Maoist 'Revolutionary' is the Prime Minister of Nepal

In what will go on the pages of the history books as one of the most important days of Nepal, Maoist revolutionary (and leader of an outfit that was branded terrorist until two years ago) Pushpa Kamal Dahal (aka Prachanda) has been elected the Prime Minister of Nepal by a majority of votes in the Constituent Assembly this evening. Nepali Congress, second largest party in the assembly, was the opponent that filed separate candidacy. Sher Bahadur Dueba, senior Congress leader and three time prime minister, was defeated (he got 113 votes vs 464 of Dahal). Many other fringe parties supported the Maoist led alliance that included third largest CPN UML. Chairman of the CA in his capacity as the Speaker of the House of Representative announced the results a few seconds ago.

The Background:

Virtually all parties among the total 25 elected to the CA announced their support to the former teacher-turned-politician Prachanda, while People’s Front Nepal and Nepal Workers and Peasants Party boycotted the election. The CPN-UML and the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) had formed an alliance with the Maoist yesterday. Both parties are expected to join the cabinet. UML general secretary Jhalanath Khanal, speaking in the CA, floated a proposal recommending Maoist chairman Prachanda as the Prime Minister for the next government, while MPRF chairman Upendra Yadav also turned his support to Prachanda. Likewise, Maoist second-in-command Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai, on behalf of the party, condemned NC for going against the Maoist-led alliance. He also announced the party’s support for chairman Prachanda. In the build-up to the vote casting period, Sarita Giri of Nepal Sadbhawana Party (NSP-A), Narayan Kaji Shrestha of CPN-Masal, Chandra Dev Joshi of CPN-United, Malwar Singh Thapa of Rastriya Janamukti Party, Buddha Ratna Manandhar of Nepa: Rastriya Party, Gayatri Shah of Nepal Janata Dal and Nepal Pariwar Dal supported UML chief Khanal’s proposal before CA chairman Subash Chandra Nemwang. Likewise, formerly the hardcore pro-monarch party Rastriya Prajatantra Party- Nepal has also supported the CPN-Maoists, which had strongly voiced for the abolition of the monarchy.

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78 thoughts on “Maoist 'Revolutionary' is the Prime Minister of Nepal

  1. Prachanda was a successful revolutionary, not sure if he is a good administrator esp since he is used to coercion rather than consensus, but he sure has taken that into account as he knows what hes getting into.

    Rather, he should have stayed a revolutionary, a place on the mantlepiece that nobody can take away. This post will drag him to the nadir smearing his track record with the filth of opportunistic politicking. And Girija will ensure that till his last breath.

    Word has it it was Badal vs Baburam tug of war for PM that forced Prachanda to be the PM himself. I think this move does more harm than good to the Moaist party. Prachanda cant be seem as a failure now. And this post will if not make him fail, drag him to the brink.

    But I am excited we have a new face for a PM.

  2. Majority rules. Congratulation to PKD! I am eagerly anticipating what his next move will be.

    So the rumor was true, of this tug of war within MB politburo vying for the post. Interesting days are ahead indeed.

    Amidst all this soap opera, I am just wondering, (and I am also just hoping) NC had Deuba in ballot just to show an opposition and that they never really “meant” it. Talk about lack of vision!!!

    If NC is going to stick to the old guns like GPK or an inept individual like Deuba, then their days are numbered. As I type this, I am absolutely upset just by the thought of Deuba in the ballot!! It clearly shows the lack of leadership in NC.

  3. @ mamachapa: Oh how interesting!! And what will they get when they drill on our land, a sticky fluid indeed, but the color would be red!

  4. after killing, kidnapping, torturing, extorting……………………….. blackmailing………………….. betraying………………… finally opportunist bahun has become pm.. congrats to his fate………………………. is this going to be the rise of the moaist or down fall………. time will tell…………….. but for me. they have done lots of paap………. they should be punished…. and god will do that if we dont.

