General Strike Day VI

Afternoon Update by Deepak/Tilak/Saroj

Kirtipur, 12:45 PM

Surprisingly, today there was no protest until afternoon at Kirtipur. Security personnel were guarding the Naya Bazaar entrance that saw massive protest yesterday.

Kalanki, 1 PM

On our way from Kirtipur to Kalanki, blockades of logs were placed on the road. As we reached Kalanki, the protesters, it seemed were provoked by our arrival and started chanting slogans against king. There were around 4 hundred protesters. They were also burning the tires. A military tank was placed at the Kalanki Chowk that faced the protesters. Security forces didn’t retaliate.

Gongabu, 1:15

Gongabu saw the overwhelming protest today. As we arrived the protests intensified. Protesters were trying to defy curfew from both sides of Ring Road. Amid shouting the slogans, the mass entered the prohibited area. Soon, security forces started baton charging and massive clash occurred. Many rounds of tear gases were fired at the protesters. Shooting was also heard but the damage was not known immediately. A policeman was shouting that protesters killed his colleague. But, it could not be verified.

The area got tense and chaos was everywhere. We saw a policeman beating brutally the unarmed protesters. Some were running here and there. Women and children were the suffering lot. A woman was asking for help, but in that situation it was not available. The medicos were ready to treat the injured ones; ICRC people were carrying the injured in the stretcher. Volunteer doctor Brian Cobb was speaking with this scribe. He was stationed there. He was saying that he treated more security personnel than the protesters yesterday.

Maharajgunj, 1:30

The Teaching Hospital doctors were beaten up. Many were injured. But as we could not go there, the ground reality was not known. In the other side, protesters were chanting slogans, but they were only around 1 thousand. Similarly, at Gopikrishna Hal, Chabahil, around 7 hundred protesters were gathered. At Boudhha, protesters who were yelling pro-democratic slogans blocked the road.

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7 thoughts on “General Strike Day VI

  1. “provoked by our arrival” What are you tryiing to prove? is this andolan only for show-off or what? Can I have light on this? Is this why government are always against “media” ???

  2. Keshav P Koirala
    April 11, Varanasi

    Nepali students living in Varanasi have organised a rally here to support the parties agitating against the King’s regime in Nepal, and to protest the recent crackdown of the political programmes of the parties. The rally will start at 4:00 pm and it will move from the BHU gate, Lanka to Godwlia.

  3. ya,
    deepak.. r u trying to say, this is whole mock-up for press and media?

    We are losing lives, real people are getting hurt, why would someone risk live just be in media when non of them wants be kollywood’s Rajesh Hamal or Shiva Shrestha.

    But, the most astonishing fact still remains unanswered.

    WHY HAVENT mahila shau not made any MOVE. Either positive or negative. He is still showing, no comment attitude.

    Why the hell !!!?

  4. People and Nepali songs,

    I don’t mean that the precious lives are just wasted. But, protesters are increasingly becoming media-savvy. It could just be coincidental. Anyway, keep commenting.

  5. Deepakji,
    I think you should take back your words.

    Of course, protestors want people to know of whats happening and that is the role of media.
    Media should not consider this as people being media savvy, especially in demonstrations of this nature, where people are facing tear gas, bullets and armed forces brutality.

    Demonstrations value more support and they will act the same way even if sombody sprinkles water on them from the house…….as a support…….they cheer in even more vigour than when cameraman comes there.

    We should all do our jobs without being too overwhlemed by the good factors of the job.

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