Nepal Army Chief Sacked

>>>President Intervenes>>>But the President who is the supreme commander of the army, tells ‘sacked’ General Katwal, to continue with the job in a late night letter. President said he received letters from 18 political parties in the Constituent Assembly in which they said they were against the government’s decision to sack the General. President also noted that he found proper procedures were not met to sack the General. This has invited mixed reactions from lawyers and constitutional experts. Finance minister Baburam Bhattarai has termed President’s action as ‘constitutional coup’ saying that it would be countered ‘in the government, on the streets and in the Constituent Assembly.’ Meanwhile, the Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led government has fallen into minority after the CPN UML, second largest partner in the coalition, pulled out from the government earlier in the day.

>>Army Chief Sacked>>Today’s controversial meeting of the cabinet that was boycotted by the major partner in the Maoist-led ruling alliance has decided to sack the Chief of the Army Staff, General Rookmangad Katwal. Katwal has refused to accept the letter that says he is sacked while his number two in the Nepali Army Lt. Gen. Kul Bahadur Khadka, a Maoist favorite, has accept the letter that appoints him as the acting head of the army. General Katwal has gone to the Army headquarters and is reportedly holding meetings with top generals. Last week the Army refuted media reports that suggested that it was preparing for a Bangladesh-style coup in which President would be used as the face of the new government.

After the cabinet meeting that was boycotted by CPN UML, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal went to call on the President. The cabinet decision will only be enforced after the ceremonial head of the state approves it. President Ram Baran Yadav is against the sacking of the army chief and has been continuously suggesting the government to take action only on consensus. In his initial response to the cabinet decision, the President has been reported as saying that he was unhappy with the decision as no proper procedure was followed. It remains to be seen, at this point in time, how he and Katwal will go ahead. Whatever happens, it’s confirmed that the Maoists have been able to create unprecedented division in the institution of the national army with whom they fought the war until 2006.

Meanwhile the opposition Nepal Congress party has called for an all party (minus Maoist) meeting this afternoon to discuss the cabinet decision while the UML has convened an emergency meeting of the standing committee.





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  1. Srijan Avatar

    Desh bhaadiyo…. Load Sheeding bhairaacha kasailai matlaab chaina, jumla ma nun pugyaa chaina kasailai matlaab chaina, madhes baulauna laagisakyo kasailai matlab chaina…… Rugmanda hataune, aautalai nikalne, aarko lai rakhne mai masta chan hai sabai….badhai cha.

  2. Dinesh Avatar

    How can cabinet decides Army Chief’s fate, if all other coaliation didn’t take part on meeting… this is totally autocratic decision and no one can support this….. Maoist will face it’s consiquences very soon…. I bet and I sure… they will

  3. nishant sharma Avatar
    nishant sharma

    Ramro Kaam, Yo taa pahiley nai hunuperney – 1 person ka lagi pura country 2 weeks samma locked hunu perney!!!

  4. Ramesh Avatar

    Fine let them remove Katawal. Now the UML and madeshi parties must leave government and let the maoists fall. Unlikely that will happen though.

  5. subash Avatar

    we people have very short memory. we tend to forget completely what happened even few time back. this is whythe political party exploit and never hesitate to make false promises.
    lets not forget what was the role other parties (NC and UML) were playing before. katual should have been in custody long befor when the Jana andolan ayoog report was out. but the NC and UML rewarded him a promotion to army chief. this reflects the principle nature of the dominating leaders in those parties. the present backing of these parties to katual is just the repetition of their principle character.
    maoist took decision to sack katual despite other parties protest, its not the sigh of democratic. because the political advancement has prooved time and again maoist are right even though they have been alone since the agenda of constitutional assemble they first raised.

  6. sony Avatar

    the maoists are going for TOTAL CAPTURE OF POWER to establish a dictatorship

  7. Shikhar P Acharya Avatar

    Maoist said that King are inherently against peoples’ welfare. Girija and Makune never realized this until Gyanendra kicked their asses. Then they said ‘oh maoist, you were right and we were wrong; forgive us and please save us’.
    Sher Bahadur was a great bhakta of Gyanendra. He rejected the main demand of Maoist, ‘Constituent Assembly’ and let more Nepalese die in the brutal war. He said, ‘you fools, you want republic nepal and constituent assembly; I’ll drink your blood. If anyone can bring their head (I’m sorry, my army and police can’t), I’ll give them millions’ .
    When Gyanendra step over the constitution and sacked this guy twice (I think he is proud about it, thats why he didn’t commit suicide!), then he said ‘oh maoist, you were right; now I wan’t constituent assembly’.
    Supporting the army chief, these moron wanted army supremacy over civilian, and get their asses spanked once again. But Maoist felt pity for these poor guys and sacked Rukmangut.

