Madhav Kumar Nepal Set to Become Prime Minister of Nepal

madhav kumar nepal
Madhav Kumar Nepal, veteran communist leader of the Himalayan republic who have been tipped to be the prime minister of Nepal several times in the past and lost from both constituencies in the April 2008 CA elections, is finally set to become the third Communist prime minister of Nepal.

The leader of the moderate Communist Party of Nepal United Marxist and Leninist (CPN UML) who resigned from the post of party General Secretary owing moral responsibilities to his party’s disastrous performance in the CA polls, have already been the deputy prime minister in the cabinet of Manmonah Adhikari, the first elected communist prime minister of Nepal, in 1994 for nine months. He is considered the moderate and inclusive leader in the communist party that, unlike the Maoists, have been taking part in parliamentary democratic elections ever since democracy was restored in 1990. He is criticized as a leader who sometime becomes indecisive and can’t take any firm stands on hard issues.

After the country plunged into political uncertainty with the abrupt resignation of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on May 4 the process of forming a non-Maoist government had started in the primary initation of opposition Nepali Congress. The hectic deliberations and possibly some amount of horsetrading finally appeared to have ended today (Sunday) when the CPN UML submitted the signatures of 350 lawmakers (out of 601 CA members) to the CA chairman to open up the way to form the new government. Madhav Kumar Nepal has been backed by 22 different parties representing in the CA including the second largest Nepali Congress.

Nepal is on the way to head the new government after the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF), whose support was considered key to materialize the government formation process, gave a green signal to the UML’s leadership. However, MJF Chairman Upendra Yadav today said that the party’s Central Committee meeting would decide whether or not to participate in the government, according to eKantipur. The formation of new government was primarily protracted owing to indecision on the MJF’s part that was demanding commitment in writing from the UML-Nepali Congress alliance to implement the eight-point agreement the government made with the Madhesi front. Though the other constituents of the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) — comprising MJF, Tarai Madhesh Loktantrik Party (TMLP) and Sadbhavana Party (SP) — had decided to support UML-led coalition in exchange for addressing the Madhesi demands, the largest constituent MJF was not fully assured that their demands including “One Madhesh, One Province” would be fulfilled. There was rift within the MJF whether to support the UML or the Maoists in the to-be formed government that even led to a heated debate—if not blow exchange.

The UML and the NC alliance with 108 and 114 seats in the CA respectively, has garnered support from 350 lawmakers of the MJF with 53 seats, the TMLP with 21, SP with 9, the RPP with 4 among other fringe parties.






42 responses to “Madhav Kumar Nepal Set to Become Prime Minister of Nepal”

  1. haisanlu Avatar

    What an insult to democracy

  2. vlgr Avatar

    @haisanlu – go back to reading your text books again. anyone who has the majority forms the government.

  3. xyz Avatar

    Makune is 100 times better than Prachanda for the overall welfare of Nepal.

  4. Vision Avatar

    Now, What we need is KP Oli for the post of Home minister, unlike Prachanda’s bootlicker like Bam Dev ( one of the most corrupt criminals in the history of Nepal), then he will fix the unruly activities of these maoists.

  5. Deurali Avatar

    I fully agree with you because Bam Dev is a stupid dog.

  6. Krishna Avatar

    REad this Times of India news of May 17, 2009. They wrote Prachanda instead of Pravakaran. Is it typo or intentionally published by TOI.

    Nepal: Shaped by an Indian monk and Gorky’s Mother
    17 May 2009, 1716 hrs IST, TNN

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    KATHMANDU: The man who is poised to succeed Maoist chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda as the new prime minister of Nepal is as different from the
    revolutionary as chalk is from cheese.

    Soft-spoken and with iron self-control, the 56-year-old Nepal comes from an old Brahmin family who migrated to Marpakuthi, a village near Bihar’s Bairgania from Nepal’s Dhading district almost 200 years ago, where they were honoured by the then local king for their scholarly knowledge of Sanskrit and gifted with land.

    Later, Nepal’s father went back to Rautahat district in Nepal’s Terai plains and he was born in its main town Gaur. Nepal went to Sitamarhi to do his ISC from Goenka College but illness forced him to return to Nepal after just a year. A commerce graduate, he was attracted to the communist movement in the 60s and left his job at a bank to join politics full time.

    “I was inspired by Rahul Sankrityayan,” he told TNN, referring to the 19th century Indian scholar who became a Buddhist monk, went to Russia and Tibet, and was jailed by the British. The other influence was Russian author and philosopher Maxim Gorky, whose “Mother” especially left a deep impression on the young Nepal.

