Rumours In Kathmandu

This piece talks about rumours that are flowing through Kathmandu air in the past couple of days. These are not verified. Believe at your own risk.

If we are to believe one of those countless rumours that are flowing through the air of Kathmandu, Maoists will not lead the government. Maoists will not get majority in the CA (out of 602 seats) which means non-Maoist forces will be in majority in the CA. In that case, one can question, how can Maoists, who will be in minority, lead the government? What if all non-Maoists forces come together? Rumourmongers believe that such is the idea that is being quietly pushed by the countries that will have very difficult time in seeing a Maoist led government in Nepal.

In that case, we believe, Nepal will face a disaster. Not to give Maoists chance to lead the government even when they have won in such an impressive fashion means blatantly ignoring the spirit of the people’s verdict. The people of Nepal, accept it or not, gave Maoist the verdict to lead the government. To bent that verdict in any other way will only destabilize Nepal.

Another rumour is that suspended king Gyanendra is going to issue a statement demanding for a referendum. Rumourmongers believe that in such a statement Gyanendra will also state his secret agreement with the seven parties and the Maoist regarding his future (which will definitely say that the agreement was there to continue with monarchy.)





8 responses to “Rumours In Kathmandu”

  1. sankalpa Avatar

    Yesterday i heard the rumor that since the stock market collapsed, the price of dollar went up by 40 bucks and crossed 100 mark. I was pretty happy first you know coz i bought the dollar for 62 and i thought i would make a handsome profit doing nothing. One of my korean friend who is also very pretty, criticized me for preying on a bad situation. She kept saying how could you profit from your country getting poor. I mean i had enough basis to believe the rumor considering the fact that maoist won, stock market crashed and us is a safe heaven for any currency in the world. I have been trying to confirm the rumor, i posted on this hideous blog asking about the price but no one replied. so wagle instead of saying believe at your own risk why don’t you give the facts. i checked all the forex rates but the dollar is still selling at 64.

  2. Harke Avatar

    Maoist cannot form a government according to the Interim Costitution.

    The current prime minister can only be removed by a 2/3 majority.

    And I don’t think anyone has a 2/3 majority in the CA.

    The PM will be the same, ministers different.

    And the executive will still be governed by 7 party alliance.

  3. Hopelessly Optimistic Avatar
    Hopelessly Optimistic

    When all is said and done….I just wanna remind all ‘Nepal is a hallai hallako Desh’.

  4. xyz Avatar

    My predictions:

    1. Girija will continue to be acting head of the state and the PM till the first meeting of CA; he will switch on to be ceremonial head of the state, handing executive power to Maoists.

    2. Gyane abdicate Narayanhiti

  5. jackie newar Avatar
    jackie newar

    Gyanendra is a good business man I suggest we should not let him out of the country.that will be brain drain Why not make him the GM of Sajha Yatayat ?
    Regarding Paras ,why not make him the GM of Gurkha distillery ?

  6. fmradio Avatar

    Shivaism is the only pparty.
    One day gold, next term red.
    Multifacetted democrazy.
    Of course they are conspiring with new sim cards.
    Just do your thing and stay out of it. I believe Jimmy Carter.

  7. samrat raj Avatar
    samrat raj

    the lesson from nepal election is that no one is permanent.king s had been governing for the last 240yrs in nepal,suspended easily despite their unique power.maoists will be sacked whithin few years.look those corrupted faces -NC,UML sliding on the edge of cliff which they peaked many times.if maoists follow the same steps,no way.

  8. namaste Avatar

    Have you seen Jimmy Carter is also trying to make peace in ghaza and his own sick government condems him for it.
    Saints are prophets not appreciated in their own country.

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