  8. bhaire Avatar

    Very correct decision……………we shouldn’t be guided by prejudice against the maoist. It’s a great lesson to all the foreign forces who were trying to involve themselves in our internal matters and also a wack in the face to those diplomats who blatantly violate diplomatic norms…………..My suggestion to UML ,MJF and other allies of the government would be not to back off from the governments decision but to stick by it and show a true character of being a nepali than trying to please some foreigners.

    Jai Nepal

  9. barun Avatar

    This is the decisive moment in the history, and we need a good statesman. Unfortunately all we are left with is this bunch of crooked politicians.

  10. Dennis Avatar

    to most of the above comments where ever u people are justifies how small ur brains are and how one can easily tag u as bheda u all are..what good has the Maoist has brought to the country since they have formed the government..the is no the basic supplies of food and necessity in the country..maoist are trying to get total control of u lives u fools…soon there will be bandits in the country roaming freely..have u not learnt lessons form the previous past history..they will make nepla in Cambodia..u fools..the only threat to them was the army which was still holding the county together..once they are gain..there will be no one to stop the Maoist what they want to do u fools…look at the broader picture..

  11. Loft Avatar

    You reap what you sow. The blinded netas did not see the real thing and were swayed to cut theor own feet under guise of Loktrantra and Maoist are doing the same thing with Sovereignty of people. Taste your own taste, I say.
    King did not want to bend to india pressure and sale his nation in chunks or whole but bats did not see this but cried as if Monarchy was the one and only sore of this nation whereas sore was themselves.

    Let the bedlam and strife roam unbirdled- we deserve it. Sorry to say this but I see no other way.

  12. The global Journalist Avatar

    What the f++++. Everybody is why so much concerned about this issue. Maoist are just trying to form the public opinion on their favor and trying to sway people’s sentiment on their interest.

  13. Latentbuddha Avatar

    It’s all about power.who doesn’t want to show off ? Maoists did and remaining will do.we will be watching it passively because we can’t do as well can’t undestand what the f@ke reality is

  14. reader Avatar

    This completes the proof that that Maoists have failed in their capability to govern. Now it is clear that killing people and giving speeches are lot easier than running a government. The country is paying a huge price due to these half-educated so-called leaders, whose only knowledge is based on an ideology that was discarded by rest of the world long time ago.

  15. ishan Avatar

    You are all living in your own dream. Nepal and the Nepalese are being tricked by some foolish politicians’ hands. We can’t even say we are Nepalese in any foreign country, because everybody laughs at us. How can Nepalese be so sily to allow themselves to be tricked by these 2 crazy guys. I feel so sorry for Nepal and the Nepalese.

  16. Kasam Avatar

    History tells maoist is terrorist. One by one they want capture all institutions. They killed thousands of innocent nepalese, they are not punished. Future generation of nepalese will not forgive all these parties and leaders for not punishing Maoist for their cruelty. Now every outfts in Nepal has copied its tactics.

    This action of Maoist was expected. They were trying to coerce others as well to agree for this so blame does not come on them only. Since none agreed. they do on their own which is their ultimate goal. They want all their terrorists PLA in Nepal army.

    They are in govt and controls nepal army. they have guerrilla army as well.

    They have not abided by any agreement done with many parties and groups. Prachand is very cunning and has habit to make agreement for anything to control strike and bandhs (which they used to do earlier) and forget them.
    They are never true to their words.
    Needless to say, they are trained to do so during their guerrilla period. They are still in that mood and cheat people, terrorise people and do their likings.

    They are fit for guerrillas and stay at jungles and hills and can not govern a country

  17. Napali Ho Avatar

    I totally agree with Dennis. Just like to add once Maoist has complete control most of the business house will flee the country and donors will stop giving the aids and Nepal will like North Korea or Burma. Country big on ideology but no freedom and lot of suffering especially to poor.

  18. sandesh Avatar

    This ( sacking of Katuwal)is eventually approved by Girija( ie NC) with the support of Sujata. UCPNM will support Sujata lead gov. CPNM may or may not joined the gov( if it joined they will be lead by Baburam Bhttarai). Sujata will be NC chair as well as PM of the country. In the begining JN will be proposed by NC but as Sujta’s proposition comes from UPNM NC will easily betry JN as Oli’s group will be more than happy about this betrayal. UML particularly JN’s dream becoming PM will be sattered. JN has no guts like Oli. The person who has guts in JN’s group is Bamdev but because of flip flop nature of JN he is weakening day by day.

