Indians Discuss About the Changed Nepal

Indians discuss changed Nepal

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

A group of eminent Indians with deep interests in Nepal gathered in New Delhi on Saturday to talk about the ‘changed Nepal’ in which they critiqued the first 100 days of the Maoist-led government, raised eyebrows on the Integration, expressed suspicion to ‘the China Card’ and discussed on ways to stop Maoist victory in the elections under the new constitution.

One of the participants in the discussion program organized jointly by Indian Council for International Cooperation and India International Center (IIC) was N N Jha, former Indian ambassador deputy chief of mission to Nepal and a Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) expert on international affairs, who recalled his recent meeting with Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and said that India has to find ways to prevent a Maoist victory in the elections held after the formulation of new constitution.

“The Maoist game plan is to grab the power as much as possible,” said Jha who met Dahal earlier this month in Kathmandu. “Having got rid of monarchy, they are targeting other institutions like judiciary and central bank. The promise to return back the seized land hasn’t been fulfilled; some land has been redistributed to their cadres.”

Jha said that he didn’t see immediate threats to India in the Maoists but said that the former rebels might come up as a problem to India if they win majority in the parliament in next election. “I don’t think that they will do anything to annoy India between now and 2010 when the fresh elections are supposed to be held under the new constitution,” he said. “But if they get majority, they will take everything into their hands and change the constitution the way they want. We have to make sure Maoists don’t win in 2010. We have to plan for now.”

Indians discuss changed Nepal

Rajiv Sikri, former Indian Foreign Secretary Secretary (East) at the Ministry of External Affairs agreed on the necessity of such plan and indirectly suggested that India should go for rigging of elections in Nepal should situation demand so. “It may not be a moral thing to do [the rigging of election for the world’s largest democracy] but foreign affairs doesn’t always work on morality,” Sikri said.

Another participant of the discussion titled “Changed Nepal: Concerns and Challenges for India” held in IIC complex was retired Major General Ashok K Mehta who said that India could use ex-Gorkha soldiers against the Maoists in the polls. “Ex-servicemen who mostly come from West Nepal are our constituency and we should mobilize them [against the Maoists] which we couldn’t do in the previous election [that saw a Maoist victory],” he said.

Claiming that the government in Nepal was represented by hardliners from coalition parties including Home Minister Bamdev Gautam who headed the hardliner faction of the CPN UML, Jha said that Nepal was increasingly siding with China while pointing fingers at India. “Home Minister told me that the unrest in Terai could be traced to the persons at the Indian consulate in Birgunj,” Jha recalled his meeting with Gautam earlier this month. “I heard that even Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) is trying to establish relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. In our meeting Upendra Yadav [Chairman of the MJF and Foreign Minister] didn’t tell me about that and why would he do. He is a former Maoist himself and has learned the tricks from Prachanda who tells only good things to the listener in front of him. And China has offered to build four-lane highway from Kathmandu to Rasuwa. This is the situation we have to deal.”

While discussing about Nepal’s ‘China Card’ participants of the meeting agreed that Jawaharlal Nehru’s theory that ‘India’s frontier lie on the north of the Himalayas’ was irrelevant in present context when the ‘Chinese influence in Nepal has grown by leaps and bounds.’ “Our relations with Nepal are always seen through the India-China prism,” said Dr Ravni Thakur of Delhi University while presenting a paper titled “Impact of China on Indo-Nepal Relations”. “Our policies must not try to bring Nepal into so called India sphere. The [Sino-Nepal] relationship is there and is already significant. Chinese give all kinds of concessions to their small neighbors like Nepal and always support whoever is in power in Nepal. China looks Nepal as an extended economic zone. Perhaps India can mitigate a growing Chinese influence by seeing Nepal as a free trade route to China.”

That view that Nepal should be a free trade route between India and China was immediately countered by Rajiv Sikri who said that that India shouldn’t do that as long as it doesn’t see direct benefit.

Presenting a paper on ‘100 Days of Maoist Rule”, Dr. S Chandrasekharan, Director of South Asia Analysis Group said that the Maoist led-government’s performance was ‘high on oratory and low on achievement.” “Government has failed miserably on law and order,” he said. Claiming that the government was stuck in three cocoons- 1) The Maoist party that is increasingly being controlled by hardliners like Mohan Baidya and C P Gajurel, 2) Ruling coalition that is marred by conflicting interests of the member parties and 3) the Interim Constitution, Chandrasekharan suggested that the government should ‘break out the first, compromise on the second and confine themselves on the third.”

