Hi Handsome! Hello Handsome!

By deepak adhikari on December 24th, 2005 in Dashing Deep

Grooming is no longer a female-only phenomenon in Kathmandu as multinationals start introducing fairness creams targeting lads. Our blogger, while doing a story for Nepal Magazine, tried the handsome therapy and writes here the experience:
deepak handsome blog

Wait a second: Deepak tries to takes out the identity card for the photo session.

“How is the response to your new hairstyle?” Dinesh asked me as we trod towards Rabindra’s restaurant that mostly serves to Kantipur journos and staffs. I replied: “I got more responses than a good and satisfying story I’ve written for Nepal Magazine.” Then, he broke into the peals of laughter.

In course of a reporting on new trend among men to look handsome, I happened to be a guinea pig and thereby handsomer (Check me out ladies!). A part of me cited Greek philosopher Heraclitus for his axiom: “Change is constant.” More so in the world of fashion. If you look and dress same all the time, it definitely bores the beholder. Moreover, I was a little worried about my ever raising antenna-like hair at the middle of my universe err well… head. Every morning after I wash my 30 year old face, I used to curse upon my uneven hair.

Thanks to Kolkota hairstylist Santosh Sil, I need not worry anymore. In the trendy and luxurious unisex salon named Rapunjel in Lalitpur, photojournalist Shaligram Tiwari takes photos, Saptahik’s lifestyle and entertainment reporter Subrat Acharya is undergoing manicure and later facial. It could have been tough even for his wife to recognize him at that moment. Coincidently, she gave a buzz in his mobile while he was lying in bed, his face masked.

The lady in charge says Subrat will look fresh only the next day. Then, it was my turn for makeover. Santosh’s assistant Budhi Chaudhary takes me to another cubicle where sink is attached. I lie down, he washes my head. Now, I am ready to be a subject of Mr. Santosh’s art. He covers my head with a wig. “Ah, I look a bit different!” I mumble. With screw in his hand, he pierces the wig to pull the bunch of my hair. I recall popular MTV show Bakra in which the veejay Cyrus makes people fool with several hidden cameras recording all the fun to be broadcast on the show. But, Santosh is serious here. He starts coloring my hair with the chemicals I’ve never used before. “Don’t worry. You’ll look handsome and ladies will run after you,” he assures me, half jokingly. “Come next time, I’ll fix your straight hair,” says Santosh. The latter remark serves as a beacon of hope for my erstwhile vertical hair. In between, coffee is served, sandwiches are ordered and glossy magazines are offered.

“Thanks for giving me a new look,” I tell Santosh. He acknowledges with a smile and invites me for second time. The hairdo costs one thousand rupees which, obviously, I can not afford. But, it seems many males are striving to look good. At office, every acquaintance greets me with awe, few even couldn’t recognize me. As Dinesh clicks my pics for this blog, my colleague Rajaram Gautam remarks: “You became like a star.” A while ago, co-blogger Vishnu, strolling over to his office, from few meters away, was saying: “Hey, you look a bit different today!”

Back in my room, my 23-year-old brother was surprised to see a new me and sallied, “Oh Brother, I should color the hair, not you.” Few weeks back, I told Dinesh: “Now grooming is no longer a female phenomenon in Kathmandu.” Few months back, Time Magazine ran a cover story on Far Eastern lads’ desire to defy women in terms of beauty. Then, Indian media suddenly woke up to this brand new trend. Being an ardent fashion freaks, how come Kathmanduites lag behind? After all, it is said that the latest fads in Paris and New York arrive in Kathmandu in a week’s time. The beauticians and hairstylists I spoke to agreed with this point. Dharan and Pokhara follow, and at times precede, Kathmandu’s suit.

New avatar with new hair: After coloring the hair, Deepak received a lot of comments…

Recently, a much-hyped facial cream “Fair and Handsome” was launched in Nepali market. Mr. Ujay Shakya of Outreach Nepal, that is the Nepali agent for the product, is elated with the response. “The response is overwhelming,” says he. Renowned Indian hairstylist Habib recently opened another branch in Lalitpur after the beauty salon’s arrival in Kathmandu a year ago. This clearly shows that there is a growing number of men ready to pay hefty sum for quality service.”Now there’s more pressure on men to look good,” Ujay opines.

Kathmandu’s fashion freaks are stepping in the high-end barber shops. Now, this is terribly bad news for those “bhaiyas” doing brisk business in our neighborhood for years. As grooming for guys is becoming fashionable, I too am considering to give up the dingy barber shop and looking for a decent unisex salon in Ghattekulo area. Can any of you guys suggest one?

