New Editors in Kantipur, Kathmandu Post and Nepal Magazine

Narayan Wagle and Prateek Pradhan, the original reporters of Kantipur and the Post respectively, who rose to the helm of the papers signaling the new era in Nepali journalism, call it a day

Outgoing editor Narayan Wagle (second from right) addresses reporters in the newsroom of Kantipur. The newly appointed editor Sudheer Sharma, first from right, and Hari Bahadur Thapa (third from right), the newly appoint news editor listened. Pic by Suraj Kunwar

Sudheer Sharma has been named the new editor of Kantipur daily following the resignation of Narayan Wagle, one of the most charismatic journalists of Nepal.

Akhilesh Upadhyay was named the editor of the Kathmandu Post following the resignation of Prateek Pradhan. Upadhyay is a former reporter of the Post who had left the paper some five years ago when Pradhan was elevated to the highest editorial position in the Post. Upadhyay also opened an English language weekly magazine called Nation that was ultimately closed because of economic problems.

Both Wagle and Pradhan, who joined the papers as reporters from the very beginning when they were started 17 years ago, rose to the top positions of the respective papers signaling the arrival of new generation to the leadership in Nepali journalism. They are the first generation of Nepali reporters to reach the top positions of their papers. Both Kantipur and the Kathmandu Post are published by Kantipur Publications Pvt. Ltd, Nepal’s largest publishing house.

Sharma, a rising star of Nepali journalism, was the editor of Nepal Magazine, a weekly from Kantipur Publications, the publisher of Kantipur daily and the Post. Prashant Aryal, assistant editor at Nepal Magazine, also from Kantipur Publications, was promoted to the editor of the Magazine. Aryal is also a former reporter of Kantipur daily.

Sharma, the new editor of Kantipur, is an equivalent of Narayan Wagle in magazine journalism. Though he has never worked in a daily newspaper Sharma has done ground breaking reporting in several magazines and weekly papers. Sharma rose to stardom through his stories in Himal fortnightly magazine. He left Himal to join Nepal as an assistant editor. Within a year or so he was named the editor of the magazine. He resigned from the magazine only to join it again last year.

In the past several days five top editors and a senior cartoonist have resigned from Kantipur and the Post. News editor Ameet Dhakal and chief reporter D K Jaisi the Post and news editor Gunaraj Luintel of Kantipur and senior cartoonist Rajesh KC of the Publications have also resigned.

These resignations have come after the company saw a change in leadership and selling of shares from one of the owners to the other last month. The Gyawali family sold all of their shares- 50 percent- in the company to the Sirohiya family who had the remaining stakes. After the transaction, Sirohiya, the Managing Director, was named the Chairman and MD of the company. Hem Raj Gyawali was the Chairman and Binod Raj Gyawali was the director of the company before the change.

In a separate farewell program organized in Kantipur Complex a few days ago for the former chairman and former director, Binod Gyawali had announced that he would bring out new English and Nepali language papers (“Bhai Kantipur” or younger brother of Kantipur) soon. Reporters in the newsrooms of both Kantipur and the Post speculate that the resigning editors will join the new papers though Narayan Wagle didn’t give any hint about that in an informal farewell speech delivered in the newsroom of Kantipur this afternoon. Prateek Pradhan is not in the country currently. He is in the US and expected to return Nepal this week.

Wagle and Pradhan led the papers in some of the most difficult and tumultuous times in the history of Nepali politics and journalism. They firmly and courageously led the papers during the emergency of 2005 when the freedom of expression was severely curtailed by the then king Gyanendra who was ousted by the Constituent Assembly this year following the historic April uprising of 2006 and the election of CA four months ago. They both fought, through their strong leadership, against the autocracy and led the newsroom to report the pro-democracy movement vigorously.

Wagle, a celebrated reporter, rose to fame through groundbreaking stories from the hinterlands of Nepal and his semi fictional weekly column called Coffee Guff in the Saturday supplement of Kantipur. He is also the author of the best selling novel Palpasa Cafe that won Madan Puraskar, the highest literary award of Nepal.






45 responses to “New Editors in Kantipur, Kathmandu Post and Nepal Magazine”

  1. guyfromktm Avatar

    Sad to see Narayan wagle leave– he kept getting better as days progressed- wish I could say the same about Prateek pradhan- he was a mediocre journalist to begin with and never rose to the occasion- however, despite Wagle, it was sad that Kantipur remains a very biased and hungry for sensational news media house bootlicking to the politicians. I hope it will improve under Akhilesh– congrats Akhleshji..

