19,602: Number of Maoist Guerillas in the Cantonment

United Nations Mission to Nepal (UNMIN) Chief Ian Martin organized a press meet today in his office in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu to disclose the total numbers of UNMIN verified Maoist guerillas inside the cantonments.

• The corrected number of personnel registered in the first phase was 31,318. 18,923 of these personnel were verified in the second phase as members of the Maoist army.
• An additional 932 persons who had not been registered in the first phase were presented for the verification process in the second phase. 679 of this total were verified as members of the Maoist army.
• 8,640 personnel did not appear for verification interviews in the second phase and were automatically disqualified.
• 4,008 persons remain to be discharged from cantonments after the total of absentees has been taken into account. 2,973 of this total were assessed to be under the age of 18 on 25 May 2006.
• The full total verified as members of the Maoist army is thus 19,602, comprising 15,756 men and 3,846 women.

Below is a press statement read out by Ian Martin, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in front of journalists on 27 December 2007

We have distributed the statement of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued yesterday in New York, welcoming the 23-point agreement reached by the Seven-Party Alliance. I myself already had the occasion to express an initial welcome for the agreement when we honoured members of the Interim Task Force in this building on Monday. Let me reiterate that welcome today. The parties to Nepal’s peace process asked for the assistance of the United Nations with a view to creating a free and fair atmosphere for the election of the Constituent Assembly, and the seven parties have now committed themselves to achieving this for an election before the end of the current Nepali year. Fulfilling this commitment is central to consolidating Nepal’s peace process and moving forward with the democratic transition.

I will not refer to the two aspects of the agreement which have commanded most attention – the commitment to a federal democratic republic and the modification of the electoral system – because these are matters on which I have always made clear that it would not be appropriate for the United Nations to advocate a position. Suffice it to say that I am hopeful that the compromises reached will lead to a timely and credible election for a Constituent Assembly that the country has been waiting for.

Since so many of the commitments in the new agreement have been made before, I attach particular importance to the agreement to form within a month a high level committee for monitoring the effective implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and other agreements. I also believe that the commitment to create local bodies by agreement is of crucial importance to establishing conditions of public security in the districts and villages, essential for the election. The importance that the Secretary-General and UNMIN have always attached to dialogue with and inclusion of traditionally marginalized groups is more relevant than ever. Their representatives have repeatedly stressed that they have the greatest interest in the election of a Constituent Assembly. I believe there is now an opportunity to ensure, through dialogue with these groups, the establishment of a truly representative Constituent Assembly where they will be properly represented and which is necessary for the restructuring of the state which they seek.

The agreement promises progress on matters linked to UNMIN’s monitoring of the management of arms and armies: release of payments to Maoist combatants, discharge of those disqualified in verification by UNMIN, and deliberations in the special committee to consider the supervision, integration and rehabilitation of the Maoist combatants. Since UNMIN completed its verification, I have met with Chairman Prachanda and Peace Minister Ram Chandra Poudel to discuss our cooperation regarding discharge, and I have now sent to the two sides a report on UNMIN’s monitoring of arms and armies, including the final report on verification. This report will be discussed in the Joint Monitoring Coordination Committee before we make it public, but in the meantime I will give you the key figures: [see the box above]

The verification process was a difficult one, requiring thousands of individual interviews, and it was a rigorous one. UNMIN arms monitors, a professional military physician, UNICEF and UNDP experts were all part of the verification teams, and the interviews they conducted with Maoist personnel were extensive when they needed to be in order to make their decisions. I am proud of the work they did in executing a very demanding task – much of it during difficult monsoon conditions.

And I express appreciation of the good cooperation received from the Maoist army once initial difficulties had been resolved.

As some of you have reported, the Government has now written formally to the Secretary-General requesting an extension of the duration of the mandate of UNMIN for a further six months. The Secretary-General has sent the letter to the Security Council and will be presenting to them his own report and recommendations, which we expect to be considered by the Council before UNMIN’s current mandate expires on 23 January.