  5. the first moon rise to the prachanda is going to be a eclipse

  6. it is possible that maoist are desperate to lead gov., for power to loot nepal to feed their pet………….. so people should be united….. if they could not loot enough ….they could try to coup to impose communism as a desperate measure…………………… they had been telling if they do not win ……………there is not going to be peace………………………. to loot either they have to be in power, in govt. or be in war……………… this is a very dangerious period for nepalese

  7. Well, most of us knew that Prachanda’s gonna be the next PM of our country. It ain’t a surprising outcome.

    Now, I would want NC not to be a troublemaker but to live upto the aspirations of all of us to stabilize our country.

    And definitely, Maoists need to act intelligently.

  8. Good positive development finally. If there is anyone that can make some changes and show some leadership in Nepal the only group I see is the Maoists. The rest are all worthless. Nepal needs some change.

  9. Saddest day in the history of Nepal! We owe an explanation to our children, and granchildren why we let a murderer like him become the first PM of the republic of Nepal.

    Hitler was popular when he rose to the power, so is Prachanda now. Only history will decide if all popular decisions are right decisions!

    True patriots should not give up the fight until we bring this criminal to the justice!

  10. Finally, Koirala and Shah went to the dust bin of history.
    Congratulation to Mr. Dahal!

  11. @Rajendra Pokharel

    Sir, how do you propose to “bring this criminal to justice”?

    I am not MB sympathizer or leftist by any means, but it just saddens me to witness birth of another faction in the name of revolution. There is this news about a nationalist front of some kind, demanding greater united Nepal, united as in annexing lands lost to British raj which passed on to India. Revolution, counter-revolution…….its an endless cycle!

    Lets give this PKD a chance and see what his plans are!

  12. haha…this got to be the joke of the day for me! – annexing the lands lost.. more like the beginning of Nepali imperialism..I like the idea though….way to go people!..thats all we need right now to push Nepal furthur into another set of turmoil.
    As for Prachanda being the PM – I hope whatever happens – happens for hte best.

  13. Yesterday’s hysteria mixed with hope, which I can not call my own, has left me, and today I am up early mulling over images from the past. PKD MUST answer for all this:!

    Why on earth should we call him by his “nom de guerre”? Is to to give him a stamp of approval on all the things that happened in the past? GIVE ME THE REASON!

  14. nothing doing but it is like this newspapers give all wrong then we are happy with whom we also did not called good cartoon news.

  15. Prachanda is now PM. It doesn’t scare me anymore. Yes his YCL is terrorizing the people, and he is not committed to democracy. But these past few month have shown that there is no way that Prachanda is going to be able to establish a communist dictatorship.

    What does scare me is his coalition partners. Jhal Nath Khanal has got to be one of the most idiotic politician in the world today. As far as Upendra Yadav is concerned, Prachanda might as well have let Manmohan Singh choose the next foreign minister.

  16. Prachanda: The challenges ahead
    By Charles Haviland
    BBC News, Kathmandu

    Prachanda has a massive task ahead of him
    The elevation of Nepal’s chief Maoist, the leader of the former rebels, Prachanda, to the prime ministership is something he could barely have dreamt of just three years ago.

    By the early 1980s, with political parties still banned, “The Fierce One” had abandoned his job as a teacher and was operating underground as an outlaw.

    Not until 2006 did he appear in public again, after the end of a decade-long Maoist insurgency that cost 13,000 lives.

    Whether he retains his war name or reverts to being Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the new prime minister has a massive task ahead of him.

    The euphoria surrounding the restoration of democracy two years ago; the successful elections this April; the historic end of the monarchy shortly afterwards – these have been milestones.

    The last two years have been full of historic symbolism as the old Hindu kingdom became a secular republic, sweeping away all references to its past, to the delight of some and the dismay of others.

    But at the same time, state authority has crumbled so much that many Nepalis are in utter despair.


