Addressing the PLA Combatants, Prachanda Outlined How Maoists Wanted to Capture State and National Army

Maos respond to the video: here

The video was first aired yesterday evening by Image Channel. YouTubed today by

During the uncertain times just two months before the 10 April 2008 Constituent Assembly elections, Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” was addressing a meeting of People’s Liberation Army commanders and combatants at Shatikhor, Chitwan cantonment. In that 2 January 2008 speech, Prachanda talked about how the Maoist leadership had inflated the numbers of the PLA soldiers by almost five-fold and how the Maoist planned to capture the state and the national army. The speech was videotaped. The video was broadcast late yesterday night by Kathmandu-based network Image Channel. [Meanwhile, the elections did happen, which at the time of Prachanda speech, seemed uncertain because of differences between the Maoist and non-Maoist parties over percentage allocation for the electoral systems First-Past-The-Post (PPTP or direct votes) and proportional representation. Prachanda’s party emerged single largest in the CA and four months after the polls Prachanda formed a multi-party government that lasted until yesterday. The reason behind Prachanda government’s fall? It wanted to sack the army chief who, in the videotaped speech, Prachanda says is obstructing the PLA’s integration into Nepali Army.]

[Maos respond to the video: The Maoist party has responded to the video saying that its ‘irrelevant’ and ‘a conspiracy tool.’ The party’s spokesperson Dina Nath Sharma, issuing a press statement, said that the video was ‘made to derail the peace process and to make the current critical political situation more provocative.’ He said the video was was meant to give assurances to the party cadres about the Constituent Assembly and the peace process. “We are committed to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. We are clear in our beliefs about army integration, about drafting a pro-people constitution and about our commitments expressed to the people,” says Sharma in the statement. The Maoist party has also asked the public ‘not to be swayed by the propaganda’ that is ‘aimed at derailing the ongoing peace process.’ The Maoist also asks the media not disseminate such provocative news and to uphold their social responsibility. It was reported earlier in the evening that a group of Maoist youth wing YCL had surrounded the office of Image Channel that first broadcast the video.]

Prachanda, in the video, says the real number of PLA was between 7,000 and 8,000. “Some say the number has decreased. But I don’t see it like that. We know the reality, don’t we? Tell me. We were between 7 thousands to 8 thousands. But we shouldn’t tell this reality to outsiders. We told the number was 35,000 [to UN] so even after the UN verification the number came to 20,000. Had we given the real number, that would have come down to about 4,000.”

“If we get upper hand in running government, we will not care about the UN verification results. We will make our own rule and do it in our own way,” he said.

Prachanda said even if only three thousand PLA soldiers, who he said were politically awakened, entered into the national army, they would bring the whole institution of army into Maoist fold. He said the Nepali Army soldiers didn’t know anything more than parrading (boot bajarne). That is why, he said, army chief Rookmangud Katawal ‘recently’ gave speech against integration. “Here, you have got ideology, awareness and vision,” he said. “Once such soldiers are inside, they will convert the whole organization.”

According to the video transcript by Republica daily, Prachanda also said the party had not forsaken the ultimate goal of bidroha (revolt) and asked his men not to be swayed by compromises struck by the Maoist party with other political parties. He said party workers may be thinking that their leaders are having tea with enemies, forgetting their revolutionary agenda. But the reality is the leaders are still working for a revolution, he said.

The Maoist chairman said that money that the “martyrs” in villages throughout the country and the PLA in cantonment receive will help them move ahead in their goal of total victory. The money that will go to the “martyrs’ family” will help repair the party’s deteriorating relations with the common people. “We will tell them this is just a relief (of Rs 100,000) and you need to support us to get the remaining Rs 900,000,” Dahal revealed his strategy of winning the CA elections. Each martyr family has been provided Rs 1,000,000. He added that one third of the Rs 600,000,000 that was agreed to be given to the PLA cantonments would be used to further the goal of Maoists’ control of the state. “That money will be used to stage revolt. On surface you might feel the party has abandoned the revolution but if you see it deeply, the party is intensely preparing for the revolt.”



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  1. dewaz Avatar

    This Video has Proved that Maoist are Really Brilliant …
    I Supported Maoist and Now Hearing the Maoist I Support them more ..

