Madhav Nepal, the Moderate Communist Leader, is the Prime Minister of Nepal

“I announce that Madhav Kumar Nepal has been elected unopposed in the position of Prime Minister as per the Constituent Assembly’s Legislature-Parliament Business Advisory Regulations 2065.”

With that declaration from Subash Nemwang, the chair of the CA, today evening the moderate Marxist and Leninist leader became the third communist prime minister in Nepal. MK Nepal had previously served as the deputy prime minister in the nine-month-long government led by his Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist and Leninist)’s Manmonah Adhikari, the first elected communist prime minister of Nepal. That was in 1994-95. MK Nepal led the party for 15 years from 1993 to 2008 as the General Secretary. He took over the responsibility after the accidental death of charismatic communist leader Madan Bhandari. He resigned from the post citing moral responsibility for his party’s humiliating defeat in the Apri 2008 CA polls. He was later nominated in the CA.

Madhav Nepal’s Tryst With Fate: No one ever thought that this parliament would elect Nepal as its second prime minister, certainly not after he lost his bid for parliament from two different constituencies. For a while it seemed Nepal and highest office were moving asunder, irrevocably. But never forget that politics, as they say, is the game of the possible and in Nepal´s case that possibility- you may even call it impossibility- has become reality.

To borrow the words of Paulo Cohelo, the universe seems to have conspired to put Nepal at the helm of affairs. If outgoing Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal had not sacked the army chief, if UML President Jhala Nath Khanal´s support within his party had not slipped into a minority just a few month after the successful party convention, if Bijaya Gachchhadar had not surprised his party Chairman Upendra Yadav with a majority supporting him in the parliamentary party, if Girija Prasad Koirala had not been averse to Maoist offers… there could haven been a dozen such “if´s” which could have gone wrong for Nepal and the story would have been different. (Continue reading this in Republica.)

Though the Maoist, largest party in the CA, boycotted today’s election, only Nepal, 56, was the candidate for the Prime minister today. He filed his nomination at the Parliamentary Secretariat at around 10.30 this morning, reports ekantipur. He was supported by 360 lawmakers from 22 political parties, excluding 238 lawmakers from Maoists and two from CPN (Unified). While Nepal was certain to win, the Unified CPN (Maoist) that stepped down from the government decided to stay away from the election procedure. Nepali Congress President and former prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala floated the proposal to elect MK Nepal the new Prime Minister, before the legislature-parliament on Saturday (today) afternoon.

Earlier on May 4, Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal resigned from the Prime Minister post protesting against President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav for, what he claimed, establishing parallel rule in the country by reinstating the Army Chief sacked by the cabinet.






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  1. Rabindra Shrestha Avatar
    Rabindra Shrestha

    He is 1000 times better than TTT Prachanda.

  2. Rabindra Shrestha Avatar
    Rabindra Shrestha

    Now, Babu Ram should be sent to Jail for embezzeling Billions of rupees of state funds.

  3. common man Avatar
    common man

    A person who had lost elections from 2 constituencies should not have accpeted the PMs pot,on moral grounds. Rather,he has lost the respect he had gained after resigning from General Secretary of UML. It is nothing but a beginning of a filthy and stereotypical politics. Our last hope,Maoists,have let us down and surrendered to the dirty game..Only thing I want to say to the politicians is that-This time lets get above the petty selfishness and think for the country and the citizens…God bless Nepal…yo desh hamro ho,yeslai haami le nai banaunu parchha..sabai lai chetana bhaya…

  4. xyz Avatar

    Even Girija get hurt when Prachanda labeled Makune as a person “rejected by the people”. Makune is not a moderate leader, he is a mediocre leader. It is “fate” that put him into that position – nothing do with deliberate decisions and efforts. Nepali people are forced to live once again with their “fate” and fatalism. Girija’s call for unity, consensus and cooperation is nothing more than a hoax. As soon as the ripen mango is dropped into his lap, he is calling for consensus, cooperation and unity. As there is a saying you can fool some people all of the time, all people some of the time, but you cannot fool all people all of the time. In 1994, with his needless mid term election he handed the power to UML, in 2008 with CA elections he handed the power to Maoists, now in the next election, if he ever survives that long, will handover the power to one of these regional parties. LONG LIVE GIRIJA,