In signing the 23-point agreement, the parties have rightly acknowledged that the burden is now on implementation of commitments – to the election to which they have committed themselves, to dialogue, and to transforming existing agreements from rhetoric to reality. As the Secretary-General says in his statement, the United Nations stands ready to extend all necessary assistance.






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  1. Jaya Greater Nepal Avatar
    Jaya Greater Nepal

    yo sabai bhayeko RAW ( India ) ka dalal 7/8 dal le garda ho…………. je hos aba yo maobadi sena lai seema surakcha gara lagaunu parcha, ra saath saathai Greater nepal ko mudda ma yeslai pani sangai parichalan garna parcha… … yo TIKE saamsad haru le desh lai tukryaune nai bhaye…TIKE haru lai je manlagcha tehi garne adhikar kasle diyo?? Dhoti ( india) ko yisara ma 40 lakhs Indian lai nagarikta bade aba pheri Nepal lai Sanghatmak Gadatantra ghosada gardai chan…yo desh lai jaati gat aadhar ma sangh ghosada garda bhayenkar dusparina aucha… yenha 7/8 jaati matra basdainan…..ma kathmandu ma basne Tamang hu.. yeslai Newa gadarajya ghosada gare hami gair Newar haru le hatiyaar uthaune chau… Yek jaati, Nepali matra hunuparcha.. ra Nepal lai yekatmak nai rakhnu parcha…. ani Greater nepal banauna parcha…. Jaya Greater Nepal, Nepali jaati, Nepali bhasa.

  2. hare Avatar

    Jaya Greater Nepal Saathi,

    Ma Madhes ma basne Nepali Bhaasi Madhesi. Malai Kathmandu ko rajya chahidaina. Timra Kathmandu ka Napushak raja haru dherai dheke. Aaba Katmandu hami madhesi lai chahidaina. Timra jasta hathiyar hami sanga paani tanna cha.

    La fight garne bhae open challenge.

  3. lakure Avatar

    Welcome to the land of many guerilla groups. Now UNMIN should be ready to verify many guerilla groups in Nepal. I think they have to stay another 20 years.

  4. Jaya Greater Nepal Avatar
    Jaya Greater Nepal

    Hare ji,
    Tapai le bhaneko kura maile bujhina. tapali lai mero kun kura man parena maile bujhna sakina. Greater Nepal banauna parcha, Nepal ko jaati pratha hatayera sabaile Nepali jaati matra rakhna parcha, jaatigat aadhar ma sangh banuda Nepali Nepali mai jhagada huncha ra desh bikhandan hunasakcha bhanne mero manyeta ho……tara tapai yesta bichar lai marna ko lagi ” fight garne bhae open challenge” bhanna huncha?? yesto bichar lai birodh garne ki ta Indian hunuparcha ki ta RAW ko agent. kripaya tapai ko bastabik parichaye dinuhuncha?
    jaya greater nepal, nepali jaati, nepali bhasa

  5. Sangesh Avatar

    Well the numbers could be even lesser.

    But what is the future for these guerillas? what are they going to do in the future? how do they spend their days in the cantonment? maybe there should be some creative activities or other such activities for them.

  6. Hare Avatar

    Jaya Greater Nepal Sir,

    Mafi pau hajur. Ho Nepali Jaati matra rakhnu parcha, ra aaru jaati hunu hudaina. K tyo possible cha ta? Nepal ma basne manche dherai thari ka bhasa bolchan ra ti bhasa Nepal ra Nepali sabda bhanda purano ho. Aaba Nepal ra Nepali chinari banune Raja lai chai falne, annni kaam na kaaj ko Koirala ra bahun haru lai palne, tyo ta bhae na ni.

