Kagbeni: Watching a Digital Nepali Film

Kagbeni undoubtedly will be marked as the trend-setting Nepali film but it could have been much better if the culture, tradition and lives of Nepalese of Kagbeni and surrounding were depicted too. [Ironically, I also found most teenagers attracted to ‘Kagbeni’ only because of the rumored love scene between the two lead actors.]

Samyam WagleBy Samyam Waglé

Eye on Kollywood:
Kagbeni undoubtedly will be marked as the trend-setting Nepali film. Bored with the usual taste of traditional styled Kollywood, this movie gives unique taste. Dialogues are easy-informal type, setting is where none other Nepali films have been shot- in the lap of Dhaulagiri, windy and cold Kagbeni, Marpha and Shyang. The film is revolutionary in every sense- first digitalized film in Kollywood, first film of director Bhusan Dahal and first for actors too. Based on the English thriller “The Monkey’s Paw” of WW Jacobs, the moral hits the hardest “Be Careful on what you wish for”.

Upper class and intellectuals very rarely go to theaters to watch Nepali films and hardly anyone appreciates the screenplay or cast or plot but the case with this pioneer of Kollywood “Kagbeni” will be opposite that lower class and illiterates might not understand the literary aspect and find it boring and colossal waste of time! They will surely show disappointment after movie ends not knowing how it ended! No songs, no dance, unexpected plot and presentation, no glamour-they will surely ridicule this movie as are accustomed to fights of Rajesh Hamal, jumps of Nikhil Upreti and glamour or Rekha Thapa.

One aspect of this film is that it will also promote tourism. This movie will surely be attracting people from its marvelous cinematography of picturesque landscapes. The digital camera and expert style of capturing scene has done justice to natural beauty of this area and people of Kathmandu will find it fascinating as how contrasting is the life! Since this movie is also screened at abroad, it will definitely help for international tourism as well.

One fact is that movie could have been much better if the culture, tradition and lives of Nepalese of Kagbeni and surrounding were depicted too. This film doesn’t deal with those issues and is just focused on plots which are slow too. Film like “Caravan” was superb in terms of everything. They showed marvelous topography of Dolpa as well as good story. Other thing is that “Kagbeni” might have been more admired if it had chosen different story or screenplay set in same place. This adaptive thriller “The Monkey’s Paw” were nonsense to most. No one understood what the point was of showing Nima Rumba after 9 years and getting out from closed doors!

Ironically, I also found most teenagers attracted to this film only because of the rumored love scene between the two lead actors. The theater I visited was never so crowded even in this afternoon show for Nepali film. I was surprised to see such mass. But also heard the comments that back benchers were making that they were curious for the first ever on-screen Nepali lip-locked kiss scene! Most of the loathers were there to get excited to see the most bold love scene of Kollywood but only intellectuals know that there is no vulgarity at all in it.

Kagbeni will also be an example to other existing directors and producers who are always eager on glamour, sexiness and less conscious on plots and dialogues. Following the same pattern of violence, ridiculous heroism, fake and boring dialogues and plots, they fear on changing the pattern thinking people are used to it and they actually enjoy more fights and glamour than other contents that actually matter!

This is actually because of the class of Nepali audience that usually visits theaters for Nepali movies. It is actually the general masses who determine the success and failure of mainstream Nepali movies, and the middle and upper-middle class do not even consider watching commercial Nepali films. But it has already been proved that Kagbeni has been the exception because of the creative director and hard working crews who understood this new style of Kollywood.

It seems now time has come for us to be proud of our Nepali movies that are superb by international standards too. The other awaited film is “Sano Sansar” by this same Quest Entertainment which seems to touch on urban teenagers in modern way. Movies like these will go on winning our hearts now because they resemble us and we see our part in it. Look at the way how “Taare Zamin Par” was like mirror to our own childhood! If such qualitative movies will keep on coming then the days of this lousy traditional directors and actors are over.