  5. mero desh malai pran bhanda pyaro lagchha Avatar
    mero desh malai pran bhanda pyaro lagchha

    mero desh le pragati ko baato liyeko bhaye yasari sabaile luchha chundi garne thi ye na. hami sabai mile ra desh ko laagi soche ko bhaye aaja yasari dayaniya aawastha maa pug ne pani thiyena. hey nepali daju bahiniharu sampurna nepaliharu milera nepal aama ko baremaa soch ne jamarko garaun. netaharule ta kurchhi ko laagi matra ladne bhaye. hami le hamro desh maa nai kehi garaun. jaaga he nepali haru jaaga aaba ta dhila bhayo jaaga, bishwa kati aagadi badhi sakyo hami kina yati pachadi chhaun? hamro pahichan khoi?

  6. xyz Avatar

    Baburam saying Ram Ram

    Addressing the Maoist affilated business community, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has this thing to say about on-going political events in Nepal. Nepali people through CA elections have given three political parties the status of a bus driver, bus conductor and a khalasi (cleaner). While the driver was driving the bus in a difficult, the driver has been asked to come out of the driving seat and in his replacement, now the Khalasi has been asked to drive the bus. One can fairly imagine the unimaginable situtation to come.

  7. mero desh malai pran bhanda pyaro lagchha Avatar
    mero desh malai pran bhanda pyaro lagchha

    hami nepali haruko jindagi rajniti ka kheladi haruko goti nabanosh. netaharuko isharamaa kina hami nachi raheka chhaun?

  8. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    congratulations to MKN, god may give him power to act as a constitutional PM ………………… than may be he would be able to lead for longer time …….. if he can lead for ful time then his name will be written in history …..

  9. xyz Avatar

    Here are some on-going superlatives related to Makune:
    1. Wannabe Prime Minister, “Iechhuk” PM (Jhala Nath)
    2. Acting, (nimita) by Girija
    3. Puppet PM, kathaputali by PuKaDa
    4. Khalashi PM by Dr. Bhattarai
    5. Sajilo PM by Sangraula
    6. Bichara by Sundar Mani Dixit
    7. Niriha, Kamjor
    8. Baliko Boka

  10. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    prachanda govt. must be the biggest looser in the history of nepal ……………………… for the first time in the history of nepal when many people wanted the govt. to last full time, and still they were kicked out ……………. what an ashaycham ………………………………………………..
    congress blocked parliament demanding looted property to be returned back to the owner, UML blocked and protested demanding killers to be punished instead they were being protected by prachanda and company ……………………… i took those reasons to be reasonable enough to block parliament, demonstrate in the street ……………… but media, public thought differently …………………………………………. do you know what does that mean ………………………………. it means terrorist will not get any good reason to hold parliament, demonstrate in the street other wise they will be criticize by public, media ………………………. terrorists are in deep shit ………………………… this could be the way to neutralize regional problem i.e. by using respective people’s view……………….. good luck

  11. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    MKN got the support of 22 parties.

    Would be even better if Maos are also included.

    Its time to go with full consensus. Maos failed because

    they went with 2-3 parties and ignoring others.

    Maos should also show true Nationalism. Destroying own

    home and blaming India only is not NATIONALISM.

    Lets hope better.

  12. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    To get public support:

    1: talk about constitution drafting, peace, unity

    2: development, better paying jobs creation, electricity, water (in other word ‘HOPE’)

    3: rule of law, search and punish guilty, clamp down likes of cashino (i.e. hitting terrorists) use force if necessary

    4: draft constitution.

    5: do what ever is necessary.

  13. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    did prachanda talked about starting number game (MPs) to bring down this govt. (starting new war)

  14. bridohi Avatar

    Same ol shit. Just another day!

    We need new fresh & young blood to lead this country. Even Congress I in India has Rahul Gandhi (inspite of his pedigree) to energize the youth & the masses for a clean & efficient government. He was instrumental in the Congress I victory.

