Problem of Seniority in the Cabinet (and List of New Ministers)

…that led the UML to stay away from the oath taking ceremony. Only eight ministers were sworn-in yesterday as UML said they won’t join govt without 2nd ranking in the cabinet

The UML proposed that its senior leader Bam Dev Gautam be ranked in the second position after PM Dahal while the Maoists presented their senior leader and Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai for that slot.…a report by Ghanashyam Ojha

The three-party journey has landed in hot soup at the very outset, with a major partner–CPN (UML)–boycotting the swearing-in ceremony yesterday citing the ‘seniority order’ in the newly formed cabinet. With the UML’s decision to abstain from the function, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal administered the oath of office and secrecy to only eight ministers–four each from the Maoists and the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF)– at the President’s Office Friday evening. The Maoists are yet to finalize the names of five ministers. The UML decided to boycott the swearing-in at the last minute as it differed seriously with the Maoists over the issue of who should be the senior-most minister in the cabinet hierarchy after the PM.

The UML has selected former deputy prime minister and party standing committee member Gautam for the home ministry portfolio. Although the two parties negotiated for more than two hours, they failed to reach agreement.

The UML has warned that it won’t join the coalition government until the Maoists agree to provide second senior-most status to Gautam. “UML will never join the government if the Maoists don’t review their stance,” said UML General Secretary Jhalanath Khanal. He argued that the UML, being the second largest party in the government after the Maoists, must get second position after the prime minister. He said Gautam, who has already been a deputy prime minister, is more senior to Dr Bhattarai. “The Maoists’ stance is another form of totalitarianism,” Khanal said, adding, “They (Maoist) want both the first and second positions in the government.” Both the parties have, however, agreed to resume negotiations after PM and Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal returns from his visit to China.

Minister selection causes conflict in UML The selection of ministers has given rise to serious conflict within the UML. After the party standing committee meeting Friday morning selected six ministers, party central leaders including Bhim Rawal, Radha Gyawali and Surendra Pandey have accused the party leadership of failing to maintain inclusiveness. They have warned that they will be compelled to resign from the party if the its leadership doesn’t review its decision. “The party leadership has not included anyone from Seti, Mahakali or Karnali zone in the list of ministers,” central leader Rawal said. He said all Constituent Assembly (CA) members representing the three zones, will go to the extent of resigning en masse from the party if the party leadership doesn’t immediately review its decision. There are eight CA members from the three zones, including six from Seti and one each from Mahakali and Karnali. When asked about the issue, UML General Secretary Khanal said, “We are yet to discuss the meaning of the protest.”

Cabinet endorses CMP The first cabinet meeting after its expansion Friday endorsed Common Minimum Program of the government agreed among CPN (Maoist), CPN-UML and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum on Thursday. The meeting held for one and half hours at Prime Minister’s Office also decided to send PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal to Beijing to attend the closing ceremony of Olympic Games, and Foreign Affairs Minsiter Upendra Yadav to India for BIMSTEC meeting. The meeting also endorsed code of conduct for the ministers agreed by three parties.

New Ministers


Dr Baburam Bhattarai–Finance
Ram Bahadur Thapa-Defense
Krishna Bahadur Mahara-Information and Communications
Dev Gurung-Law and Justice and Parliamentary Affairs


Upendra Yadav-Foreign Affairs
Bijaya Kumar Gachchhedar-Physical Planning
Jaya Prakash Gupta-Agriculture
Renu Yadav-Education

Proposed UML Ministers

Bamdev Gautam-Home
Ram Chandra Jha–Local Development
Bishnu Poudel-Water Resources
Kiran Gurung–Forests
Gopal Shakya–Youth and Sports
Asta Laxmi Shakya–Commerce and Industry





25 responses to “Problem of Seniority in the Cabinet (and List of New Ministers)”

  1. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    is maoist a dangeriously power hungry org. or they have a huge internal problem…………………… …………… both are dangerious signs. ………………… keep your eyes open people. and mind clear.

  2. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    young wing of terrorist outfit just bit some nepalese in kathandu………………….. what the hell the chaaka PM doing…………… ……………….The maoist govt. attrocity account just opened. – few bones credit.

  3. I am wondering Avatar
    I am wondering

    Where are the women in the Nepalese cabinet? How come there were more females and even in more senior posts in the former government?

    Why don’t the two Communist Parties not just stop talking about including women and admit that they don’t care?

  4. Brian Owens Avatar

    Interesting point of view. I’ll consider changing my mind about this but for now I still don’t see things the same way you do.

  5. Patriot Avatar

    we never find these bastards fighting over good things for the country.either its their bonus, their pajeros, power, govt sponsored holidays …. anything but the real issues ….

    its pathetic these opportunistic pigs in our country, they wil rape the country til theres no more breath left in her and stil fight over the dead body …. i wish i cud hang all of ’em … stone them to death.

  6. entertainment ground Avatar

    jati jogi aye pani kanai chireko….

