We told police to take him to hospital but they haven’t listened yet.” Gagan said that they have been kept in the lower part of the building where there is no sufficient flow of air. “This is a kind of mental torture,” he said, “We have been kept with burglars and other criminals.”

Gagan told United We Blog! he will start a hunger strike in detention from tomorrow. “I will continue my struggle against this regime from inside jail,” he said firmly, “I urge all freedom and democracy loving Nepali people to rise for democracy in an effective way.”

He, one of the most charismatic student leaders of recent times, said that political parties should immediately find a common ground for a unified movement. “Its too late,” he said, “Already three months gone and we haven’t have a common agenda yet. Why? We shouldn’t waste time. How can we take our movement forward if we take this much time even to find a common agenda?”

I questioned him whether he was sure about people’s participation in the movement for democracy. “Yes, I completely believe people’s aspiration for democracy. They are for democracy. But parties should make their agenda very clear and easily understandable for public. Parties should be able to communicate with people via their common agenda.”

Gagan who commands a strong support among young students in Nepal had been in the eyes of authorities ever since Feb 1 royal takeover because of his strong views for the need of democracy and capability to mobilize students in the movement. In today’s interview, Gagan opined that democratic movement and reform (restructuring) within parties should go simultaneously. “Yes, there is a need of reform in [Nepali Congress] party,” he said in the offices of Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kathmandu, “But we can’t get stumbled into that and forget democratic movement. That is even more important.”

He said: Me being released, [CPN UML General Secretary] Madav Nepal being released, or Emergency being lifted are not important issues at all. The most important issue is Democracy and taking democratic movement ahead effectively. We have to do that immediately. We should not limit ourselves reacting every petty moves of this government. We should fully concentrate toward the movement.”

Gagan said that he has been reading a novel and some children literature. He reads Kantipur daily.

Today the court ordered for his release at around 2 PM. Human rights activists and cadres of Nepal Student Union (of which Gagan is former general secretary) took that order to District Administration Office, Kathmandu. DAO wrote a letter to District Police Office Kathmandu ordering them to release Gagan and others. When HR activists reached Hanuman Dhoka with the orders from the court and DAP, police made them wait for 3 hours to see Gagan. I entered the room with fellow blogger Kiran Chapagain. Others waiting to see Gagan were two representatives of UN and two Danish nationals. After we waited there for about 15 minutes, slightly bearded Gagan popped up in a trouser and sandals.

Gagan was arrested in a midnight raid on April 26 along with Subodh Acharya and Sandesh Adhikari from Lainchour where he was staying in the house of Sandesh. “I think we should have changed the shelter,” he said, “We didn’t. That was our mistake. We are new in this kind of lifestyle. That day too, they found us when they were about to return from the search without finding us. We opened the lock of the room on the fifth floor of the house a bit earlier and one of the police heard the sound.”

Related Blog:
1. Gagan Thapa Arrested


It is clear to this Journalist that Nepal is rushing to FASCISM. The arrest and re-arrest of Gagan Thapa, the abuse of journalist and the Getapo actions of te Security Forces should make this clear.

In an article I wrote, “WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY–ONLY A DREAM IN NEPAL”, I detailed the international human-rights and UN response to the activities of the Nepali Government.

Just as in Italy, Spain, Germany and other places in Europe FASCISM was sold to the people as “NATIONALISM” and a way to fight terrorism, corruption, and communism…………

To paraphrase a poem about Germany that should be a call to all who value freedom in Nepal..


Comment by D.MICHAEL VANDEVEER — 5/6/2005 @ 8:31 am

the problem with US: invasion of collective nepali mind set with the likes of Kash. only idiots will make that kind of infantile baseless comments. This is not your living room where you can say the stupidiest thing and still they are taken as per delivered. Don’t you think you are missing something in your comment like: “Why would I say something like that”
I don’t know what kind of a man is Gagan what is he up to …and we are all interested in that. that’s what we want to know not an one liner insult that makes you look like an absolute idiot.

Comment by Quantum — 5/6/2005 @ 10:07 am


I am slower than the velocity of light, which I unfortunatley never could forget, alas, in that old unit – km/s (or new?). Never mind, Neil Bohr was weak in mathematics (he ran away from the King!!); so was stupid Einestein!! I was forunate enough I had heard about Quantum electrodynaics!!

But, I try it hard even in this old age. As a man who thought Newton was the greatest of the greatests, I wondered how on earth you knew somebody had an invasion of “collective” Nepali mind even before you were eager to know about Gagan.

Wait! I wanted a tuistion center in Putalisadak. I am just curious about quantuma fijiks. Do you have tuition center?

Comment by pita — 5/6/2005 @ 10:55 am

Talk in a way nobody understands. That’s why quantum, pita, paras and ganenda are greet in Nepal. I don’t need your quanum physics, tuition center or prash king.

Comment by harvey — 5/6/2005 @ 11:38 am

its damning when people start picking on someone’s names. madness. just shows how coward we are. i am sure we have better things to comment on.