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71 thoughts on “Kagbeni: Watching a Digital Nepali Film

  1. kagbeni is only imporatnt from the tourism point of view. what is the message of the film?what we have to undesrtand?it should be generalized to the local level.your analysis is not full.the movie should be entirely base on the predictable and deprived society so that they have to get inspired.overall i dont like kagbeni.i am searching of next TAARE ZAMIN PARR? i am searching of such director.

  2. kagbeni the low graded film.only the emotinal pose.no other story.what is the message?film without any story.

  3. KAGBENI..the most hyped movie i’ve seen in recent times. Stilll the movie’s not upto the expectations at least to me. I would recommend TAARE JAMEEN PAR to al rather than the very.slow.paced KAGBENI where the hero n nima rumba keep walking n walking n walking wit KHACHHARS!

  4. what is wrong with these Wagles of UWB– for them, only two tpes of people exist in Nepal– intellectual/elites or stupid/uneducated and upper class and lower class. Do these bums know that most of Nepal is neither? And why does movie going have to be a class issue– people go to movies for different reason and one’ appreciation or criticsm of the movie shouldn’t be linked to one’s predilections. If one enjoys a movie, one enjoys the mvie– the person’s class background, intellectual ability etc has nothing to do with it. Please give me a break and write a movie critic. Please don’t try to be a sociologist at the same time and try to jude the society. Do what you are paid to do.

  5. I fully agree with guyfromktm. This is not a class issue. Besides who is this MR. Wagle to classify Nepalese as high class and low class. When you are writing a review of a movie, write your critics not what others would think of it. do you mean to say that those who don’t like this over-hyped movie is from lower class ??

  6. You two fools everything is related with class. What the hell you know about class? I am completely agree with the class thing. I have not watched the movie yet but yes, it is a just starting so we should appreciate it. At least Kagbeni crew have gathered those so called high standard class people in the theater.

  7. Just saw Kagabeni on JN-Hall. It seems like this film as a DOCU-FILM means elements of documentary and film are mixed up so much. After that it will definitely attract the viewers but my final answer about kagbeni is ” MUST SEE MOVIE” . Bhusan Dahal , now becomes the selling director of Nepal after KB , so is it not like a nepali karan johar? or Nepali michael moore?I don’t know why ………….but after Caravan to Kagbeni, we will definitely get chance to see the movies beyond ‘masala’ and ‘superstar’ and including the himalayan on background.
    Really ! I have tasted marfa…………quite confident quality on it.

  8. I think you commenters are misreading or just being critical on this article. Movie liking do depends with class and background. Rich and intellectual people who enjoys movies goes to JayNepal or Kumari for Hindi and English films or buy DVD at home and enjoy them. I can rarely find VIP people visiting Biswajyoti in their car! Go to GopiKrishna and you find halls with hindi film crowded and Nepali films empty. Also audience are different. I am not underestimating them but it is fact. Go to Kalanki or Balaju hall and people will whistle and shout when Rajesh Hamal punches villain. Does anyone ever shout at JayNepal??? This determines the discipline and thus class of audience.

    Writer is correct that high class people don’t go to Nepali films for recreation. It never becomes their choice, why???

    Because they are not of good quality and standard. But hindi and English films are. But in outside cities, Nepali film runs fine because audience there just loves fight.

    Do you guys think Kunda Dixit goes to Biswa Jyoti for Nepali film?? Bhusan Dahal said he goes to Kumari for hindi films. Why not Nepali in Kalanki hall??? It is thus true that intellectuals and high class people don’t like over-simplistic jump and fight of Nikhil or Rajesh or sexy thigh of Rekha darling. Since Kagbeni has literary aspect, many villagers with traditional Kollywood taste won’t like and understand it. I know such people who said “GURU film was so boring-no fight in it!!!”- What a pity that he didn’t understood the essence of struggle and determination to rise to stardom.

