Maoist Ultimatum and Renovation of the King's Private House

We will present yet another surprise to the world by peacefully negotiating the king’s exit from Narayanhiti Royal Palace.- Prachanda, Maoist Chairman who might lead the next government in Nepal

Prachanda wants ‘graceful exit’ for king: In an interview with the Kathmandu Post’s Ghanashyam Ojha on Friday Maoist Chairman Prachanda says he is in favor of providing King Gyanendra a “graceful exit” from the throne that the Shah dynasty has occupied for the last 240 years. He told the Post that he has initiated consultations with various diplomatic missions and leaders of other political parties on what such a “graceful exit” might be. “The king should not be ousted from the throne in a humiliating manner,” he said. He was not sure what that graceful exit could be. But he hinted that there would be no further action against him if he obeyed the verdict of the people.

Prachanda says: “Even after he leaves the throne he should be allowed to continue with his business affairs or other activities, including engagement in politics in future if he so desires. We will present yet another surprise to the world by peacefully negotiating the king’s exit from Narayanhiti Royal Palace. If necessary, I am even ready to meet him. There is no alternative to abolishing the monarchy through the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly and we will do just that. If we fail, Nepal will plunge into another crisis.

“The mandate of the Constituent Assembly election was to draft a new constitution and take the peace process to its conclusion. The parties haven’t yet fulfilled the people’s mandate, so they all should stay on in the ruling coalition to fulfill it. Since the Constituent Assembly election was meant for drafting a new constitution, there is no question of winners and losers. We are open to discussion and the next government will be formed through consensus.” Prachanda, however, said parallel power centers should not be created during this transition, as this could complicate the political process. “One person should have control and command, whether it is the president or prime minister,” he said.

Baburam Bhattarai, the Maoist second-in-command, said Friday (18 April) that King Gyanendra had 28 days to vacate the palace and if he did not do so the people would force him to do. Asked in an interview with BBC Nepali Service how long people would have to wait to see the king walking out of the palace, Bhattarai said: “The king would have to return to his own residence (which is being renovated, see inside) from the palace in four weeks since through the constituent assembly election, people gave given us the mandate to turn Nepal into a republic”. He added that King could remain in the country like an ordinary ‘law-abiding’ citizen. After the royal family’s exit, the palace would be turned into a museum, Bhattarai said.

Meanwhile the renovation of King Gyanendra’s private residence at Nirmal Niwas in Kathmandu has been intensified, reports THT. A report in Annapurna Post quoting sources said on Friday (18 April) that the renovation which had been going on for quite some time now was intensified after the polling was completed for the CA elections on April 10. “Renovation and extension of some structures in Nirmal Niwas has been going on for some time now,” a source said, adding, construction of additional rooms has also been undertaken.

The source also said that there are plans of building a new structure in the northern part of Nirmal Niwas and the work on it would begin in few days. The report also said that construction of a helipad inside the King’s private residence had also been undertaken. Late King Mahendra had constructed Nirmal Niwas for then prince Gyanendra 36 years ago. King Gyanendra along with Queen Komal have been residing in Narayanhiti Royal Palace ever since the royal massacre of June 1, 2001.


21 responses to “Maoist Ultimatum and Renovation of the King's Private House”

  1. KingCobra Avatar

    Prachanda says:

    In history, monarchs have been beheaded and also had to flee. Let that not be repeated in Nepal,” Prachanda said.

    Time will tell how you and your deputy Baburam will be beheaded too.

  2. unluckyoblix Avatar

    ya KingCobra. Do you have a head at all? HA HA HA HA

  3. kirthan Avatar

    I think you are in trance still, Moists are good at acting
    they spoke of peace at the begenning now warn beheading of the king .
    hope prachand be not an nepal’s hitler

  4. hemant Avatar

    why do these stupid people keep on posting the insensible comments here………..i guess they don’t even think once before writing something here…………i guess the things happening in our country is the sign of good thing………..indeed the king is the killer and the symbol of feudelism in the country so should be shown the door as soon as possible…………

  5. Sagar Avatar

    I dont think King will leave in such easy way as Prachanda’s Saying “Graceful Exit” Neither he do have the ethics to be engaged in politics.

  6. achhutt Avatar

    theres no other way out for the king than to simply leave the palace.and its good that the maoist leadership is talking about a graceful exit for gyanendra..maybe this will ease the fellow a bit and help him come to terms with the present…..they could have confronted him harder if they liked to with all the support they gained from the polls…i think its time we stop complaining the government even before its started…lets give them a a go ahead at least we can do that cant we??

