Separate Statehood For Nepali Indians Is Needed

The demand of separate statehood in Darjeeling and surrounding areas in India by the Gorkhas (Nepali Indians) has gained momentum yet again in recent months. The winning of the Indian Idol title by Prashant Tamang, a local boy from Darjeeling, a few weeks ago has also kindled a new hope of separate statehood among the Nepalis in India. It’s a fact that Nepali Indians aren’t represented rightly and justifiably in the central government of India. They have been marginalized and grossly underrepresented.

Nepali Indians fought for separate statehood in the 80s which ended up as Darjeeling Hill Council (DHC) after the movement’s leader Subhash Ghising postponed the movement on the request of then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi two years later. The news is that the Indian government is preparing to table a new bill in the parliament that grants full autonomy to the Darjeeling Hill Council.

We think that is not enough. Full autonomy is not what the Nepali people in India are demanding. They are demanding a separate state within India. The latest government move appears to have come to pacify the recent editions of agitation by the Nepali Indians, we think the government motion will not fully address the genuine issue raised by the people. These latest rounds of agitation are part of the larger struggle of identity of Nepalipan. Even in Nepal, several indigenous groups are agitating for their identity and the Nepal government has reached an agreement with some groups. We are at least talking about going to CA elections which will play role in solving these identity problems among others.

The situation in India is different. We see no reason for the Indian government not go give the right to have a separate state of Nepali people in that country.

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20 responses to “Separate Statehood For Nepali Indians Is Needed”

  1. Kishan Avatar

    So here comes a justification to do the same in Nepal. Indian Nepalese should have their own state and autonomy too. What a lame logic to ignore the reality and downplay the truth on the ground. Pity….

  2. sagarmatha Avatar

    Does this article trying to support the full PR system and federal system in Nepal ? or Really supporting the demand of Indian Nepali ?

  3. Fair Nepali Avatar
    Fair Nepali

    This is exactly the same case for which the indian Nepalese claimed for separate state in Nepal. But since the claims and stands for the separate madhesh state in Nepal isn’t correct, the same is true in the case of Darjeeling.
    I fully agree with the tharu organization’s answer for separate Madhesh state. “Madhesh prevails in India, so go and shout to Indian government to provide you with madhesh state inside India, not in Nepal.” is what they remarked.
    Similarly Nepalese inside India territory shouldn’t claim for their separate state.

    TO BE FAIR !!!!!!!!!!

  4. fair enough Avatar
    fair enough

    hey FAIR NEPALI …..if we go to india then ….i guess …as*hole like you should also move back to somewhere like mongolia or tibet or hell….or where ever you came from!!!

  5. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Just when you think UWB and Wagle can’t stoop any lower. What an insane, pathetic, outrageous and stupid article is this?

  6. Kirat Avatar

    What idiot comments.

    India has a federal set up. Nepal does not have one yet. India’s federal states are divided according to language and ethnicity..Bengal, Punjab, Orissa, Maharastra, Assam, Nagaland etc So the Indian Nepalis have every right to ask for a state for themselves based on their unique language and ethnicity in India. A state of Indian Nepalis is a good thing. How can it be bad for anyone? I’m sure a lot of Nepali’s have some sort of relations with Indian Nepalis. And also think of the lakhs of Nepalis working in India, I am sure it will have some sort of positive effect on them.

  7. sagarmatha Avatar


    Could be negative if the rulers don’t go for federal system in Nepal itself.

  8. Deepak Avatar

    Yes, this was long overdue.

  9. hope Avatar

    Yes Bhudai,UWB need some serious help in terms of good and striking articles.It’s getting more and more tasteless, how about asking commentators to feel the vaccum if Mr host is busy or running out of ideas??

    Get well soon, UWB!!

  10. Kirat Avatar

    Why can’t we just be happy for our Nepali brethen in India instead of being full of negatives? I don’t get it with all the negativity. No wonder we are one of the poorest countries in the world-so full of negatives.

  11. sirensongs Avatar

    Surely Nepalis living and working within India deserve fair and equitable treatment. But –
    Isn’t there already a state for Nepalis – it’s called NEPAL..?

  12. rakesh Avatar

    nepalis r no more needed in india,our faithful dogs r serving us better,thanx for ur services

  13. vinay singh Avatar
    vinay singh


    i am an indian but Rakesh the way You have expressed urself is very bad. Down with you. It shows u r uncultured and uneducated. Being an indian, I respect all the nepali people and their contribution made to india.

