U.S. Subverting Nepal Poll Mandate

Nepal in the foreign press:

The Hindu reports that American ambassador Nancy Powell “actively pushing” the idea that Girija Prasad Koirala should remain Prime Minister. A section of Nepali Congress says Maoists must first oust Koirala to stake claim to the top post. Amendment to interim constitution to allow PM to be removed by simple majority proposed

By Siddharth Varadarajan

After first “congratulating the people of Nepal on their historic Constitutional Assembly election,” the United States is now seeking to subvert the electorate’s mandate by lobbying against the Maoists heading the next coalition government. According to political and diplomatic sources, the U.S. ambassador in Kathmandu, Nancy Powell, is “actively pushing” the idea that Girija Prasad Koirala should continue as Prime Minister. Under the interim constitution, all major decisions, including the appointment or removal of the Prime Minister, must be taken by consensus, failing which by a two-thirds majority. With the encouragement of the Americans, a section of the Nepali Congress (NC) leadership is now citing this provision to argue that the Maoists will first have to oust Mr. Koirala before they can stake a claim to the top post.

“Suicidal for party”

The American suggestion which one NC leader in an interview to The Hindu described as “suicidal for the party” runs counter to the belief of Indian and other diplomats here that a Maoist-led government is inevitable given the scale of their victory.

The CA consists of 601 seats, 575 of which are elected. Of these, the Maoists have 220, or 38.2 per cent, the NC only 110 and the Unified Marxist-Leninists (UML) 103. The four Madhesi parties have 85 seats between them. A further 26 seats will be filled by nomination on a pro rata basis.

In the current coalition based on the “interim legislature,” the NC, with 40 per cent of the seats, has not just the prime ministership but also the defence, home and finance portfolios. In line with this practice, Prachanda, chairman of the CPN Maoist, says his party will now head the coalition government and keep the three top ministries to itself.

Pressuring the Maoists

Though some observers feel the “GPK as PM” line is meant to pressure the Maoists into yielding at least one top portfolio to the NC or UML in an eventual coalition government, there is a fear that the proposal will take on a life of its own as other players who feel threatened by the Maoists such as the Palace and Army brass — latch on to it.

Last week, the entire debate within the NC was over whether the party should join the coalition led by the Maoists or not. But when the Central Working Committee of the NC met on Thursday (24 April) to take stock of the party’s defeat, senior leaders openly challenged the Maoists’ right to lead the government.

Second ‘proposal’

A second ‘proposal’ that is being floated to prevent the Maoists from forming a stable government is an amendment to the interim constitution to allow the Prime Minister to be removed by simple majority.

Since the Maoists will have more than one-third of the seats in the CA, the argument goes, there will be no check should they refuse to hold elections again. The Maoist leadership rejects these arguments.

“When the interim constitution itself spells out the lifespan of the CA and mandates fresh elections within a maximum period of two years and six months, where is the question of the Maoists delaying elections?” Mr. Prachanda told The Hindu. “Would any of these proposals or formulas have been made if the NC or UML had been in our position?” he asked. “That is the true test of how valid these proposals are.”

The Maoists fear the new emphasis on the “politics of numbers” will vitiate the consensual spirit that the CA needs to write Nepal’s new constitution.

Mr. Prachanda says the electorate’s mandate is for a coalition government led by the Maoists. “This is a time when all the parties have to work together the Maoists, the NC, UML, the [Madhesi Janadhikar] Forum and others.”

Role for Koirala

Asked what role he envisaged for Mr. Koirala, Mr. Prachanda said the “guardianship” of the NC leader had been crucial in pushing the peace process and ensuring that elections to the CA were held properly. “At the same time, he has repeatedly said he wants to retire from active politics and this must also be respected. And yet, we feel some way must be found for him to continue to play the role of a guardian. My view is that given his age and his own sentiments, the proper way to honour him would not be to insist on his involvement in the government or day-to-day politics. We have to find another way of honouring him. But if he wants, we are open-minded on this,” said Mr. Prachanda. “I told him we are prepared to talk about this.”

[This article originally appeared in The Hindu.]


Talking to journalists at a tea reception hosted by newly elected CA member and NC leader Prakash Man Singh yesterday, former prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba said the NC should continue to lead the coalition government.

“The Maoists are the largest single party but they don’t have the necessary majority to change the government. And the constitution says the government should be run through consensus among the seven parties. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has played a key role in bringing the peace process to this stage and in successfully holding the constituent assembly election. So we think he should lead the government in future as well.”

Koirala, who was sitting next to Deuba, seemed to approve of Deuba’s view. When asked whether he wanted to keep leading the government, the prime minister said, “We have agreed to run the government through consensus. I don’t know anything else.”

NC and UML leaders seem to be holding onto the constitutional clause that says a two-third majority is necessary to change the prime minister and want to use it to force major concessions from the Maoists even if they are ready to give the latter an opportunity to lead the government.

Ishwar Pokharel, Standing Committee member of the CPN-UML, also said the parties would seek commitment from the Maoists before extending their support. “Dissolution of the YCL, constitutional amendment to provide for the formation and ouster of a government through a simple majority, and their commitment to strictly implement past commitments are pre-conditions for our support to the Maoists,” he said.

