Meeting Barack Obama: Nepal is a Beautiful Country!

I think part of the reason many of prominent leaders in Nepal lost in the April 10 CA election is they are not attached to the common people the way Barack Obama is.

Letter from America
By Deepak Adhikari

It’s been more than a month I am in the US as an Alfred Friendly Fellow and I missed the CA polls and the surprising results back in Nepal. The election is going on in the US too. I wanted to see the US presidential candidates first hand, American people’s perception toward election/politics and watch some of the debates and the Primary.

Hello Barack! Supporters including a Nepali scholar Nawa Raj Pradhan reach to shake hands with Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, after he spoke at a rally at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyo., Friday (8 March). Dr. Eng. Pradhan from Ilam, Bhanu Path-2, is a post doctoral research associate at the University of Wyoming, U.S.A. He completed his PhD from Kyoto University in Japan in Water Resources Engineering. Photo by Associate Press via USA Today
Previous UWB post on Obama: And I Endorse Barack Obama for the American Presidency

Luckily, I am posted to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , the biggest newspaper in Western Pennsylvinia. The much awaited primary is slated for April 22 in this state. My mentor Greg Victor assured me that I would be able to watch the Primay and may be shadow a reporter covering the presidential election. The latter has not taken place yet but I was pleasantly surprised when both of the candidates, hoping to clinch the Democratic nomination, turned up in our office to garner the support of Post-Gazette. Hillary Clinton’s visit went almost unnoticed as she did not want to meet the newsroom people.

But April 15 was different. Post-Gazette office was abuzz with presidential candidate Barack Obama’s visit. My colleagues here often talk about Democratic presidential hopefuls Clinton and Obama.

I’m not someone who runs after celebrities (be they politicians or sportsmen/artists) and asks for an autograph. As a reporter, you get to see them every now and then. But, the excitement in the office forced me to take a chance and see Obama. Many of my colleagues were disgruntled that he was meeting only with the Editorial Board. So, as the hullaballoo grew, I ventured out of the office in Boulevard of the Allies to catch a glimpse of him.

Half a dozen young people were waiting accross the road from our office. Then, the Secret Service people asked me to go to the other side of the road where I ran into several colleagues and Obama supporters who were standing and talking animatedly. It was 2:30 PM. At one point, I received a call from Samuel Siringi, a Fellow from Kenya. I told him that I was expecting Obama’s arrival outside the office. He didn’t believe it. After an hour or so, Obama arrived, flanked by his people and the omnipresent Secret Service agents. He waved to us and entered the office.

It seemed I was merely seeing him in person instead of TV. So, what’s the big fuss? But, a surprise was awaiting me. I was busy working on my training plan which is due Friday. I saw colleagues running toward the hallway saying “Obama is meeting personally everyone in the newsroom”. For a moment, I thought of staying in my desk. But, as eveyone flocked to the place where Obama was, I could not resist.

He was shaking hands and moving toward where I was. As he approached me, I introduced myself. and shook hand. I said: I’m from Nepal. He said: Oh, it’s a beautiful country. I said: Nice to meet you. He said: Nice to meet you too. Then, he moved ahead.

Now almost every one in the newsroom is talking about how he looked like, how his handshake was etc. Comments vary from his handshake being soft to he looking young. To me he appeared a guy-next-door, attending to everyone. Back home, politicians are a different breed; they don’t relate to the people. They think they are superior to the people who elect them. I think part of the reason many of prominent leaders lost the recent election is they are not attached to the common people the way Obama is.

My colleagues congratulated me on meeting a person who has already created a history.

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26 responses to “Meeting Barack Obama: Nepal is a Beautiful Country!”

  1. Nepali Voter Avatar
    Nepali Voter

    Thank God he didn’t ask where Nepal is as many Americans tend to do. That makes me conclude that he has pretty much good knowledge about the world. So he must he better than Hillary and McCain in foreign policy! Just a thought! If I were an American, I woudl have surely voted for this man!

    By the way, congratulations to Deepak and Nawa Raj!

