Finally, Nepali Congress Goes Democratic

Finally, something significantly positive has come out from any Nepali Congress meeting in recent times. The grand old party of Nepal has decided to choose the democratic process in electing leadership over virtual presidential decree. With this the almost dictatorial hold of NC President Girija Prasad Koirala over the party has come to an end.

The party today (Wednesday) adopted a resolution to that effect (‘institutional leadership’) at the fourth and last day of Mahasamiti convention- it’s highest and policymaking body. The resolution that was endorsed by the full house of the meeting has curtailed the landslide nomination rights of the party president; make it more inclusive, elections on some major post including party central committee members and office bearers.

According to the passed resolution, party president, one post each of general secretary, treasure and 61CC members would be elected by the general assembly. Likewise, the party president upon the approval from the CC meeting would appoint three office bearers- vice chair, general secretary and joint general secretary. That’s about 25 percent of the total office bearers that the president can appoint. Previously it was 50 percent.

Koirala, understandably, was against the resolution. Thus be also sunk into minority for the first time since he took over the leadership some 15 years ago. (read more about this here)





4 responses to “Finally, Nepali Congress Goes Democratic”

  1. pasda Avatar

    you made a big mistake … it’s shree panch maharajadhiraj koirala now. don’t believe me? see where makune to prachande to sood to wang hong-wei run for darshan bhet these days.

  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    Dear editor,
    I support the decision of NC’s seminar. I think, now, Nepali Congress may be democratic. But, without constitutional monarchy, Nepali Congress can’t adjust. After suppering the republic, NC is getting fizzle out. It was the great mistake of Girija. Actually, the leader of Girija and Krishna P. Sitoula are traitors. They should be punished. If not, NC can’t move as a Nationalist & democratic party. Nepali Congress leader late BP Koirala used to say: ‘The state of Nepal cannot remain without monarchy and even socialism can co-exist with monarchy in Nepal, the best example of monarchy is in Sweden. I wish there is a meeting point of the King’s nationalist interest and the people’s democratic interest. On the ethnic issue, BP Koirala used to say, ‘To incite and instigate Madhesi, Pahadi, Rai, Limbu and others in the name of ethnicity is an act of treachery against the country. What might be the strategy of Hindustan it wants to weaken us? Won’t it adopt this strategy?’ Similarly, one of the founder leader of Nepali Congress Krishna Prasad Bhattarai has said – ‘The country has been facing a series of problems due to the mistake of abolishing the royal institution’. So, we should understand the reality of monarchy in Nepal. There are some nationalists within Congress, UML and Maoists. None of nationalists either of parties or outsiders can remain silent. Now let’s be strong and committed from every corner for the country’s existence against the traitors.
    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Political analyst.

  3. சர்வதேசியவாதிகள் Avatar

    Dear Comrade,

    Revolutionary wishes for the ”Great October Revolution day”.

  4. paas Avatar

    you mean .. shree panch maharajadhiraj koirala

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