Prime Minister Prachanda Resigns

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ announced his resignation in a nationally broadcast TV address a while ago. With this the eight-month old Maoist rule has ended. This decision comes as a surprise to many while some have appreciated Dahal’s act as democratic. The Maoist party is the single largest in the Constituent Assembly that was elected in April 2008. The Maoist leader’s resignation comes in the wake of the controversy regarding the sacking of the chief of the army staff by his split cabinet yesterday. The cabinet meeting was boycotted by the alliance parter CPN UML who promptly took back its support to the government pushing it to the minority in the 600-seat constituent assembly. The cabinet decision was unilaterally taken by the Maoists. The decision was later declared unconstitutional by the President who reinstated the army chief. The Maoists have termed the President’s action as ‘constitutional coup.’ Finance Minister and senior Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has said that his party would hit the streets now demanding resignation of the President.

The President: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav issued a press statement just ahead of the Prime Minister’s address to the nation in which he said his yesterday’s decision to ask Army chief General Rookmangud Katawal to continue with post despite his dismissal by the cabinet constitutional. The President said his decision didn’t violate the constitutional provisions instead the Maoists sacked Katawal without consulting all its coalition partners in the government.






37 responses to “Prime Minister Prachanda Resigns”

  1. nepali Avatar

    when pm dares to make such foolhardy and reckless decision , what a general nepali must expect from him…….except resignation

  2. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    prachanda tried to buy votes but could not ………….. now he has resigned saying it is for the country …….. but it is just their strategy ……………. maoist first and country second………………………… congress should learn from maoist to in resign case

  3. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    now there should be a new govt. comprising all parties (at least one minister or ass. minister each) …
    ……………….. pro people leaders should talk peace, development, constitution drafting, rule of law ……. and should prohibit talking offensive and ………. media should guide or press them in such …………………………..
    ………………….. they have to expose maoist with manner but let maoist start offensive first………………………… ……..
    …………………. no way they shoud fight for power ………. if they do………. people and media should press them

  4. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    lets start talking about development, water, electricity, peace process, rule of law, constitution

  5. Ali Mantiq (Communist Mazdoor Kisan Party Pakistan) Avatar

    A very brave step taken by the Comrade Prachanda. It is a principle step and shows how much the Maoists of nepal are comitted to the cause of building a worker’s state in nepal. Red salute to Comrade Prachanda

  6. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    do not forget to implement rule of law, search maoist murders ………………………….. and………………………….. form pratikar sahuma

  7. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    during last 24hrs there was confusion regarding rules, constitution related to army……………….. re define rules ………….. make laws to protect army being misused by govt.

  8. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Its MAOS game plan.

    They were not up to showing the people that they are different.

    Their popularity was fading away.

    Their cadres were getting frustration .

    So they chose to quit the govt., otherwise they would not go unilaterally over such issue.

  9. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    If some one is to retire in 2-3 months and PM offers him
    a post of ambassador, a power greedy person happily
    would accept it.

    Why Katwal rejected the offer, certainly not to enjoy 2-3 months
    job, rather to save army from dirty politics, and to thrawt the evil
    plan of Maos.

    One can label 100 charges against PM the kind of charge
    is labeled against Katwal. For example protecting muderers,
    promoting murderers in the party of which he is a chairman,
    so many……….to list here.

  10. AHIMSA Avatar

    (Royal) Army has taken over!

    By blocking the integration of PLA into the National Army, the (Royal) Army has successfully spoiled the peace process in Nepal.

    They will most likely now try to enrage and radicalize the Maoists to get the public consent to impose martial law.

    bye, bye Republic of Nepal

  11. kallu Avatar

    Maoism and democracy never work together, maoism believes in authoritarian agenda and democracy listens to people voices. Whole thing that happened here is maoists trying to take over civil and military establishments and make it into another Burma or North Korea. Thank god, military has not surrendered to the plot of these maoists. Go for elections again and elect a democratic, liberal and secular PM not these mao-chinese stooges.