Comment by yodam — 5/6/2005 @ 11:46 am

Pita, why on earth you are at war with me. U do look like a man with senile whinging syndrome who thinks Einstein was stupid. Your senile highness, your stupid digression is incoherent, boring and it’s a noise. What’s with the tuition centre obsession, OLD MAN>>>> looks like you were “malhandled” in one of those putali sadak tuition centre and showing typical Freudian pattern repeat syndrome. get bent, there most be other people around you.

One of the things you commented was, massively innocent, though interesting how come if I know what nepali collective mind set is, why don’t I know Gagan. I don’t know if you meant that with your bullshit jibberish. if you can’t differentiate between collective and individual…..Pita u are going to need some serious Tutoring.

Comment by Quantum — 5/6/2005 @ 12:20 pm

ha…ha…ha…, what is someone’s name yodam (i am sorry i picke up ur name? ha ha….i guess people can mangate things on earth better than the cleverers!! self-congratulations may not be too bad an idea.

Comment by harvey — 5/6/2005 @ 12:28 pm

well quantum ,
happy to see u here tooo. but didn’t get u any . ist let me convey my happinees that qed exists . i will look into it n wonder wat is it all after… i wonder if maxwell’s equations of electrodynamis have gone redundant . they were wrong in meissner effect in superconductivity .. but quantum qed: i really worrry wat is it all abt. i acquiesce i may be a toad in a small well . but let’s see
now let’s delve into this vulgur clamour shrouding gagan thapa .thapa is genesis of corruption in tri chandra . i myself being a tc student know it well.if u don’t belive me , go n ask the stupifeid leaves of those skeletal blue mimosa trees in front of the ghantaghar. or just pick up any student by his/her arm n ask wat is gagan about . i don’t know wat is wagle trying to establsish by garbing gagan with that unrequired charismatic adjective . ist of all , let’s put things right : the state is decayed .. the parties are rotten .. the maoists stink of ego n wrong philosophy .. . so where wud we go ? hell . isn’t it . can this gagan rescue us ? the admission fiasco of ma sociology has its history down to gagan’s roots. can a young guy hu looks good , talks good but has grown himself out of the illgotten money of poor students from all over the

country rescue us ? can he stop us from a looming doom . u see we need to acknowledge that darkness is just beginnning . the night has fallen n false glint of hope is wat wagle is selling or supplying . gagan is misnomer to charisma n leadership . talking loud n befreiending journalists doesn’t weave the path to heaven . if we do not discontinue with this wagle’s disease of hope , infernal putrefaction can’t be averted … i am sorry for all these hard facts

Comment by sisyphus sahrma — 5/6/2005 @ 1:29 pm

well quantum ,
happy to see u here tooo. but didn’t get u any . ist let me convey my happinees that qed exists . i will look into it n wonder wat is it all after… i wonder if maxwell’s equations of electrodynamis have gone redundant . they were wrong in meissner effect in superconductivity .. but quantum qed: i really worrry wat is it all abt. i acquiesce i may be a toad in a small well . but let’s see
now let’s delve into this vulgur clamour shrouding gagan thapa .thapa is genesis of corruption in tri chandra . i myself being a tc student know it well.if u don’t belive me , go n ask the stupifeid leaves of those skeletal blue mimosa trees in front of the ghantaghar. or just pick up any student by his/her arm n ask wat is gagan about . i don’t know wat is wagle trying to establsish by garbing gagan with that unrequired charismatic adjective . ist of all , let’s put things right : the state is decayed .. the parties are rotten .. the maoists stink of ego n wrong philosophy .. . so where wud we go ? hell . isn’t it . can this gagan rescue us ? the admission fiasco of ma sociology has its history down to gagan’s roots. can a young guy hu looks good , talks good but has grown himself out of the illgotten money of poor students from all over the

country rescue us ? can he stop us from a looming doom . u see we need to acknowledge that darkness is just beginnning . the night has fallen n false glint of hope is wat wagle is selling or supplying . gagan is misnomer to charisma n leadership . talking loud n befreiending journalists doesn’t weave the path to heaven . if we do not discontinue with this wagle’s disease of hope , infernal putrefaction can’t be averted … i am sorry for all these hard facts

Comment by sisyphus sharma — 5/6/2005 @ 1:29 pm

माफी माग्नुहोस्, गिरिजाबाबु

गिरिजाबाबु, प्रजातन्त्र र कांग्रेस बचाउन, कार्यककर्ताको मनोबल र उत्साह बढाउन आन्दोलन सफल पारी संसद् पुनःस्थापना गराउन सर्वप्रथम दुई कांग्रेस एक हुनुपर्छ । शान्तिपूर्ण आन्दोलन सफल पार्न बहुदलवादी दलका प्रमुख नेता आपसी मेलमिलाप र समझदारीबाट प्रजातन्त्र, मानवअधिकार, प्रेस स्वतन्त्रता बहाली गर्न शान्तिपूर्ण आन्दोलनको मुख्य उद्देश्य (लक्ष्य) को स्पष्ट धारणा जनतासामु राखिनुपर्छ ।

