For the Final Assault: Nepali Democracy Movement

Political parties have started campaigning for the April demonstrations. Pic by Prakash Mathema via Kantipur Now that the programs for the grand protest against autocracy has been announced, Nepal’s political parties, supported by their sister organizations, have geared up for the BIG Decisive April Demonstrations. They have started rallying around the cities, sometime like inContinue reading “For the Final Assault: Nepali Democracy Movement”

He Acts. And Then We React

In Nepal, king is in charge of everything and pro-democracy leadership is limited to reacting to the royal actions. He is happy today but doesn’t know when he will be arrested again: Dr Shashank Koirala of Nepali Congress takes curd after he was released on Monday along with four other leaders including NP Saud, BaldevContinue reading “He Acts. And Then We React”