    -kal from India

  12. Ram bd lama Avatar
    Ram bd lama

    heradai jaau, desh lai khattam gare yi chor haru le….. yeuta Raaja ko thau ma Dehrai fataha RAja haru aaye, teti ho kathith Look-tantra ra Ganaune-tantra Nepal ko fal…janta ra desh bhane jhan adhogati tira…. Raja-rani lai darbar bata ruwayi ruwayi hatayek thiye yiniharule India ko yisarama…..
    Maobadi jasto India Dalal, RAW ko agent bata kehi huncha bhanera aash garnu nai haami Nepali ko murkhata ho.
    Jun party le 8 barsa India ko support ma India mai basera Nepal ma aandolan garyo, Delhi ma basera aru party sanga milera India ko aadesh ma Nepal ma Rajtantra birudha hindi ma lekhiyeko 12 budhe samjhauta garyo ra ganatantra ghosana garyo,40 lakhs Indian lai Nagarikta badyo, janamat sangraha bina desh lai ganatantra, sanghatmak saasan bhandai Nepal tukrune India ko swartha pura garna lagiraheko cha, Nepali lai jaati ra bhasa ma rajniti garera grihayudha ra jaatiye narasamhar tarfa ladaicha,
    jun party le India ko isarama pashupati ko pujari, Greater Nepal jasto rastrabadi document lai Nepal mai pradershan garna bata rokcha, testa paltu kukur haru bata ke aasha garne??????????
    Jaya Nepal, Jaya Nepali

  13. sudip aryal Avatar

    सबै पार्टी एकतिर लागेर माओबादीइ एक्लो पार्न खोजेका छन्। अब देशको हाल के हुने हो।

  14. Rajendra Pokharel Avatar
    Rajendra Pokharel

    What the President did was brave decision. I am not sure, whether president had legal authority to do so but necessity may be the justification for what he did.

  15. Patriot Avatar

    I still want maoist to lead as they were voted by the people. but people didnt vote them to consolidate their communist ambitions which they must realise. while civilian supremacy over army is a good thing as lack of it has always killed peoples aspirations in the past, but such supremacy is not necessarily how maoists are interpreting it today.

    for the first time i support NC, UML in preventing maoists from a total takeover, but equally sad its more on India’s behest. i like the maoists not licking new delhi’s feet like NC, UML, at the same time they need to understand they wouldn’t have come this far without india’s help and there is no point now to tell them to back off. if you use someone for your interest, they will too get involved if their interest is at stake.

    i think maoist need to understand one more thing, their fight was not based on class struggle, it was on ethnic promises, so the dream of communist takeover is not viable. true both’s direction/goals may converge but its not necessarily interdependent.

    maoists have chosen multi-party democracy and they can still deliver if they keep up with their revolutionary ideas as its still the most promising and progressive party compared to NC, UML who are a dying breed.

    we now face a severe crisis. the new govt will not survive a week without maoists. the fundamental point is this game of political brinkmanship has to end and concessions must be made by all parties to take the peace process forward.

  16. bridohi Avatar

    PM resigning abruptly is a kick in the bottom to his own party hardliners as much to the opposition parties & the Pres.

    Now his own party hawks have been sidelined even though they hawks think they have won. In fact, they have not. Being in the opposition, you are not leading the government, ie, formenting policies & implementation. Performance ensures victory in elections.

    Being in the opposition, one can only bark, make hunga ma & obstruct. But, for how long? Eventually, the people will blame them for the deadlock & grid lock.

    Maos had a great opportunity but they squandered it due to their inability to have party discipline. Their long-term viability as a political party seems doomed by their misguided polices. If they want to truely make a Naya Nepal, then, they need to dismantle YCL, rehabilitate the PLA & do away with the doctrine that power comes from the barrel of a gun.