    So class of people does determine likes, interests, habits that determine choices. People don’t go to hall for no reason. What is this fckng Guyfromktm and RawanBhakta saying?? People go to hall only after judging the film and if they really want to see it. They don’t waste money for nonsense films. OR they can go for any stupid films if wo hall tumari bap ki hai aur free hai!!!!

  9. Hey guys,
    You guys are mistaken that I am not reporter but a student with tremendous interest in writing and reading. Second, this is the review of a film but my thoughts on this film. It is my experience of watching the film. Read the fckn subtitle. It is how I thought society and success of film are interdependent and I know it is true. It is so easy to make freak comments and criticize other. If you think I am wrong and have another belief, then no one is stopping you to write the piece you want!!!

  10. The notion that you are an intellectual just because you are from so called High Class couldn’t be more childish.

    These pig heads like Samyam Wagle and Sammy Bro say:

    “Upper class and intellectuals very rarely go to theaters to watch Nepali films”

    “Rich and intellectual people who enjoys movies goes to JayNepal or Kumari for Hindi and English films or buy DVD at home and enjoy them.”

    Some upper class and some rich people also go to five star hotels and have sex with call girls. Or they bring in the call girls in their homes and indulge in sex or similar activates. Rich people also go to casinos and play. To be rich and to be intellectual are completely different thing. You can’t put rich and intellectual in the same group and generalize them.

    And when you say the visitors of Kumari are intellectual, do you also mean to say that those who visit to Biswojyoti are all morons? I have seen many people in Kumari, all spoil children of the riches of Kathmandu who have no idea about the society they are living in. And you call them intellectual?

    You don’t have to be rich to be intellectual. Period.

    Also, you don’t have to be intelligent to be rich. Period.

    What is your argument behind your claim that Bhusan Dahal and Kunda Dixit are intellectual? Just because they ride cars and go to see movies in Kumari? And is your argument this that just because Kunda Dixit doesn’t go to Bishwojyoti mean all Nepali films shown there are unfit to be seen by others? And I don’t think Bhusan Dahal goes to see movies in a theater in LA just as you said he doesn’t go in a theater in Kalanki? Does that mean the LA theater could be equated with Kalanki theater or vice versa?

    Let’s face it, Kagbeni is one of the much hyped movies in recent times. Why? Look where Bhusan Dahal works at? Have you ever thought about how much airtime his film has been given in Kantipur TV? I am not saying that’s entirely wrong. He can do what he can to promote his film after all he is into business. But to say that just because Kagbeni was made in digital format and screened in a fancy theater doesn’t mean the film is good too.

    BTW, Samyam, which was the last Nepali film that you saw? Or you just criticized them without seeing them?

  11. I have not seen Kagbeni, but I have seen “Mukundo” and “Numafung” . How does it compare to Mukundo and Numafung? Anyone care to comment??

  12. I loved Mukundo. Numafung was good, and Kagbeni was nice as well. But Numafung n Mukundo weren’t hyped as much as Kagbeni, though they were on par in terms of direction, screenplay and acting. However, technically speaking, Kagbeni has an edge over the other two movies.

    And I agree that being an intellectual doesn’t correlate with being high class or low class. Low socioeconomic class is not a predisposing factor for mental retardation (no scientific / medical basis)

    But I agree that taste for a movie does depend on the intellect of an individual. Movies like Caravan, mukundo, Numafung or Kagbeni won’t be appreciated by avid admirers of Rajesh Hamal, Rekha Thapa or the regular song , dance, violence and screaming routine that is so prevalent in our mainstream Nepali movies.

    And to say that ‘those who see English movies are intellectuals’, is the joke of the century. As far as I know, many of the so called English movie viewers in Nepal (I’m not talking abt all), see English movies which don’t require much thinking and admire movies like godzilla, jurassic park, lord of the rings and are avid fans of ‘actors’ like Jackie Chan or Arnold. I doubt that they understand anything beyond the action sequences.