  2. dwaiba Avatar

    Mere simple comment on Nepal should not be reason to vote for Obama. No politician would not say,’ oh, I am sorry its a wretched country.’ Hillary loves Nepal and have visited Nepal. This hope and dream are good ideals to live by but it would not help Nepal much if Obama is to take the White house in November. If American people elect an inexperienced senator from Illinois, they will repeat the same mistake of electing Bush. Mr. Obama is long on rhetorics and short on substance and would not be much of help for Nepal if he is to get the nomination for next US president of the US of A.

    Thank you

  3. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Hillary and her daughter went to nepal for a holiday. I like hillary but i support Barak Obama. I think he and his wife make a good executive couple in white house. I don’t judge Obama on his hope and charm but he is the man with substance. I heard his speeches from 2002 and listen and watch his interviews and the way he puts issues and explains that touches my heart. i think he has something extra factor which he carried from his mother. I truly believe so. Being a women hillary has not been able to impress me yet. i didn’t like when she lied and supported her husband against poor monica.

    In american history, all the politicians were inexperienced but experienced are George W. bush who lived in white house 12 years with his father …quite experienced, ha? and now look he doesn’t give a damn about anything . he doesn’t respect people because he was too experienced before hand. so what guaranty you have on hillary? she was there too 8 years! i think if she wins it will be the same like bush.

    For me Barak Obama understands the pain, hunger and discriminations which a White person never can understand. Barak obama, not only be a president of America but he will be the 21st century icon. a leader of the world.

  4. SUDIP JEE Avatar

    I think that a candidate of President of US must know the geography. And, he must be a Nepal lover man that he said “Nepal is a beautiful country.” In the other hand, if Nepal was developed nation, nobody would say that where was Nepal.

    Good writings Deepak Jee. Thank you very much.

  5. Levi Strauss Avatar
    Levi Strauss

    This is the thing.
    People choose.
    When you see Hillary not convincing, and the other old man Republican has Power.
    So we love Barack for all the white reasons in the world. And sincerely if USA goes down more than it has….they need spiritual emergency PLAN
    Rampant anti americanism, Jihad and they have to go to the Olympics no Balls left.

  6. NepaleseLaw Avatar

    For me, Obama is just a pot of words. He knows how to use words fancifully though it could be some plagiarized text. He utters words constantly, gives lots of hopes and last no one knows whether he can do anything or not. I do not think, from nepal’s perspecives, either candidate fare better than others. But, I think Hillary can be better one. And, to my calculation, Hillary can not be president in 2008. Either she will be defeated by Obama- a premature demise of her hope; or will be lost to McCain, Republican candidate. So, Hillary, at least for me, is the best president US never had.

    And who is this joti-Soctland here? U do not support Hillary because she stood by her husband in hard times? Right?
    You know what?
    U should stab urself on ur heart and die!!!
    I think Hillary has won some women supporters because of her this actions-being able to internalise pain.

  7. Tara Avatar

    Friends plz dont compare Nepalese politicians and the Americans. I dont find it relevant. on a personal basis Newa ji is a lucky fellow. But we are who we are? our politicians dont give a dam to common people and they lost the election rather badly. now a new Party has emerged….(Terrorists for America) , a Communist party. they pretend to be close to the lower class peoples (actually are there upper class peoples). their leaders are…….educated? lets say, yeah they are educated, (non educated peoples from Nepal are in America and other countries meeting the politicians there and sharing the experience on www). lets give them a chance and hope for the best.

  8. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Obama will not become US President for the following reasons:
    1. He is supported by the leftist organization like Move-On. org, the Nation magazine, Air America talk show hosts.
    2. His spiritual guidance comes from Wright, who hates America and its white and jew population.
    3. He likes Bush’s foreign policy and Regan’s politics.
    He may win the nomination but in general election he will win only his home state Illinois.
    For us, it does not matter who becomes the President. No matter what they campaign on USA will never pull out from IRAQ (look they are still in Germany, Japan, Korea), USA will never solve the Palestinian problem. We will not get more US Aid.