    Mero rastra bhasa Nepali ho tara mero matri bhasa nepali haina. Malai rastra ra matri dubai bhasa pyaro cha. Malai tyo system chahiyo jaha mera dubai bhasa le barabar manyata paucha. Mero nazar ma madhesi haru pani ma jastai hun. Raja ra baje haru (Sabai Prasad haru, GP, KP, and dahal, bhatta etc) le madhesi ko matra haina aaru sabai gair nepali matri bhasi haru ko daman gare ko cha. Tyo saltanu paryo pahila.

    Tapai kathmandu ma basera bhau paeko manche jasto lagyo malai. Ma terai ma basne janjati paare. Madhesi lai bharat mukhi bhanne le bholi ma gair nepali matri bhasi lai kunnai mukhi bhanla ni? haina ra?

    La tapai chai ktm basera moj garnus. RAW le paisa diyenna bhaner risaunus. Ma chai mero jati, bhasa, sanskriti bachanuna tarfa laga. Mero bichar ma mero sanskriti KTM basne haru le bigreko cha naki masangai basne madhesi le.

    Fight nai garne ho bhanne ta Maobadi le KTM bata khedanus. Madhes ma hami thik garidinchu tini haru lai. Fiste daman ma pareka madhesi haru sanga neu khojne tapai. Taha cha tapai lai 12,000 mareka chan tapai ka pyara maobadi le.

  7. Jaya Greater Nepal Avatar
    Jaya Greater Nepal

    hare ji,
    Ma kathmandu ma basne Janajati ( tamang) hu… tara malai yesta janajaati ra tamang bhanda hajaar guna badi Nepali hunuma garba cha….. Ho, haamile afno matribhasa pani samrachad garnu parcha…. tara Nepali bhasa jabarjasti ladera aru bhasa dabayeko ra bahun/chettri lai dosh dine aadhar maile dekheko chaina…. kina ki Bhasa sambandi kada niti sarkarle gareko Rana kaal ma matra ho, jabaki Nepal yekikaran hunu bhanda pahile pani tatkalin nepal ma raheka sa-saana rajye haru ko sandhi Nepali bhasa ma nai bhayeko pramadin tathye haru chan. Bastabikta yo ho ki Nepal pahile dherai thulo thiyo, Aasam ( ahile ko Bharat) dekhi Kashmir samma. pachi tukriyera rajye harulai Prithvi Narayan Shah le yekikaran gareka hun. Nepali bhasa ma bhayeko bisesta le garda nai yesle afno sthan banayeko ho, na ki kasali jabarsati garera…. haina bhane aru desh ma basne nepali haru jastai bhutan, barma, ra India ma basne Nepali haru lai ta kasaile laadeko thiyena… tara pani yesle afno sthan banayo.. haina ra Hare ji?
    matibhasa le pani barabai manyeta paunuparcha bhannu ramro kura ho, tara yekpalta sochu ta ke ho possible cha?? Nepal ma 124 bhanda badi jaat, jaati ra teti nai bhasa bhasi chan… ani pheri tiniharu pani hajarau barsa pahile dekhi misiyera baseka chan. kunai pani thau ma kunai pani jaati, ra bhasa ko bahulye chaina….ani tapai afai bhannus yo kasari sambhav cha?? yesaile haamile yesta jaat,jaati bhasa bhasi bhanda pani Mahan Nepali jaati, nepali bhasa ra Nepali sanskriti ma garva garna sikau,,,,,, ra….. Greater Nepal banuna jaagau….
    jaya Greater Nepal, nepali jaati, nepali bhasa.

  8. lakure Avatar

    There will be 95,000 guerillas of madheshi, 6000 of Limbuwan and tharuwan, 5000 of tamangsello, 7,000 of tamuwan, 20,000 of Churebhabar pradesh, 19,000 of maoist in cantonment. Be ready UNMIN to arrange the big size of cantonment. Within 2 years or 3 brahmins’ rule, our country’s sovereignity and unity collapsed.

    We are just waiting to see million people killed in these three brahmins rule by keeping them in power. Once upon a time there was 6 Pradhans in Lalitpur whose intention was to see people fight each other and their rule to be continued.