    Here’s a new blue print for a “Naya Nepal:”

    1) Term Limits:
    Just as all civil servants are required to retire after 30 years of service or age of 65, all politicians should also be retired after 65 or 30 years after joining a political party.

    2) Two terms for all representatives:
    The President , PM & MPs only should get 2 terms. If they elected 2 times, then, they cannot be relected again.

    3) Social Security Number:
    All Nepali citizens should have a SSN # just like they have a Citizenship card.

    4) Employer Identification Number:
    All business whether small, large or corporations should also have a EIN just like people.

    5) Taxation:
    Everyone both people & employers should pay taxes which can be tracked by the SSN or EIN #s. Taxation is the base of incoem of the country, not, foreign aid

    To motivate government bureacrats & better governance, government employees’ salary & benefits needs to be raised.

    Tax inspectors, land revenue office, police & law enforcement personnel need to get a % of tax raised as an incentive to collect taxes in a free & fair manner like a bonus so there is no need for corruption.

    Raising taxes is not enough, it needs to implemented well. Politicians, parties & policy makers will be rewarded in the polls for performance.

    Once the people feel the pinch, ie, paying taxes from their own pocket on a monthly basis, then, the people will demand better service from the government.

    Once people realize that it is their tax payer money that fixes the roads, the infrastructure, schools, universities etc, they may think twice before vandalism & destruction of public property. Otherwise, it means more public money (taxes) to repair the damages.

    7) Election & Voting
    Election should be conducted every year intervals at various levels, eg, national election 2009, federated state election 2010, district 2011, local 2012. All with only 4 year terms.

    One person 1 vote.

    This yearly voting system will ensure better governance. If the political party does not perform, they will be kicked out at various levels.

    House of Representatatives (Lower House): According to population density from a district level. MPs will conduct the people’s business.

    Upper House:
    2 elected representatives from each Federates states regardless of the size or population.

    Both houses will be repsonsible for formulating policy, laws, budget etc.

    8) Decentralization:
    Federalism is about decentralization & giving power to the people. VDC/City government, District, Federated State, Central.

    9) Each level of government should be free to establish their own code of taxation judiciary & governance.

    10) Supremacy of the Central:
    The local, district. federated state laws cannot be contrary to the national laws. The national rules & regulations will be supreme, eg, non-discrimination laws.

    11) Federated state do not have the right to cecede from the union without 2/3 majority of the people of the country through a refendrum.

    12) Guarantee of minorities
    All federated states have to guarantee the minority rights & free interstate commerce, eg, if a non-Limbuwan person lives in the Limbuwan Federated state, he/she cannot be discriminated against. Otherwise, we will face the tyranny of the majority.

    Likewise, all interstate commerce should be free of interference, eg, what happens to a petrol tanker that comes from Birgunj to Kathamandu? It will travel lets say thru the Madhesi, Tamang, Gurung & Newar federated states. If all these 4 federated states interfere or try to tax the tanker, the, tanker will never reach its destination.

    Trade & travel needs to be free with no restrictions.

    13) Rule of Law
    If any federated state imposes any rules & regulations that is contrary to the national laws & the constitution, it will be challenged in the Supreme Court which will null it.

    If a federates state imposes any laws or acts in contrary to the national consitution, The President with the advice of the Executive PM can fire the Federated state government. If the Federated state does not comply, force may be necessary by deploying the national army.

    14) Ban on bandhs
    People do have righ to protest.
    But any organization, party or person calling for Bandh will be jailed for 1 year & fined the 10% of the GDP loss caused due to the damage.

    15) Non-interference in Bureacracy
    All active members of poltical parties cannot join the bureacracy. Political parties need to formulate policy & have their appointments at that level.

    16) Student unions
    No student unions at High School level. Banned.
    At a campus or university level, all student unions should be apolitical, ie, no political party affliation.

    17) Trade unions
    All labour has the right to organize.
    This right has to free to intimidation & should be free. Small business, cottage industry should be free to labor unions.

