Hi Handsome! Hello Handsome!

By deepak adhikari on December 24th, 2005 in Dashing Deep Grooming is no longer a female-only phenomenon in Kathmandu as multinationals start introducing fairness creams targeting lads. Our blogger, while doing a story for Nepal Magazine, tried the handsome therapy and writes here the experience: Wait a second: Deepak tries to takes out the identityContinue reading “Hi Handsome! Hello Handsome!”

Following the Trails of Saran: Guessing Game

By deepak adhikari on December 13th, 2005 in Dashing Deep Indian Diplomat Meets Nepal King. Everyone’s Guessing. Aaaaa…Ab…Gale…Lagja: Before trying to downplay the Saran Visit (“everyone is trying to portray this visit as an earthquake. it’s not that. it’s just as usual visit.”) Cabinet vice-chair Kirti Nidhi Bista hugged him tightly yesterday. Pic, scanned fromContinue reading “Following the Trails of Saran: Guessing Game”

Our Cups of Tea

Saturday Blog By Deepak Adhikari Roshan Thami would never pose for us. He would just smile. So, we decided to catch him in action. Yesterday, he was more cooperative. Thanks to Rangoon Bhattarai, a reporter from the Rising Nepal, who visited us yesterday, went to the tea shop and started interviewing. We also discovered thatContinue reading “Our Cups of Tea”