Artless Drama in Nepali Congress

Displaying the height of immorality in Nepali politics, NC President Girija Prasad Koirala rejects the resignation of Sushil. On his part, greedy and immoral Sushil happily accepts Girija’s decision.

If you didn’t know already, get it now: Nepali Congress, the party of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, today staged an artless drama that is so dirty and stinky. Today is the day for all those NC supporters and those who voted for the party to bow their head with shame. Koirala, who is also the President of NC, today rejected Sushil Koirla’s resignation as the party’s acting president. Sushil Koirala declared his resignation from the party leadership immediately after his defeat in the April 10 Constituent Assembly (CA) polls.

This is the height of immorality that is sure to take Nepali Congress to the hell along with Girija Prasad Koirala who is at the last stage of his life. Koirala and his family has been ruling the NC with the same reason by which Shah Kings ruled Nepal until the April of 2006: that they founded the party/country. The Shah dynasty, thankfully, is on the verge of abolition while the Koirala family was wiped out by the popular verdict of the recent CA polls. But the autocracy of Girija, aka the Gyanendra of Nepali Congress, still rules. When will an April revolution occur in Nepali Congress and wipe out the skeleton of Girija Koirala?


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  1. Shyam Avatar

    We don’t need more than one word to characterize the most immoral person on this planet Girija Prasad koirala and their supporters like CHANDRA and nepaleswor. That is GREED. He is a greedy vulture.

  2. Luquitas Avatar

    “The popular verdict” is a fake. People feared maoist violence in case of not voting for them. This is no democracy.

    That the king now has to go will leave Nepal in the hands of the totalitarian maoists which have an ideology that costed millions of lives in other countrys.

    The Koirala family has much to do with this decline of Nepal. Instead of creating national unity against the warcriminal Prachanda, they corrupted the country.

  3. lol Avatar

    immediate resignation of gpk is required and handover of govt. o maoist.

  4. scoop Avatar

    throw gpk out – congress should ujphold multi partydemocracy verdict and let maoist head the govt.

  5. Saccha Nepali Avatar
    Saccha Nepali

    I fully agrree with Luquitas. If one believes that the Fu–ing Maoists have really won the people’s mandate , he must be kidding himself. There was widespread intimidation to vote for the Maoists or face the consequences in the CA polls. This can not be democracy and GPK and Makune are wholly responsible for this state affairs in Nepal . Should Nepal disintigrate, be absorved by India or have the misfortune of going through a period like Cuba and cambodia, history and the future Nepali generations will spit on their names.

  6. vibek Avatar

    GPK said he himself is responsible for the humiliating loss of NC in the CA election when rejecting Sushil Koirala’s resignation. Then, why does not he resign from the president post?

  7. ktm Avatar

    I predicted it though…not a surprise to me…congress “democratic party” vanera dhaak lagaunae paji harulai arko ek jhapad…thukka congress…ali kati pani laaaj chaina…na ta kunai ideology cha(democracy vancha vanna chai), na ta kei cha…khwaaak thuu GPK…

  8. Independent_observer Avatar

    If GPK has a little bit of morality, he shoud hand over presidency to younger generations like Sher bahadur deuba just as he snatched the presidency from KP Bhattarai

  9. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Girija ruined NC. Girija ruined Nepal. It’s time for him to pack the bag and vacate Baluwatar for good.

  10. Harinam Avatar

    Both Girija and sushil Should be fed Madhav Kumar Nepal’s human wastes so that it will open up their minds. Koirala family’s greed for power is the only cause of NC party’s total disaster. Nepali people are sick and tired of Koirala family’s nepotism and favouritism.

  11. introvert Avatar

    keep it up wagle bro….. but u got some readers need to send rehab centre as i have seen so many skeleton nepali youths in one of the london rehab…………..

    some of the comment writters seem they didnt get enuf dose and came to ur blog to reduce their anger ……..

    in the changed context i request to have new specs if u have learning capacity.

    plz if u dont know politics dont analyse like blind person who touches the tail of elephant and says elephant is rope…………….. tail is part of elephant but not whole elephant is rope……..

  12. ram Avatar

    GPK is the emperor in the story “Emperor’s new clothes”, and most of these NC activists are like his pupils. He has already been proven naked by the CA election results, but these NC activists did not dare to say that GPK was already naked because these NC activists are the greatest example of slaves. If slavery still exists in this 21st century on this planet, that is prevalent in the NC party led by one of the most immoral people on this planet, GPK. Slavery still exists in NC party because there is no dearth of blind supporters of GPK like CHANDRA AND NEPALESWOR who are wiorking as his lapdogs instead of watchdogs

  13. Jillabashi BK Avatar
    Jillabashi BK

    I remember Late Ganesh Man Singh’s words:
    .”…Raj tantra maane swaahaa…”

    Similar situation will be very near for Koiralas and Nepali congress as well if Girija keeps bullying like this!!

  14. Prabin Avatar

    Fact is that GPK is a communist now. He has already abandoned NC for CPNM. So, he doesn’t want any trace of NC to remain now.