  13. Thanks to ETC for nice comments. You are absolutely correct to say what you said. And I might be wrong to say what I said. But I found later that I was just unable to make some points clear. Yes, definitely, intellectuals and upper class doesn’t mean same thing and I also didn’t mean to say that.
    I just mean that Kagbeni is a different film and as there is majority of viewers in town with traditional taste of fights, terror, villain, heroin etc, they might not like Kagbeni. In fact many including me didn’t understand Kagbeni first?? What was the role of that “Mad Woman” shown in between??? What does that “Monkey’s Paw” taken by the dead son meant at last?? What does arrival of Nima Rumba after 9 years of death mean??? So this was surely vague film for others. Will my illiterate aunt understand this?? No, she didn’t and many in halls were saying this as bad movie. Because it requires you to think, not like others which mean nothing afterwards, and none of the morals will hit you!!!
    My cousin, the assistant director of many films tells me when they visited halls to see how their film is doing, they found all rickshaw drivers in halls of Birgunj and Chitwan. Most of the laborers and peasants go to films for cheap entertainment. So they definitely won’t like and understand film like Mukundo or Kagbeni or Dakshina. All they want is sexy herioin, hero like hero, fights, love, dance etc. And to whistle when hero jumps, runs, kicks in air with ridiculous background music.
    And this has been proved. Why did films like BASANTI, Ganeshman Singh, Muundo, Muna Madan went flop? Though Mukundo was sent for Oscars, it was not well run and bad box office, why?? Because people wanted traditional taste!!! It is true maybe majority are illiterate, in rurals, with different likings and they preferred such films. Even I liked such films in childhood, now after getting exposed to Hollywoods an Bollywoods, I find Kollywood really pathetic.
    To answer ETC, the recent film I watched was so called superhit film “Krodh” and “Paledai”. Yes, people liked that but it was like hell for me to stay in hall for three hour. It is really true. It was superb film for others but fake and boring to me. Later I again watched most expensive film of Nepal “Panchi” which was head-ach again. The only few Nepali films that touched my heart were “Darpan Chaya”, Sukha Dukha, Dakshina, Balidan etc. And the reason I went for those films were only after invitation from my assistant director brother. Otherwise I won’t have gone for this, as I can judge picture from its poster!!
    But with this arrival of Kagbeni, I knew it as different film. I read reviews, the adapted story, trailer and went for this and I didn’t regret it.

  14. Kagbeni’s baseline story is “monkey’s paw”, its not even a nepali story and its more of a docu-flim. Definitely over-hyped. Personally I was disappointed.

  15. in america, all sorts of films do good business, but in countries like Nepal, there are levels for movies to do well. i just finished Madan Puraskar winner novel “PAGAL BASTI”. if movie is to be made on it, it won’t do good. there are several other literary hits which will have flop movies if is adapted. Palpasa Cafe will ahve same.
    so for nepalese, may be due to higher illiteracy and more rural centered living style, things are like this the way it has been. pathetic. but it will change.

  16. I think an honest endeavor should be welcomed and encouraged. We can not expect nascent film industry of Nepal to compete with Bollywood and Hollywood, at least not yet.

  17. i am not comparing the nepali films with english or hindi but comparing the people and society of Nepal. it is due to development, literacy and everything that people have sense for everything. but here, not yet. and thus only simple films of fights and songs runs well in rural area. at least may not be in Kathmandu, that people have gone concerned and no interest for boring plots but superb touching one like this of Kagbeni or Caravan or Mukundo. i have not watched Numafung.
    we may not compete them as they have huge market and technology. but good films are not all about that. look at LAGAAN the low budgeted film but sent for Oscars. so we can make qualitative films in low price where only what matters is good plot, acting, direciton, cinematography, screenplay etc. Hope that comes soon,

  18. Actually it do depends of liking of perticular film on the family background, lifestyle, habits, upbringing, society etc. Mainly in village, people life films with many fights and songs and glamor. thye will surely remember the glamor and sexiness of herioins whole night and even masterbate!! surely!! they don’t have other option of entertainmetn and even scene of big breast of Richa darling or sexy Rekha or others is emotional to them!!!!!!!!!! sure. i know this.
    while as Mr. Samyam Wagle writes this as such films won’t be appretiated by such people, it is true. at ; ;least they might watch this films only due to much rumor of KISS scene but not from story point of view. so these things are true. literary aspect is tough as MR Samyam Wagle writes. i also didn’t undrestand much first. !!!

