A Nepali Docs Tragic Death in the US

By Deepak Adhikari and Jerome L. Sherman in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette This story originally appeared in the PG In this mountainous country bordered by India and China, doctors are considered to be godlike. That makes the fall of Dr. Shiva Lal Acharya, who left a farming village to attend Nepal’s most prestigious medical school andContinue reading “A Nepali Docs Tragic Death in the US”

Indians Discuss About the Changed Nepal

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal A group of eminent Indians with deep interests in Nepal gathered in New Delhi on Saturday to talk about the ‘changed Nepal’ in which they critiqued the first 100 days of the Maoist-led government, raised eyebrows on the Integration, expressed suspicion to ‘the China Card’ and discussed on waysContinue reading “Indians Discuss About the Changed Nepal”

Maoist, the Party of Prime Minister, Attacks Himalmedia, the Newspaper House

Update: The CPN-UML boycotted a scheduled meeting of the political coordination committee, which was supposed to be attended by Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal, as a mark of protest against the Maoist attack on Himalmedia Pvt Ltd on Sunday. The UML also issued a statement condemning the Maoists for “brutal attack” on Himalmedia. Former CPN-UMLContinue reading “Maoist, the Party of Prime Minister, Attacks Himalmedia, the Newspaper House”

Federalizing the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Officially the former kingdom of Nepal has become the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. But the country hasn’t been federalized yet. By Bipendra Basnyat Just came out of an evening of brain storming about Naya Nepal; the idea was to discuss some of the scholarly articles on how can Naya (New) Nepal be “federated”. InContinue reading “Federalizing the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal”

Drafting Of Statute for the Republic of Nepal Formally Begins

By Republica Republica is upcoming English language newspaper from Kathmandu, Nepal. Newly formed committees at the Constituent Assembly today started the process of drafting a new constitution for the Republic of Nepal, eight months after the people elected the supreme constitution-making body. Fourteen committees including a Constitutional Committee, 10 thematic committees and three procedural committeesContinue reading “Drafting Of Statute for the Republic of Nepal Formally Begins”

TEN Reasons to Invest in Nepal

By Bhupendra Khanal Many aggressive companies are staying away from Nepal, thanks to poor security situation. The power majors are considering of huge investment in Hydropower sector to export power to the power hungry states of India and China, and this is good news for Nepal. A country with very high hydro-power potential has oneContinue reading “TEN Reasons to Invest in Nepal”