    A sense of anarchy prevails nationwide, so much so that mention of the phrase “the government” tends to elicit scornful sniggers.

    Crime and violence have spiralled. The slightest grievance brings people onto the street to demonstrate or blockade. For example, eastern Nepal has been at a complete standstill for six days, called by transport workers in protest at the murder of a bus driver and a broad lack of security.

    Not only that. The shortages of petrol, diesel, kerosene and gas are beyond measure because the authorities won’t balance the financial books.

    There is severe hunger in the hills. There are power cuts at the height of the rainy season. The police appear unable to do anything other than arrest demonstrating Tibetans.

    The historic end of the monarchy has been a milestone
    The politicians including the Maoists have largely ignored all this, squabbling about ministry allocation for weeks on end and scarcely acknowledging ordinary people’ problems.

    Luckily most Nepalis are adept at getting on with their lives despite their rulers, so the country has not imploded.

    As prime minister, Prachanda will also have to draw together a country which for the past year-and-a-half has been displaying new and worrying fissures along ethnic and regional lines.

    As a man who comes from the hills but moved to the southern flatlands as a child, he is only too aware of the widening rift in the south between people of hill origin and the Madhesis -southerners ethnically close to neighbouring Indians who have been campaigning against their marginalisation since late 2006.

    Although the new president and his deputy are both Madhesis, the community’s sense of grievance persists.

    Violence in the south-east bubbles away, with shadowy rebel or criminal groups proliferating and people dying each week.

    In July a Roman Catholic priest was killed by a militant Hindu group waging what it called an “anti-Muslim campaign”.

    In an ethnically complex society, many more regional groups are emerging and clamouring, mostly peacefully, for inclusion.

    Perhaps the biggest question is how the Maoists can transform themselves into a party of government.

    ‘Switzerland of Asia’

    After the Maoists’ surprise but convincing victory in the April elections, their deputy leader admitted to having some “sleepless nights” given the prospect of running the country.

    Having promised, extravagantly, to make Nepal into the “Switzerland of Asia”, they have encouraged high expectations.

    Nepalese traditionalists worry that the former rebels retain a totalitarian bent.

    This is a party which still sports Stalin as an icon and praises him – alongside Mao, of course. It has not renounced violence.

    There is a widening rift between people of hill origin and the Madhesis
    Less than two years ago Prachanda told the BBC Nepali Service: “As a party struggling for the hard-working people, we should not torture anyone, even when someone needs to be eliminated.”

    Since the election, many accounts have emerged of the way Maoist cadres cheated at the ballot boxes in far-off places, and in May party members killed a businessman inside a military camp.

    Yet now could also be the time when the Maoists are given a chance to prove themselves: to show they are serious about the social transformations in whose name they went to war.

    They have a very strong presence in the villages, and many now long for them to be able to build on the starts they have made at eroding caste and gender discrimination.

    They also promise a more equitable system of land ownership.

    This will be a test of other politicians, too: of whether they can shake off their ingrained habit of trying to do down their rivals and prevent others from getting credit for change.

    There are still further challenges ahead.

    Many people whose near and dear ones died or disappeared during the conflict are awaiting truth and justice. They will want the authorities to provide it.

    On a different matter, having a Maoist prime minister may help resolve the future of the 19,000 Maoist former combatants still in camps as part of the UN-assisted peace process.

    With a new prime minister and president at last in place, one more task can also get properly under way – the writing of a new constitution by the huge assembly elected in April.

    Hitherto its members have complained that the body is being marginalised by the usual coterie of establishment politicians.

    There has been enough talking. The work must now begin.

  17. In respond to AKR´s question of how do we bring Mr Dahal to justice..

    AKR; this wont be easy, like it would not have been easy to prosecute Hitler at the peak of his popularity. But if you look at the history, criminals are eventually defeated by the very same people who helped them seize the power.

