Second Phase of Maoist Agitation Ends With a Threat

…and President denies Maoist allegation

The two-day Singhadurbar gherao of the Maoist ended today peacefully with their chairman Prachanda issuing a threat against the government that his party would start intensified third phase of the movement in a week (20 Nov) if their demands were not met. Wrapping up their picket from Singhadurbar, the official seat of the government of Nepal, the Maoist cadres from different entry points of the sprawling complex marched towards the exhibition road to listen to Prachanda. The Maoist had brought thousands of cadres from different parts of Nepal before the crack of the dawn.

Ministers and several top bureaucrats including the Home minister Bhim Rawal, reportedly reached at his office at 6 am to avoid the blockade. But public transportation was largely affected in the capital. General people were forced to rush towards their destinations a few hours earlier as its uncertain what’s going to happen next. Thousands of police were deployed at different parts of the city. Yesterday some cadres clashed with police personnel after, what the police said, they tried to overstep the prohibited area, leaving around one hundred persons injured.

The Maoists began their first phase of protest on 1 November demanding the president’s apology for his move to reinstate the then army chief, which they say, was unconstitutional move. Protesting the presidential move, the then Prime Minister Prachanda had resigned. Ever since the former rebels have been agitated to establish what they call ‘civilian supremacy’, a term that is controversial given their intention of what many believe establishing their own supremacy over the national army.

President denies:

Meanwhile President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav today Friday claimed that he has been faithful to the Interim Constitution and has not violated it unlike the Maoists have charged. He urged the political parties to stick to the law of the land. President said he has not breached the constitution, and will not do that in the coming days also. “I’ve followed the constitutional norms in the past. I’m still loyal to it and will continue to remain this way,” he said, speaking at the inaugural of the Mechi Eye Hospital in Birtamod of Jhapa.

“Finding solutions to the problems through people-elected representatives is what democracy is all about,” said President Yadav. Stating there is no room for violence, he added that the political forces should follow the spirit of the Interim Constitution. The Maoists called imposed an abrupt shutdown in the district today to affect the President’s arrival in Jhapa. They halted traffic movement throughout the district from early morning to protest the president’s arrival. President Dr. Yadav landed at the hospital premises on a Nepal Army chopper.





5 responses to “Second Phase of Maoist Agitation Ends With a Threat”

  1. sankalpa Avatar

    mr wagle, write something about the minister slapping the cdo.

  2. Anil Gurung Avatar
    Anil Gurung

    thank you I am deeply concerned what a mess!

  3. Asar Avatar

    Maoists have no option but to stay in opposition and shut up and help write constitution. That is if they didn’t choose to go for war again. But that’s impossible to them now. They need to satisfy their militants inside the cantonment and all parties should work on integration, which can apply to not just national army but to every aspect of society.

  4. Anil Gurung Avatar
    Anil Gurung

    The democracy discussion is just in english for tourists and ngo’ s and keep the road to America open.
    What people want is an authoritarian regime if they had wanted normal life and peace would they be forced to dance and throw garbage like tomorrow does not exist?
    Always short sighted, whilst hindu lawmakers refuse to make a constitution and protest cultures. It is not a solution for the silent masses to get angry but the quality of life in Nepal yes went down a lot.
    Jalousy is normal so be prepared for more of this.
    Give in give up or throw up?
    Jay Nepal?
    Idiot nation.
    Of course the moai are opposition they invented destruction it is their open agenda. We want more.

  5. donotkillfemalescribes Avatar

    Maybe not ended but many murders…

    Tomorrow is Tsong Kapas day that is the essence of our buddhist practice which means exchange self and other, or as the christians say put yourself in my feet…

    We had the foreign experts, we have a good President, we have an excellent ex premier, now would be good to have some consideration from all groups. My only experience in this is again the argentinian situation or worse Peru….

    That means all leave the country and return when they return. In the extreme poverty situation of Nepal people are already selling what they had to GO.

    I am also thinking not to return I cannot walk safely I am independent.

    Somehow it will settle itself and for this to be possible I strongly urge foreign NGO’ s as well as World Bank and the likes again and again not to be fooled by anybody and pump money into old & Neia Nepal.
    Religious intolerance is usually with financial roots. The prohibition of the minaret is Switzerland and by neo fascists in the Netherlands soon- to- be comes from poor neigbourhoods where the old is unrecognizable. Yet the economic crisis and Wall Street Mess did not come from a muslim Minaret.
    My children are singing in a baptist church I hope nobody bombs it, because WE ARE hindu, muslim and buddhist. Yeah the christians convert ah…so does Namaste and Coca cola. Try raise youngsters in madmans country.
    Do not become a journo.

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