    Any political party is awarded in the poll by performance. Maoists performance & deliverance to the people have been bare minimal… Lots of hot air. All talk.

  17. Kirat Avatar

    I am no fan of the Maoists-the problem is the alternatives-the sick and bankrupt Nepali Congress exemplified by it’s leader Girija and the dithering UML. I think we are in for a long spell of big trouble. It’s pretty depressing!

  18. xyz Avatar

    Mr Prachanda,

    By now you should have understood who Katawal is, right?

  19. Renegade Avatar

    I think Maoist invited the problems by firing Rukmangad Katuwal. Had he not been fired,things were going pretty smothly.Unnecessarily maoists made fuss about him and dismissed him against widespread disagreement. And Prachanda also walked out of the problem by resigning,Future seems gloomy…just imagine,had maoist not fired Rukmangad,we would not have this uncertainty,depression,frustration….

  20. pb Avatar

    Country is heading for some big time trouble, thanks to Nepali Congress and its rotten leaders. Bunch of losers who could do nothing for the country while they enjoyed power for a long time. They can’t even win elections, but still dream about heading the government.

    And honorable president’s great deed is no surprise, as he comes from the same losers party.

    If “Royal” Nepal Army Chief Katwal still wants to have control over the army, let him resign and fight the next elections. Get people’s vote and rule the army as defense minister.

    UML – well its not even a party. It doesn’t exist anywhere.

  21. nepali Avatar

    feels proud to knw that there is at least one leader who doesnt cares about chair like other does

  22. Renegade Avatar

    But nepali, i thought “real leaders walk in..when others walk out”…

  23. Kamal Prasad Dhungana Avatar
    Kamal Prasad Dhungana

    Thik garyau Prachanda Lal salaam
    Nepal ka aaru netaharule pani timibata kehi sikun
    Khas gari Nepali congress le yo path sikhos

  24. Dilli Bhandari Avatar
    Dilli Bhandari

    Comrade ko decision thik chha.
    Deshle maobadi sarkarma narahi rastraprati samarpit hos bhanne chhaheko chha

  25. hem Avatar

    Right Renegate,
    pretty soon the real leader will walk in.
    Prachand showed that he can bark, but can’t face challenges.

  26. myopinion Avatar

    Lack of vision is to be blamed only on ourselves.
    We supported stupidly from our fears.

    He must get back to his job and be apologized to.
    There are no maoists only poor people and the world has bigger problems than our cute country.ù
    Get your act together the masses that kill each other and themselves in the streets are my and your nasty karma.

    India has been superclear it is inside problem. Like swine flue and credit crunch. We will have chai with the neighbours but they must bake their own chily con carne.

    Now all foreign ambassies already prohibiting us to fly in. And next the trekking agents will take up refugee status in Bhutan due to journalistic deaths and incompetence.
    I am the only and last nepali on earth.

  27. dialogue Avatar

    Little bit is true that by wanting to manage too good they invited the problem. However
    The continuous situation of not being able to manage because of non cooperating unseen so called opposition called for clarity.

    It is like a failed marriage and the kids go on drugs or jackpot.

    With respect for posterity they must get their act together as adults. There is no real conflict between the puppet army and the puppet goverment.
    So Peace Process and so called institutionalized communist party are melodramatic words.
    The reality we are concerned about are still the dusty masses without normality. And army and prachandra and Yadav should have some CHIA and rid of chai.

  28. paribartan Avatar

    Maile nabujheko kura chai…..10 barsa ma 13000 manche mare….tetro andolan bhayo…yo sabai pragati ra unnati ko lagi nabhayera Girija ra Makune lai satta ma puryauna ho?

  29. compassion with leaders Avatar
    compassion with leaders

    Point is not just army integration….
    Basically two heads rolled for so many reasons.
    Army integration is actually nuts but it must happen we need stability and stop crime.
    Prachandra took all the load and if the maoists are not united there is no such thing as peace process.
    Continue analyzing. India shut up. Of course we need the chinese market.
    Indian smoking refrigerators we pay rupies. nepalese.
    Nepse will go up now we lost leader peace and Bhutan is sending refugees to America.