  9. Hare Avatar

    Jaya Greater Nepal Ji,

    Mero bichaar ma hami le “aeuta date fix garnu parcha”, kun bela ko Nepal lai modern Nepal maane ta? bhanne date. Tapai kehi sentence le malai confuse pareko cha:

    1. Eka tarfa tapai greater Nepal ko kura garnu huncha, which means, India ma bhaeko Nepali bhasi dominated bharatiya area Nepal ko ho bhanne. In another word, Sikkim disputed area ho and that Nepal wants to claim it. Tyo satya ho bhaane, Bhutan bata Nepali bhasi lai bhaganu tyasko logical result ho. Ra yedi hami le jhagada nai garne ho bhaane Bhutan sanga garnu parcha. 1 lakh Nepali bhasi lai khedaeko cha, camp ma baseko cha, mero ghar bhanda dhera tada chaina. Arko kura, Bhutan tyati powerful paani chaina ra hami le bajauna sakhchau. Unfortunately, result K bhada kheri, Bhutan le hami lai bajai rakheko cha. Aaba Bhutan lai deal garna nasakne le India sanga deal Garna sakhcha ta?

    2. Tapai le Nationalism ko aadhar bhasa banauni bhayeko laagyo malai. Satya yo paani ho ki Shah and Rana Dynasties chahi modern day Bhitri Bharat Rajasthan bata aayeko hun. Naturally, Yi Shah ra Rana ka purkha haru le Nepali bhasa boltheya na hola Rajasthan ma ra Yi Shah ra Rana harule Nepali bhasa lai adopt gare. Aaba, aarko satya yeha k cha bhanda: Aeuta adopt gareko bhanda aarko kunai chodeko pani ho, or in other word: Rana ra Shah haru le aafno Purkha le bolne bhasa (aafnai matri bhasa) sitta Gaddari gareko ho. Gaddari sabda nai prayog garne ho bhaane, Yi Rana ra Shah haru le pheri Nepali bhasa chodera aarko adopt Nagarla ta? Tapai sanga yesko kehi gurantee cha? Chaina Bhanne Bhaasa lai nationalism sanga jodna mildaina. Rana ra Shah example matra hun, mero bichaar ma at least sabai Bahun-Cheetri Bharat bata nai aayeka hun (ra time-time ma utai gaye rakhcha satta ko laagi).
    Aaba tapai le aeuta time toknu paryo, 300 barsa aagadi baharat bata aayeko manche jasle Nepali bhasa adopt garyo, ti sabai Mahan Nepali hun.

    3. Bastavma, madhesi haru gair Nepali (Nepali haina wa madhise hun) hunu ko aeuta karan chahi uniharule Nepali bhasa adopt garna na saknu ho. Adopt na garnu ko dherai karan madhya aeuta yo karan paani satya ho ki, Purvi Terai ma boline Bhasa “Maithili” ko modern Nepali bhasa (300 barsa) bhanda proud history cha. Buddha thiyo bhanne Raja Janak pani thiyo, ra raja Janak thiyo bhaane Maithili bhasa pani thiyo. Maile bhaana khojeko yeha K bhanda, jati bhitri bharat bata bhagera aayeka haru (shah, rana, koirala) lai Nepali adopt garna sajilo thiyo tyati nai garo Mithila basi lai Nepali adopt garnu cha ra thiyo.

    4. Nationalism bhaneko bhitri bhav ho. Yo bhitra bata aucha. Nispakcha maya baccha le matra dinna sakcha bhanchan. Yo aadhar ma ta hami budha harule dekhanune Nationalism ma “temporary arrangement” cha. Yo temporary arrangement lai broad banayera, hami le present Nepal ra Nepali (sabai bhasi lai) lai aeuta umbrella ma leynu parcha ra yeso ho bhanne ma tapai ko Jaya Greater Nepal parti bafadaar chu.