    Nepal headed the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (UML) for 15 years. But he resigned last year after his party fared miserably in the constituent assembly election and he himself was defeated by two little-known Maoist challengers in both Kathmandu and his home seat Rautahat.

    Married to a fellow communist, Gayatri Acharya, Nepal has a daughter and son. While his daughter Suman is an MBBS from New Delhi’s AIIMS, his son Sourabh is studying electronics engineering in Warangal.

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  7. Krishna Avatar

    May17, 2009, TOI

    More South Asia

    Sri Lanka says no sign of Prachanda’s body
    Nepal wins race for Nepal PM’s post
    Prabhakaran body believed found: Lankan military sources

  8. Krishna Avatar

    May17, 2009, TOI

    More South Asia

    Sri Lanka says no sign of Prachanda’s body
    Nepal wins race for Nepal PM’s post
    Prabhakaran body believed found: Lankan military sources

    It looks like TOI has already started to liken Prachanda to Pravakaran, the dead Tamil leader.

  9. Krishna Avatar

    Why my comment is awaiting moderation? I am just letting you know what is published in TOI. I just want to you to know whether this is typo or intentional?

  10. xyz Avatar

    This is intentional for sure. Even Prachanda, in his speech delivered yesterday at Tundekhel, spoke at length on sections trying to provoke Maoists to take the course of LTTE. He even informed possibility of Prabhakaran’s death.

  11. Suresh Shrestha Avatar
    Suresh Shrestha


    I don’t know whether this is just coincidence or not?, but any rebel leader with the name starting with the letter P has very bad ending.

    For example, Pol Pot who killed millions of educated people in Cambodia was eventually chased away by the Vietnami army and died like a street dog. Pravakaran (the Tamil leader) is now assumed to be killed in Sri Lankan army operation after fighting almost four decades for independent Tamil state. Now, only time will tell what type of fate our rebel leader Prachanda will meet.

  12. Nirmal Lama Avatar
    Nirmal Lama

    Suresh Shrestha,

    Yes, you are right.

    Pol Pot = Pravakaran = Prachanda.

  13. Girish Avatar

    Please visit this website to see prachanda in place of Pravakaran. I don’t know why TOI published this?

  14. Loft Avatar

    Maoist know they are on slippery slide and Makune is an insult to the injury but this is Nepal. It hurts to say this but how we are remote run- shame.

  15. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Lets hope better.

    It will be better to have all party Govt. at this juncture.

    Let all party be part of constitution writing.

    If Maoists think for the betterment of the nation they should

    play positive role.

    Just blaming all the time for whatever reason does not work.

    People want result, the minimum is PEACE.

  16. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    if madhav nepal becomes pm, he should behave more like a ceremonial PM with the consent of all the parties ……. otherwise he will have the faith of prachanda and blaimed for everything ……………………
    ………………… beginning of the end……. has come for terrorists from this year, from early baishak …………..LTTE is almost over, Taliban in pakisthan is suffering, maoist is standing on the quick sand ………………

  17. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    weak, stubbor, idiot, dishonest should not have any place in the govt.

  18. xyz Avatar

    Old Nepal, New Nepal and now you have Madhav Nepal.

  19. Nepali Avatar

    How can this loser..who lost the election can me Prime Minister of Nepal?…..its just shows the plain stupidity of our politicians……

    These things can only happen in Nepal…!!! F@uck Makuney.. He isa Gay!!!

  20. empty editorials Avatar

    Maybe for a while it will keep the fighting dogs separate.

  21. Sanu manche Avatar
    Sanu manche

    I think Nepal needs a good leadership. Let’s hope for betterment. People’s concensus should not be negleted. The point is – will not the Maoists hault the CA. Afterall, CA should approve the new government. We need a long term solution and the constitution writing should go on.

  22. Girish Avatar

    This bloody Corrupt virus Bam Dev should be kicked out of UML party.

  23. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Defeated twice in the same election this Madhav Kumar Upadhyaya is going to be Prime Minister of Nepal to make mockery of demoratic system. Why don’t we just eliminate the position of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister altogether and hand over the power to present President and Vice President until the new constitution is ratified.

  24. Sunil Avatar

    LOOK, one of the most notorious criminals like Bam Dev Gautam is now demanding Home minister post. He is the one who released Kali Bahadur Kham Magar (the mastermind behind the murder of Ram Hari Shrestha) after the latter was arrested at Bouddha.
    The one who abets criminals is, without doubt, a criminal too. Is there any way to send this faceless, brainless, shameless, merciless, useless, and visionless creature like Bam Dev to another planet so that we can create a society where once again all the criminals will be punished in proportion to the crimes they commit.