  19. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    One has to look intension behind it. If you look into the issue raised by Mao’s they are all false.

    Why no action against against PM for 11th ordering 11th hour entry in Game?

    Why no action against PM for asking to file the clarification of issue in Supreme court?

    Why no action against Defence Minister for giving green signal
    for recruitment first and then back tracking?

    The main intension is to capture state by appointing some puppet and then impose dictator rule.

  20. sandesh Avatar

    Jay Nepal,
    Parliament may take action to Prachand if he is found wron/guilty. It is that simple.
    Then give me the answer who takes action against CoAS? Girija, Madhav Nepal, JN or the imcumbent PM.

  21. introvert Avatar

    good job by the government!

  22. Shiv Rana Avatar
    Shiv Rana

    I wonder what is taking Chief of the Army Staff, General Rookmangad Katwal so long to put Parchanda and party to put them behind the bars like General Musharaf did to Sharif in Pakistan. Either he himself is not sure of his army or he also thnks that what the Govt has done is right.

    General Rookmangad Katwal should know that at this time all international community is with him. But if he delays to take over the country the support he has at this oint of time will be lost.

  23. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Hi sandesh !

    Well PM can take action, but do you think there was sufficient
    Second thing is it the way forward to meddle over such thing
    at this juncture.
    I would say Maos have invited unnecessary trouble
    to themselves and the country.

  24. sandesh Avatar

    Hi Jainepal,
    I think PM has sufficient reasons to sack CoAS and he has every right to do so. However, he can be challenged at the parliaments . Making hue and cry in other way is not a proper way.
    Hi Shivajee,
    We have prliament and Nepali people in first place to judge the gov’s decision. International communities ( including India) should not interfere our internal affairs.

  25. sandesh Avatar

    Hi Jainepal,
    I think PM has sufficient reasons to sack CoAS and he has every right to do so. However, he can be challenged at the parliaments . Making hue and cry in other way is not a proper way.

  26. sandesh Avatar

    Hi Shivajee,

    We have prliament and Nepali people in first place to judge the gov’s decision. International communities ( including India) should not interfere our internal affairs.

  27. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    maoist central committee have sacked (they say so) chief of army ………………………… those terrorists have been saying army shoud follow every order unconditionally …………………….. now will maoist order new chief (their chief) to arrest other leaders and public …………………………… looks like hitlar has returned

  28. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Katwal is about to retire in 4 months.
    Khadka is about to retire in 3 months.
    Khadka played in the hands of Maoists to become C-in-C.
    Maoists should have waited until Katwal retires.
    Now Maoists took the bitter pills which will take them down.

  29. bridohi Avatar

    Hey people:

    We do NOT have a Parliament per se. What we HAVE is a CA. The CA & the govt is functiong under an Interim Constitution. The job of the CA is to re-write a Constitution which way behind schedule. Maoist have made a mockery out of this whole process.

    On the other hand, it is in Maoist grand design to let the country governed by chaos so that they can create an environment for justifying th4 capture of the state. They have already brought the business/industrial sector under their sphere of influence due to their militant trade unions. They have infiltrated the bureaucracy & the police. They have the education sector on its knees.

    Jantas are also at their wits end due to the lack of basic services like electricity, water & security. People are too busy trying to find enough water to cook, clean or bathe, let alone go on a protest.

    The economy is has double digit inflation & unemployment.

    Security is non-existent. Terai & the Ethnic based enclaves are burning. Our very fabric as a nation is being torn apart.

    The only two institutions that are left for the Maoists to control is the NA & the Judiciary. They are already tampering with the Judiciary. Now they have made their strategic move to capture the NA through a vertical integration by the nomination of Gen Khadgha as Army Chief.

    Moas did not have to fight their final battle to capture the state. They just had to infiltrate the govt to further their goals.

    Now it is upto us , the People (whom they so often espouse) to decide whether we had enough or we are willing to live under primitive conditions with no security, no employment, no schools for our kids.

    It is time to build a new party that looks after the national interests rather than narrow party interests. Lets throw all these crooks out.

  30. Deva Avatar

    The Army was always under civilian control. All the Nepalese kings were civilians. In the guise of bringing the Army under civilian political control, the Maoists have sacked the Army Chief and surprisingly, the reaction from the Army has been muted yet clear. But be warned, the Army has now understood the value of “Divide and Rule”. The political parties will be divided in the future; and this is where the Army may begin political adventures like in other countries of our subcontinent. A man-eater has now been created.
    All this will only bring further difficulties for the people.