    5. Mero bichaar ma Bharat, Bhutan, Myanmaar basne Nepali
    bhaasi haru tyahi desh ka nagrik hun. Ra unni haru tyahi desh sanga bafadaar hunnu parcha. Tyaso haina bhanne uni haru gadaar hun ra yedi hamile tini haru lai adopt garyo bhanne yini haru hamilai dhoka na dela bhaane guarantee chaina.

    Maile tapai lai dherai “date” ko kura gaare. Maafi pau hajur, hamra neta haru le chunab ko date fix garna saki rakheko chaina. Ma chahi saathi, aeuti thiti sanga date fix gareko chu, mero date chai pakka ho. Ma chahi laage hai.

  10. Rame Avatar

    Hello lakure saathi,

    Kya yaar! number ta halnu bhayo tapai le. Kaha bata lyaeko ni yi number haru?

    Saathi, prediction garda maptanda apanaunu paryo. Tapai gyani manche, politician jasto bolnu bhaena.

    Election ma uthne bichaar ta chaina? Election bhai halyo bhanne. Mero vote tapailai reserved hai. Ma paani bahunbaad virodhi ho.

    K garne ta, “saata bandook ko goli bata aaucha bhancha, marna jaane ho ki bahun haru lai?

    I like your writing.

  11. karuna Avatar

    mr hare tapai ko dimaag kina yesto destructive hola hai nepal lai agadi badaune haina tapai aafno saano swartha purti garna des lai dau ma lagaudaihunuhuncha leaders haru lai ta gaali garna bhayo tara tehi leaders haru le garda matra yo des bigreko ra tukreko haina tapai haami jasto irresponsible citizens haru le garda bigreko ho kinaki 10%of the population leaders ko hola tara 90%ta haami jasta destructive mind bhayeka citizens haru le baneko cha lau lau jaya hos tapai ko soch lai ajhai tukrau yo des lai aru pani history geography jodnus aafno point proove garnus tehi ho jindagi khi jodne kaam nagarnus sabai bhatkiye pachi chitta bujhcha hola tyo pani garnus ego problem rahecha daju lai aba bahun chetri haru mare pachi ananda huncha bhane maaridinoos na ta lau sabailai sabaile maarau aakhir marna ta paarhaalcha tapaiko chitta bujauna bhaye pani ma chahi tapaikai haat bata marna parla

  12. Hare Avatar

    Hajur Karuna saathi,

    Maile Jaya_Greater_Nepal lai uttar deyeko hu. Malai lagyo ki Jaya saathi nationalism bhasa ko adhaar ma garnu huncha. Ma “greater Nepal” ko samarthak haina.

    Ma tapai ko harekh sentence sanga sahamat chu. Ho Neta chuune hami hau. Assal neta choose garna nasakne aani aaru lai dosh dinnu bekaar ho.

    Jaati-bhaasa ko naam jodera kahile paani bikash hudaina. Jaati-Bhasa-Dharma bhivajan garne sabda haru hun. Ma yo sabda ko samarthak haina. Tara tapai jasta pani mero bichar ma dherai chaina hola?

    Ma pani marne bichar ko manche haina. Danda samasya ko samadhan haina.

  13. Hare Avatar

    Karuna saathi,

    Tapai ko kura pani sahi ho. Ma as a janta ma nai murkha hun. Fatah haru ko boli patak patak manchu, ra uni haru lai nai Neta banauchu. Mero ghaito ma ghamm kahile laagne hola, taha bhaena.

    Upai K ta? Bhanchan ki ta Padera sikcha ki ta parera sikcha. Padera ta sikne kura ayena. School ta Rana haru le Banaideko thiyo, DARBAR Bhanne. Raja haru le ni banaena. Patra-Patrika mathi pani kada gariyo. Aaba rahyo parera sikne kura; hernus yo ta maile gari nai rakheka chau. Pahila Congress chance diye, GP le neu khojyo, eklai jitna sakchu bhanyo, Tyaslai harae ra Communist bhaane lai chance diye. Sabai Nikamma niske, Maobadi lai chance diye. Aaba maobadi lai pani dekhe. Aaba koi baki chaina, tyasaile marna lageko budho GP lai thamaye.