    This will be a long fight, but if you are under 50, you will see in your life time, may be we are talking about 15 to 20 years, we will see people prosecuting this monster named Prachanda and his accomplice Dr Bhattarai. Again, I may be wrong on time frame, but eventually, people will prosecue him.

    I see no difference between YCL and Hitlers SS Nazi forces. Eventually, Hitler and his Nazi activists were defeated, and Israel continues to hunt down those criminals and bring them to justice!

  18. @ Rajendra Pokharel

    Sir, at what cost? I did my little research in Wikipedia (we can argue about the validity of the numbers later), but as per the figures, about 77Million people died based on population between 1939 and the year the war ended, that’s about an average of 3.7% of the total population of the countries involved. Anyone interested can refer to this site:

    If you look at these numbers, the percentage on countries with ethnic divide is even more higher. We have lost more than 13000 lives in the decade long bloody insurgency, our country will totally disintegrate if we are involved in another conflict.

  19. Rajendra Pokharel: The YCL for all their flaws are not on par with Hilter’s SS army. That is an outrageous statement. I am not sure where you studied history but please for your own sake don’t go around saying such foolish things in public.
    If you are intent on prosecuting Prachanda then by the same yard stick you have to also apply those standards to GK Koirala, Gyanendra, Sher Badhur Deuba as well as various generals in the former RNA.

  20. Good… He had screwed Nepal from New Delhi and now he gets to screw from Singh Durbar (should it be now Mao Durbar)…

    What a freaking sight…never thought will see this day..

  21. businisscomunity delighted nepse is up and if prachandra could convert to regular social democrat all is optimum.
    Dead people cannot be returned, but the living dead can rise and all rulers can get half salary… with that money who has no job gets a future. WOrldwide comunism is not good, ethnic yes but soicalism we like or god also ok.
    pranchandra is somehow acceptable. Why?
    nc is unacceptable, police and army are unacceptable.

  22. no country in the world would be maoist knowing what maoism is.
    But there are no serious countries anymore.
    Democracy is good.

  23. In a democracy police will not turn against the people the army will not be used against the people,.
    Why I get censored?
    This is peace process somebody pretends 100 percent of the population is not maoist and we know what to do with the old army now.
    gurkhas go to africa

  24. censoring is not very democratic, in Argentina they were happy with censorship I think whenever someone feels someone should not say something this is where they said the right thing.
    So this blog became the good news show.
    no nepalese will read it.
    papers are supposed to communicate children are sick country is sick there is a chronical situation of health endangered species and you want to read the NEPSE goes up, footsie also goes up.
    But what are you doing about diarrhea?

  25. ?How old are you?
    we need translate culture,one thing is men rule the world, another is they vote communist and believe this will resolve it and myself i am glad to believe good news. I am a grandmother from shigatse, but I got stuck in kirtipur. For social work in buddhism.
    peace dialogue.
    Kirtipur, Lalitpur, whole of Nepal is maoist. I have a headache, should we not explain what maoism is? WIthout helping the opposition? Opposition helped themselves. Change of guards.

  26. I don’t know about most of you guys who have replied. HEY come out of your comsumerism trance . Prachanda has proved not by being prime minister to bring 10 years old communist lead war to today condition is not being brother or son of KOIRALA. Belief it or not after SHAH politics was of KOIRALA BROS till yesterday

  27. Bhudai Pundit

    Gyanendra has been punished. He has been dethroned. Koirala despite all is faults is a man who dedicated all his life for your and my freedom.

    If Maoists and YCL behave, I think, we can accept them like we accept UML. If they don´t, you would have to agree with me.

  28. I don’t believe in communism but do believe in capitalism. We have already seen a number of prime ministers but none of them proved to be a good leader, now that we have a new prime minister, I think we should wait and see what he can produce for the country.

    About punishing those guilty, there’s nothing like time which will eventually punish them, they don’t need a punisher. Time will punish them and reward the deserving ones.