  31. Rajendra Pokharel, Germany Avatar
    Rajendra Pokharel, Germany

    Shikhar P Acharya, Maoists were the ones who did not realize the only way they could come to power was if they opted for elections. They finally realized that and gave up their so called ´people´s war´ and coming to main stream actually worked out in their favor.

    Now, you talk about civilian supremacy…what kind of civilian supremacy does it exits in a communist dicatorship? Like the one in Cuba, or in North Korea, or in China?

    A true civilian supremacy is there where people can criticize their givernment without any fear, where the government listens to its citizen, and people are free choose their representives without any intimidation.

    Did I forget to tell you, your favorite Maoists still own their own militia, and yeah…true, and rightly so, they are still in US government´s terrorist list.

    This is a very complicated time (Goverment owns a separate Army )and any decision givernment takes has serious consequences, and therefore they must be careful about what they decide.

    Now, did I forget to tell you that their true intention is not civilian supremacy, but rather, they wanna control all state instituition including Army. Should not we be suspicious when they publicly say their ultimate goal is to establish a single party communist state?

    Well, I know , you will either brand me Mandale, or Pratigamanbadi…but I am just a concerned citizen without any party affliation who truly believes in civilian supremacy and rule of law!

  32. pakhribas Avatar

    …….the maoists are great ‘game’ players….and this is all a part of their long term strategy…..they may be knocked back a few steps…but they always come right back to the same plan/strategy…never fail………it will be a long road….but these maoists are not going away….they will eventually end up as a dictator government….unless India steps in big with it’s army……otherwise…’s more a question of the ‘other’ parties failiing…..then of the maoists ‘winning’…..!

  33. Himal Raja Avatar
    Himal Raja

    Actually maoist did very good job.don’t compare to Nepal with other country. Let’s give authority to do what nepali peoples wants , beling a largest the maoist has fully authority to dismissed the army chief. I advice, all the old leader of congerss and K.P. Oli from UML need to HANG TILL DEATH for keep peace in Nepal. Jo bideshi ko dalali garer deshma aafno haikam jamaunu chahanchha. maoist has to run the country at least five years without any abstacle. No Nepal Bandha, nothing…. just work work and work.

  34. Dennis Avatar

    Mr.Himal Raja your thoughts to hang people justifies that you are a hardcore Maoist…just like the maoist tied a innocent school teacher to a tree and strangled him to death 7 years ago…ur ideology stinks in this blogsite…people like u provoke violence and support it.let maoist rule country for 5 years and let the country turn into ruins..while people like you rule over weak by the barrel of the gun…we all know what the maoist are up to..and their and your dream will never be successful to have a dictatorial government. what we need is peace and stability in the country to progress not a dictatorial rule to suppress the people and deny their rights.

  35. Dennis Avatar

    I strongly support bridohi !!!!!

  36. One Man Avatar
    One Man

    I would just like to say, How can anyone trust people like PM and FM. They are both here to rule. They have been fooling people from the country side, That there will be food, Money and House for you all on the “other side”. They are just using all to gain power, Eventually as many of you have said they will leave no key unturned and take control

    I don’t even see a good reason for the Katwal to be sacked, Even if there is I believe it should be handled with the court.

    IF they want to talk about “For the people” they should look into their own shoes, of all the killings, Bombing.. so on a so forth, No question was asked from the government just few media personal did about the killings.

    Mr. Katwal, If you are reading this “Take a stand and don’t let criminal take control, its high time someone stand up and STOP all this.

  37. Rajendra Pokharel Avatar
    Rajendra Pokharel

    I agree with Dennis, people like Himal Raja provoke violalence and hatred in the society. These very people who either lack education, or are educated and brainwashed make the base of Maoist movement.

    Problem is bigger than we think. The only socalled democratic party NC is full of corrupt politcians. NC is fine with its principles, they lack the leadership to enforce its own principles. This is the reason people dont trust Nepali Congress, and there is no clear alternative to NC. Either we must wait for people like Gagan Thapa to lead NC (I am skeptical of him too, where is he now…at times like this, he is nowhere to be seen, he cannot make a legitimate claim over leadership if he cannot come against a dictator like Prachanda) or there must be another party to challenge Maoists.

    I always thought, Army coup was a lesser evil compared to Maoist dicatorship, and I stand by it today.

    Freedom to live a peaceful life is bigger than any other freedom, This is a basic freedom. I think, under military rule, atleast this freedom would have been guarenteed. Well, this would have been a better choice between two types of dictatorship.

  38. bridohi Avatar

    Hell with NC, UML, Moa, RPP, MJF, TMDP. These political parties have made a mockery of the political process all in the name of the people.