  9. Swikrit Avatar

    Deepak ji,
    even i felt the same, The Guy Next Door. His speech was simple yet powerful. There was honesty in his approach. As everywhere(read Nepal and US) people are looking for change I am sure he’ll lead US and World to the better place.

    I hope to meet him personally one day!! 🙂


  10. mailadai Avatar

    nice article

    If I were you, I’d b super excited to see the man of the moment, Obama. but that’s just me.

    Mr. Adhikari, I noticed another article written by you in the pitt post gazette about CA election in Nepal. good to see an Alfred Friendly Fellow contributing in various areas.

    well, enjoy this awesome weather that Pitt gets a few weeks in a year (I live an hour away from Pitt) while it lasts. and good luck in Pitt.

  11. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    i have put my name clearly. how dare you comment on my views who is too coward to put names and used fake name. i can endorse who ever i like non of your business, i don’t care whether you support hillary or obama. i have hillary for her double standard talks. Just because obama can deliver speech doesn’t mean he plagiarized text? we all learn from books. why can’t hillary can deliver speech like obama does. Obama was born to be a leader!

    I think you are an idiot. I don’t know what you do but i can guess you are a cheap dirty slag who dies for white ass. you m…f….r you better get this, my name is Joti and i am living in Scotland? who are you fake bastard?

    probably you are working in a restaurant or in a factory where you have to call white people SIr/Madam all day and night.

  12. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    should be ‘hate’ not have

  13. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    i am not finished with you yet ! what makes you think that obama is premature? are you mature? no presidents were experienced before they came to white house. work and responsibilities makes us mature or experienced. What makes you think that hillary is experienced? coz she is 60 plus? we have all experienced all mature leaders in Nepal, India, Pakistan so have they done any good? girija is 70+ what has he done? instead, Rajeeb gandhi and Benejir Bhutto were young and immature…they did well compare to these oldies mature politicians. I am young and i think differently so don’t tell me who to support!

    I am a woman doesn’t mean i should support Hillary for nothing. or a man should not be forced to support obama just because they are men. so you could be a man or a woman. you better keep you mouth shut . if you want to say something about obama, you can do so by telling white ass.

    I think you are no worth talking. Stupid.

  14. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Husband? you call that Husband? he was president of USA at that time. we all know these things happens often in american families but not in a white house. a president to treat his own staff badly and pursues a half of his age suck his b..ll ? and not support a woman being a woman?

    That’s put me on doubt. why should i support a woman who is selfish. She was first lady after all she proved to be something else too. killing her boyfriend!

  15. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    i found the article is good and this means something special and personal for Deepak ji. It reminds me of something when i was in Napier Uni in Edinburgh doing my Business Management, at that time British Prime minister- Tony Blair came to visit our new building. All the students including me were standing by side and we took picture but i still regret that i didn;t have mobile with me that day. I tried to find the person who took picture of us, is still missing.

    Well, that moment never comes back so we have to grab the moment i suppose!

  16. dwaiba Avatar


    Dig into history before comparing apples with oranges. G>B was not living in the White house with his father . Despite his wealth and connections, he didn’t traveled to other countries .

    Women are jealous and suspicious of each other that’s why they are still considered minority in the States and that’s why the plight of women in the world is still appalling, including Nepal. If I have a choose between women and black man I would go for women anytime. Country like UK, India, Pakistan and Germany can have women leader and and its about time US have one to raise the status of the women in the office.

    What is a black man going to do as president for the US, Nepal and world. Not much, If he is to win he will win with 90% of black vote. Blacks will be under his back to free them from economic and political slavery, one in 5 blacks are either in jail, on the way to jail or on parole. Have your Obama raise these issues on the senate floor on the disproportion representation of African American in jails before he attempts for the white house.

