Humiliated By Stunning Defeat in Polls, UML Calls It A Day

Nepali Congress should follow the suit on the first day of the CA and play the constructive role of an opposition thereafter

Seven ministers of the Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist Leninist), whose hope to become the largest party, if not with majority, in the CA was shattered last week resigned from the interim government saying that the peoples’ verdict wasn’t telling them to stay in the cabinet. Hmm… that’s okay. We should appreciate UML’s instantaneous decision to quit the government and start the process of reviewing what went wrong.

Nepali Congress, the Prime Minister’s party, should also follow the suite because it also shared UML’s fate in the elections. The largest party in the interim parliament is now struggling to secure a distant second place. There are some technical difficulties for the Prime Minister to resign before the CA convenes. NC should continue running the government and resign on the very day when CA convenes. Rightist force like Madhesi Peoples’ Rights Forum (MPRF)’s coordinator has demanded immediate resignation of the PM on the moral ground. That’s a joke. PM can’t resign now, at this point in time, and create a power vacuum. The responsible decision will be to carry on until the first meeting of the CA and formally handover the power to the Maoist in the CA itself.

What about these two parties’ participation in the next government? If they are to go by their previous commitments and, in the UML’s case, party manifesto, they should join the government. But it will be really difficult for both of these parties to join because of the terrible defeat they faced in the elections. If they don’t participate in the government, one can ask, what will happen to the coalition politics and culture of functioning on understanding? CA could be that forum to continue with the politics of understanding and coalition. UML and NC should play constructive role outside the cabinet while they must come together and work with the Maoist in the CA to draft the new constitution. As the vibrant opposition force, they should check and balance the Maoist-led government. The people gave Maoist a chance to rule and we should see how they rule and turn their promises into actions.

In their joint resignation letter, the UML ministers stated that their party decided to pull out of the government honouring the people’s verdict expressed through the CA polls.

Foreign minister Sahana Pradhan, education minister Pradeep Nepal, tourism minister Prithvi Subba Gurung, general administration minister Ram Chandra Yadav, agriculture and cooperatives minister Chhabilal Biswokarma and state ministers Mohan Singh Rathour and Nagendra Prasad Chaudhary had represented the UML in the Koirala-led government.

Foreign minister Pradhan, who led the UML team in the government, met PM Koirala in Baluwatar and presented the resignation letter to Prime Minister Koirala.


9 responses to “Humiliated By Stunning Defeat in Polls, UML Calls It A Day”

  1. United Voices Avatar

    Didn’t they all say that they will support the new government ? just see what they are doing… when can we ever understand politics?

  2. really Avatar

    seriously, this is not the time for an oppositionm, they should put their heads together to think of a democratic constitution.

  3. really Avatar

    also please refrain from calling madhesi parties rightist forces.this is inflamatory and elitist. the people there have clearly chosen them as well.

  4. aakash Avatar


  5. Neil Horning Avatar

    Um, it looks like about 40% of Nepal wanted the Maoists to come to power.

  6. Ajay Avatar

    I would better be a subject of His Majesty King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah rather than live in a country that appears to become sooner a Communist dictatorship with a pronounced cult of personality around Prachanda (a cocksucker!!!!!)

  7. Sushil Avatar

    The Hot Discussion is about “Will Maoists be able to Save the Country?”. Are Maoists with the “Indians” ? I mean will they sell the Land, Water and else to indians like Girija and else did? How about if they fail to keep their promises that the poor nepalese people have hoped from them?
    A: Girija and other party leaders were given many opportunities to do for the country. RESULT=FAILED, they sold the country to Dhotis….
    B: King was also given a chance to use his power, but could not succeed (though he might have killed his brother’s family).
    C: Now the Turn comes for the Maoists !! What if they rule the country with STRICT COMMUNISM like North Korea?

    Everybody were given chances and Maoists has been given too!
    This is the only hope for the poor Nepalese People!

    Conclusion: The only thing I have seen is, Whoever Comes “Nepalese People & Land” will Suffer. The only way to get rid of this is “POWER TO THE NEPALESE PEOPLE”. There must be a Hand in Hand Movement by the Nepalese People only. When the Goverment is Corrupt, People must Punish the government! “Leaders” will be useless if the Nepalese People can Threaten them. The same thing is about the “Prachanda and his Dogs”. If he did the same bloddy mistake, People should go straightly to his office of his home and kill him.

  8. Ajay Avatar

    This is the result of the NC and UML’s ignorance and stupidity.
    Since they were the legitimate forces, they should have strengthned their ties with His Majesty King Gyanendra and should have convinced him to step down from his autocratic role and remain a constitutional monarch. They should have also strengthned thier ties with the restwhile Royal Nepali Army and should have conducted a massive army operation against these fucking Maoists. But they chose to quarrel against each other

    …On the other hand CPN(Maoists) used “Divide and Rule” tactics.. On the first place they encouraged the King to assume an autocratic rule. After that the Maoist sided with the SPA and look what they have done to the SPA…The SPA should not have fallen into the trap of these fucking Maoists!!!

  9. sankalpa Avatar

    dollar ko bhau kati pugyo . reply now. please ….

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