  2. Masayo Avatar

    OK ,what is going on at the Kantipur?
    What is this all about– a huge shift in Nepali journalism?
    New goverment,new news papers,new reporter,etc.

    I can’t read between the lines,Dinesh

  3. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    is mf bjp interfering in our internal matter.

    it is really the true news………………. if madeshi parties work with bjp then we have to chase them away

  4. Janajati Avatar

    Newspaper should be biasless….and report the news of peoples’ voice without politicising….this is where Wagle and Pratik were failed….

  5. Ponytailguy Avatar

    Hmm then Kantipur will have only one Wagle left. 🙂
    Or you to leaving?

  6. Sanjay Avatar

    It is sad to see best brains leave kantipur media. Sudhir sharma is no match to narayan wagle. He will do whatever it takes to please the maoist loonies. I hope gyawalis start new paper soon and give Sirohiya run for his money.

  7. baluwater Avatar

    I am sure all are good

  8. dalitwomen Avatar

    fair representation goes for the press as well, but not necessarily only other groups yet it must be done

  9. Reality Bytes Avatar

    Hope ! New Nepal beginning……
    Ohh…High competetion in nepali journalism just started right now ….. . The right to information through one publication/channel has been changed to other more options….
    Like The New York Times and Washington Post : 2 great newspaper from one country, nepal was faced with only one newspaper without competition …..but it’s not true all the times………
    A new competetive daily paper will be launched soon may be representing the senior wagle as an editor….
    I think the period of the Emergency-SANKATKAL might be difficult period for publishers of Kantipur publication……I don’t know ! How and why the need of Seperation !! Let’s hope for better ……

  10. Kailash Avatar

    I read in a newspaper that Kailash Sirhoiya met Prachanda, the question was Yub Raj Ghimire or Sudheer -both King’a men, prachanda said Sudheer not Ghimire?

  11. United Voices Avatar

    Looking at the recent developments at Kantipur complex and near around and all the rumors circulating in the market, one can assume that the break-up of the top management team is not as simple as it looked. It has a back untold story behind all this.

    Also, given the fact that the top journalists leaving the “Kantipur” brand, the top artists like Rajesh KC and other too. Well, what does this all signify. Since they had been working @ kantipur for many years and now that they best @ kantipur leave it.

    This certainly has a story behind. We would like to know about all the facts.

  12. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    again, nepal lost in olympic in the same way like before……………………………………… it looks like nepalese can only kill or kick sitting ducks……………… whether it a nepalese athletes or terrorists who comduct terrorism in the name of politics……………. …………………… 10/12 terrorists with khukuris kill one unarmed nepalese and in sports nepalese cannot kick moving targer………………………… no doubt nepalese are dhides……………….. govt. should make rule to not to fail students till 9th grade ………………………………………… some form of education is better than no education. ……………………………………………….. and again khukuri is good for killing sitting ducks, goats etc but useless when we need to defend ourself or our family from 2/3 terrorists……………………… we need change …………………. and it better be now……………….. eradicate all dumbs from politics ………….. eradicate all dumbs who do not respect others ……………………………………….. dradicate all dumbs who have loud voice………………………………. …………………..

  13. sudanrai Avatar

    my sister in kirtipur has no job

  14. sky Avatar

    These guys along with the parting publisher of Kantipur- Gyawali- are brining out two new newspapers- English and Nepali- soon. I hope to read quality newspapers. But the question remains: Will they be able to compete with Kantipur, Kathmandu Post and Himalayan Times? We certainly deserve better and qualitative coverage of issues that all of the aforementioned papers are lacking in one way or the other. Hoping for the best…

  15. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    If the new newspapers and magazines, can follow investigative journalism as shown by the rise of Ad Avenues TV (whose viewership is rising in competition to Kantipur TV whose Journalism is flat and too general), I am damn sure that the new newspapers from Gyawali group can outcompete Kantipur, Kathmandu Post and Himalayan Times.

    It also depends on how much hidden finance the new newspapers can source. All the best!

  16. sunil Avatar

    i hope in coming days narayan wagle,prateek,ameet and DK come with more effort that will clearly boomed the era of journlaism sector in nepal.they contributed and create a milestone history crossing from the dark barrier.i have a deep respect to them and hope i will see them soon in the most changed proffessional journalism.hope for the best.