    If a labour union calls a strike & caused the industry closoure more than 1 week/year, they will be fined for the loss in revenue & suspended.

    If 3 repeat suspensions happen, the trade union will be banned from the industry.

    Here is my 2 paisa worth.

  15. Rabindra Shrestha Avatar
    Rabindra Shrestha

    It has been proved that Loktantra does not work in the context of Nepal solely because of maoists. Thus, the need of the hour is to introduce Thoktantra in order to bring Nepal back to the track. In such Thoktantra, the army, armed police, and the nepal police should foucs their attention to fix unruly behavior of YCL (young criminal league) by breaking their legs so that we can once again imagine a country where every citizen of Nepal live a dignified and peaceful life.

  16. populist Avatar

    Good we have someone who is not excelling by intelligence and charisma!
    Mainly the populist slogans are forever erradicated by the boomerang of their own violent means.
    Show must go on.
    And the elan and yes charisma of the peoples´movements leaders if they are all so perfect they thank the marxist gods for being able to have a well deserved early retirement of tropical years …i imagine those jungle book years must have been physically straining.
    They gave the country more than any Gandhiji could have done.
    Nepal is going into a phase of pre normality.
    Now will all bureacracies immediatly return to corruption.
    Maybe if this is a good country now this time the communists too will not do what they have done the previous time in power on power…..
    Help those guys and women in camps. In God we trust but in institutionalized communism. It all feels like a coup of Congress Party.
    People will be fooled.
    This is not what I believe it is my feeling about emancipatory movements, once they have started you do not get Barbie back in the kitchen once she smelled real life.
    This is one of the most anarchist and democratic crazy countries I have seen. Business as usual.
    People felt the maobadi should be parliamentary not omnipresent.
    People are like the mountain range on four sides of your bvalcony. They keep popping up.
    At least we are all sincerely confused about any directipons we all go. Good.
    Equal chances for all anyone who believes this is true.
    But some pigs are more equal than others my father used to quote that about some russian hot shot….

  17. strategical votes Avatar
    strategical votes

    All my life I voted for some having a tiny bit of power never for the entirely idealistic parties…

    Marriage de raison a marriage of reason control those passions for peace and equality it will come.

    Maybe the communist party on power gives the streetfighters the argument to behave accordingly. We all know who is the president and who rules.

    So Madhav Kumar Nepa integrates the armies. Who ever somebody does. But do not keep those people in camps. Sri Lankha according to Bang Ki Moon is the worst he witnessed in his life 7000 dead people.

    I would vote for nepali red cross white cross and green cross.

    and kick some bud. as the yanks say.

  18. old parties Avatar
    old parties

    may all cooperate happily in prosperous old and new year.

    somewhere in my pureland.

    om shanti

    all women out the house to work double shifts.

  19. shame Avatar

    Yes I am sure you are interesting we are all interesting,,,

    Right now it is embarrasing we all are in hiding, sqandering national patrimony…

    First shooting then manipulation after manipulation.
    Good morning everybody I cannot sleep again.

    All this for one rotten army head.

    This is balance the interests of uncivil society against stupid so called wonderful ideas in in parliament.
    good we do not want the jungleanarchy, but we do not need the Kremlin either. Ask the Mongolians between China and Russia who is equally hated.

    Mediocrity is our karma. Sounds like no way or middle way.
    Should be path of the heart.
    Why all shut up next time we will be blocked from airport by politbureau.

    Welcome to neia Nepal.

    Is there a way t o get Prachandra back please please please please…..

  20. fundamentalisthighcastes Avatar

    Maybe high caste hindus with no sincerity towards true gods which is fellow human beings can make the materialist communists some content level.
    Materialism is not the solution whatever they say they are frauds.
    I think better make the country function like a Parliamentary Democracy and that means respect the Constitution by the way if it was left unfinished maybe now Maobadi write it alone I feel rest of them are interested in old status quo which is good, but choice is free, and democracy is not this nonsensical show.
    I disagree I disagree and i disagree AGAIN:

  21. Patriot Avatar

    This is utter shameful. For someone who has lost from 2 const, its preposterous that he is made PM. Where is the will of the people.