  19. Fantastic review by MR. SAMYAM WAGLE. It is good to know of his cristal clear observaiton of KOLLYWOOD. it is just so depressing to acknowledge the failure of nepali films. while english and hindi films as reached hight, we are still down under floor!!! This Rekha seems to top only because of her sex appeal and sexy thigh and breast!!! and determination and daring!!!
    while hindi films are now abroad, SRK relasing his film OSO in LONDON, their wax statures in MADAM TUSSADE IN LONDON, and fame all arround. 2 billion people know TOM CRUISE nad 3.5 billion people know SRK.but how many know RAHESH HAMAL????? he has done 250 films while SRK done only 40 and TOM did only 15!!!1 so isn’t it irony>???? market is small and less poularity!! i agree with MR> SAMYAM WAGLE. HIs review and htis writing are simply fantastic.

  20. Couldn’t have laid it any better, mate. The movie after causing such media hype was mediocre to put at best. I have been off the Nepalese movie market and have not seen any post “Darpan Chhaya”.

    The movie stretches the thin canvas of a plot too much; the advertised panoramic images of the area after which the movie is so superfluously named draws flak.

    A dismal waste of good popcorn and money 😦

  21. The movie is fine though much hyped with kiss , advertised like as if film is all about it. but as Samyam said film would have been good if have chosen different story.

  22. I haven’t seen the movie yet and most likely i won’t. Bhusan Dahal is probably the most over-rated man in Nepal right now. I have seen his talk show on T.V and clearly he have no idea what he is talking and seem totally ignorant about the current sitaution of the country. He use lots of trashy development sector word like “crisis management”, “Inclusive” “Transparency” “Post-Conflict” Etc Etc. And coming from his mouth it sounds more hallow and makes me cringe.

    Whatever little political knowledge he flaunts on his show is clearly taken verbatim from dailies which i am sure he reads every morning.

    Frankly i think he should stick to SUNDAY POP.

  23. Good progress going on in Nepal and hopefully CHUNAB will take place. Girija turns legend if is succesful this time.

  24. I went and watched KAgbeni too……i was one amongst a full house of others who were very eagar to sit back and watch….location jai nepal.

    kagbeni is not just a movie to me after i finished watching it. i found it an experiment that a group of people collectively staged, an experiment because a person who did the story has not done a story ever….the screen play writer has never done a screen play ever for a film…..producers i was told have produced the film for the first time…..the cinamatographer did a film for the first time….almost all of the actors featured have faced the camera for the fist time for a film and the mercylessly critisised director of the film (on this blog site) that is bhushan dahal has never done a film ever…….if this is kagbeni that glued me ( a very restless moviegoer) to my seat for the entire duration. i feel hats off to these bunch of first timers and their gutts.

    movies cannot be typed . a movie is an expression and kagbeni expresses fairly well what it tries to tell…..it has a THIN storyline but it has a storyline……it has a very weak screen play but it has a sceen play….it has a very shoestring budget but it had a budget to go up to mustang and shoot the entire film. lets try to be fair on all the effort that has gone into it.

    its not at all a yuk movie….it is not at all a movie that doesnt make a mark…..it is a movie attempted by compleate aliens
    and it is compleatly a NEPALI attempt.

    how better can it get? all the media attention the people involved and the film got is worth much more than the media attention that the politics gets in nepal

    just click kagbeni the movie on any search engine and see how many quality hours have been spent by hundreds of different critics and none are as harsh as the bloggers with
    ghost names on this site have spent the same amount of quality hours to shun the effort……..grow up nepal….there is an expression A PAT AT THE BACK…..dont forget when you attempt a venture not even as big as kagbeni how much of a beggar you would become for the same ol expression A PAT AT THE BACK

    kagbeni team i enjoyed your effort….if this is your first im personally waiting for more.