  25. Harke Avatar

    Bam Dev threatened Madhav kumar Nepal that he would join Maoist party if he didn’t get Home ministry. What I suggest Makune is that he should place his BANANA on Bam Dev’s hand instead.

  26. Bhawesh Mishra Avatar
    Bhawesh Mishra

    If Madhav kr. Nepal becomes PM whether he serves as a PM beneficial to Nepalese people but this time he will serve better as an ambassador of India and Nepali Congress………

    He is not an unpatriotic person but support of so many parties and .specially Nepali congress means that……only……

    But we Nepalese have to sustain such foreign interferes in order to get through the transition period…….what to do??? we are one of the weakest in our region????

    A majority comprising of 22 parties???god save us….

  27. empty editorials Avatar

    why does he look so happy he is inconstitutional!

  28. pepsi cola Avatar

    People may believe there are apparent similarities between this guys group and the owners of our streets ha ha
    No in the jungle he maybe what the old power people feel is acceptable. To democratic eyes he is returning into power exaclty as it is.
    Our Prachandra had in my opinion a non selfish motivation which gave him and Baburam Bhattarai cum suis the leadership rightfully.
    Alright we do not want to become a peoples republic of neia Nepal and the lights have not been properly working but no one can work with the Koteswor commie. We never wanted communism we want the ethnic voices of multiparty to be heard MULTIPARTY not congress party.

  29. Rabindra Shrestha Avatar
    Rabindra Shrestha

    Bam Dev Gautam has become like a mad dog after the fall of Prachanda-led government because his dream of earning billions has been so unprecedently shattered. He never thought that Prachanda-led government would fall so quickly. His face during the recent UML CC meeting was worth seeing. Remember, this is the same person ( then Home Minister ) who, along with Rabindra Nath Sharma (then Finance Minister ), earned billions of rupees by smuggling billions of Rupees worth of gold into Nepal.

  30. bikash pudasaini Avatar
    bikash pudasaini

    i dont think the leftist especially UML will do something for our country…………. they are just a watch dog not a blood hound….

  31. callmeros Avatar

    whatn did that bas***rd prachande said in sansad today………you can fool most of the unpriviledged and uneducated but you can’nt fool the nation from your lies……you a**hol*

  32. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    He was elected by people not like that Upadhyaya Bahun.

  33. manan Avatar

    After the videotape scandal, no one trusts the Maoists anymore. They’re such a bunch of liars no one knows whether to believe them or not.

    MKN may not have been elected but he’s not an outright liar and deceiver like Prachanda.

    And the Maoists’ shouting about ‘democracy’ sounds so hollow. Prachanda talks about democracy while his YCL tortures members of other parties in Ramechaap and other districts. That’s democracy?

  34. Critic Avatar

    Communism brings nothing but blood.

  35. monastery Avatar

    All isms are outdated feminism, communism, buddhism we are supposed to say dharma.
    It is better to meditate I am in the pureland of no pickpoceters.
    Institutionalized caste based corrupt pocketfillers nation of fake friendships
    now I understand that I was the last one to be enlightened no one ever believed the reality was true and started painting darker skies until finally we got what you deserved.

    mediocrity rules again and again.

    If this guy has an international network it is definitely wrong this you ask yesterday the so called new european countries whose mafias control from Switzerland up to Thailand. And ask those countries starting by Poland how much we love Russia.

    Letland, Estland, Albania. All gypsies prefer to return to Delhi where they originated than Russia.

    Did you have to vote for the MOB yes ignorance rules and people wait in line again and again.
    There are no leaders, there are no opinion leaders and when you got a good one shoot or fire them.

    Historically speaking Congress Party seriously go somewhere yesterday.

    Already they are attacking holy tourists in Sanepa.

    Weather forecast more populism and real intelligence hey go see those old James Bond movies about 007. code number or update your brains.

  36. sagarmatha Avatar

    very democratic blog erase reason.

    communism does not bring blood it brings mediocrity and prostitution as well as bureacracy Kafka and so on.

    another mafia.

    but one we met before.

  37. supreme Avatar

    madav nepal is the best

  38. siris Avatar

    Now we have need intact state development program,Not indivusel proposal.

  39. rajan Avatar

    Tapai nikai anubhavi vyekole deslai aas 6a. Kehi gare ra dekhaunus hai. Jantako hita hune kam lai prathamikta dinus ra sahakarya ko rajnitilai aatmasath garnus. We all nepali are behind you.

  40. anti Avatar

    makune ko vasan saili le hajrau lai irritate garcha….tesmadhe ma pani ek huh

  41. anti Avatar

    makune seems to be a serious bootlicker of india 4 me….

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