    So it’s logical he wants no resignation from Sushil because he knows that Sushil can help him in his motive.

  15. Thule Avatar

    *artless drama that is so dirty and stinky*
    *NC supporters and those who voted for the party to bow their head with shame*

    While I condemn Sushil Koirala’s unpopular greed to remain in power, I condemn more the language of a responsible blogger (i.e. Wagle) which blatantly ignores the principles of decency required of blogging.

    I have a few words to Wagle:

    There is currently a trend in town to downplay, mock, and even curse Nepali Congress and CPN-UML for reasons common to everyone. You can of course choose to be trendy, but don’t also forget that both of these parties have a large popular support and they have contributed to the peace process more than the Maoists. Your wishful thinking that the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML need to go down to history and Maoists ‘capture’ the government (like election booths) can only be interpreted as the outcome of a moron mind.

    A bunch of people like you (Neil Horning added) saved no efforts in criticizing Girija for his performance until Jana Andolan. Have you observed who resisted against the king and the international community to lead peace process towards success? Well, I can understand that you may argue Baburam, Badal, CP Gajurel also contributed equally well -biased and prejudiced as you are.

    One election, one failure to form a government, one coup and one difficult time is nothing for a political party which has a long history of encountering upheavels like this. Neither Girija, nor MK Nepal nor Sushil Koirala will be erased like a dirty graffittee. However, you have full right to wish so.

    I am pretty sure that downplaying Nepali Congress and CPN-UML at this difficult juncture of Nepalese history is to support dictatorial regime which Prachanda is planning so hard to establish. If he actually does so, you (Neil Horning and myself added) will be playing chess instead of blogging.

    People can dream of development and democracy under a Maoist regime only under the influence of marijuana. Good lunk to your mission!

  16. Thule Avatar

    I forgot to add one more comment on the language that has been used above: immature, naive, indecent, and unsuitable for a decent blog site.

    Learn Wagle, learn! When will you grow up?

  17. bishnu Avatar


  18. mst Avatar


    Do you know the fineline that divides between decency and indecency? I don’t think you are matured enough to see that line.

  19. Rabin Karki, Kathmandu Avatar
    Rabin Karki, Kathmandu

    Why does the CPNM keeps popping up in every matter?? What has the Maoist got to do with the ‘blatantly undemocratic’ behavior of the NC. And @Thule, I don’t think Mr. Wagle is trying to downplay NC or anyone. He was just trying to comment on the ludicrous drama played by the Koirala and the company.
    I am sure ‘yuva neta’ Shushil knew that ‘old neta’ Girija will never accept his resignation, that’s why he threw the resignation letter in the first place. I was wondering where this drama will end. How come the ‘future president’, as called by the Koirala dynasty, resigned so easily. And after seeing the anticlimax of this whole drama, I actually took a sigh of relief feeling that the Koirala and company hasn’t given up its old dirty undemocratic habit.
    Poor me, I was expecting Mr. Girija would resign after such humiliating defeat. Now I laugh at myself how could I expect such ethical behavior from the notoriously unethical clan.

  20. Kishan Avatar

    It is safe to say that GPK will be around for a while, but he will forever be synonymous with the word “GREED”. Coincidently, both words Girija and Greed starts with the same letter G.

  21. Deva Avatar

    Girija Prashad Koirala is a shame not only for the political leaders of the Nepali Congress Party, but also for thye entire Nepalese Peoples. He is turning a blind eye to the wishes and the decision of the Nepalese Peoples. What moral authority does he have in hanging onto power? The other person equally shattered is General Katawal, our Chief of the Army Staff. He went visiting the evil Koirala yesterday to conspire on how to hang on to power. Shame on you two.

    The Peoples of the country may again have to rise up against this eveil of axis: Kopirala and Katwal.


  22. jiban Avatar

    I think this is one of the fault of nepal congress. Major fault over its life time. if it want to become the major political parties it should change its target point

  23. baje Avatar

    No surprises here. Did people expect anything of substance from the high and mighty Nepali Congress? A bunch of power-hungry, convictionless thugs – that’s all this party is, it’s all this party will ever be.

  24. Rajendra Pokharel, Germany Avatar
    Rajendra Pokharel, Germany

    NC, the party of longest history of fighting for democracy is the most undemocratic party when it comes intraparty democracy. Even Maoists are democratic in this sense!

    Congress must reform its party structure to improve its image if it wants maintain its democratic image.

    If leaders do not take moral responsibilty for their failures, its called ´dictatorship´ and Koirala fits the description. The man who led the revolution against the Shah dynasty ironically supports dynasty within his party leadership. This is unfortunate!

  25. Jambu Avatar


  26. Vashir Avatar

    I disagree with the author when he says “Girija is the Gyanendra of Nepali Congress” because Gyanendra has shown he respects people verdict and does not cling to power. Girija is shamelessly clinging to power, and wants to retain his premiership/head of state role even after he publicly said “I will step down after CA Polls”.