    Maoists have also let people down by handling the govt. in an immature manner, more occupied in consolidating their power than writing constitution.

  22. standards Avatar

    Maybe one really good thing in neia Nepal is politicians try seriousely reality checks do not fail unfortunately reality is not to be managed by one group of more or less experienced. And the opposition was really experienced so they deviously managed the failure of Prachandandra and therfore finally dug their final graves.
    If mr nepal manages the kathmandu garbage collectionn he is better than most italian politicians and we can see on whose side the criminal mafia is isnt it….
    Everything that went wrong we blame on the enemy of the people.
    look in the mirror.

  23. PB Avatar

    did prachanda talked about starting number game (MPs) to bring down this govt. (starting new war)

  24. choicesofchapatis Avatar

    I am revising my own comments and see as per my own stupid opinion I am contradictory…
    One time in Republica I am in favour of peace and 95% of the time I am feeling the collective dream is betrayed.
    We need normality this is normal in politics ergo it was the right decision basta.

    Then when we move on as splendid democracy we will vote for Prachandras people who can change their names into ecological peace for all something.
    It was not through violence since 96 I saw the boys throwing stones in 94 yes sir.
    just boys and I said hi so they would throw to another less perceptive white fat tourist.

    Thamel 94. Peru never had that. Bolivia just had grandmothers throwing stones at prostitution sites and yes the entire country in favour of our Evo Morales and what He stands for. Minus four feudal suckers. Or look our Venezualan dictator he reads Simon Bolivars poetry they are good people essentially depicted as bad guys…

    I always have to remember which visa I still need in terms of what I can say politically. Being a survivor coward yes that is why I do admire Baburam and so on who did it all by their own names.
    Nelson Mandela served a lifetime in prison. Chris Hine was murdered.
    conquering apartheid may take a few centuries but feudalism is over.

  25. ro Avatar

    maobadis have proved their inefficiency in running the democracy, congress has again and again proven its insincerety and unaccountability to the people of Nepal, but to the power interest of Girija . Makune is also no exception, if one scrutinizes his past practice and preaching. lets see with no hope.

  26. pepsi cola Avatar

    bbc now helping the people.

    times have changed times are changing.


    lets end impunity Deuba says I say lets make that peoples republic but the hooligans are not maobadi so we rid of that horrible terminology please.

    Criminals gangsters you find everywhere. Prachandra somehow looks like the chilean president Allende. Also a sad story about a conservative country where all the people used to be good and military did it with the help of ALL housewifes from church.
    Yes hindu fundamentalists have started killing.

  27. ro Avatar

    those who are experienced in working with those bbc or abc or any other socalled secular westerener they know very much that how much religious napotism is practised behind the veil of helping. This is not in vein

    that almost all India and now nepal also feel the heat of this churchist corruption, which has been flashed various time, but they are exploiting the poverty of people rather than to help the poor.

  28. Regulator Avatar

    M K Nepal better then P K Dahal. Atleast Nepal is not war criminal. I feel better then before.