  7. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Make King Gyanendra the President of Nepal for the time being until the new system is set up.

  8. achhutt Avatar

    haha shree .mareko biralo kakhi chyapera k garne ko..bekar ma ganauchha.!!!

  9. Baby Pradhan Avatar
    Baby Pradhan

    I agree with Shree Shrestha’s suggestion. This will lead to a situation wherein sarpa pani mardaina laththi pani bnachidaina. This will also check the possibility of rocking the boat further by anybody. May sanity prevail on the new rulers of New Nepal.

  10. KIRATI Avatar

    Provided he, his family and ancestor shouldl not play and interfere in any kind of political affairs. He should be only symbolic head of the state. A absolute powerless head of state. In this connection only he should be accepted.

  11. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Yes, KIRATI, That’s the way it should happen.

  12. nastikji Avatar

    do u guys know meaning of BOKLI KURPA?not at all. king GYANENDRA was a real Bokli kurpa… meaning he was a “DUNG WORM”. dont be DUNG by carrying him ok guys.its ridiculous that still some dont know what he did to the country ?he raped the country.RAPIST gyane!!!i d rather have him charged for convictions against the motherland…..

  13. Harke Avatar

    I would bet Mr. nastik… Gyanendra is a nationalist king. He loves this country even more than we do.

    And I can say this proudly that the is a lesser “rapist” than Girija and Prchanda.

  14. Harke Avatar

    And what should be Gyanendra charged for???

    Suppressing some anarchist street revolts, which was conducted with the financial support of Nepal’s no.1 foe India, and that too involved a terrorist group of that time.

    Girija should be charged for Lauda, selling Tanakpur and Mahakali.

    Prachanda should be charged for the murders of 13000 Nepalese by starting an “UNNECESSARY” war.

  15. wooSmith Avatar

    My my.. I just feel like Prachanda wants to be the next king while keeping Gyanendra as his subordinate.

    Otherwise why would he talk about giving graceful exit plus cultural rights to Gyanendra.

    Dear Prachanda, you kick Gyane off the throne or we kick you guys together off Nepal. Don’t forget ur previous angry words u used for inciting all Nepalese against the bas**** king.

  16. yeti Avatar

    Its not an easy task to remove the king. The Maoists have been tone down their voices lately. Being a rebel is one thing while taking responsibility in real world is different thing. It is going to haunt them. The king will live peacefully inside the palace while ex rebels dances in the street like a jackel.

  17. viewtech Avatar

    King shall be given economical, cultural and social rights- Dr. Bhattarai

  18. CafeDeNepal Avatar

    Babu Ram today said following Kantipur TV BAHAS interview;

    “WE WOULD REQUEST King to leave the Palace with Dignity; afterall he had been ruling for so long. We DONT WANT remove him with FORCE. We can even visit Palace to talk with King about his exit ”

    Are maoist also turning like previous politicians ???

    BTW; here is one interesting link;

  19. Baby Pradhan Avatar
    Baby Pradhan

    Baburam is offering King Gyanendra “Cultural rights” to avoid the embarassment that the atheist Maoists leader will face when they, as Head of State,have to attend cultural functions and get blessings from deities.

  20. Passion Shah Avatar
    Passion Shah

    KING is KING .Who wants to have a lots of Authority.He willn’t be satisfied by giving such a cultural rights,social rights and so on .If all you don’t want to commence another revolution,we have to keep the king on the position of Nepal Pramukh(head of Nepal).Let see dictionary,what is the meaning of king,whereas what is the meaning of people or maoist and congress and UML. So please learn to do respective behave to suitable person,in the suitable place and situation.What dilect is? also the necessary point to remember while doing politics in the multicultural country .So Please don’t speak going over the king.He will open the fire………………………………………………….,Maoists should remember what king did when they were organizing their Mass meeting at Holeri of Dang.

  21. hemant Avatar

    to passion shah,

    DEAR SHAH JADE thanks for the warning…..let king fire once we’ll show how to show him the graceful exit if he doesn’t follow our mandate……and u plz go and be in ur own home and stop writing such comments otherwise we don’t need any constitutional assembly to show you door of exit from nepal…

    stay aware and alert

    jai nepal and nepali

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