    It was here in this blog site where blogger had said that all maoist are not in the cantonment and YCL were PCL too.. because you couldnt take some 20,000 solders fightting the 1 lakh solders .. But Wao Its great 8,000 PLA did it …

    Maoist Didn’t took money for there personal use but .. for the party meaning for their belief …

    Ya with Hook or Cook the Country has to Get Developed .. Now we have some one we can trust so that we can live big .. between China and India .. (8000 vs 1lakh) .. They Gots Brains

    Which the Bloggers Dont have .. except few .. because the video that was publish has shown the for sight of maoist was true .. and maoist fought targeting capture of goverment .. and now they did it brain instead of loosing another 10,000 ..

    got lot more things to tell .. but dont know if i am pouring water in sand .. cause some people talking about international court .. they dont even know when people go to international court ..

    i will give u a reason go to international court
    bjp (Bharatiya Janta Party)said: India losing its clots over nepal. when maoist remove Coas .. wat u say ppl…

  2. Abidal Avatar

    He said. Hami 7000-8000 ma pugisakeko thiyeu, I interpreted it as the PLA in numbers had decreased, so army was doing its job. I guess this was the reason Maoists were desperate for safe landing.

  3. Bishow Avatar

    This is what we call politics , tomorrow prachanda will say, We are no more communist, we are extreme capitalist. we want all your money as tax coz missiles are expensive..

  4. Bishow Avatar

    You think NEPALI citizens eat grass..
    Those who are loud in the crown are the targeted ones.

  5. Bishow Avatar

    believe or not prachande and gyane same dang ko mula

  6. Bishow Avatar

    The one who leaked the video even couldnt tolerate such a betray. you are enemy inside a house/\

  7. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Maoist are evil that is what I am saying all along. Everybody attacking president but look at the bigger picture, who forced him to take this kind of decesion, it was maoist who forced it by their illegal actions. So lets not harp about this right and this wrong. Main thing is to destroy this Prachande and his band of Thugs. This video is proof enough for every sane person to see their evil design. Only So called Nagarik Samaj ka Haguwa does not see that way. Down with them.

  8. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    you still do not get it, do you? ……………….. watch the video carefully ……………………… you want development by hook or by crook ………….. and you think prachanda/maoist want to develop just because they are saying so ………………………. listen carefully what prachanda said in the video, …… everything including development is just a propaganda to make people fool …………………. that is the reason they have been using huge words but never explain what, how, when, why….

  9. nepali ko choro Avatar
    nepali ko choro

    all political parties in nepal r same. nothin gone change in this country guys. one party was with hope but resulted the same as congress and CPN UML. I can say that for more 25 years this country was ruined by CONGRESS N CPN UML now one bastard party has joined for this ruining games. Its our n our country bad luck

  10. PB Avatar

    Maoist are really cleaver smart enough to make fool to the nepal army & nepali poloticians……those whi are still in jungle Goti,JTTM they are part of PLA only they still have army in jungle… one interview i have red a article from Jay krishan goit he has 1000 fighters with him……Its all polotics. apart from 21000 pla there sre still more pla in jungle who are preparing for another war…..very soon it will come in public…..why matrika went of fron maoist it was just a startagy to build a one more strong group he merged a kirat party & talks are underway for marge with mani thapa & rest tarai outfits……see once again very soon there would be bloody war again!!! but our old gangstars congress,UML are not aware of same..they were not aware of sach video which is just relese … surely they are not aware of sach ..they dont care for nepal & nepali people they are just fughting for chair!! finally they in KTM who will die?? who will face a bloody problems?? ans-simply Poor nepali people…..

  11. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    sons of idiots who are ready to sacrifice to bring some maoist into power ……………………… dont they realise by the video ……………….. after they are dead………….. maoist leaders will use their family to bring down govt., they will be sent to streets to be beaten by police ……………………… instead of providing food, shelter, education to orphans of 12-14yr, ………. prachanda will hand them weapon (there are many children of dead in the pla camp) so that he can sleep on lakh bed, drive around in crore cars ……………… ………
    …………….. this is how prachanda will pay for your sacrifice for the party/himself

  12. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    we are looking at the motive of maoist through the video……………………… i think there is something wrong, ……. i think prachanda has a different agenda …………………………….. after he successfully using his dogs/party in getting into absolute pwoer……..
    i think he is planning to kill all his oppositions in the party ………………….he kept on taking the name of janga bahadur, he has his family member in the important positions in the govt, in the party ………………………….. he could even be looting money from his party

  13. pradip Avatar

    prachanda le desh ra janata ko kura nagarera money ra satta hattaune kura garda ta hans uthera AAyoo. machikni prachanda

  14. ram Avatar

    prachanda is big lier and he is doing as he told in the video tape.he is the key villian in nepal politics.
    He was the man who had brought the tragedy in the people eyes,fuck u prachanda,randiko chora prachanda.ganta ko nagarik sarvochatta how many people had u killed.u dont feel shame.sala randi ko chora.kosto mache.prachanda ko lagi sabai manche dushman ho,dost sabai arulai galti afnai bayepani.
    sala monkey haruko pla army of chief ra Ycl.
    Ycl means youth corrupted league.and pla mean politics ladaune army.fuck u moaist and bigger fuck to prachanda.

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