Saying that the present government is led by the party that is ‘ideologically more prone to look North,” S. K. Sinha, retired Lieutenant General and Indian ambassador to Nepal during the 1989 Indian blockade, said that India “should ensure, without stepping on their toes, our national interests are well safe guarded.”

Suggesting that army remains the most important constituency in Nepal Sinha opined that the integration of Maoist combatants in the national army is a serious issue for India. Stating that India never incorporated outside combatants in the national army Sinha said when Bangladesh did the same (by absorbing guerillas from the Mukti Bahini) that led to the assassination of President Sheikh Mujib by the former guerillas. While agreeing that India has very special links with Nepal army and national armies of both countries were ‘enjoying the best of their relations’ participants said that the same might come under threat if the Maoist combatants were included in the national army. “It is something which effects out national security,” said Sinha. “Be it four thousand [Maoist combatants integrated into Nepali army] or five thousand.”





43 responses to “Indians Discuss About the Changed Nepal”

  1. villager Avatar

    Where were these “experts” when they “hosted” the Maoists bunch to undermine the existing establishment then? Now they are complaining?! If you let some outdated ideology driven violent fanatics get to government, next they’ll demand your head. Open your eyes – anyone who openly talks about establishing dictatorial “people’s republic” in today’s world, they have to be ostracized and educated, not supported. Free competitive democracy is the only way in world’s connected world.

  2. antiterrorist Avatar

    Nepal is not changed, India is changed.
    Chaos would be similar if dalits started the whole thing from scratch….
    There is only one real problem in Nepal hatred and jealousy, even the christians hate the hindus and are happy they lost.
    This is not good for Nepal all should win. Jay Nepal.
    And India has its own problems as we know. Nepalese muslims are happy to be nepalese they do not need their own Pakistan. Do they?

  3. opportunism Avatar

    What is good for all will be good for both Nepal and India. For mainstream hindus who prefer go greet the King than so called government which has but produced more mess…
    blame India good idea

  4. ngo Avatar

    Why there is a peace process and the river smells worse than ever?
    Would be good to see what the World Bank did to improve infraestructure and what is excpected of nepalese people itselves.
    the garbage is collected if you rise in the morning.

  5. The Indigeneous Avatar
    The Indigeneous

    Good coverage Wagle ji. Why are Indians so bothered about Nepal? Perhaps it is time to get rid of the Indian dogs in the capital. Completely cut off from India. If Isreal can do it, we can definitely do it.

  6. arts Avatar

    why dont these indian policy wonks realize that its in their economic interest to have a stability in its closest neighbours?
    bihar n up can never prosper if there is a lawless country nextdoor.
    to generate hydro energy and invest in infrastructure, the minimum that is required is a rule of law

  7. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    hope whatever they are talking is just a local bar chat which starts after getting drunk……………………………..
    ………………………………………. if indian govt. listen to those outdated oldtimers……………………………………. the outcome will be disastor for both nepal and india and even the region…………………………………………………………
    we can do what is needed ourself………………………. the only thing we need from so called friends is what friends are suppose to stand for……………………………….
    ……………………………………………………. we are trying to bring peace, freedom, destroy terrorist which we can do and we have ………resources, brain………. to achieve ………………………………….. but if india steps in ……………………………………………… it would only help terrorists………………………………… so back off………………….
    ……………………………………. i have more things to say
    ………. contd.

  8. harke Avatar

    India’s foreign policy towards its neighbours has always been destructive, never constructive. Indian establishment and its intelligence treats all its neighbours as a threat, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan and same is the case with Nepal.

    Recent terrorist attacks in India has been a counter attack. India has always suffered from stability problems. This is because all its neighbours are unstable. Until and unless India changes its way of doing foreign policy, it can never be a world-super power, a world leader, as it wants to be. India has been making more foes than allies and it takes all its neighbours as its foe.

    It is clear that Indian government supported the Maoist terrorist organization to kick the Monarchy out of the picture. The masterminded it, gave birth to it, funded them and used them. Now it has started to backfire.

    Change you policy India!!!! If you again resort to destructive measures, it is again going to backfire.