  29. Terrorists should never be rewarded. I still remember the event that occured in Madi, Chitawan. Many innocent people lost their life and Máoists alone are responsible for that event. There are many other similar events that had been caused by this terrorist group and its really that matter of shame for them to be forgiven.

    It is known to everyone that Prachanda is terrorist and I am sure that he will be punished and thrown out of power. And if Prachanda is accepted, it is the biggest foolishness of Nepalese people!

  30. Congrats to the new PM.

    But he should know that the road ahead is not a smooth ride. Many bumps lie in this path. Lets see how he faces them and overcomes them. We have to see where he takes the future of Nepal.

    Best of luck.

  31. if the maoist would not take this step their demand would never never be fulfilled. the rulling power could only hear the maoist only because of their this action.the maoist did whatever they should not do . the rulling power, NC made them to do so.
    i only thinkl that major community supporting maoist has fought for their rights against the centralised power of bahun n chhetri.
    this step of maoist has taken many lives of nepalese from both side. now the power is in maoist. maoist should show that the spilled blood of many people is useful by working successfully.
    also he shold compromise wid madhesi party by giving them the autonomous . he should no let another maoist be created in terai.

  32. maoist have already started new phase of looting, beating that is a good news……………………… maoist need to be punished not only by throwing them out of govt. or nepal but they should be punished by the same way they treated nepalese…………. and their new phase of looting, beating will realise my wishes. …………. come on people …….let’s join hands………. if gurung is beaten today, some one is looted today,…. your time could come tomorrow………….. let’s break some bones once for all.

  33. what is the point in having an agaitation when the vice president takes oath in hindi. when The new prime minister does not wear the national dress in his oath taking ceremony. It would have been better if the New Prime minister had taken his oath in English to go along with his tie and suit

  34. hey u baldy pahade,
    new elected PM took oath wearing western suit. why u bloody pahade didnt go for agitation against him. why u didnt blast in his resident? why u blady didnt destroy his office.
    this shows how loyal u pahade are towards madhesi. u blady speek sweet words of unity of all the cast, tribes, community of nepal but have the discrimination against madhesi. it is in yr blood, hate the madhesi n not to be in the favor of madhesi. u pahade r always seeking for the clue just to throw out matter keep on ! u all r the tail of the dog.

  35. to the editor of this blog
    why u r so late to write against maoist who took the oath wearing western suit?? yr blog is corrupt which only support pahade.
    remember if u write any blog giving the name of nepal then write the name of this country in this way ” nepal and madhesh”
    fuk u.

  36. He wore a topi, which is more than I expected. Arun, what you don’t understand is that the outrage at the vice president was not over him speaking a foriegn language. The outrage was over him speaking HINDI.

    Nepal’s Sovieregnty is not under constant threat from ern suit wearing people. It’s under threat from India.

    If you want to be a Medhshi nationalist, be a Medheshi nationalist. Don’t be an Indian stooge.

  37. Prachand is not a bad man, neither his idiology is regretable. He just created a dream or an utopia among the haves-not as all the communist leaders Lenin, Mao or others did in earlier and later could not go beyond a dictatorial regime like an animal farm with fodder to the inmates inside and he will try to intimidate people to keep within that farm. The only way to this will be to gag democratic activities and he must do it to maintain prolitariat dictatorship which he never defies. Who will stand for democracy against him?

  38. is mf bjp interfering in our internal matter.

    it is really the true news………………. if madeshi parties work with bjp then we have to chase them away

  39. I think people have forgotten that Prachande is a commie- I was surprised he even wore a topi. He also is a hypocrite as he took witness to the people and not god- which is okay as he is a commie and they do not belive in god – but then what was he doing going to holy men before and soothsayers????

  40. When Rai, Limbu, Tamang, Magar, Gurung, Tharu will become PM or President of Nepal ????Hope Prachanda will listen this voice…although UML is against it internally…

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