  29. xyz Avatar

    Nepal’s political crisis
    Mr Nepal lucks out
    May 28th 2009 | KATHMANDU
    From The Economist print edition
    But his country, of the same name, is struggling
    ON MAY 23rd Madhav Kumar Nepal, the communist son of a Hindu priest, became Nepal’s new prime minister. He succeeds Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the country’s former Maoist leader—the main protagonist in a decade-long guerrilla war—who resigned on May 4th, leaving the government in limbo. Mr Nepal has the support of 21 of the 24 political parties in Nepal’s assembly; but this is scarcely democratic progress. The Maoists, who won 38% of the assembly’s seats in the country’s first post-conflict election last year, do not support him. Nor did Mr Nepal win either of the two seats he contested in the poll.
    Among many threats to his new government, the Maoists loom large. Mr Dahal, who resigned after he was foiled in an effort to sack an old enemy, Nepal’s army chief, General Rookmangud Katawal, has said they remain committed to democracy. Yet the Maoists had until last week stopped the assembly functioning since their chief’s resignation. And they still demand that the president, Ram Baran Yadav, should reverse his decision to veto General Katawal’s sacking. Backed by Mr Nepal and his allies, who consider the army a last defence against the Maoists, Mr Yadav will not do this. On May 24th the Maoists spurned an invitation to join the new government.
    With luck, it may survive for a while. It might even try easing the country’s severe power and fuel shortages. That would quell some of the growing discontent at the failure of any party to deliver on its election promises. But the early signs are not promising, with Mr Nepal’s coalition partners bitterly feuding over the division of cabinet spoils.
    More important, there seems little prospect of this government making much progress on the assembly’s two main tasks—shepherding a complicated peace process and drafting a new constitution. Under Mr Dahal’s more solid government, including the Maoists, Mr Nepal’s UML (for Unified Marxist-Leninist) and other parties, these were daunting: the thorniest issue of the peace process, the fate of 23,000-odd former Maoist fighters, led indirectly to its demise. (Some of these fighters are to be recruited into the army; but General Katawal, to the Maoists’ fury, has resisted this.) And if Mr Nepal’s government cannot resolve these issues, it had better make way for one that can.

  30. kolacola Avatar

    If he is the son of a hindu priest he knows how to do with those….
    he will have put his acceptable bed in 10 Downing street.

    What to do against the son of a hindu priest in this country.

    there is nothing wrong with him you will not find a wrong thread in puja room.
    Happi hindu republics day. Anyhow if reformation is the thing this is the way.
    But what is really going on the army taking power as BBC thank you BBC mentioned clearly that is not good.

    Yadav may have seen his life and job at stake but we see HISTORY at stake or herstory if you wish.
    Nonetheless a maoist republic does not exist anywhere but Corea or something like that with the underground nuclears. So we should get a little realistic, Yadav is good too.

    From near from far things were a mess and I am sure Prachandra thought to quit many times before. But do not blame the captain for steering this kind of ship.

  31. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    Ha! all the oldies, …rotten people, are up for the same usual game! guess, who is next for this chair?…oh no, Girija? …or Sujata?

    Madav kumar? …is it a joke? a very first (pro?) Indian (declared by Indian Prime minister at Indian National tv) prime minister in Nepal???

    Nepal needs a different kind of prime minister, lets say, from a Matwali group. For example, Newari, Rai, Limbu, Gurung!

    We all have seen their and now we are fed up with this indian roots! Nepal needs change, when i say “Change” it means it’s people in Power! Newar, Rai, Limbu and or Gurung etc in Action!!!

    Get rid of that monkey faced loser (who failed to win his own constituency), how can we tolerate this nonsense from our Government ??? lets not allow this stupid Government to ruin our life!

  32. nirab gyawali Avatar
    nirab gyawali

    congratulation MKN for being elected as a new PM. i just want to say that the election is not the sole examination to examine the competence of an person. It is only the test of the popularity. Its the evil of the democracy that it is the tyranny of the majority regardless the identification of the rationality of the majority. In this regard most of the Nepalese people are uneducated and the rationale and the reasoning of the Nepalese people can be compared to the rationality and the reasoning of a sheep. Its the time, country needed an mid-way between the two opposite extremes and a softliner. So i want to wish u to be successful to lead the country to a meaningful end of progress.

  33. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    These people (Koirala family, Madav kumar and others…) will always be there awaiting hungrily for this position until they die forgetting the fact that sooner or later, we all have to die. they treat, polities as a football. In western politics, they treat Politics is their Job and that job has a time limit, as you all know, for example, in USA 2nd terms (8years), in UK 3rd terms. and after this they use that experiences doing extraordinary works, such as charity works. Even they realize that they are not fit for politics in power as they get older, why can’t our politicians do the same? as most of our politicians seemed to gain education in London or US and they seem to copy western laws in Nepal.

    we don’t need you all “do nothing politicians” we need new face!