    Hell with Civil Society who have no guts to come out in the streets to protest the lack of basic services & security.

    Hell with Gagan Thapa et al who have no balls to challenge their own party leaders.

    It will not be upto the parties, its leaders or the so called civil society to get us out of this mess. It is upto US, the People. We, the silent majority need to wake up & make our voices heard.

    We want security. We need basic services. We want stable education for our children. We want to work freely.

  39. xyz Avatar

    The politics to unfold in the days to come is not the repetition of mid 1990s drama – changing of guards by rallying vote of no confidence in the parliament. Don’t be stupid that Maoists can easily be kicked out from the government. The bad days have started for Nepal – if there is anybody to be blamed it is us – for our own indecisions and inactions. Girija should have kicked out this Katuwal long before, he should have gone to CA elections only after PLA integration. There will mass protests and public demonstrations that can be controlled by security forces alone. Definitely, we are heading for wrong directions – Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai has already declared president’s move to be consitutional coup and scrapped peace agreement. Unless these political parties sit together and have a fresh agreement – nothing is going to solve the problem.

  40. nepaliiii Avatar

    maobhadi are the greatest enmy of the country.. they have their own army and they have taken this decision with the preessure from comette of party meeting rather than national decison..they dont have any right to move national army since they have their own army..
    they always threat people rather than do some thing…
    now also they are saying they are threatning that they will go to road with public… what a joke!!!!
    they always thought group of people who are extrimist as the whole nepali people … they are always proud of vote they got but every nepali know how do they got it…in gorkha there is vote for baburam is more than total votters where as me and my family dont even got the chance to vote….and they are saying people are with us !! now the time has changed no body fear of maobadhi and c the result after now..
    mobadhi always talks big things and their behaviour is tottaly like TALIBAN ..they blem other for pets of international countries but every one has noticed that they are busy with internaitonal commitee rather than with nepali..
    after going to government what they has done is to keep their people in good positon and place all the government vacencies with their people……
    it being toooo much from maobadhi…
    lets see now what they come up with…
    jai nepal jai desh

  41. sunny Avatar

    I agree with Nepaliiiii.

  42. pb Avatar

    An elected defense minister sacked the Chief of Army because he didn’t follow orders from an elected government. But instead, tried to gain support by using his contacts in the opposition parties (losers who were voted out by the public). Whats the big deal?

    And don’t even talk about conspiracy theories, grand designs etc. We have heard so much of it already. Who knows what is their plan? Who knows what is Girija’s plan anyway. They should be judged on the basis of what is visible, what is happening right now.


  43. baalmatlab Avatar

    prachanda gas resigned, for better or for worse lets see

  44. Deva Avatar

    I believe the stage is now set for a Nepalese “October Revolution!!!



  45. himali Avatar

    This is the result of Maoist wanting Nepal Army to be a Red Army and they also want YSL as Hitler’s Secret Service to terroize general public. They want to convert clsoe to 100 thousand Nepal army into Communist force armed to the teeth.

    Does any of you think that India will allow that? See what 20 thaousand Talibans are doing to the world, What kind of threat India will face with 100 thousand communist force on otherside of open boarder?

    Put yourself in India’s shoes and tell me what you will do?

    This is a perfect recepie for India’s intervention of force in Nepal. They will start hunting every single Maoist in the country by making Nepal Army their puppet. In search of real Maoist hundredes of thousands of general people will be tourtored and killed. the country is heading towards total Anarchy.

    This is the result of so called county loving leadres, Thank you prachanda, thank you Baburam, Girija, Nepal and you cronies, you guys are number one murder of the country and should be treated like one

  46. nepaliiii Avatar

    look at the news prachanas orgilnal colour !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. nepaliiii Avatar

    breaking videos in every nepali news channel !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. bishal acharya Avatar
    bishal acharya

    लोउ हाम्रो नेता भनोउदाहरुलाई भोट् गरुम् । को चाँही रहिछ जनतबाट सबैभन्दा तिरस्क्रित ?

  49. ro Avatar

    Girija should be tried for abetting in palace masacre, Prachanda and his cronies should be tried and hanged for being athe Pol Pot of Nepal and Madhav Nepal and his henchmen should be ousted from the country for exploiting the weakness of tahe nation and grabbing power at present,

  50. ro Avatar

    Girija should be tried for abetting in palace masacre, Prachanda and his cronies should be tried and hanged for being the Pol Pot of Nepal and Madhav Nepal and his henchmen should be ousted from the country for exploiting the weakness of nation and grabbing power at present,

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