  14. painthysoul Avatar

    i’m a nepali in bangalore ………………..
    and the way they think nepali is only limited to security guards in their big software companies …………….
    i’m sick of it…………….
    did we treated Indians like that back home?????????
    my blog on being a nepali on india

  15. A.Moron Avatar

    Nepalis are Nepalis by definition. Gurkha is the name of the area in central Nepal. Thus, it is not justified that foreigners like Nepalese who came to India after the Indo-Nepal Treaty now can demand a seperate state for the Nepalese. Is it possible for the Indians who went to Nepal to demand a seperate state for the Biharis in Nepal?
    Darjeeling was never a part of Nepal, but a part of Sikkim, which is now fully occupied by the Nepalis. nepal occupied Darjeeling for a few years, in the same way they occupied Himachal Pradesh for a few years. Is that mean nepal can claim both Himachal Pradesh, Darjeeling and sikkim.
    It is not true the Gurkhas defended India; they defended the British Empire. They have killed 3500 people in Jaliwanwala Bagh in 1919 under the director of O’Dwyer and O’Dyer. They fought against the Azad Hind Fauz.
    It was a mistake of Nehru to allow them to come to India freely and take over large areas, knowing their violent nature.

  16. Runil Wazlib Avatar
    Runil Wazlib

    Yea, If Nepali people in India want a state, I’m pretty much sure Indians in Nepal will want one for themselves. Would we want that? After that, all of us know the consequences for it is our favorite national topic.

  17. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    We all know how Gorkhas living in india. many people from darjeeling go to Calcutta and Delhi for search for jobs like in security in buildings, house maid in their homes etc. and we are all aware how they get treated from Indians. Not only Gorkhas but even nepali people living in Asaam, Naini Tal and other parts of india, have no voice. But look at recent CA polls result .. MJF has won many seats. Doesn’t this tell something? Are we too soft for Madhise?

    MJF have already made their place in a core parliament? What indian has given to nepali who have been dwelling there for decades. People of Darjeeling should do something about it. Its a shame they don’t even get Passport to travel!

    We all know that Nepali people living in india get passport illegally and travel USA and UK and other continent.

    Shall we banned indian movies in nepal? Can we do so? I doubted – because all nepali movies are like indian, the same all- singing, dancing crying bla…bla!

    If media is gonna be like this – how can we change our mentality?

  18. Deva Avatar

    Dear friends, we cannot change because we are at heart really Indians posing as Nepalese. All Aryan origin Nepalese migrated from India; all Mongolid Nepalese migrated from China. We are actually a melting pot if that is what we could call it that.


  19. dipendra Avatar

    hey u sick ppl…do u even know wht nepal and nepali stands4 ur information let me tell u…Nepal is the only country who was never ruled by alliann…u indian should respect our feelings as we treat u as brothers…assholes u say us guard fuck u pimp indians ..u tell urself a world largest democracy bt hav u ever seen at the root level…rich is getting richer n poor is getting poorer…com 2 nepal n see there life style its far more beter than u n has gud image in the eyes of foreighners…than urswhere u molest tourist n see the image of bihar wht it sounds like shit…respect others feelings n dnt b so proud coz if britishers wouldnt hav com 2 india n teach u moral things as abolution of sati system,n untouchables….think once they show u the way 2 devlop…..I DO RESPECT INDIA N ITS GREAT LEADERS LIKE GANDHI so u most follow his teaching of ahimsa n treat everyone equal…its what his soul wants…JAI NEPAL

  20. baalmatlab Avatar

    Dear all,
    First of all a lot of u seem to be fed on False nationalistic jingo and nothing else, and ya regarding the good image in the eyes of foreigners and blah blah blah, try to be a little more intrgpective and you will find the answer mate. As for your knowledge of history, there was no kingdom called Nepal(wat u are seeing now) before 3 centuries, your present royal lineage comes from rajasthan, Nepal is not just Kathmandu it is 1,47,181 sq Km., the GDP of Bihar is more than Nepal, Electricity is not a Couple a hours a day phenomenon and last but not the least Indian youngs are not leaving their country in droves to other countries(Australia, USA, UK, INDIA) and once reaching there vowing never to come back, you cry hoarse for a fair and better traeatment do you know that Indian Govt has a special policy for Nepali citizens that they can work , earn, buy property, take govt. jobs in India, do u have that, Rather than Trying to blindly imitate the westerners , the few of you so called educated youth go visit your country’s rural belt and you will find ,that they are more in touch with times than you ppl and hell lot better informed about their Geography and History.
    For a change get educated well first, booze and drugs let them take a 2nd seat.
    By the way I am nepali citizen

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