    Ma neta banna sakne chamta chaina. Aaba tapai ko cha bhanne tapai lai paani chance diyeula.

    Aarko kuro: Desh jodne? K ko aadhar ma? Marna lageko GP sahit hami le chance deyeko sabai Nikamma haru le aafno bhasa, jati, prajati, ani aaru tapai lai taha bhaeko sabai lai badaucha bhaane tyasko against ma ta niskancha nai boli.
    Yehi karan le Madhes ma voilence bhaeko ho baba. MRPF, MJF, JTMM (A-Z) etc. le chance paeka hun.

    Hami le parera matra sikne rahechau, tyasaile MRPF, MJF…., lai sahanu parcha. Hamrai kamjori ho.

    Kasailai dosh dinna milena bhaane ahile 2 ta sajilo excuse haru chan: KING G ani Sadabahar Nepal ko Doshi, “BHARAT”.

    Tapai ko jai hos.

  14. Jaya Greater Nepal Avatar
    Jaya Greater Nepal

    hare ji,
    tapai ko dherai kura haruko answer mero pahilo comment ma nai cha. aru…
    1. Greater Nepal bhaneko aruko desh khosne haina ki afno adhikar line matra ho. 1950 ko sandhi ko dhara 8 le sugauli sandhi kharej gari sakeko cha. Adalat le pani kehi garna sarkar lai aadesh disakeko cha. Tista dekhi kangada samma ko bhumi ma nepal ko adhikar cha… Yi netaharule bolna nasakera matra kehi huna nasakeko ho.. bistrit jankari ko lagi Fadindra Nepal dwara likhit ” ABC of Greater Nepal” wa ” Nepal Tista dehki Satlaj samma” padhnu hola.
    2. Nepal ma bastabik aadibasi bhanne kunai pani jaati chainan. kohi ali chado aaye ra kohi ali dheela utar ra dakchin bata aayeka hun. Aryan haru south bata nepal aaye ra haami kathit jananati Mongolian haru North bata, ani hajarau barsa dekhi milera base. Bahun/chettri raThakuri haruko yitihas Kirat ra lichabi kaal bhanda agi dekhi cha. nepal ma adibasi, janajati bhanne sabda le garda nai haami nepali haruma chira pardai cha. tapai nai bhannus, 100 barsa pahile Tibbet bata Nepal aayeka Sherpa haru kasari Aadibasi bhaye tara hajarau barsa ka raithane Bahun/ chettri aadibasi bhayenan?
    3. Nationalism bhanne kura tetikai adeko hudiana. Tyo bises rupma Bhawana bhayepani teska kehi aadhar haru hunchan, jas madhye Bhasa ra sanskriti pani yek ho. janha samma Nepali Bhasa ko yitahas lai 300 barsa bhannu alpa gyan matra ho. Rana ra Shah dyansty bhanda hajarau barsa pahile dehi, nepal ma Nepali bhasa ko prachalan thyo, jun kura kirat ra lichabi kaalin yeitihaasik tatthye haru bata pramadit huncha. janha samma Bhahun/ chettri ko bhasa bhanne kura cha, tyo kutarka matra ho. uniharuko afnai bhasa bhaye pani Nepali bhasa ma uniharu sammilit bhaye ra nepali rastriyata lai bal puryaye.
    4. ani hare ji, maile tapai lai Madhesi haru prati derai nai sahanu bhuti rakheko paaye, jun ramro kura ho. tara kehi kuraharu ma ma tapai ko bichar janna chahanchu…. tarai ma hajaru Nepali haru ( pahadiya) haru mariyiraheka chan, tyo pani mukhya gari Naya nepali ( jasle asti 40 lakhs lai nagarikta badda, nagarikta pauna safal indian haru) haru bata. uniharu prati pani sahanubhuti rakhne ho ki? ani arko kura lagbhag 200 jaati ra bhasa bhayeko desh ma, sabai jaati lai chuttai pradesh ra harek bhasa ko prayob ke sambhab cha??? testo kunai yek thau malai dekhauna saknuhuncha janha yetutai bhasa ra jaati ko 60% bhanda badi bahulle bhayeko thau?? yesto sthitima Nepali bhasa chahincha ki chahidaina??
    yesaile hare ji, haamile yesta jaat,jaati bhasa bhasi bhanda pani Mahan Nepali jaati, nepali bhasa ra Nepali sanskriti ma garva garna sikau,,,,,, ra….. Greater Nepal banuna jaagau….
    jaya Greater Nepal, nepali jaati, nepali bhasa.