  17. charly Avatar

    put american journalists to save nepal

  18. sita Avatar

    or ethnic groups

  19. parth guragain Avatar
    parth guragain

    what i think that nepali journalism lacks depth.all the papers and television channels are obessed with olitical issues.due to this social issues ,sports,entertain news are laging behind.journlist what i think need to grow up and focus on other issues unless these issues are dealt with it will never matter who will leave and who will join.all the journalist should know the changing taste of people.otherwise nepali journalislm will never grow.

  20. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    Human interest is the central focus of journalism. Human interest of Nepal is more than politics only. It comprises of sports, social issues, lifestyle, entertainment, development, ethnic, cultural and local issues as well, as rightly pointed by Parth Guragain.

    The perspective (angle) of Nepalese Journalism should be changed. Nepalese journalists should do more research, and the beats should be specialized. The priority should be other than politics. Because politics is only means to the end, it is not the end itself. The end (object) of political journalism should be exposing realities and corruption, finding shortcoming, changing perspectives, giving new agandas, informing on crucial issues, for the national priorities such as: development, poverty alleviation etc.

    Of course journalism cannot be neutral, it should be biased towards welfare of people, and national agenda. Reporting only should not be the objective of Nepalese journalism. It should play the role of activism, change agent and missionary. This is of paramount importance in the underdeveloped country like Nepal.

  21. asd Avatar

    what sports you talkin about? there is no local sport (of any quality) anyway. all foreign sports are covered by diff international mediums. our reality in this third world is POLITICS and the messed up drama that comes along.

  22. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    ‘Reality’ is what you make. There is no objective reality. Reality is always subjective. Media has power to ‘make’ or ‘break’ realities.

    My concern is why not use this tool (media) to make/ create new reality. This approach is ‘normative’, that is what should be the case, not be slave of what you are offered.

    If you sincerely as most of the normal Nepalese, they don’t care much about politics (dirty politics), above what concerns for the livelihood and social interest. Media is not paying much attention to this, due to one reason or another.

    Media should inform and build opinions on other pertinent sphere of life, not only politics.

  23. Rosyblue Avatar

    All the best to you all.

  24. Rosyblue Avatar

    All the best to you all. They should try thier best and not to be biased.

  25. Raj Kanwar,Dehra Dun ,India Avatar

    Chage is the law of nature.For better or worse,change is inevitable.I am do reason to doubt that the new management and editorial team at Kathmandu Post will not perform as well .if not better, than the outgoing team.

  26. Raj Kanwar,Dehra Dun ,India Avatar

    Chage is the law of nature.For better or worse,change is inevitable.I have no reason to doubt that the new management and editorial team at Kathmandu Post will not perform as well .if not better, than the outgoing team.

  27. Raj Kanwar,Dehra Dun ,India Avatar

    dear editor: sorry there was an error in the first comment sent at 12.02 pm ” I am do reason” should have read “I have no reason”

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  32. toad Avatar

    TKP, THT,TNR- whats’ fun in writing when there’s hardly any readership. think broadcast journo is the job. btwn, have u seen any changes in tkp after ameetji, prateekji left? how all most of journos are fleeing Kantipur group? r they not getting paid? i guess not…..let’s discuss quality of Nepal’s english journo

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  37. नेपाली Avatar

    नेपालीमा कमेन्ट गर्न मिल्छ यहाँ?

  38. नेपाली Avatar

    आबुइ, मिल्दो पो रहेछ त!

  39. lapendra thapa Avatar

    This is lapendra thapa from india (delhi), currently working as an online news editor. i really feel good to see the efforts which were made to make initial constitution of nepal. i want to give a comment in this regard. As the pages of constitution are going to be in order many things have to be keep in mind.I would feel very proud if the things will go on smooth and finally we will become an demoratic country soon.

    with regards
    Lapenra thapa

  40. lapendra thapa Avatar

    best of luck for new constitution.

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  42. nimesh shrestha Avatar
    nimesh shrestha

    relly i am very unhappy to our new goverment because of when our poblic or folk get’s suitable’s with aliving In the nepal sitel they didnt make better joneral list i hate them really

    best regard
    nimesh shrestha
    from dubai U.A.E

  43. vik Avatar

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  44. Yogesh dhakal Avatar
    Yogesh dhakal

    yespali ko chunab kasle gitla?

  45. Narender Singh Avatar

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