    Same thing you can say it is hong kong chinese, but get our act together. Koirala came back so many times.
    BBC still sleeping.

  30. namaste Avatar

    Wake up BBC

  31. crisisagain Avatar

    The entire coup or not coup story is because some intellligent see what is going on.
    1. army integration is not anti constitutional since peace safety and progress are constitutional.
    2. guilty is not the general whatshisname but of course the enemy of government will be the enemy of government.
    3. must government sack the opposition?
    4. not sacking the opposition does not mean myself i leave the room only buddha does that.
    conclusion not only obama also Prachandra is buddha.
    good morning.

  32. bridohi Avatar

    WTF with some of the posts on here? Are some of you on some of the Himalayan kalo charesh? If you want to post something, write something intelligent. Writing just for the sake of writing is bs.

    While I agree everyone has a right to an opinion, if we are trying to make things better for our country by discussing various issues, lets be constructive.

    Or i am a buddhu… lato ko desh ma gando tanderi!

  33. Mazo Avatar

    Maybe it is time for India to seal the border with Nepal if they are going to destabilize and become some Maoist hell hole.

    Indians interests are in a democratic nepal. With the Nepali army impotent and the Maoists quite strong and active, the probability of prolonged instability is very high which is economically bad for India.

    In all likely hood if Nepal deteriorates, India will have to completely seal the border with Nepal. Then comes the task of what to do with the millions of nepalese within India’s borders. Naturalizing them or deporting them back to nepal. Both will be very laborious tasks but one or the other will have to occur.

    Also, with the fall of Nepal to communist dictatorship, there will be an influx of Tibetans escaping the now Chinese dominated Nepal.

    Lastly, and most importantly, India will be concerned about the prospects of cross-border weapons and arms smuggling by these Maoists to Indian naxallites.

    This would most definitely require upgrading the current SSB force with the BSF and ITBP to check and control smuggling etc not to mention consider Nepal now as a hostile state and a potential insertion point for Chinese Ground troops into UP should a conflict with China break out.

    Some of these might not happen but some of them might depending on the sanity of the Nepalese politicians and the power of the Nepali citizenry. However with ideologies like Maoism, Communism having a firm grip, any true progressive and enlightened nepali citizenry would be always crushed to satisfy party ambitions.

    It is sad that these Nepalese are opting for failed 20th century ideologies in the 21st century.

  34. Diehard Avatar

    A classic illustration of a book “Animal Farm” with Pig speaking of his escapedes, his cunning and his role as a leader.

  35. sue danim Avatar

    maybe no one in nepal is capable of governing yet. why dont u ask some nice neutral country like switzerland to come and take control for the next 10 or so years. or maybe an international consortium of grad students could do it for their phd thesis. or maybe you could get the disney corp. to turn it into an amusement park.

  36. dhinu Avatar

    Smal n beautiful my country Nepal has bin going 2 in home war with help of our gre8 mother focker leaders who wil b give up his on mom, sis.,wife n daughters 2 4 grave the chairs but never give up chairs..So dear frins,go n fuck 2 leader’s mom,sis,wife n daug. 2 al.. Gre8 slogan: “Madhar chod neta harues”..Pls. Kip presure 2 our ledears 4 give up his own desire n save the nations

  37. air India Avatar
    air India

    Seal the borders make a chinese wall over there…high lowclasses unidentified federal ethnics. New technologies are fine to export ideas. Facebook is quite a useful TOOL to socialize and even throw mud or communicate properly.
    When all feel Dr. Bhattarai baburam is the one so be it, you do not need so called opposition newspapers to riksk their lives.
    Unless some intelligent one arises. Which I have not seen. Who is mayor of Kathmandu one Mao or NC ha ha

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