    The analogy of Girija and Gyanendra is wrong again on another point. Girija rarely exhibits aggressive demeanor, he is like a stray dog who always waits for the opportunity to bite once the other’s back is turned away.

    However, if what the author means is “authoritarian” when he adjudges Girija and Gyanendra to be the same he might be right. Overall, I believe Girija is paving his dynasty’s downfall just like Gyanendra did for his.

  27. Nepaleswor Avatar

    Ordinary eyes and immature mind can not understand the underlined thought of Girijababu. That’s why he is GPbabu. Who the hell in NC can replace Sushil? If there are some, why don’t they dare to come front? Bakbiting does nothing. If they have gut to go ahead leading NC, they shoud come on floor.

  28. Nepaleswor Avatar

    Dear Shyam jee,
    ???? ???? ??? ??????? ????. ?? ?? ?? ???????? ?????. ?? ?? ???????. ?? ??? ????. ?? ?? ??????. ???? ????? ??????. ???

  29. Nepaleswor Avatar

    I am sorry. I have wriitten above mentioned information in DEVNAGARI KEYMAN font (Kalimati). but it didn’t work.
    Anyway, it was:
    Little knowledge is dangersous thing. Your r in babbling stage. Go on crawling and learning both consonat and vowles. You will learn soon.
    Good Luck.

  30. kanchha Avatar

    HEY young minds: what are you doing in boston, new york, seattle…? It’s time to return to your ancestoral village and start building new nepal from the scratch. “sisnu and dhhiro” should be sweeter than 99 cents burger and 5.75 $ an hour pay.
    Welcome to new Nepal. Lal Salam.

  31. nepali Avatar


    everyone had predicted that the election… wasnt near… we had the election… it was peaceful.. and successfull…

    we can hear from people that they had actually voted… for maoists……

    scared people did not go to the villages to market themselves.. thats their problem…. there was an international eye in nepal… maoists wouldnt really ruin themselves… so they wouldnt have done anything to the candidates.. the loosers were just too afraid to go and market themselves…

    so … you voted girija earlier… in 2046… why dont u blame urself for voting him first???

    atleast under his regime.. we kicked the king’s ass out……

    atleast under his regime.. we made maoists stop killing people ……

    and if u are mad at him.. for being greedy… well u voted him as ur servant… u control him… …. girija is doing the best he can… if you don’t like it, TALK… and kick him out… ppl have kicked the king out.. and we’re crying about girija here? … so you were all at home…. when we did all that andolan trying to kick gyanendra out huh? … coz if we don’t like somehting.. atleast i go out on the street… and fight… and because of people like ME.. there is “almost” loktantra now…. in nepal…

    and people have voted for maoists… so its their job to check that they do the right thing.. and they work according to their “goshana patra”…. if not… and if people are not aware… its the same story again … as i see.. it still is…

    shame on you guys! participate.. it was “praja tantra” then.. and u let girija handle it…

    its “lok tantra” now.. so don’t repeat the same mistake again… they’re the servents.. we’re the BOSS… coz its LOK TANTRA.. just like “praja tantra” before…… its US who rule the country… and if we leave them alone… ofcourse… they ‘ll do what they want……. AND JUST LIKE YOU HAVE BLAMED GIRIJA ON THE COMMENTS……. ekdam funny….. YOU CANT BLAME A SERVENT THAT YOU VOTED TO WORK FOR YOU IF YOU DO NOT CARE WHAT HE DOES….. he is under ur control.. and u do not care.. and just talk bullshit about him…

    ok its a new nepal now… hope ppl will participate…

  32. Nepali from Japan Avatar
    Nepali from Japan

    Girija’s one foot is in Pashupati and the other in Narka, His eyes on PM’s chair. He can be a political leader but not the ruler of people of Nepal. His verdict will be decided when he will die and people will celebrate that the legacy of Greedy Koirala family has finally ended. He has sold his heart, soul and morality and digested all together with Lauda. Its a curse to the country that people like him, surya bahadur thapa repeteadly becomes PM of the country and cheats people and what we do finally is nothing rather than writing some critical comments.

  33. Bishal from Japan Avatar
    Bishal from Japan

    Nepali congress a democratic party ??? its the most funniest sentence i come across to several times. These people have become such a shameless creeds that they have sold their ethics in front of bunch of Rupees. When I search for dedicated ethical peoples in this party, my head goes down with shame. I am really surprised that party like NC stood second in the CA elections with people like sujata,wagle,joshi,khadka,mahat,poudel competing. Its a sign that our country has difficult times ahead because these peoples will continuously suck the blood out of our motherland.

    May god pashupatiNath save us.

  34. parasite Avatar

    Don’t be jealous of the Koiralas, they are only looking after their own interests. Don’t you all?

  35. Pensiuni Cluj Ieftine Avatar

    Pensiuni Ceahlau

    I need to to thank you for this great read!! I certainly enjoyed every bit of it.
    I have got you book-marked to look at new stuff you post…

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