Nepali Congress Preconditions

NC and UML have set preconditions for their support to a Maoist-led future government

Central committee meetings of the second and third largest political parties in the newly constituted Constituent Assembly took the decision yesterday after days of deliberation on whether to join a Maoist-led coalition or remain outside.

The preconditions:

>Dissolution of the Maoist people’s army, people’s courts and people’s government- as per the agreement that the Maoists have already entered into but have always ignored in practice.
>Dissolution of the semi-military structure of the Young Communist League.
>A time-bound plan to integrate the Maoist army and dispose of or surrender their weapons to the state.
>Maoists return the property looted or captured by them.
>Rehabilitate displaced people and stop intimidation, threats and extortion.
>Amend the constitution before the CA meeting (for implementing the republic through its first meeting and have provision to remove the PM by a simple majority.)

A press statement issued by Nepali Congress General Secretary Bimalendra Nidhi said:

“Nepali Congress is committed to giving continuity to the politics of consensus in a wider sphere under the mandate of the epoch-making Janaandolan even after the CA polls. However, the Nepali Congress concludes that the consensus should not be for participation in the next (new) government but for accomplishing the two goals of the Janaandolan and the CA elections – framing of a democratic constitution and taking the peace process to its goal. “It is also necessary to conform to the normal parliamentary practice of formation and ouster of a government through simple majority Nepali Congress support to the future government depends on full implementation of the above mentioned points.” (read here in detail)





28 responses to “Nepali Congress Preconditions”

  1. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    their decision maker is a different person, or a different group. all corrupt and boss of criminal bosses.

  2. Deva Avatar

    What a silly joke! These preconditions ought to have been sorted out before the elections not now. The NC should show at least some democratic ethics and value and quit the government gracefully accepting defeat. Let the Maoists form the government and stop making lame excuses. Learn to grow up. Prepare for the next elections.


  3. ShutUp Avatar

    The whole problem would have been solved if the interim constitution said that government could be formed from the First-past-the-post and the PR CA members (plus 26) are only there for the sake of drafting constitution. Maoists could ask any of the two independent CA members and would form a majority with 121 seats… kuari sakiyo… bekkar ma naatak saatak gardai NC and UML.

    But still – Maoists should also set a precondition – not a single Koirala in the Nepali Congress!

  4. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    NC lost. Maoist won. Girija needs to pack up and leave Baluwatar.

  5. Madhesi Avatar

    This government should be headed by any party, except Pol Pot Prachande and pataki Girija

  6. Prabin Avatar

    Both TTT Pushpa kamal Dahal and old greedy vulture Girija are the biggest criminals of the 21st century.

  7. y Avatar

    their conditions are not unreasonable. I mean how can a party also have an army?
    Well, the fun and games have just begun.

  8. what Avatar

    what a joke.

  9. what Avatar

    what a joke – they should have placed thiese conditions before election. Why are these parties trying to capture the maoist agenda? They should be what they are centrist parties and not try and look more left than the maos. That is when they lost the game. Congress would have gained much more seats if it went for a ceremonial monarchy – instead of following the communists. The maoists hoodwinked them to such an extent that even royalists voted for maoists because of their anger for the likes of Congress.

  10. what Avatar

    Come next election I wonder what Congress can do to win votes if any – no royalists to attract, no good track record, it’s a dismall outlook for Congress and UML.

  11. hemant Avatar

    its nothing but the game of power
    power greedy vulture girija is out of his mind now
    marne bela hariyo kakro bhaneko yehi ho
    all the demands seem genuine except last one
    why these silly studs want to amend constitution
    just to bargain for the power in the coming days and to bring more instability in governance of maoist

    i wonder ,had they close their conscience before election???, i guess they all knew the provisions of interim constitution ….they were silent because they were in power and hoping to fool nepalese one more time but when result was out they remembered about the adversity that can be caused by the same provision…what a good joke

    such thing only worsens the image of the party which is already in worst condition…

    congress is not going to secure even 10 seats in next election..
    koirala bata sure bhayo koirala le nai sakayo it reminds of the poor instution “monarchy” of our country..

    gyane and girija are of made of same mud…

    congress is no more a democratic party…
    it’s sick ,power greedy & beauracratic party which introduced nepotism & favouritism & destroyed the administration of nepal and thanks to god that sovereign janatas have thrown it in the dustbin which it really deserves…

    jay nepal & nepalese

  12. Deva Avatar

    Lets all sing Janagana Mana Adhinayaka Jai Hai Bharata Bhagya Bidhata. Maybe we will then be allowed to live in peace.


  13. what Avatar

    eventually thats the ineevitable outcome.what a waste.

  14. what Avatar

    we are already in transition.

  15. what Avatar

    just another Nagaland waiting to happen.

  16. what Avatar

    Nagaland the state wanting independence, filled with bitter people who hate to be called Indian, referred to as “tribals”, second class citizens of a classless democracy, brooding in vain.

  17. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    Condition, precondition, changing the constitution on the eve of
    election all these fall within the right of only one party MAOIST.
    How can other parties like NC, UML put conditions.

  18. hemant Avatar

    to bitter gourd:


  19. Govinda Avatar

    Does congress party have their own army in order to put preconditions to Maoists?

  20. Reemas Avatar

    Who do you think the army belongs to NOW?


  21. Deva Avatar

    The Army belongs to the people. But since the people of Nepal have given the Maoists the right to form a government, the Nepal Army will have to take oprders and obey those ordes issued by the Ministry of Defence.

    The PLA, well well that is another story alltogether. It belongs to no one but the Maoists only. It has been stated that they are to be made more professional and the Nepal Army more democratic.

    Do you get the meaning? Read between the lines my friends. The sooner the NC and the UML create their own private armies the more secure they will be. Good Luck all!


  22. tenzinmeto Avatar

    Now im thinking all voted maobadi to get land back

  23. massgravesdialoguekosovo Avatar

    send dr prachandra and baburam to the Olympics.
    Mao tse tung will sponsor made in nepal

  24. slowfood Avatar

    Nepal decides to be a grown up country and officially boycot Bejing and nonsense.
    Also america.
    also euro.

  25. fatpeople Avatar

    have one alternative olympics all jobless nepalese must do exercice at home

  26. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    u know what would happen when maoist are let do whatever they want to do….there will be opportunist bahun raj.
    ….we have seen in remote areas they can rule like in n.korea, cuba and they are ruling, behaving like that and when they have power to do same in other areas, they will try to do the same. so be aware those who are not maoist supporter.
    ……………..when chattu bahun said bad things about media, thier pets started to bit the media in the village, now one of them are saying they will chase other parties from town too……the day is coming….better start preparing,….hitlers can be defeated only by gun power, there is no place for buddha in war. do you remember what happened to buddha’s followers in burma.
    ……..only 30% supported them. 70% did not.

  27. North Korea Avatar

    He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much.BibleBible, Luke 16:10

  28. World News Avatar

    I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.DouglasAdamsDouglas Adams

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