  25. Can u emagine this ? KAGBENI is amongst the top ten grossers at jai nepal? that means it grossed more than 50 lakhs from jai nepal alone. great going guys. i heard youre at the mumbai international film fest march 8th all the best.

  26. Kagbeni may be much hyped, but it surely can start a new trend in Nepali movie. As the author of this article mentioned, to understand the movie completely, you need to think for a while. It’s not one of those formula stories that you usually get to see in Nepali movies. Of course, a Nepali movie can not be placed in the same platform as a Hindi Movie or an English movie, so there is no question about comparing with them. There are miles to go before you can even think about it. And Kagbeni has lots of short points too. However, after watching this movie, I felt like this could be the first step and Nepali movie industry could be capable of doing better than this. I hope we can see some good Nepali movies in the future.

  27. wow. one of the best movie I have watched so far. I see people comparing it with some hindi movie… this is ridiculous, it is not about comparison and that too against a hindi movie. Had Bhusan Dahal chosen Muna Madan for this particular movie, would those hypocrites still seek culture, norms of the particular region where the film is based? Movies are sources of entertainment and this movie has it all, thrill, disgust, glamor and everything. Will everybody please stop doing blah blah about a hindi film against a very good nepali film?

    Hats off to the Kagbeni crew..

  28. I would recommend all the parents to show their children “Little Buddha” instead of that fking hindi movie tara jamin par.

  29. I really did like Kagbeni. I wouldn’t compare it to any hindi movie, that would be unfair to Kagbeni, instead it looks more like a hollywood product. Agreed that the sex scene was totally below the belt, apart from that the movie is fantastic. Specially the acting. Where did these fantastic actors come up from? Even Nima Rumba is great. But my hat goes off to Mr. Bhusan Dahal. I had my reservations, but he’s proven that he really is a great great director. The little things he’s taken care of; those were the ones that impressed me the most, like people rubbing their nasal fluid on their clothes, the cutting of apple; he sure has done some research in his movie, that man. That my friend is what real Mustang looks and feels like

  30. hey this is not fair wagles. i don;t think you can even such a movie,. although i have not seen kagbeni i have heard many good comments about it.it is good to have a film with moral instead of all those moralles love stories. this is the first digital film of nepal. it has shown a good sign of progress in the nepali folms. you should not give such negative feetbacks. you should also give positin=ve feetbacks as kagbeni is good. if you dont like some of its points say it in a good way so that they do not do such mistakes again but not in a discouraging way. wagles you have shown no signs on this article that you are a good reporter or a writer.

  31. We definitely need some changes in Kollywood. To be very true, it was five years back that I saw a Kollywood movie. I couldn’t distinguish it from another Nepali movie that I had watched some 7 years back.

    Whenever I see some postures of Nepal movie, it’s some action scene, fire, bike, khukuri, rifle, vulgarly dressed lady etc.

    Give them a rest. Bring in something new that can fit into the changing minds of New Nepal.

    Bhusan Dahal, you got a job accomplished. Next time venture out into some topic that is less thriller and more natural la.

  32. i have not watched kagbeni yet but i am desperately waiting to see it because i am currently in INDIA doin my CA. I agree with Mr Wagle. but the good signs are shown by some of the directors in Nepal…let’s just hope that we can find some more such films which we can watch proudly..

  33. In today’s Nepal, media is not free and fair. A few think themselves to be the who’s who of the media and thus, they appreciate any SHIT by someone who’s close ties with them…..wel, this review of ‘KAGBENI’ is also no excpetion to the aforementioned trend!

  34. NEPAL Magazine had an article that films about politics don’t run well in Nepal with exception of “BALIDAN”. there were several films made on politics, Maoists, War etc but all flopped. Why??? This is a serious question that i was trying to raise even via this article..

