Army Integration….Nepali Congress Speaks

For the record: Nepali Congress “will not let the integration happen if the Maoists continued their criminal activities.”

Nepali Congress (NC) President Girija Prasad Koirala today said he is not in favour of integration of the Maoist combatants into the Nepal Army (NA). He said that the NC, the opposition party in the Constituent Assembly, will prevent the army integration to save the NA from politicisation. “The NC is against the army integration now since the Maoists have continued violence,” he added. Addressing the National Awareness Campaign of the NC in Nepalgunj today, the former prime minister referred to the killing of two youths in Dhading by the Maoist youth wing Young Communist League (YCL), and said, “I will not let the integration happen if the Maoists continued their criminal activities.” He further claimed that the YCL will eventually put an end to the Maoists and party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Stating the Maoists did not opt for drafting a new constitution, the octogenarian leader said he came to give voice to it and claimed that the NC would make a history by writing the constitution. “Appears that the Maoists are moving ahead with the intention not to make a new constitution,” he said, “That is why I have come to ‘bugle’ for the constitution making.” He further underscored the need for unity among the political forces for the constitution making.

Criticising Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s recent remarks that the parliamentary system has failed, the former prime minister opined that the Maoists fit for the ‘bad workmen blames their tools’. “If you don’t accept the parliamentary system, why have you come?” he asked. Alluding to a myth, he said, “Prachanda [the Maoist chairman and the PM] is like Kalidas. He is trying to cut off the branch he is sitting on” However, he noted that the Maoists are learning the parliamentary system as they entered the parliament after carrying guns. “Though fusion of democracy and communism already occurred,” he said, “I haven’t understood the meaning of fusion the Maoists long.” Claiming that the fusion has been accepted in Nepal after 1950, Koirala said, “If you fuse communism with democracy, it becomes socialism. If you remove democracy from socialism it becomes communism.”

Earlier today, addressing the programme organised as the part of party revival campaign, NC Acting President Sushil Koirala accused the Maoists of going against the people’s movement and mandate. Speaking at the same programme, NC youth leader Gagan Thapa said that that it would cost the Maoists their berth if they decided to go for the people’s republic.

Several NC central committee members including Krishna Sitaula, Arjun Narsingh KC, Dina Bandu Shrestha, Sujata Koirala and Khum Bahadur Khadka addressed the programme. Though other leaders were given two-minute time each for their speech due to time constraint, the NC acting presient who himself stayed as the time keeper let Gagan Thapa to speak for 10 minutes following an overhelming request from party workers.





25 responses to “Army Integration….Nepali Congress Speaks”

  1. aAkaR Avatar

    This is nothing, just a politics…

  2. aAkaR Avatar

    This is nothing, just a politics…
    But I support Koirala’s opinion.

  3. harmonypeace Avatar

    I was against integration, because I felt it was ridiculous, now that we seem to be all going down integrate by all means.
    The reality of crime on the streets forever calls for positive action today.
    Once you allow a blackmailer to run your life you learn.
    The so called people are misguided, there is good and bad using that same flag of Maoism. Maoism is an outdated ideology, indigenous peoples is all of Nepal.
    And even being indigenous does not give one the right to slash a fellow being with a knife and again.
    Long live the opposition forever.

  4. foraigninfluens Avatar

    Mao has been put on stage by frustrated internationalists sponsoring nepali press.
    We strongly suggest don’t do to someone elses country which you would not like to be done to your own. Bomb new york?
    Delhi? Frankfurt?Bogota?

  5. koiraila Avatar

    K believes army integration is politicization of the army. I don’t understand I thought status quo of the army is to protect the country.
    Of course if the army would be maoist that would be China the chinese model where the army prohibits journalists to see the real China and shows only glamour.
    Integration means they are common soldiers and can be sent to Somalia, or to save old women, children and helpless people, be more like the red cross. The other day in Nagarkot some trekkers were saved by the army that is useful army.
    The motivation to integrate is create jobs?
    Peace? Salaries?

    Pacification is the only thing and in a democracy like example France it is acceptable for the country to be divided 50% %0% meaning conservative and mildly socialist.
    In Asia there is no tradition of democracy, but you have Pol Pot, you have the negative examples. And India the supercapitalist Power. China the human rights disaster and capitalism of brainwashed nation with one child policy.
    For freedom in Nepal the army integration within one year should de facto be bistare, the army does not rule the country the army is a neutral superfluent institution in times of peace and war.
    Name good things the army does for the country, name good things the maobadi did for Nepal apart from combatting alcoholism and education. And creating a full exodus of nepalese people.
    What do maoist fighters themselves think about giving up ideologies?

  6. RaM ShresthA Avatar

    An appeal to all the politicians. Now STOP! i repeat now STOP fighting and let put hand in hand to develope the nation. Lets make our Nepal a best place to live in the world.