  7. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    UML is the most shameless party. To begin with I thought very little of the UML and MKN. However, despite doing so poorly in the elections have having the most worthless incompetant politians they still have the nerve to ask for second place. I am telling you they just have no shame. Bam Dev Gautam is one of the most currupt, useless human being on the face of this planet. The UML should be ashamed about recent electoral performance and try to reinvent themsleves. Instead they are demanding second place.

  8. matribhumi Avatar

    I cannot belive the Foreign Ministry went to this chamcha of Manmohan Singh…I hope and pray the Maoists place national pride and soverignity above all else. I cannot believe this useless uneducated fool has become a foreign minister. Thukka…

  9. matribhumi Avatar

    madhise lai bujho lagauna ke ke garnu parne…why don’t we just give them terai and tell them to be part of india or something…my intelligence is put to shame by idiots like Upendra jha representing me as a Nepali in the world.

  10. hope Avatar

    They are saying loud and clear the only thing they care is themselves, to hell with the country and it’s people!! How should one get more clearer than this, I wonder!!

  11. Pawa Ilam Avatar
    Pawa Ilam

    Jhalanath Khanal is in high with his over dose chewing Tobacco. That is all his priority. Nothing else.

  12. parth guragain Avatar
    parth guragain

    this episode further exposes how much the politician care about the is not any politics of prlnciples.these are the things of past.what i think that all the politicians seems to copy those indian parlamitarian who seems proud of shwing cash in parliament and moke democracy.

  13. antiupendra Avatar

    Upendra Yadav-Foreign Affairs

    A troublesome name for nepal’s integrity, identity and sovereignty. Lets see if PKD and his cohorts tighten their leash on him..

  14. Sudip "kanchha" Avatar

    Why does UML follow the similar character of NC ?

    First, UML is greedy of credit which every Nepali hoping of good things because there this is Maoist lead government. Now the question is, UML prefers whether good governance or ” big talk ” only.

  15. harish Avatar

    these chor leaders doing nothing for the country.power hungry .who gets what position? when they are going to think to devlop our country?

  16. Patriot Avatar

    For me if there is any faith left in the leadership, its only the maoists, that too only bcoz they wanted it so bad and the rest parties were so damn pathetic. i hope maoists deliver, the UML, NC they have always been anti-national …

    its so funny, Makune immediately resigned from his post when he was defeated, making it look like he was doin a dignified thing, whereas the truth was he had lost mandate/moral authority to lead the party, how else wud his party members follow him.

    and when he saw a chance to negotiate for the prez, he went for it. wht in the god’s name did he think tht people wud accept him as Prez, when he was rejeted even from his own electorate. same thing with girija who announced time and again he’d resign from politics once election was over.

    these bastards wil cling onto their seats til they are 99 all hump backd and spittle oozing out their mouth, wrinkled and diseased til their last breath, none of them care for the country, there is no single proof of that yet in the short history of democratic nepal.

  17. Patriot Avatar

    i am thinkin … wht wud be the implications if we dragged one of these corrupt bastards out on the streets and stoned him to death or even burn him alive for the crime of raping this motherland time and again. would that be too much anarchy? how abt we start with girija, then makune, deuba, sujata, gautam ….

    if maoists also deceive the nation like these bastards, then their turn wil also come … prachanda, baburam one-by-one …. but i hope they dnt turn out like these old vultures ….

  18. arun Avatar

    who r u to decide terai? terai belongs only to madhesi not to blady pahade or india.

  19. Deepesh Avatar

    UML is never going to change. They always wanted to misutilise the power and they have successfully made their attempt successful this time too, and specially when its BAM DEV GAUTAM handling the Home portfolio.

  20. Deepesh Avatar

    Arun: Can you please explain me the defination of Madhesis

  21. arun Avatar


  22. arun Avatar

    . in the history of pahade there is no madhesh, no madhesi in nepal so no useful to define madhesh or madhesi to u blady pahade.

  23. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    At last the madheshis’ betrayer UPENDRA YADAV successed to get his achievement of minisitry for that he struggled in different way for last 10 years.
    He must get punishment to betray madhesh and madheshis.

  24. Deepesh Avatar

    Arun: When you do not know the meaning of what you want, then i dt think you need to run behind that. Simply shouting slogans and writing shit doesnt make any difference. You want to talk about history, please go and check the History. And for your kind information for people like you I think History is just a history now.

    I do not know which part of madhes you belong to, if you are talking about Bihar and UP then know this , its not in Nepal. I hail from Biratnagar, but i dt call myself Madhesi, instead I would like to introduce myself as Nepali.

    People like you who are full of shit are the ones to be blamed for whats happening in Nepal. One who doesnt have the guts to do anything but raises fingure if someone wants to do something and just shout some craps what people like you call as Slogans.

    And my mistake to write to people like you. Enjoy your Madhesi dialoues. I am damn sure even few years down the line you will still be shouting the same shit.

  25. gdjajj Avatar

    hey dude! How is going in? How is life there?

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