He claimed that if the provision for a two-thirds majority to oust or form a government is not amended, the Maoists could keep on ignoring others and imposing their authoritarian rule. “We also want practical implementation of their past commitments, including return of looted property and rehabilitation of displaced people,” Pokharel said. “The Maoists have not yet changed their behaviour and are acting as if they have secured a two-third majority,” he added. Pokharel said the UML will not join the government under Maoist leadership.

Dina Nath Sharma, a senior Maoist leader, however, said it would not be sincere on the part of the parties to ignore the people’s overwhelming support in the polls for the Maoists and set conditions for supporting a Maoist-led government. “We are ready to return the property captured by our cadres during the conflict,” said Sharma. “But it should be noted that some of the leaders are unwilling to take back their property so that they can continue blaming us for capturing property.” He said the Maoists will not join the government under the leadership of any other political party. (more here)


10 responses to “U.S. Subverting Nepal Poll Mandate”

  1. Deva Avatar

    Look at our bloody political leaders of yesterday! Girija Prashad Koirala, Madhav Prashad Nepal, Shere Bahadur Deuba, and the likes of them suggesting that the Nepali Congress should lead the next government on the basis of political consensus – what a damned thing to suggest!

    The people have decided and none of the political parties have any moral right to even remotely suggest that a silly old man like Koirala should even remain in the government. Does he not have any moral democratic value in him? Is he so ethically banckrupt?

    The US ambassador, tell her to go shove her finger up her …….waist coat pocket.


  2. Deva Avatar

    The next thing about thye King and the Army. Come on guys, be realistic, they are both done for. Gyanendra is the last Shaha king and the Nepalese Army will now be converted into the Peoples’ Army. Great days are ahead of us – we will once again unfurl our national flag drawn with blood and reclaim our lost territories.


  3. Deva Avatar

    Nala Pani, Kala Pani. Testa, Kangra, Susta. and the rest will now follow! FOLLOW ME!!!!!


  4. Deva Avatar

    General Rukmangat Katwal must be counting his days! Lt. General Khandka must be jumpinh on his seat hoping to take over;but what about the Maoist field commanders? Don’t they desreve to aspire to something also?



  5. Runil Wazlib Avatar
    Runil Wazlib

    Every dog has its day and today is the maoists’ day, and your day, Deva. By your aggressive style I can easily guess YOU were the one requesting the international community to pressure the King’s government, and now… Well done, really…
    By the looks of your writing you are planning to conquer the whole world under the Nepali flag…Best of Luck…
    Nationalism is feeling for one’s country and working to make it better and not complaining that others are not doing like they should..If you really feel so bad about what Her Excellency said, why don’t you ask the Nepali Ambassador for the US to say the same thing about G W Bush?

    We Nepalese complain too much..Let us begin the culture of tolerance ( look up in the dictionary if U don’t know what it means). Let us get above the cliches of ‘Foreign Intervention’ or ‘New Nepal’. The country is the same; the people the same…

    We need a new system of thinking, not a new country..

  6. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Runil Waxlib – why don’t you tell Nancy to f….up Nepal. Who is she? who is she to manipulate our politician? of course she does where politicians are like Girija, Sher B. Deuwa and others. Well – here we are! Our maoist leader will tell our Nepali Ambassador for US to same thing about G W Bush? I don’t think Nancy can. Why don’t you say Nancy to cool down? not to intervene nepal. If you can then don’t dare advise Deva to tolerate against Americans.

    You fool, don’t only blame GW bush coz Americans voted him despite of his poor leadership and performance.

    You tell- Nancy to bring human right in Iraq. Nepal is fine and will be alright without USA.

    We Nepali should not be so tolerant now because been tolerant for long time but this is our time to express our anger and doubt.

    That’s how developed world has been made and now we have to make nepal too.

  7. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    We nepali has nothing to worry about how GW bush is. He has done good for nepali. he provide green cared for Bhutanese asylum. It is shame our own neighbour Indian didn”t do anthing about it.

  8. Deva Avatar

    Politicians and priests have duped and doped the people of this country. The British, the Indians, and now the Americans have made a mokery of us; while the Chinese fiddle the Tibet strings hoping that some moderation will surface from Kathmandu. What a shame!

    The Maoists are now supreme and will rule this nation like none before. They will provide the basic essentials of life to everyone within twekve months and make us proud once again. Long live the revolution! Till the Indian Army marches in.


  9. sunil regmi Avatar

    congress is always guided by america and south block policy.this time also they were lobbing against the maoist with teh external pressure created by US.if again congress follow the guidelines of america and reject the verdict and will of the people that the people of nepal had clearly give mandate for the maoist to rule in nepal than congress will be clearly sweep away by the people itself. if they themselves evoke the democratic frame parties then why do they give such undemocratic lkogic about two third majority and constitution. transitional politics will not be guided by constitution and people have \not voted to maosit after reading the constitution. does poor illetrate people read constitution? we dont know anything.we only know new nepal born out with new ideology and only the jubilient leader comrade prachanda ruled.lets give him chance

  10. sujan Avatar

    The congress should request the US to have DV lottery every month, and a guranteed 50,000 people go to us every month. If the US agrees than most nepalies will not mind their influence in nepalese politics.

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