Maos Start Homework on Government

After behaving like a kid for the past several days, the Maoist comrades have started doing homeworks to form the next government. The largest party in the Constituent Assembly has sought support from parties represented in the CA. The Maoist leaders held a meeting yesterday at the parliament secretariat and sought support from all 25 parties represented in the CA, for forming a new government under Maoist leadership. “Initially, we had arrived at a decision not to form the new government after we were reduced to a minority in the Assembly because of the alliance of the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and MPRF,” Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal told the meeting. “We are now ready to form the government as the parties in the alliance including UML and Forum have categorically urged us to do so.”

The Maoist supremo said the three points raised by the party at a previous all-party meeting were not pre-conditions set by the Maoists for forming the government but the party’s views on what would be a better option. “The Maoist leaders urged us not to take the three points as preconditions,” said UML’s Bishnu Poudel. Coming out of the meeting, Dahal said the party is carrying out homework to prepare the agenda of the new government and will come up with a proposal within a few days. “Obviously the agenda will be for formation of the new government,” he said while responding to a query about the content of the proposal.

Nepal Workers Peasants Party and Rastriya Janashakti Party were among those absent from the meeting in which most political parties urged the Maoists not to shy away from forming the government and asked for a concrete agenda for the Maoist-led future government. “We urged the Maoists to form the new government through consensus,” said Nepal Congress leader Dr Minendra Rijal.





14 responses to “Maos Start Homework on Government”

  1. WTF Avatar

    Nepali Congress shouldn’t join the government. All parties should let the Maoist to have a minority government of their own. Lets see how these commies rule.

  2. Reality Touch,Mr.Maharjan Avatar

    let’s see , longing for Maoist single Govt…thumbs up

  3. sonu Avatar

    whatever, I wouldn;t want any one Maoist to govern Nepal… all of them are big assholes

  4. abish adhikari Avatar
    abish adhikari

    I always thought Maoists were good thinkers!
    but now i know, they are really childish!
    god save the country… we absolutely have no leader who can lead!

  5. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Like it or not, Maoists have every right to form the next government.

  6. sp chaudhary Avatar
    sp chaudhary

    We already saw enough of Nc and UML. Now, let us give them a chance to see how they perform.

  7. JOHN G Avatar
    JOHN G

    Good luck to Maos.

  8. iPod touch Avatar
    iPod touch

    Lol! Terrorists are getting their shares, finally ! Good luck buttholes!

  9. arun Avatar

    maoist should be given one chance.congress n UML should not interrupt them.
    ppl want some changes, lets see how maoist is goin to take his responsibility. if congress n UML still remains, no doubt, the condition will be the same as before. all the ppl in nepal from madhesh to himal r seeking for good future.
    maoist should also make their best effort to compromise wid madheshi’s leaders taking care of the national sovereignty n not making the demands of madhesi as against the nation. but taking into consideration that the madhesi r fighting just for their rights n nothing else. no nepali from terai to himal can go against nation disintegration.

  10. sp chaudhary Avatar
    sp chaudhary


    I am glad to see that god is taking you to right direction.

  11. arun Avatar

    sp chaudhary
    i have told u not to bark but still……. dont make jock on our issue. dont again deviate the topic . dont show yr bastard nature here

  12. Pawa Ilam Avatar
    Pawa Ilam

    Yes, they deserve a chance, but this is not a too good time for them to be able to make any impact. All dogs will fight over the bonepiecs of the articles of constitution.

  13. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Because of the political condition and co-operation of different party to make the government creating many new opertunities to political leaders to get new posts which we never heard before.
    This is PAHADE mind , their plan to make well developed nepal.
    Till when we will just see and follow these pahade rubbish thinking???
    Why we madhesis cant think of ourselves?? THe truth is that we madheshis are really coward, we have no mind , we just can serve as slave of these PAHADE.

  14. anti UML Avatar
    anti UML

    anyhow the bastard UMLs should not be in the government.

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