  9. introvert Avatar

    Thank you wagle ji for your informative article.

    That is unfortunate that if they try to interfare our interest. Indian if they want Nepal not to be too close to china, they have to align with our interest. Whoever can work aligning with the interest of the majority of Nepali, we support them.

    What they talking is highly immoral or unethical and direct interference which shows their foreign policy is distructive towards us.

    Now, what Nepali people have choice is to bring the party in full power which can bring back our control in Kathmandu and Nepali will rule in real but not being the speaker of foreign gang.

    We want party which can lookafter Nepali by taking great care of Nepali’s interest and bringing back those neighbours to align in our interest. We dont want the party which align in the interest of either India, China , USA or other countries.

    Nepal is not special service centre of big countries. Its our country, we deserve who to choose to put in government.

    Think guys, what is going to happen if they could succeed as they plan. So wake up!

  10. IT Freak Avatar


    the indian govt has to mind its own business

    9/11 is the what happened to america. and the mumbai blast maybe is something really big for you ppl

  11. matribhumi Avatar

    I am so glad that I have given up my Nepalese citizenship. I cannot fathom the fact that personalities like Upendra Yadav and PK Dahal are representing the Nepalese people. These people who have no morality, education, and are much lower in intellectual capability than an SLC grad are representing the Nepalese people in the current world forum. I would hide my face in shame when you hear these people speak in world conferences or when you see pictures of these people when they greet other dignitaries that come to Nepal. There are many nepalese that are very successful around the world and would feel the same if these goons thugs and uneducated immoral individuals are representing them. There is very little doubt in my mind that Nepal is heading towards a disaster from the one before. Maoists are making this transition quicker. We can shout and scream and say Nepal is independent and we are not a special service to big countires but at the end of the day, Nepal is not self-sufficient. We do not have basic necessisites even electricity. We rely on others and beg for our living on a daily basis. yes it is our country u claim, but the rule of law no longer exists, might is right and even more right is political might. I will continue to cherish my heritage and my culture but I am glad that I am done with a symbol of a lawless government run by thugs on my travel document and I am glad.

  12. matribhumi Avatar

    NEpal and Nepalese people are on a path of destruction. What do the nepalese people look forward to ?
    How much do the Nepalese people have of these right now ? Education is being eroded by politics, these students who is going to hire them if they are chamcha of political figure? gagan Thapa will be a security guard in Dubai somewhere, will he ever get a PhD from a reputed university ?
    10 hrs without electricity…what is going to operate in this country ? who is willing to invest ? We will rely on aid and begging for the rest of our lives.
    Water scarcity….lack of sanitation means more disease and more illness in the community and nation.
    Hospitals lack money to function well, ambulances are donated from India. When will these shameless politicians do something. Who supports these politicians, the Youth groups, are these youth groups the future of the country, becasue they decided who is going to be in poer, not you or me. They threaten and bully and kidnap and terrorize, then decide who will be in power in your independant nepal. Think about it. My suggestion is to get out of the country when you can, the only people left back are the ones who cannot get out and even they are trying desperately. The ones who do well in nepal are only politicans. the rest have no hope.

  13. zyz Avatar

    Gyane’s downfall started when he attacked media. Now, maoist’s downfall will start with the attack on media

  14. Milan Avatar

    Prachande will meet the same fate that Pol pot had to face: a death like a street dog.

  15. gyane maila Avatar
    gyane maila

    These Indian Terrorists should be hanged in the middle of the Tundikhel and there flesh should left for vultures to eat.. That is why we Need Nuclear Pakistan always teasing M.F. Indians. These Indian M.F. never let any of there neighbours progress.

  16. Prakash Sharma Avatar
    Prakash Sharma

    These Indian Terrorists should be hanged in the middle of the Tundikhel and there flesh should left for vultures to eat.. That is why we Need Nuclear Pakistan always teasing M.F. Indians. These Indian M.F. never let any of there neighbours progress.

  17. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    the gossip regarding indian’s hand in unstability during 12yr democracy is true………………………………
    …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. it took 10yrs for india to create maoist terrorist and it took us just 100 days to expose them about to be demolished. ……………………………………………………………
    ……………………………………these are the faces who have been making indian policies and look where is india now……………. its a living hell where terrorist like dawood is portraited as a real life hero by their media who is licked by their movie heroes (whose fans he kills) and still public see them as god……………….