पत्रको बाँकी अंश ‘युनाइटेड वी ब्लग नेपालीमा‘ मा पढ्नुहोस् ।

रामकृष्ण पराजुली
चिप्लेढुंगा, पोखरा

Comment by रामकृष्ण पराजुली — 5/6/2005 @ 4:28 pm

Lets make quantum leap if not quantum physic
what the hell is going on here. By the way, Gagan is different and thinks differently. But, people will not come on the street untill and unless Currupted leaders are weeded out form the political parties. Gagan, come in the front and drive the political revolution towards the right direction. No dictator can put you behind the bar for long

Comment by Sw. Bodhi — 5/6/2005 @ 4:34 pm

I went to my old tri chandra today and put some questions to the “skeletal blue mimosa trees.” They told me a bit Koran and the rest about the history of kings…also a bit about kalo padartha and famouse grouse whisky and what not….or I did not ask proper questions in a proper language?

I also asked the trees about the “collective” mind. The response was blunt again -I need some lessons from quantum fijiks to understand and measure it. I ran away.

But hell. I was in Putali Sadak, where I was battered a few years ago. A number of language schools greeted me this time, but only to be disappointed….a senile mind told me jibberish or good English or RICH writing don’t make your argument sound!! I am disappointed; mabybe blogsphere is good for me. But at times I can’t stand the radiations from Q-rays.

Comment by pita — 5/6/2005 @ 8:16 pm

It is good to see Jay Prakash Gupta in Jail as politician like deserve such punishment BUT I strongly object rearrest of yong student leader Gagan Thapa. Person like Gagan Thapa are kept in police or army custody because they threaten the King and his government because these students are real fighters of democracy and who will lead our country based on the lessons learned from old rubbish, currupt, self serving, kurchi wala politicians like Girija koirala. Lets do whatever we can to restore democracy and get Gagan and his friends released
long live democracy

Comment by Atisha Sherpa — 5/6/2005 @ 8:38 pm

If we were to take a litmus test of Gagan, what color would he turn into? I mean, if all colors in Nepal mean corruption, can this guy be any different? After all, he knows how to play ‘poli’ tricks!

Comment by Blogbahini — 5/7/2005 @ 9:57 am

Sw. Bodhi,

Are you an osho sannyasin? If yes, can you post your email add, mine is I am intereted in Osho.

Sorry for disturbing the flow of discussion.

Comment by student — 5/8/2005 @ 2:42 am

it is not right to arrest him from the court, the government is trying to arrest the the brain, sentiment and freedom of all the political parties but it would be certainly brust, that may bring a flood which may sweep out the present rulers forever………..

Comment by suresh iwahang — 5/10/2005 @ 2:58 pm

Hello! Gagan!
you are in our heart, you would be always in frontline to lead the country we strongly support you. And do not be out of right track as and at any case that will be the curse to all of nationalist youngsters. Nepal Ama is on the way to give birth to few peoples like you. Mr Gagan you people must always do s.t. to lead the party the old blood should be swept out. We have no respect for the leader like Girija Koirala, Madhav Nepal, Deuba. who are solely responsible for bringing about present crisis. Let us Do or die for the people of nepal. King is not the contracter to develop the nation ! Come on Do some thing for the people for the nation!

Comment by Mr Sunrise — 5/10/2005 @ 3:32 pm

i do not suppose that court can do any thing just because we already know that cj violating his own duty .it is only country with autocracy so we must fight from freedom and democracy whith repulbic.
thanks for fight for all students as weel as all people.

Comment by anup — 5/11/2005 @ 11:38 am

ROyal supreme court of nepal and royal c.j. would have no ethics, so he would do any thing ………….!

Comment by jaya — 5/11/2005 @ 1:13 pm

Madam Deuba Speaks Her Heart and Mind

Wife of Nepal’s Sacked PM on green signals of Feb royal takeover [Photos of this post will not be displayed] By Dinesh Wagle

Arjoo Deuba on garden

Arju, pic by Wagle, on her fate and luck, on her marriage with Sher Bahadur Deuba, on Kathmandu elites, on Democracy, on on Feb 1, on December and January. United We Blog! Exclusive

Arju Deuba has seen both highs and lows of life in a dramatic way. In those care free days of early and late 20s her life, Arju Rana never thought that one day in life she would be the wife of a man (and become Deuba) who would become Prime Minster of Nepal for three times and be ousted unceremoniously in all occasions. She wasn’t even thinking of her marriage. An independent and talented girl, she used to earn money and blow that up instantly. Hanging around Thamel, the tourist hub in Kathmandu, and spending thousand of rupees (that she earned) shopping verities of clothes was her lifestyle. Continue reading Madam Deuba Speaks Her Heart and Mind