  17. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    i would definitely support Hillary if she comes from different background and was a different woman. I can’t accept that fact that she is former lady, wife to Bill clinton – a womanizer and a liar – lied to his family and american and that is the fact which will never go away. all the super delegates endorsed her even she ran for the candidacy because of her husband. she can be hard working but i can’t trust her. she often talks about about the experiences which she earned in white house. this is the time for hillary to explain herself- as you know Chealse being asked twice about monica. her body language tells something else when she talks, it seems to me that she owns white house. when Michelle obama comment on “first time i am proud of this country” if that was someone else that would be a different story. Well i don;t believe white people who talks human rights, democracy and equality. are Iraqi people indulging democracy? human rights?
    they are just trying to fool third world country but you know what now its too late for white people to fool us . So i think, world a different leader in America not to put in track its economy but to save the world.

    white people are jealous – Mugabe being in zimbabwe, china being top of the world. you can’t blame me for women being jealous for each other. I used to think so but i don’t think that way anymore. there is nothing for women to jealous over women only. I have seen men get more jealous than women but the difference is men don’t show off and women show off.

    I have travelled Europe, Asia and USA too and not only america but every where white people treat women as secondary, minority whatever you name it and of course as sexual dull ! you see, white men using Thai gals, Vietnamsese gals etc.

    By the way G W. B was in China while his father (GB) was US ambassador for China before he was vice president.

  18. Paruhang RAI, HONG KONG Avatar
    Paruhang RAI, HONG KONG

    After I saw a few of Michael Moore’s flicks namely Bowling for Colimbine and Sicko. I can understand a bit , what lies beneath the so called ” American Dream’.

    I was particularly appalled to see the American Health system , where u have to endure the health insurance, even if you know you will not be treated for what you are supposed to be and on top of that every insurance agent is a cheat and hoax. Next, the gun policy . it is a dummy work to understand that the more guns you have on the street , the more the dummy main stream newschannel can flourish with events here , events there, events everywhere.

    got tired of it ????

    Umm, ……….coming back to American Presidential campaign. I think you wouldnot for – Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife for the American president to control the world ??? I smell the filthy, cringing smell of corrupt and hegemonistic American politician in Mrs Clinton. About Obama – well ! I think he has come at the right time for a change in American policy which is long overdue in many areas.

    John Mc Cain ??? He is a photocopy of the most hated American statesman of all time. ( JWB)

    One more thing, I have to add here is , I guess people all around the world are tired to see – Bush then Clinton and Again Bush then Again Clinton and again some Bush then again Clinton and again ……..and so on.

    Are these two family the sole custodian of America ?
    Just my thought.

  19. scoop Avatar

    Hillary is a liar. She’s a power hungry do anything to get there type. Obama is a better person. However, McCain is my man.

  20. Mark Avatar

    Very nice! I got to shake his hand in Colorado. Unbelievably smart and authentic man!

    Please check out our stylish Obama t-shirts…

  21. Truth Avatar

    If i were from bangladesh and would say to Obama or any other american “I am from Bangladesh or Bhutan”, i would get the same reply “it is a beautiful country”, nice to meet you…nice to meet you too. One thing for sure, you are lucky to touch him and represent your country. I personally think Obama’s leadership will not help Nepal in any ways because He is busy taking america out of a ditch. But our leaders Prachanda, Baburam should learn something from him of how to work hard and bring rapid change in the country.

  22. nirab gyawali Avatar
    nirab gyawali

    its good obama saying nepal is a beaitiful country but for the very simple issue its exagerrated and made a big issue. And the question is had 0bama seen Nepal.

  23. eklabay Avatar

    We need aids.

  24. Иван Милюков Avatar

    Согласен с автором . У меня такое же мнение 🙂

  25. Avatar


    bro if u need aids…then please fcuk urself and stay out of my country nepa….l coz we dont need aids in nepal….help us punish india by spreading it over there….fcuk india…..
    love nepal

  26. earchText' Avatar

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    I will bookmark yor blog aand test again ribht hesre regularly.
    I amm slightly sure I will bbe tolld los of new stufff riyht here!
    Good luck for the next!

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