  18. braindrain Avatar

    Pol pot go home

  19. Roopess Avatar

    Thank you for good coverage.
    We always see the Indian interferance in Nepal’s politics, may that be Hydro power or be land reformation or transport development. We are not on the speed we should have been because of India in many ways.
    We are just bothered why the Indian leaders so much concerned about Nepal(may it be good or bad).. Can’t they leave Nepal in its own way??

  20. Vashir Avatar

    India thinks it is the new British Empire. Didn’t it crash?

  21. ChakreMilan Avatar

    They are the worst criminals of 20th and 21st centuries:

    Hitler = Stalin = Saddam hussein = Pol pot = Puspa kamal Dahal aka Prachanda

  22. Logic Avatar

    Why ? Because they are ruling us….

  23. steven Avatar

    a group of former has-beens discussing their wet dreams of going gung-ho over nepal shouldn’t be taken as a policy matter to be implimented by the government. Most of the things said in this meeting is highly controversial and access to this information would have been nearly impossible for an ordinary citizen leave alone a foreign reporter. anyway there is a huge diffrence in what you want and what you might get, dont you think that if the Govt. of india had its way then the Maoist would have lost badly in the election. Their leanings towards the Chinese has always been a source of worry to the Indian government and its getting more worrisome with each passing day. I dont think high oil prices, shortage, bandhs, unemployment are India’s fault. But yes if you are talking about India trying to influence Nepal then its absolutely true, the same thing can be said for Indo-USA ties or even Indo-sri lanka, everyone is trying to influence each other for a bit of advantage.thats what politics and survival is all about, especially if you are struggling for resources.
    P.S Dinesh Wagle, where are you living in N delhi, done any sightseeing yet???

  24. xyz Avatar


    Because like other ruthless dictators, Chabbi lal dahal aka prachanda believes capture of state power through violence.

  25. candlelight Avatar

    peoples democracy cannot be no load shedding in chhetri area……
    merry x mas and all lights on in hospitals wherever
    god bless the peoples voting mistake now what?

  26. NepalUday Avatar

    I would like to react to ‘Matribhumi’ in particular….

    What he has mentioned is the true picture of current Nepal…He is right…the situation here is getting worse day after day….everyday I get up in the morning and log on to these news portals to see some rays of hopes…everyday is a disappointment…you do not get to read anything which would improve of your daily’s full of political’s full of masalas…In that sense I agree with ‘Matribhumi’.

    What worries me is – he is glad to renounce his Nepalese Citizenship. He might have solid reasons to do that. But it still worries me as a Nepali. Have we really lost all hopes that we take such extreme steps?? Does he/she represent a popular mood of today’s Nepal?? Are we losing pride in calling ourself a Nepali?? Is our foundation so weak that we lose our patience so easily that we renounce our identity?? These are the profound thoughts which come into my mind when I come across such comments. I do not want to suggest anything to ‘Matribhumi’…I respect his decision as he understands his situation better…but I would like to mention we should not lose faith in life so easily. We must fight it out..we should start a movement to bring in change..we should start a ‘Teach Nepal’ drive to educate our people..our people in village. We should mobilize people at grassroot level to do something constructive for living rather than only talking about politics & Raksi & Juua. Let’s work towards developing leaders at village level who can usher Nepal to a New Nepal. I know these are difficult tasks…but not as difficult a task as giving up one’s’s identity…

    There is no point talking anti India..or pro China. We have to chalk out our destination ourself. They are our neighbours..we can’t change our neighbours. We have no option but to look forward to a great relationship. Instead of looking at how India or China kill our national interest, we should look at the immense opportunity these 2 countries offer to us..they say India & China are going to be Economic Super power by 2025. What an opportunity for us?? We can immensely benefit if we get our economic and Foreign affair policy right.

    We have to start believing that New Nepal is possible. Whether it’s Maoist or any other political party in power..Nepal would prosper..noone can stop it…We have to have this faith..Each one of us start contributing to this pursuit..Each one of us formulate our own agenda and start contributing…As R.N. Tagore’s famous poem read..”Jodi tor dak sune keu na ase tobe ekla cholo re (if noone comes out by listening ur call then u start ur journey alone….)

    I leave you with this thought…

    Jai Nepla Uday!