    This all answeres to same…Intellectuals and professionals don’t go to halls for films. Irony is those who udnerstands politics don’t go fot this then who goes??? while other group only fancies fights, love story and glamoour and political films bores them…i am not being able to explain this convincingly as i am not jounalist or sociologist but independent writer…but this is true mates…

  35. lmao on Hopelessly Optimistic comments… is that true Mr. Wagle? Next time write a review on a movie called “Ram Jane” a nepali movie and not the hindi one and let hopelessly optimistic post a comment on that one as well.

  36. hami Nepaliharu k bhako khai…dikka lagcha…there are 1000 Wagles in Nepal and i am surprised arround world too…Are all the relatives of each other???? I hate favoritism and Nepotism and i feel sorry for those who can’t contribute things but simply critisize on other’s work just because they are FREE….God give blessings to those wick-minded….

  37. Dudes, we went to talk to Mr. Dahal and this is what he said.

    “We cannot make the movies we like; we have to make what the audience likes. All movies are made for economical reason: when a producer invests a rupee in a movie, he expects to get Rs. 2 in return. So there is no point in talking about a miraculous change in the movie industry. For that to happen, there should be a change in economical, political, cultural and moral environment. Only then the movie Industry can change. Miracles are possible, but they are also disastrous.”

    Then we went on to talk about ‘Kagbeni’

    “We did the best we could out of the available resources in Kagbeni. We chose the best possible location as demanded by the story, the best characters and they all did their best. I have always told people not to expect a Tom Cruise movie from me and we certainly cannot show the hero jumping out from a plane in a parachute to save the heroine. Anyway, Kagbeni is not my last film. ”

    My comments. listen to him. Unless you are some irrational creature, its difficult to argue with what he has said. For the complete interview get ‘EDUCE’ magazine.

  38. Thanks Runil,

    THat was whay i was saying in my arguement..it is due to the social context of NEpal that such films don’t run well!!!! Had Bhusan Dahal made films with Nikhil and Rekha with fights and sex, it might have been super hit…but due to tough plot…artistic cinematography and several top class work, few understood and boring for most…
    such film runs well in developed countries where all are educated and literate and love for art, literature and music…nepal has small market…that is true..unlike india, where even if 20% people watch films..the producers goes in profit…not in our case…

    i completely agree with Bhusan Dahal and that is what i am saying…as one slogan goes “When in Rome, do as Romans do..”.. Maybe its not time yet to make such films in Nepal as it shows by failing of such films as “Muna Madan, Bir Ganeshman, Basanti, etc but Rekha Thapa’s film “Kismat” HImmat etc. ( I don’t know an dcare much on such nepali films ) are being hit . These are the greteast irony in Nepali film industry…

  39. Can we be a lil’ positive…??? Rest of the world is moving ahead…They are going, they are going and they are gone…But we are still here, bitching and rotting… Stop criticizing and start creating… If one thinks he can judge the best, then he should make perfect movies himself and prove… This goes to all the negative critics…

  40. its a great start for a change in nepali movies,kagbeni may not have a comprehensive story but just think what it has served to the moviegoers-great direction,mindblowing locations,great acting(far better than the unreal or amusing acting of typical nepali actors excepting some),the excitement of going to a movie hall(i was not excited to watch any of srk’s movies as much i was excited to watch kagbeni)
    so all in all,i think that kagbeni is a good movie and has given the first step for a revolution in nepali movies.
    so hats off to the kagbeni crew,well done guys