    Be an example. God Bless Nepal and Nepali

  7. RaM ShresthA Avatar


    An appeal to all the politicians. Now STOP! i repeat now STOP fighting and let put hand in hand to develope the nation. Lets make our Nepal a best place to live in the world.

    Be an example.
    God Bless Nepal and Nepali

  8. stopstop Avatar

    agree with rshresthaji

  9. Ram Shrestha Avatar

    Its been a pretty long time that the government of Nepal has not initiated any work in the path of country’s development. rather happy to pull each other’s legs.

    All Nepali Lets unite to Develope our country.

    God Bless Nepal and Nepali.

  10. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Army integration should not be carried out at any cost. But it will be wise for Nepal Army to open recruitment centers in all 75 districts of Nepal. This will make it easy for the local people of all ethnicity to join the Nepal Army if they wish.

  11. difference Avatar

    Maybe one of the obstacles between regular army and maoist combattants is that both have dead people to mourn who cannot be mourned and this will take generations to overcome.
    Do not underestimate the driving force of guilt of survivors.
    Survivors are on both sides there are widows of dead policemen, dead army, dead comrades. Childens lives wasted over dead parents. When they fought for a decade are they now silenced?

    There is a legal opposition and a legal government and a collective commitment to pacification not this idiotic peace the buddhists and hindus mention.
    The condition for peace is pacification. Likeminded people this is not we feel nepalese. How can I feel nepalese when my caste is outcast. Starving and exploited. The basic result is general indifference and justified mutual distrust.
    Yet there is tremendous commitment on governments side as well as opposition sides. Clear the name of a murderer? In the name of poverty and exlusion?
    This is what the silent majority feels and yes why the police is hated.
    Beloved army? Beloved maobadi?
    Both are hated equally remember.

  12. multiparty Avatar

    mao has an attractive ideology to all former loosers and future lost

  13. people voice Avatar
    people voice

    What NC will speak ? They had already signed the agreement with maoist. NC will only speak when Girija will not be in power.

  14. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    police opened fire………………………………………….
    ……… i support it………………………………… if the criminals have weapon and they were using it then police should shut to kill………. but one thing they shoiuld remember is innocent should not be hurt by police firing……………………………………………………. govt. shoiuld give police video cameras or at least camera phones so that they can shot the video of criminal befor or the reason to shot and also whole shooting video …….
    …………………………………………………. …………. govt. should ask US govt. to train nepalese authority in covert operations, technology needed ………………………….. it will be easy to convict corrups, criminal activities, foul bidding going on around

  15. Red Avatar

    Both the Maoists and the NC are bargaining now, like the buyers and sellers you see so often in the footpaths of Nepal (oh wait, aren’t the footpath operations now shut down?).

    Both these parties are taking extreme view points in hope that they can get the other party to come to terms which wouldn’t be the extreme demands that each of them are putting forward, but would contribute more to their respective advantages.

  16. Rahul Avatar

    It is just not quite amazing to see that the parties are fighting for just one reason and it is being elongated like a chewing gum.

    Why aren’t the politicians being serious about the main agenda? the agenda of making a new constitution for our country?

  17. feeel nepalese Avatar

    President tells people to feel nepalese.
    I think this blog should be in nepalese language maybe those writing do not feel nepalese?

  18. hope Avatar

    expelled for genocide koirala?

  19. Vashir Avatar

    kill them all!

  20. Ghatozkat Avatar

    I am against this integration. Maoists, with the kind of actions they are showing up almost every day should not be let to share the same stage with an institution like the Nepalese army. I have heard some Maoists leaders yelling that no one could stop Pasang from being the C & C of NA. These maoists leaders dream a lot, but they need to wake up before not only their dreams but they get shattered.
    I would like to see an end to Maoists rule in Nepal soon. I can’t say how would this happen because Maoists would not let other governments run the country in which they are not present and keeping the Maoists in the government means increasing impunity day by day. I cannot suggest how this brutality should end. Perhaps the solution by Vashir is the only remaining solution to this ongoing problem.

  21. arun Avatar

    Nepal dont need much army as the country cant afford to keep them all like pig. Mao, madhesi all have fought for their rights to give new configuration of the country . so the qualified one should be integrated.
    if the mao army, madhesi army are qualified and meet the requirements they can be integrated in equal proportion. there should not be unfair for the other group.
    about the army integration, the government will surely avoid madhesi integration. but gov must be serious enough if they want the stability in terai.

  22. IT Freak Avatar

    We have a saying in Nepali,
    “Kag karaudai garcha, pina sukdai garcha

    Nepali congress ko pani halat yesto nahos hai.

    Jai Nepal. Jai Matribhumi.

  23. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    why are we paying maoist in the govt., maoist in the parliament, ……………….. are we paying them to hatch conspiration against nepalese or to perform their duty ……… running govt., making consti……………. …….. or we are paying them like we used to pay to royals…….
    ……………… what is going on……………

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