  27. Bitter Truth Avatar
    Bitter Truth

    If you want to sell yourself then there are people to buy.
    Whom do we blame Girija, Nepal, Prachanda, Gyane, Upendra,…………………………list goes on. And then we can blame
    ourselves because except Gyane we have elected all of them.
    Go on blaming …………………………………………………………………………
    No solution.
    Best way out is to have a leader which can build good
    foreign relation. You cannot progress without having Good
    relation with India and China. Thats the bitter truth.

  28. responsable Avatar

    unions are responsable ha ha from anapurna hotel they nobly declared themselves guilty with alibi opposition owns the papers and maobadi own the world or what?
    In between the rest of the world grabs paisa
    merry new year I am out of here.

  29. Logic Avatar


    Actual truth is, many Indian dalals are woking for the sake of power and India.

  30. busuniss Avatar

    Nepal Uday you are right positive input is better.
    Values like cooperation and honesty will convince the business community from international to keep coming and working in Nepal.
    The complex issue seems to be that Unions need to exist and factories do not survive. I am not an economist but all should see how the business climate can improve also for small enterprises. I think of my friend who has a cyber and looses so much income just because there is no current. And we have to admire the people that do something .
    I do admire Prachandras professional attitude somehow the right person was chosen in a difficult situation, he is as reliable as the old Koirala. Bbc tv showed the King moved into his hunting lodge very simple bungalow. I find that hard to believe.
    Maybe government is just being realistic researching the inheritance of corruption and feudalism. The beliefs about lower classes are still very much existing. This upper class lower class thing is very resistent- During the Saarc conference a newspaper mentioned 49% of the population has tb I find that hard to believe but it comes from malnutrition in Europe and the USA people who live in the streets get it. I wish the World Bank would pump some good money into more than only infrastructure. Before roads people need to adress health which yes is related to air pollution, nutrition. For all.

  31. ' democratic image' Avatar
    ‘ democratic image’

    Quote unquote Kunda Dixit.
    Prachandra needs more than an image he needs full cooperation old style.
    For his trip to nordic countries ha ha.
    Prime minister did the one thing he was chosen for, cancelled decorum formalities.
    Do we all support the same person yes the media circus must go on.

  32. Ten Zen Avatar

    Either it is india or China, we can not tolerate them to interfering in our matter. They must be friends not big boss and it will be in their benefits. If Nepal will not develop then it will surely affect negatively to both of the countries and I assume that they know it best. But India is interfering everytime in our politics, our economy and many times in our borders. What India is doing? It is seen by the people of Nepal and haterd has been grown in the heart of people of Nepal for India. Beware India ………….. and stop interfering in our matters.

  33. Your are right xyz Avatar
    Your are right xyz

    If you got power and block India’s boarder for Two months our country will drastically change I support ur answer but think about what happen to our country, how we wll managed petrol, gas, salt for our country we are totally dependent on them with out crying and begging to India and china and for every time to world bank we people have no work.
    Today India is growing with 7% GDP growth, Service sector contribute 70% of it , how it is possible is due to their educated population, Many FDI inflow in the country, What about our young generation going abroad for jobs of labor(mainly as labor production country) not for educated service jobs,
    So, If we have educated young generation and politically stable nation we can also get BPO, KPO, FDI inflow but where we are heading is only in the path of distruction.

    previously I feel proud as Nepali but today nothing that make me proud as Nepali , You can say to be proud for Mount Everest but it was still there at time of king and todays democracy

    May God help us all Nepali and Nepal

  34. Nishchal Pandey Avatar
    Nishchal Pandey

    Dinesh bhai, Kudos to you for the good work and keep it up during your new posting. I don’t remember NN Jha being the Ambassador to Nepal. He was only the Deputy Chief of Mission. Rajiv Sikri retired as Secretary (East) at the MEA not as Foreign Secretary.

  35. JAI NEPAL Avatar

    Hay bebakuf NEPALI haru Kina Birsey ko Ki India bata nun ra dhago na aaye hami haru lay khana ra luga lagau na paudainau aani petrol india lay na pathaya paani haalat k bhannu parcha ………….Jai nepal and jai bharat

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  37. Dentists Roseville Avatar

    I do hope that stability be restored in this part of the world as both India and Nepal are nations rich in resources and rich in culture.

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