Headlines: Political Deadlock, Human Rights and Elections

Nepali Congress folks aiding monarchy will be punished: Sushil Koirala

Dec 21 – NC Acting Prez warned to punish the NC leaders and activists who do activities in support of monarchy against the party discipline. Stating that some of the party activists were active in royalist activities, Koirala said that such activities were against the party discipline. Even if the seven parties agreed to hold the Constituent Assembly polls by mid-April, the Maoists were trying to disrupt the polls on various pretexts, Koirala added. (detail)

Prachanda meets PM Koirala; SPA meeting tomorrow

Dec 21- The discussion between the duo revolve around the contentious issues, among others, ministry allocation between NC and the Maoists, formation of a steering committee for running the government, implementation of republic, electoral system, army integration, said NC General Secretary Bimalendra Nidhi who was also present in the meeting. The top leadership held the discussion to forge an agreement on the contentious issues after the Maoist leadership expressed dissatisfaction in the draft of agreement prepared by the Seven-Party-Alliance taskforce. (detail)

NHRC starts investigating suspected burial sites in Shivapuri

Dec 21 – The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) with the assistance of forensic and crime scene experts from the police has begun investigation at the Shivapuri National Park, a suspected mass grave site on the outskirts of Kathmandu on Friday. Human rights organizations believe that the pieces of clothing, charred wood, sacks and bits of tire and white plastic, which have been found scattered on the slopes of Alle jungle in Shivapuri National Park, some 20 kilometers north of downtown Kathmandu, may lead to the truth surrounding the 49 Maoists who were allegedly disappeared by the army from its Bhairabhnath Battalion at Maharajgunj in 2003 during the time of conflict. (detail)

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Madhav Nepal Rhetoric: ‘PM was allowed to lead govt until elections’

Dec 21- “The PM must clearly tell if he can hold elections or not. If he can, then he can stay (as the head of the government). If the PM is ready to accept the challenge and confident that he can hold the elections, then this could be the third chance for the PM.” (detail)

Madhav Nepal on Dec 20: “Either hold election within Chaitra or quit. (detail)

Parties differ over ‘round table’, steering committee

Dec 20- Although the task force of seven political parties has prepared a 20-point proposal for consensus, the Maoists have claimed they are yet to reach consensus on many crucial issues. The Maoists have demanded a ’round table’ conference of concerned groups to reach consensus on electoral system whereas the NC and the UML are pressing to take such a decision through the seven-party meeting. (detail)

Peace, Polls Linked: Shyam Saran

Dec 21- Stating that the peace process in Nepal and election are interlinked, Indian PM Manmohan Singh’s special envoy Shyam Saran said on Thursday that the disruption in one process should not hamper the other. (detail)

EC Awaiting Govt Word for Poll Preparation

Dec 21- “The Election Commission shall begin preparations for the election once the government informs us of its election plan,” Chief Election Commissioner Bhoj Raj Pokhrel told Thursday. “The EC needs an advance notice of at least three months and necessary laws to formally initiate preparations for the election. Or else, we cannot do anything.” (detail)




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