Nepali Congress General Convention: A Kind request from Sahids’ Families

Dear Nepali Congress Leaders,

Jay Nepal from Shahids’ family members!

Nepali Congress’s (NC) 12 General Convention has begun today. Apparently, there will be over 300 candidates competing for various NC Central positions. It is important for all us to think who will be in the central office and who will represent us in the national politics.

My senior died in a young age for democracy in Bandipur, Tanahun in 2007 sal (Bikram Sambat which is 1950 AD). There were five other Sahids who perished in that historic moment. NC has given birth to hundreds of Sahids between 2007 Sal and now. Sahids’ families are hopeful that NC leaders will remember those Sahids, their sacrifices, and the hardship the family went through after their senior male figure perished for bigger causes.

We the members of Sahids’ families are very close to each other and we keep in touch frequently. Our only wish is to see the consolidated democracy in the country and democratic values within Nepali Congress. We request for your full support in the following 3 issues, which are important to us.

1) Our Voice: So far, we feel that there is no direct means of communication with central leaders for us. Thus, there should be at least one representation from Sahids’ families from entire Nepal in the Central Committee. It can be even nominated. Though, there are many Sahid family members involved in NC’s day to day politics, so far, no one has become a Central Committee Member.

2) Respect Sahid:
One way of doing so will be to promote genuine leaders who are close to the grassroots, who promote NC’s historic legacy and NC ideals. Last 15 years have been very painful for Sahids’ families from Tanahun, which saw corrupt-ring-leader Govinda Raj Joshi representing the historic Bandipur area (Tanahun 1). Previously, Ram Chandra Poudel was elected from the Bandipur region (Tanahun 1). After the midterm election of 90’s, Poudel handed over this glorious region to Joshi and Poudel went to contest from an easier constituency (Tanahun 2). Till now, Joshi is ruling this region with the help of money and “Lathait” muscles. But not with people’s heart and respect. Sahid’s families of Tanahun do not want to see Joshi representing us. Even in the NC Central Office. Hope you understand our feeling and frustration. Please remember the faces of these corrupt leaders, who have been disrespectful to NC and Sahids, when you go for the General Convention/voting.

3) Recognize genuine/true leaders: Genuine leaders, who kept the parties hope alive during a difficult time, should be promoted. Not sidelined. Again, I would like to give an example from Tahanun. Mr. Ram Chandra Pokhrel, who got involved in politics in early age, spent 2 years in jail in 2017 Sal at the age of 17, he has very clean political image, he is a prolific writer and respected leader. In Tanahun, he is the only leader who communicates with Sahids’ families, visits our families and constantly asks for our opinion. Sadly, Mr. Pokhrel has been sidelined for too long and he has not been able to be a Member of Central Committee. We heard from the newspapers that he is running for CC membership (25 seats). Please remember Sahids, Sahids’ families and genuine leaders like Mr. Pokhrel, when you go to vote.

Our best wishes for more vibrant and democratic Nepali Congress.

Puskar Magar
(For Sahid’s families)
Bharatpur, Chitwan
Currently United Arab Emirate





One response to “Nepali Congress General Convention: A Kind request from Sahids’ Families”

  1. hem sharma Avatar
    hem sharma

    looks like Puskar Magar got some money from Ram Chandra Poudel. If u really want to help your country then do not bark from distance.People like you should be working in Nepal . you are in United Arab Emirate with Nepalese mentality. Do your job and make money if u r there for that reason.

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