  34. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    and Nirab Gyawali, Nepalese people are not that uneducated. they know what is right or wrong, they know what they need for life, they know what is important. how dare you brand nepalese – uneducated just because they don’t know English word…A, B C? just because they can talk/write as you do in English? Just because you live in USA? abroad? doesn’t make you educated. people who are living in Villages in Nepal know exactly what is right / most important thing for Human beings and that’s why they dedicated their life for the future of Nepal. Don’t you dare to question/misjudge about their dedication and hard work for us!

    you keep congratulating your very MKN, same on you!

  35. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    ….still under moderation?

  36. immodesterators Avatar

    not because we easily foresaw that all feel the same now whattodo

    most incompetent rulers inalltimes.

    only people are great.

    dancing and singing class paisa china.

    Bollywood made in Nepal.

    sell postcards of toursts with suitcases in bandha.
    I think even swine flew flue.
    Looking forward to go home I am counting the days…..

  37. hi Avatar



  38. nepali ko choro Avatar
    nepali ko choro

    It’s a shame for nepalese that a person who has lost the election is now the prime minister of nepal. Democracy is the rule by the people ,of the people n for the people.I don’t know how a lost person can b the voice of nepalese. i think instead of him from CPN UML Jhalanath Khanal would have been the better choice at least he is chosen by the people

  39. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    For our Highly experienced loser leaders !!! how you gonna tackle our day to day emerging problems in Nepal?

    India already occupied our land (by 5/6% ?), politicians have been busy waiting for opportunities, fighting for a position and once that they are in power, often seems busy delegating jobs for their own members of family. So, here comes the issue of being a ” Patriotic leader” are they yet???

    So far, we have experienced all the prime ministers and leaders being a faithful and loyal to India, and mostly, being educated in India. How long are we gonna suffer this discrimination form our Prime ministers and leaders? How long are we gonna tolerate injustice from this so called “Koirala” family. How can we digest Sujata Koirala who comes from nowhere, just like that? Is is fair, is this significance truth that “Koilara” surname (Sujata) must qualifies for the Nepali Politics?

    This is happening because of, incompetency of our Leaders and Prime ministers!!! They are responsible for this injustice from India!

    Why can’t our leaders control the border. It’s a duty of a Leader of any country that first thing is they do, is to protect their own country? why our leaders are afraid of India? France, Germany and United Kingdom have a very good relation but they have the tightest borders control system in the world? United States of America has the strong boarder control policy with Mexico ? so why? why, Nepal don’t have boarder control with India? Boarder control, doesn’t mean breaking a relationship? yes we share a same religion but it does mean give our land? We don’t have same religion with China, so, does this mean we are “enemy of China”Huh

    We should listen to the Jews and Cypriots, they know the importance of land and Identity. We must not forget the importance of these… who we are, where we belong to…!!!

    considering every angle, I think the only option would be to have Maoist camp on the Boarder. I prefer, India should do the same thing not only boarder in Birgunj or Biratnagar but every part of Nepal where it meets India!!!

    Political stability in India is no good for Nepal, the more India get trouble from Muslim extremists the more India gets weak. so its very important that Nawaz Sariff to become President in Pakistan and torturing in Kashmir!

    We have to suffer this humiliation just because of our leaders eg. Koirala family. I will be more than happy if one of them get sh…t/ki….lled!!! they are bad omen for Nepal!

  40. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    UWB, you have become so annoyed, every comments has to be approved, why?

  41. 1.618 Avatar

    Happy hours we already lost
    Don’t worry!
    Pulling out dagger is daily story
    Breathing fresh blood reveals trust

    O Lord! Don’t come out at light
    Holiest of Holy initiated the fight
    Your Protector, now reckless Predator
    Stay safe, quietly in Grave, covert cover

  42. joti - scot Avatar
    joti – scot


  43. Diehard Avatar

    Give a dog a bone

  44. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    1.618 & Diehard, do me a favor, I give you plenty of bone for a hopeless dag. why don’t you f….up India?

  45. ram Avatar

    How come he is democratic PM of Nepal. He lost election in two places and our vote is made useless.

    Looser PM in democracy… both things are going to match???????????????

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