General Rana’s Political and Undiplomatic Statement

Update: The Nepali Army today issued a press statement claiming that comments attributed to him are false and that he didn’t give any formal interview to any news outlets during his trip to India last week. “The news reports published in a few media outlets in the past few days that Chief of the Army MrContinue reading “General Rana’s Political and Undiplomatic Statement”

Rights and Wrongs. Two Photos, Two Stories. Justice and Injustice. Nepal

Two powerful images were splashed on the front pages of Nepali newspapers over the past week. Lets start with the most recent one- that of the former Maoist combatants- smiling to cameras, holding and kissing their kids with their wives by their side- who have been integrated into the Nepali army as officers. A reporterContinue reading “Rights and Wrongs. Two Photos, Two Stories. Justice and Injustice. Nepal”

Privileged Maoist Kids and the Unfortunate Lot Who Were Forced Out of Schools by Maoists

A Facebook page named “CPN UML Youth Campaign” posted a combo photo (above) recently with touchy captions: “Pen and books for your own daughter. Gun for daughter of ethnic people.” [See details about the first photo below.] The context: Election season has started (voting is slated for 19the November). Remember the ‘famous’ Madhav Nepal photo (right)– in whichContinue reading “Privileged Maoist Kids and the Unfortunate Lot Who Were Forced Out of Schools by Maoists”

खस क्षत्री–बाहुनको बकपत्र

रघु मैनाली कुरा नयाँ होइन तर सान्दर्भिक भयो । त्यसैले केही लेख्नु जरुरी ठानेँ । म लिंग, नश्ल, वर्ण र रंगका आधारमा समाज र राज्यको परिभाषा खोज्ने प्राचीन मानव चेतनाको पक्षधर होइन । वर्तमानका मेरा सर्वजाति अभिभावक, संगी र भावी सन्ततिहरूबीच परस्पर घृणा फैलाउने र बदलाको भावना सिर्जना गर्ने कुरा म सोच्नसम्म पनि सक्तिनँ । तसर्थ, मेरै विगत र सन्निकटContinue reading “खस क्षत्री–बाहुनको बकपत्र”

मरिचमान मरे तर म खुशी भईन

सुलभ खत्री यूडब्लूबी पाहुना ब्लग मरिचमान मरे । मैले सम्झें ०४६ सालको त्यो एक दिन जव म त्रिपुरेश्वर सडकमा खुबै जोसिदै ‘मरिचेलाई फाँसी दे’ भनि चिच्याएको थिएँ । मरिचमानको मृत्यु त म त्यतिबेलै अर्थात २३ बर्ष अघि नै चाहन्थें म । उनी बल्ल अाज मरे । तर म खुशी हुन सकिन । साह्रै दुखी भएरContinue reading “मरिचमान मरे तर म खुशी भईन”

By a disgruntled graffiti artist?

Originally posted on Wagle Street Journal:
Mohan Baidya-led CPN-Maoist, the ultra-left faction that split from the United CPN Maoist, wants us to boycott the second Constituent Assembly polls slated for 19 November 2013. Personally I don’t agree with their call though I respect their right to not to take part in the electoral process. However,…

Chitlang revisited

Originally posted on Wagle Street Journal:
A farmer in Chitlang on way to field with a plough on his shoulder 27/28 April: A hike up to Chitlang over the weekend. Passed through this village back in 5/6 May 2010 with Suraj on his motorbike. The Maoists, still angry with President Yadav and Prime Minister Nepal…