  41. I also agree with the comments that the type of movies people watch depends highly on their intectual level. This is also a lot to do with the make of our society. There is a huge difference in rich and poor. I am not saying that poor people are not intectual. However more of the rich people have education opportunities and options to go to good school and get a good career to follow. With better education and oppurtunities comes better understanding, many people in our society do not have good education and what ever they understand or enjoy is limited within thier intelectual capcity. In other words people can only see from a certain prespective. If we look at the comments to follow in this article itself, it is clear that we all think differently and have our own understanding of things. Likewise the movies we select to watch depend upon our understanding of different areas, interests, people personalities and the make of the society itself. But i think it is worthless to compare kollywood with bollywood or hollywood. Although we are moving ahead as a society slowly, This is also reflected by the make of movies like kagbeni ( i do not think they would have made this 5 years ago in nepal, even if they had a chance to) hollywood and bollywood are way too ahead with thier technology and their industry is alot bigger than ours and they have a long history in making movies. Nevertheless films like kagbeni teach us to think outside the square and should be encouraged more.

  42. it’s not only in nepal that social class is connected to appreciation of culture. it is the same in most other countries, according to my experience. for the example, in the uk (which is my country), most of the lower classes just go to see the huge formulaic blockbusters that have received lots of publicity, always star the same famous actors and have predictable stories about romance or cartoon violence or horror stories. it is the educated classes that like to see independent and original cinema. this applies to other types of culture too – books, art etc. obviously there are exception to every rule. lines between classes are not completely rigid and stereotypes about classes do not always hold, but mostly it is true that only ‘intellectuals’ see the most interesting films.
    so this is not a division that exists only in nepal.

    anyway, i am looking forward to seeing kagbeni, although i am not sure how soon it will arrive in the uk…

  43. movie should be the crystal clear reflection of our society…………………..not the mere dogma of director…………………………………………………………

  44. what would you say if Bhusan Dahal comes up with an animated movie which would be based on a fairy tale or if he tries Robin Crusoe… would you still be looking for cultures of our society?

  45. I arrived late at the discussion. I would have loved to join earlier.
    i have read a lot of upper class lower class discussion, movie made for illiletrate and intellectuals, about Rajesh Hamal’s and NIkhil Uprety’s film being bad or a mere showpiece. Well my view in this is why does one have to be an intellectual to understand a movie?????? what is the idea behind people having to think and think to understand the movie??? i just don’t get that. Visual media is the most powerful medium of communication because it can use sound as well as visual to communicate. Now if a director cannot make people understand the movie by using such powerful medium I think he should start writing novels for intellectuals then.
    Now regarding Kagbeni the ‘overly hyped Nepali movie till date’, I would not have known that it is a movie if no one had told me. It looked like a documentary to me. I don’t know why they have to show an old man counting money for 4-5 minutes. The whole monkey claw thing, mad women thing was crappy. The digital format made the movie even more like documentry. And the background music was terrible. Diya Maskey is a good actress and she showed it in the movie. Editing was worse. OVerall the movie was baaaaaad.

  46. I arrived late at the discussion. I would have loved to join earlier.
    i have read a lot of upper class lower class discussion, movie made for illiletrate and intellectuals, about Rajesh Hamal’s and NIkhil Uprety’s film being bad or a mere showpiece. This is where the so called intellectual filmmakers go wrong. Well my view in this is why does one have to be an intellectual to understand a movie?????? what is the idea behind people having to think and think to understand the movie??? i just don’t get that. Visual media is the most powerful medium of communication because it can use sound as well as visual to communicate. Now if a director cannot make people understand the movie by using such powerful medium I think he should start writing novels for intellectuals then.
    Now regarding Kagbeni the ‘overly hyped Nepali movie till date’, I would not have known that it is a movie if no one had told me. Just because it is hyped does not make it good. It looked like a documentary to me. I don’t know why they have to show an old man counting money for 4-5 minutes. The whole monkey claw thing, mad women thing was crappy. The digital format made the movie even more like documentry. And the background music was terrible. Diya Maskey is a good actress and she showed it in the movie. Editing was worse. OVerall the movie was between bad and average.

  47. i did not get to watch kagbeni, but i see that sano sansar is releasing today. I never go to jainepal or kumari because way far away and cannot afford to travel that long when I have a movie theatre 30 meters from my home.

    but lets see if i can watch sano sansar.

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