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11 Responses to “Hi Handsome! Hello Handsome!”

bhaiya Says:

December 24th, 2005 at 4:00 am
Ke baat garnuhunchha hajur! Hamra byapar lai dhakka laune news pesh garnubhayo nee beelog walaharu le!

hooded Says:

December 24th, 2005 at 11:26 am
ho ho.. u luk great!! now do i see an ever green smile thr???? enjoy grooming.. male models u got competition now

Avipsha Says:

December 24th, 2005 at 3:31 pm
what’s the world coming to?
Now, the cradle robbers have started gilding the lilies ….huh!!

mika Says:

December 24th, 2005 at 3:57 pm
As much as kathmandu lads are opening to new style and trend….it’s better sometimes to think little analytically and not to follow the herd. If highlights are done wrong (good colors and trained professionals in Nepal are rare) …. they end up bleaching your hair and that is like poison to your hair…..not only you will have tiger skin looking hair but you will also get an extremely dry hair!! And about the bleaching cream for face……isn’t it an ancient trend already? You are supposed to make your face clean and healthy with proper cleaning and moisturizing not by making it white…..what a turnoff….men will look like a joker….only face is white as hell and rest of the body is dark hehe! By they way women don’t find it attractive!!

You know one thing I should mention, in western world people lay in the sun for hours or go to tanning salon to get dark skin and here our asian lads are bleaching their face to turn white………what a dilemma….I say just stay as you are…. When asian come to Western world..they all admire your skin color…..so don’t follow this hypothetical craziness……..but I am not saying don’t style….style according to what suits you not what u see on TV!!

raj Says:

December 24th, 2005 at 5:20 pm

Mugyambo Khus Huwa !
hu.. hu.. hu..

Go for other parts also!

ha. .ha. ha.. ha..!

Handsome Sans Cream Says:

December 24th, 2005 at 8:22 pm
“When asian come to Western world…they all admire your skin color… so don’t follow this hypothetical craziness….”

I have no comment on the suggestion about hypothetical craziness but are you sure when you say about admiration thing? I though they would start discriminating just because of that skin color instead of admiring. I mean I am not against or for what the blogger did. I also don’t mind they any boy uses fairness cream to look handsome. I, for one, don’t believe on that. That’s my personal view. But to say they admire the Asian skin in Western world wouldn’t be completely a true statement, I think.

deepak Says:

December 24th, 2005 at 9:08 pm
deepak lai aaru kehi hoina dherai halla chahiyeko jasto chha. ma pani deepak nai ho tara ris le bhaneko chai hoina hai. ramro ramro article le dherai nam kamauna pugena jasto chha.

Mainarayn Says:

December 25th, 2005 at 12:25 am
Aafno Goruko Barahi Takka !
It looks mr deepak has plunged in an ambus & hyping everything about own(self) !

mika Says:

December 25th, 2005 at 6:23 am
Hi Handsome Sans Cream,

Thanks for your personal view….yes western people really do love dark skin…and yes u are right that there are discriminations too like say to african americans, south americans…..but the reality is they want dark skin themselves..and spend tremendous amount of money getting it………although they might not like people from other countries like say mexico……for various other political reasons.

I don’t have a problem with guys using whitening cream either but the really true fact is that it really messes with your skin making it all blotchy. I am extremely stylist too but in my view people should style according to what suits them…..instead of believing in oh u have to fair because somebody says so that I would look good or oh i have to be dark because somebody says so…… I am in no way saying western people are better by the way….what I am saying is how both asians and westerners sometimes can become a victim of style and societal rules…………..This case would be different if Nepal had plenty of good hair professionals or skin care spas that really focuses on doing it right……..but nepal don’t so don’t spend money to destroy what u have

TL Says:

December 25th, 2005 at 7:11 am
Skin color is a complicated subject. Here’s some insight from a white westerner…

It’s true that tanning is very popular in the US. There are tanning salons where people pay money to be exposed to UV rays and get tan, to the detriment of their health. These days people are more concerned about skin cancer… so in stead of UV rays they get “spray on” tans that dye their skin darker. Strange huh?

Why do we do it? White people like me, who work in an office for a living, tan our skin because it communicates that we have a lot of lesiure time to sit in the sun and relax.. like we were just on vacation on a beach somewhere. It says, we are relaxed, we have the money to support our leisure time, maybe we’ve even travelled to someplace foreign and exotic. Also, it makes us more exotic and different than the other pasty white people. It’s not a racial thing. There are racist people who tan their skin.

However, while I am no expert on Nepalese society, I fear that race does play a role in why some Nepalis want to be whiter. This is certainly true in many parts of the world that are dominated by the west or western culture. The western ideal of beauty trickles down and seeps inside the minds of young people. This is a terrible reason to go mess up your face with whitening creams.

(Note: I think hair color is a totally different matter… It’s fun to play around with hair color, and it’s not necessarily a racial thing… although it can be too.)

As for whether westerners “admire” darker-skinned people… Like I said it’s a complicated matter. There is a lot of “interracial” dating in the US these days, especially in the more progressive states. There is also racism, especially in the less progressive states. You’re not going to fool any racists by lightening your skin. Just be proud of who you are, and befriend the people who respect you for you and not the color of your skin! Who knows, you may even fall in love with someone who absolutely adores your beautiful brown skin.

babaaal pasal Says:

December 25th, 2005 at 12:20 pm
let the color flow within ur veins dont make it a subject that bothers. who cares about those looks that is going to fade one day. “One day you’ll look to see I’ve gone for tomorrow may rain and i’ll follow the sun”

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