Saved: A Toddler by a Teenager

A recent photo of Aradhana. All pics by Kul Chandra Neupane

A toddler who fell into the gorge of Seti River in Pokhara on yesterday was rescued after 22 hours by a teenager. About two and a half years old Aradhana Pradhan, daughter of Aarogya Pradhan of Birouta in Pokhara, was rescued by 13-year old local Kamal Nepali today. The toddler was rushed to Gandaki Regional Hospital for treatment. Local army personnel and police officers along with five canyoning team sent from the capital helped in the rescue process. They were mobilised at the site since yesterday for the rescue of the minor, who fell about 60 meters down from the ground following her father.
[Kamal’s photo will be posted tomorrow]

aradhana relatives
Members of Aradhana’s family and relatives prey for the successful rescue of the child.

aradhana rescued
Soldiers, policemen, a team of experts and locals were involved in the rescue efforts.

aradhana rescue
Experts from Cannoning Association went to help the rescue efforts.

aradhana parents
The parents were, naturally, worried a lot.





13 responses to “Saved: A Toddler by a Teenager”

  1. poo Avatar

    Kamal, the saviour, certainly deserves a round of applause from all of us. He did such a brave thing after all. I heard in one of the news that a school has sponsored his education until the tenth grade, that’s a nice thing. And when Kamal was able to rescue the baby, and when the baby’s father embraced him, it was a sight to see… such an emotional breakout!!
    Congratulations Kamal… great deed indeed. May God bless you!

  2. Pawa Ilam Avatar
    Pawa Ilam

    Such a great story. It also says that there is a rescue squad that responds to the need. Do they respond to any one that is in dire need of such response? Even if there is none, such rescue organization should be created and readied to serve the people.

    Kamal Nepali should be promoted and an award in his name should “Kamal Nepali Life Saving Award” or some sort be established and given to individials for their dedication to save others’ lives.

  3. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    it is a good news in long long time.

  4. poo Avatar

    What is the actual age of Kamal Nepali? Some say he’s 12, some say he’s just 8 and others are telling he’s 13… can’t it be confirmed???
    I was watching news in Avenues television and the father of Aradhana was claiming that she was saved thanks to Jesus!! I mean, was his remarks fair?? It was Kamal Nepali who saved her, not Jesus or Allah or Shiva or anyone…
    Faith apart, he should have given the credit to Kamal… after all, if Kamal hadn’t dared to go and save her, would Jesus come and drag her out??
    And I am very glad that Kamal has been showered with lots of blessings and help (I counted more than 76 thousand rupees already collected through donations by locals and even prisoners)… Cheers for Kamal…
    Be real Mr …Pradhan (aradhana’s papa), the saviour is Kamal Nepali… so may be he is your Jesus!!

  5. Shreemani Avatar

    This is just pure humane from a human being towards another human being.

    And Mr. Pradhan (aradhana’s dad) also has to get down to earth and thank Kamal rather than god or jesus, given the circumstances that the scenerio had unfolded right in from of the parent’s eyes and the general public, security forces and the rescue team.

    Bravo to Kamal.

  6. media Avatar

    I still have some some hope for Nepal, because there are some human being like Kamal Nepali.

    A true nepali heart…

  7. 3P Avatar

    Salam cha Kamal timi lai…

  8. Raj Avatar

    When I first read the article a few days back, I was overwhelmed. The toddler and her parents were really blessed that Kamal was there at the right time. Kamal is a real hero.

    However, one of the first things that came to my mind was how on earth they did let another kid go down and risk his own life. Some say he is 12, but he looks really small and he is at the first grade. I read an eyewitness account which described how the crowd once thought they lost Kamal too. Was Kamal sent because he was a poor kid ? Was he coerced? Was he lured? Did anybody take consent from Kamal’s dad or guardians? Did that involve any monetary assuarance?

    Sorry to be a party pooper, but I am just sad at the fact that they let another kid risk his life.
    Hats off to Kamal though. You are the man. Now make sure all the money generated is used for your education.
    And when you grow up we need yopu to kick some serious asses!

  9. Dhiraz Avatar

    Bravo to the team who helped the child out of the gorge of Seti River and wishing fast recovery to Aradhana.

  10. Robin Avatar

    Bravo Rescue Team, thanks for your great job in Seti Gorge but no one understood your hard work and rescue. I am very poor to hearing such bad news of media. Whole day, I am searching news of Nepal through the internet but i did not get fact news. Anyway, Thanks for the Kamal brave but why not for the Rescue team. Who gave new life of Aradhana? Who rescue for the Kamal? Who is the Rescue Team? No one respect to them, Why??????

    They are heros of the Nepal, there is no objection. We must to respect such great person who did rescue in Seti gorge. Otherwise, there is no way for the rescue if such accident happen again here. If only respect Kamal, it is not possible to creat the Rescue in Nepal. I have last comment here, if same case happen, first call Kamal not for the Rescue Team……..!!!!

    Anyway, thanks Rescue Team!!! One day you this nation will be respect you.

  11. John Pradhan Avatar
    John Pradhan

    Hi I am Aradhana’s Father John Pradhan.
    Just like to let you all know that I am very much thankfull to Kamal Nepali my son.
    Well the Avenues television media asked me in a different way about “who saved the baby was the Nani or God” (Neni refer to a baby girl in Nepal and Babu to a baby Boy}.
    since he asked me by saying Nani so I thought how can Aradhana save her self so naturally it would be God, but if the reporter would ask me by referring Babu instead of Nani than I would say My son KAMAL.
    Any way thanks to you all for supporting and praying to your own God for our Daughter Aradhana Pradhan.

    1. Gaule Avatar

      Fuck you Johan Pradhan.
      How you feel that your god rescue her. You god say that your daughter will safe if on time rescue team not able to come there. such a fuckker johan

  12. entertainment ground Avatar

    sometimes the nation produces heroes, and this time it’s a very young hero but there were other people behind kamal in this operation as well. All in all, this success story made everyone happy, I had even shed a tear when i read the whole story in the local newspapers…

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