  15. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar
    Pusp Prasad Luintel

    Thakur’s Tarai-Madhes Loktantrik Party is not like Deuba’s experiment of cohabitting with the army to seal lucrative defence deals.

    Everybody knew Deuba had no alternative vision for the Congress, it was all about power. The TMLP has begun its business by talking about self-respect and social justice

    Whoever took the initiative to’expel’ Thakur from NC when he had already resinged on his own will probably escap lightly. But Koirala will have to pay the price of that political blunder. Playing with question of identity and dignity is fraught with consequences of unmarginid proportions.

    Nepal may just be a paper republic now, but no other future is likely to meet the aspirations of a large section of Nepales.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [ Hariyali ]
    Boston, U. S. A.

  16. Inclusive Nepal Avatar
    Inclusive Nepal

    Forgive me, but I don’t understand why r we discussing about these nonesense. We are at a historical point in Nepalese history with constituent assembly appproaching. If we cannpot behave as a mature citizens and keep on thinking these nonesense, all our achievements will be lost. Forget greater Nepal, if u ask me we have not made Nepal yet. 237 years ago a regime was expanded from Gorkha. It was called Nepal. It was called integration of Nepal. But in my view it was just a geographical integration and nothing more. Nepal was never integrated, bacause for that to happen every Nepali should feel that they are integral part of the nation. It has not happened. Only handful of people/caste control every mechanism of state. Others are far far away from the governance cyvle. Through CA we are bringing in the issue of inclusion for the 1st time in nepalese history. So if u ask me, We are in the verge of INTEGRATING NEPAL !!!!!!!! So we should stop these nonesense discussion and participate in integration of the nation through CA. Thanks.

  17. aaceaze Avatar

    sathi ho..dherai lamo lamo mail raichha..tesai pahina..

    but ma k bhanna chahanchhu bhane dekhi..nepal ma..girija..maakune..prachande ..jasta neta haina..euta jaldo baldo young kta raajniti ma pasnu parhhca jasle desh prati maya raakhera desh lai aghi badaos..

    bharat ma jasari aile.rahul gandhi le tahalka machaudai chha politics ma..testai euta nispakchhya manhce chahincha..ani matra nepal ko future ramro dekhchhu ma chai..

    teti bela samma chai oooi….mero kursi mero kursi..matra hola jasto chah!!


    Abusing Authority

    Nepal ministers abusing authority to further spilit M.J.F.Some ministers are involved in misusing state machinery and money power to further divide the party which is not good and illegal. It also breaks the belief of domocracy. Such illicts will only demean the democratic values.And those immoral activities may create unfavourable situation in the country. so ministers stop playing dirty game and don’t try break the unity among Madhesis.

    Roshan kumar jha (kathmandu school of law, Bhaktapur)
    (President) Terai student union

  19. senavirtualeduco Avatar

    hola acabo de enterarme de tu webblog y la verdad es que me parece muy bueno no sabia de mas personas interesadas en estos temas, aqui tienes un nuevo lector que seguira visitandote a diario.

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